“Journey to love” a swasan and raglak love story by Sumayyah part 3

next evening :
Ragini was coming from kitchen drying her hairs which were wet bcz she had taken bath awhile before and eating some chocolates .when she collides with some hard masculine structure .she was going to fall when two strong arms support her and stop her from falling .
Ragini slowly opened her eyes and saw the most beautiful scene ;she was in the arms of her crush .(guess who)
Ragini coming out of her dreams .

Ragini : Laksh aap.

Laksh (leaving her): hmm actually I came to know that you had some problem in studies .so …

Ragini: oh! okay go to hall .I’m coming there with my books .

Laksh : OK

Ragini came to her room for taking books .
Ragini POV:
OMG now how I’m going to manage ? I will lost each time in his eyes than how will I study ?? uff this fluttering ??(she twirled ) u should only concentrate on studies not more than that OK .(taking a deep breathe, she goes out)

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Swara was in orphanage and packing her stuff As she have to go for her show now ,when mother came .
Mother : Shona!! my child ..
Swara : ji mother.
Mother : are you busy ??
Swara (takes her hands in her own hands and make her sit on the chair and herself sit in her feet ) Mother !! you and ladoo are my everything if you both ask my life ,I won’t think second time and will give than my time is much more a lil thing …
Mother (caress her hairs smilingly) : shona!! you are my best daughter.may God bless you my child .
Swara :now say what u wanna say .
Mother : actually there are a few people whom I selected for teaching here .you just check their files and select one of them .
Swara : OK Mother.

after checking files of each canidiate ,she selected one .
Mother : who is that lucky ,shona ???
Swara :Mr Sanskar Maheshwari …
Mother (happily): I know u will choose him only cz he was my choice.
Swara smiles.
Mother : go and tell all that Sanskar is selected and he must join from tomorrow .
Swara nodded and took her bag .
Swara : Good Bye mother .takecare of yourself .
mother : u too .

laksh was trying to understand a few topics and Ragini was going to sleep as she felt her eyes heavy but difficultly & forcefully she was opening .
Laksh on seeing her condition giggled. Ragini pouted .
Ragini : why are u giggling Laksh ??
Laksh (smiles): see your face .
Ragini : what’s on my face ??
Laksh : irritation… go and make coffee for both .
Ragini : ufff OK

she went and came with two cups, one of hot chocolate and second of coffee .
Laksh : (seeing her taking hot chocolate lustily taking hot cup) this is mine OK.
Ragini (disappointingly): but Laksh you have said to make coffee. this is mine (taking hot chocolate cup from his hands).
Laksh : no ragu ..give it to me (tried to take the cup)
Ragini : no no…..no Laksh …..
Ragini ran with the cup and Laksh behind her .Ragini in between taking the sips .
Ragini (smiles): Laksh you will never catch me .
Laksh : your thought (such hai tumhari )
Ragini : acha than catch me if you can.
Laksh ran as fast as he can and than gradually he came in front of her .she bumped into him.there is an eye lock between them .than an awkward silence occupied .

Laksh took her cup and drank the remaining chocolate .
Laksh ( licking his lips): ummm yummy ….the only thing is hot chocolate which you make better than any chef .
Ragini first smiled than pouted : what ????
Laksh : umm now study time…..
Ragini still pouted and followed him.

Swara came in the hall where some canidiates were waiting for the result .
Swara anounced : thank you so much for the precious time of yours but as the requirement is only of one person so we selected Mr Sanskar Maheshwari as the new male head here .
all people sighed sadly and left .
Swara (confused): who is Sanskar here???
she than told a staff member there that to search Sanskar and tell him to come tomorrow ….
she saw the time and hurriedly walked out .in the hall she collided with someone and with the pressure she along with that SOMEONE lied on the floor next second .
Swara was closing her eyes tightly and that someone was staring her deeply as he was seeing a dream .
after sometime she opened her eyes and seeing him lost ,she jerked him.and stand by herself.
Swara (angrily as he wss still looking her like a mad) : o Mister , do u have any problem ??? or you are mad ???can’t u see ????
Sanskar numb sitting on the floor.
Swara (seeing him giving no reply ) : o now I understand u are dumb also uffff I’m going …..I should not be late ….
she passed from there .

Sanskar (hihihi ofcource who can he be ) POV :
I was waiting for the result when I got an important call from the client so I thought to attend than the noise there disturbs me to hell .I went outside to get the clear voice of him. after the call I was coming towards the waiting room but in the hall ,I collided with a girl precisely my dream girl but wait I actually collide with her or it was my dream like I used to see her in dreams in night but in day also .ufff !!!!Swara why are u so pretty .

someone knocked my back and I came out of world to this world .
lady: I’m a staff member here, u are Mr Maheshwari right???
Sanskar : call me Sanskar …
lady : ok Sanskar actually we have selected u and you can join us from tomorrow.
Sanskar (smiles): thank u so much.

Precap: Sanskar in orphanage & Raglak cute lil fight.

Hello friends miss me or not???
I missed all so much .ye bhi koi batany k baat hey.
So how was the epi ??? Requested scene ???
Now jldi jldi give me your views and am waiting eagerly for it …
Thank u so much for your love…
Good bye.

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    1. Sumayyah

      Thank you so much dii

  1. Laashya

    Cute Raglak awesome

    1. Sumayyah

      Thanks dear

  2. Mars

    Amazing sumuuuuu I loved it. Finally swasan met yipeeee. I loved swasan scene and swara’s scene. Looking forward for more and more swasan scenes what to do I never get satisfied hihihi. Asha ek request hai plzz even give swasan pic on cover bcoz firstly I ignored it but fir tera name dhekha tho pta chala. Epi was superb.
    Continue soon
    Chal abbb meri bak bak band and bye
    Take care.

    1. Sumayyah

      Thank you so much but believe me I had not selected the pic TU has misplaced it.
      Next me hain swasan hihi

      1. Mars

        Chal khoi nahi ho jata hai next jaldi post karna with my love swasan pic.
        Loveeeee u suummuu

    2. Sumayyah

      Marsuu tum mujhy koi best pic send kerdo swasan or raglak k OK if you don’t have any problem

      1. Mars

        Zarurrr sumuu baby I will send swasan pics meri gallery swasan pics se hi tho bahri hai hihihi.
        But sorry I don’t have any raglak pic. Swasan ki bhejti hu.

    3. Sumayyah

      Thank you so much marsuu


    1. Sumayyah

      Thanks Arjuna

  4. Nice..and Plz give swasan pic on cover also..tc..

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      Thanks kumu
      Dear I had not selected the pic I don’t know how it came

  5. loved raglak

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      Thank u so much dear

  6. Awesome

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      Thank u so much dear

  7. Awesome episode

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      Thank you so much dear

  8. Jiyani

    superb dear

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      Thanks Jiyaniii!!!

  9. Scooby

    Superb ??

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      Thank you so much Thala dii

    1. Sumayyah

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  10. Sreevijayan

    Very sweet update dear….

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  11. Neptune

    awesome sumuuuuuuu…… loved swasan meet but want more swasan scenes…..
    and even i was confused seeing raglak pic i guess most of the swasan fans got misguided due to that….

    want more swasan scenes next time ok…

    1. Sumayyah

      Ooh OK next time both pic
      Thanks sweety!!!!
      Next time more swasan OK promise pakka wala

  12. Gayathri.visu

    Swasan meet….yayyyyy!! But less Swasan scenes dear… Waiting for next part Suma….!

    1. Sumayyah

      Thanks Gayuu!!!!
      Next part is updated with more swasan scenes

  13. Lovely7

    Raglak scenes are nice

    1. Sumayyah

      Thank you so much dear

  14. IQRA222

    summu di that was a really fab episode
    loved it soo much
    both the swasan and raglak scenes were wonderful
    you are such a good writer
    waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love

    1. Sumayyah

      Thank you so much siso
      You made me do dhinka chika right now
      Thank you so much dear
      Love you too

      1. IQRA222

        its all my pleasure di that you frlt happy <3 <3

    2. Sumayyah

      Next part is updated

  15. Fenil

    Nice chappy.
    RagLak race for chocolate is so cute.
    Poor Sanskar made his impression as dumb also hehe:P:P:P:))

    1. Sumayyah

      Thank you so much Fennuuu bhaiyaa

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