“Journey to love” a swasan and raglak love story by Sumayyah part 2

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Recap: Sanskar POV

Swara was coming home after show when she got Laksh’s call.
she stopend her car at a side and picked the call.
Swara : ha lucky
Laksh: hello shona ,how’re you ???
Swara: fine
Laksh : fine or tired ????
Swara : (a sigh ) a lil
Laksh : what happened ??? you don’t sound that upset everyday like u sound now…
Swara (teary eyes) : I’m missing ma and baba …
Laksh : shona … shona plz don’t think that you’re alone I’m with u always .
Swara (a lil relief): I know lucky if u were not there I don’t know what would I have done ????
Laksh : shona now you’re saying like am outsider .I’m your buddy dear and you forget your own time .when I was feeling alone, when I lost my mother& when I need someone you always there for me .moreover u always stand by me no matter what’s the situation is …..
Swara (smiles ): it was all my pleasure …
Laksh : I know.and u know what I’m blessed to have u.
Swara :me too and thanks .
Laksh (fake angry ): what thanks ha ??
Swara (diverting him): lucky listen will you help me ??
Laksh (concernly ): what happened ??
Swara: actually ladoo want some help in her studies ?? so are you free …
Laksh : yaa ofcource
Swara : thank ooops sorry OK bye come to my home tomorrow .
Laksh : hmm bye .
Swara cut the call and she reminds something.

flashback starts,
she was free at orphanage, when she heard someone’s crying sound she follows the voice than she came to the office where a lady was coming out wiping her tears and two little children were pulling her sari and crying vigorously.the lady bend down and kissed their cheeks than caressed the hairs of an elder girl and said : beta you are big and strong daughter of your mother.she loved you both very much but now she has gone away far from us to the sky (wiping her tears continuously ) she can’t return even if she want to .plz take care of your lil sister (pointing towards the other girl which was now sobbing ) she is like your daughter .
elder girl (crying bitterly ): plz don’t leave us here …plz don’t leave us alone …
lady (hug her tightly): beta I can’t take you with me .u know if I would than your uncle will surely kill me & sell u to others and I can’t let that happen .now u have to be brave enough to protect yourself and your sister. don’t think you’re alone your mother is with u and am also but u will not be able to see us .
saying so she hugged them last time and ran out wiping her tears .Swara ran towards her and stopped her .
Swara: aunty o….. aunty …
lady (turns): yes
Swara :I’m really sorry if I hurt u may u plz tell me why are you leaving those girls in an orphanage.
lady (teary eyes): why ..why are you asking …is there some problem in the orphanage …I asked many people about the place but they all said that it is very good and caring .
Swara ( cutting her): no no nothing like that …actually I’m a teacher there .everything is fine there .especially for girls they are so loving and caring but I’m very confused if u love them than why….
lady (could not stop the tears now ): they are my sister daughters (Swara shocked) ….my husband didn’t wanted to live with them bcz he thinks that if they will live with us they will cause burden on us .I forced him they are my sister’s part ..they are so innocent (sobbed) don’t know about the cruel world …..I’m so cruel I could not take them with me .my husband warned me if I do so then he will sold them to his cheap friends and I … I ..what should I do tell me … I don’t know what to do ????.so I just came here …
Swara was lost somewhere .somewhere in past the history was repeating itself .she was numb .her body was lifeless except her eyes which were shedding tears showing her pain .the lady jerked her .
Swara (teary eyes): plz don’t take tension now they are in safe hands.no one will harm them their .
lady (overwhelmed): thank u so much girl.you have lessen my pain.I’m relief thinking that they are in safe hands .take care of them .god bless u my child .
Swara lost in some memories just nodded .
Swara POV
history has repeated itself now again Swara has borned .again she have to be strong in the toughest time .indeed she have to be for herself for her sister who didn’t know the real world .she was an apple of eyes of everyone but one day a storm came and snatched every single happiness .(some flashes of her parents pampering her came in her mind ) she was happy was an understatement she was really happy when her lil cute chubby sister came .after her parents death Ragini was the sole reason for her to smile .their aunt also left them in the orphanage like the lady .why Gid has snatched her parents ….why she have to suffer ….why except them everyone is happy (remincing her cousins) why god hasn’t snatched their parents ??? why ?????
thinking deeply her vision became blur and she fell unconscious giving her mind and body a relief.indeed a relief !!!


when she opened her eyes she found herself in a room in orphanage .she was surrounded by mother and some children.
children (together concenly): dii are u fine ??
Swara (painfully smiles ): hmm
Swara (thinking): indeed I’m alive till now after your departure I’m alive maa baba what u get leaving us alone ….tell me ???
mother (caressing her hairs & breaking her thoughts): Shona my child!! don’t take stress .I have not inform ladoo till now .relax a while then go to home for rest .don’t go to show today ..OK
Swara (overwhelmingly and tears of thank fullness following): I love u mother if u were not there what would I have done???
Mother (lovingly put her head in her lap &signals everyone to left the room .they left silently): shona !! you are saying me mother than also saying like that ….you are my daughter na then why saying so .
Swara ( wiping her mother’s tears):I want to sleep here .
Mother (caressing her hairs): ofcource dear .you know shona when u came here u were so small only 5 years old.you were crying pulling your aunt saari your nose were red and you were looking like a cute puppy .
Swara smiles painfully .
Mother continues: then after that what your aunt make u understand that you became so confident and always tried to be overprotective for ladoo .
Swara smiles remincing
mother :when one teacher tried to hit ladoo when she had mistakenly tore her work you went there and took all blame on yourself and bear the punishment also.later ladoo told us about it .we were so amazed to see your love .
Swara smiles remincind ladoo’s face which was red due to crying than she told her that she will take all the blame on herself .she smiled and kissed her saying
ladoo (happily): really you are the best !!!!
Swara (hug her tightly): I love you .
Ragini (reciprociting the hug): me too.
mother(seeing her not responding,kisses her forehead):sleep well shona .May God bless you my child and I wish that day will come when all your problems will sort out.

Swara woke up with a jerk .she was breathing heavely chanting only “don’t leave us mosi plz don’t”
mother (jerked her ):Shona !!! what happened dear ???I’m here only .
Swara hug her and cried .mother was consoling her.after some time she felt relief and broke the hug .
Swara : I’m fine mother .shall I go now ??
Mother (seeing her condition don’t want to pressurize her) : OK but on one condition .
Swara (smiles): anything for u.
Mother(kisses her forehead): u should take care of yourself too.
Swara nodded smilingly .
flashback ends
Swara reached home tired .but as soon as she saw her cute Angel waiting for her,pacing in the lawn,she tip toed there and put her hands on her eyes .Ragini feeling her touch said.
Ragini (pout): shona why are u late???
Swara (smiles and came in front ): I love when you to wait for me.
Ragini (keeping her pout): so bad ..
Swara : let’s go .I’m so hungry .
Ragini (smiles ): chalo.
no matter what’s the condition was both sisters manage to be happy .


@ dinner
Ragini was watching her dii’s silence .she was always talk less but today’s something different.
Ragini (concernly): shona !!how was your day ???
Swara (understands her concern):tiring …
Ragini (sighs): thank God I thought oopss every time what I think comes to my mouth ufff this bad habbit of mine ….
Swara giggles .
Ragini : you have told Laksh for the preparation of my exams .
Swara : ohh!! I forgot .
Ragini (pout): shonaaaaa!!!
Swara (smiles sheepishly ): I will today …pakka …promise .


Hello friends , sorry for being late as I was having a lil cold due to baarish hihihi what to do ??? When it rains I couldn’t stop myself …
How was epi ????
Sorry for those who were demanding swasan and raglak meet just bear me with this part cz I have to show their past .
I’m busy for several weeks z I have my entry exams on 19 August probably .so have to prepare .in between preparation I get time than I surely try to post.I’m not saying that I will post so much late but it will be a lil late .so sorry for inconvenience friends .

Precap : hopefully swasan and raglak meet

Please do comment if you read it
Positive or negative both response are equally welcome .so , feel free to criticize .
Cz your comments are the motivation to write .
Stay blessed!!

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  1. Scooby

    Awesome part?? painful event happened in their life???

    1. Sumayyah

      Thank u so much Thala dii
      Yaa it is very painful to be an orphan and without our parent’s support

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      thank you so much Dear!!!

    1. Sumayyah

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    Awesome dear…
    Swara suffered a lot ?

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  8. Neptune

    oh god poor shona suffered soooooooooooooooooooooo much…
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    swasan raglak meet….
    am waiting eagerly for it….

    hey dear all the best for your exams aur ha exams ke time par baarish me bhigna is a bad habbit…..

    1. Sumayyah

      Sweety !!!!!
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  9. Mars

    Sumuuuuiu its was fabulous. Aur tune swasan ko aaj b nahi milaya(pout). Then I also o loved it.Plzzz my sweet swasan ki meeting jaldi krana warna…………hihihihi thamki bahi request hai.
    Post next part soon
    Loveee you
    Take care aur barish mai kan bhegna.

    1. Sumayyah

      Fikr not next epi me hay meet dono k
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    Lovely chappy.
    Emotional past , cute caring mother and swara’s bonding.
    Loved it to the core.

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      Aaw bhaiyaa thank you so much for reading and commenting on each chappy 🙂

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