“Journey to love” a swasan and raglak love story by Sumayya part 8

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hello peeps !!!! how are you all??? missed me or not ????I missed u all.
Thank u so much all for your love and support
the scene start from when Ragini open her eyes only to find her love Laksh sleeping in a sitting position holding her hand tightly .she smiles seeing it and caressed his hand which makes him to open his eyes a lil.the night scene revolve in front of his making him shiver .he hug Ragini making her a lil shock.
Laksh : thank God Ragini u are fine , I was hell scared last night seeing u like that…….
Ragini (thinking): what had happened to me???Ohh I had seen a bad dream of uncle beating me ….
Ragini (unwillingly breaks the hug): Laksh I’m fine now.
SwaSan cames there .
Swara (caressing Ragini hairs): ladoo had u seen that dream again ???
Ragini : haa but I’m fine now .plz don’t take it serious .(seeing Swara thinking something) I want to eat halwa puri now …..
Swara (smiles): OK I will make for u all.
Sanskar was trying to go but Swara suddenly said : Sanskar plz wait I’m coming with breakfast for u all.
Sanskar : come I will also help u .
Sanskar goes behind her.
Laksh : Ragini plz take care of yourself u are scared of the past till now.that blo*dy uncle won’t come and hurt u .I’m with u Yar .nothing will happened to u till I’m there .
Ragini smiles and hugs him.
Laksh too reciprocated the hug.
Ragini : thank u Laksh !!!
suddenly Laksh remembers what Ragini has said .(I love u )
Laksh : ummm Ragini (break the hug) u were saying something in night.
Ragini (tensed): what ???
Laksh : ummm nothing …..
Ragini thinking I will confess my love but in a proper way Laksh just wait for sometime.
* * * * * * * * * *
Sanskar : Swara may I help u ???
Swara : umm I think u should sit here silently CZ I may be distracted by your talks.
Sanskar pouted and sat on the shelf .
Swara was making Halwa Puri and Sanskar was busy in his own business (obviously staring her) .Swara was now hell irritated due to his continuous gaze .
Swara : Sanskar u came here to stare me.
Sanskar : noo…..
Swara : then plz don’t stare ….
Sanskar : I can’t help myself to not stare u when I don’t have any work.
Swara : oh that’s the matter with u .now come I will give u work .
He jumped and came which makes both stumble .Swara in order to save her self from falling gripped his shirt and resulting Sanskar on top of her fell on the floor.
Swara was lost in his dark chocolate eyes .Sanskar was looking deeply in hee hazel eyes trying to find some hidden feelings in them.their bodies are inches apart. they can feel each other’s heart beat thumping at the rate of thousand beat per second .their breaths were mixing and intoxicating them.
Swara smells some burning .she broke the lock when her brain alarm her to. she ran to the stove only to find the puri alil burnt .she pouted .
Swara : in this whole life , I didn’t burn anything , Now see Sanskar u made me burn the puri and broke my record.
Sanskar grins.
Swara : now u just move this spoon in Halwa .
Sanskar nodded at least he got some work to distract his brain.
Sanskar was moving the spoon too fast that the halwa was flying like a bullet train .Swara pouted.
Swara hold spoon over his hand gently and moves in a circle .
their touching hands were giving goosebumps to both.Sanskar was lost in her angelic face .
they somehow manages to cook.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Ragini was at her friends Kripa’s house (now I corrected my mistake fenuuu bhaiyaaa!!!! holding my ears:) .
Kripa (pouting): now u got time for me !!!! so bad raguu .
Ragini (smiles) : don’t pout or else what will I do I don’t know ????
kripa (raising her brows): what?????
Ragini : leave everything I have to tell u something (shyly) actually ….WO …naa ….
kripa: tu to newly wed bride k tarak sharma rahi hy raguuu k bachiii. first you should keep a parts your shyness talking with me.
Ragini hits her lightly and start narrating the incident .
Laksh was going out when Ragini asked him.
Ragini : Laksh !!!will u drop me plz to kripa’s house ????
Laksh : ummm…m
Ragini : I’m not requesting u.Now I’m ordering u Mr Laksh Maheshwari drop me to my friend’s house.
Laksh (acting): no need to please raguu .come fast I have to go somewhere else also .
Ragini : hihihi OK….
Ragini pouted seeing a bike and Laksh was grining.
Laksh : now sit Miss Ragini !!!! u yourself had ordered me naa.
Ragini mentally face palmed her (she will be too close to him) .
Ragini sat behind him shrinking herself as far as possible.
Laksh saw her face through mirror which was blushing with a light shade of pink.his lips turned to a curve.
he started the bike making her to jump.her heart thumped at a rate of thousands beats per second .she placed her hands on his shoulder making his heart flutters.
he accelerates the bike which made Ragini to cone close to him.his back touches her front and millions of electric shocks pass through their spines.
Laksh was riding his bike fast as he was getting late and Ragini was hugging him from back like a lil child hugs his saviour (indeed he is her everything. her saviour,her crush,her soulmate ,her love &her life ).Ragini was promising him in mind to never leave him either what ever the situation and condition will ,he and she will never impart never ever.
Laksh stopped the bike with a jerk which made Ragini to come out of her dreamland realising that they have reached the desired destination.This way has completed but they have to go a long way together as lifepartners (humsafars)….
Ragini murmured a quick thanks to him controlling her emotions and rang the door bell…..
fb ends
Kripa smiles seeing her friend lost in her dreams again .she went as the door bell rang and there was Sanskar waiting for her .(actually kripa is Sanskar cousin) .
Sanskar : Hey!!! Kripuuuu how are you dear (hugging her)
kripa : fine & u???
Sanskar (dramatically) :how will I be fine when I’m not with my dreamgirl???
Kripa (sighed): Jisko dekho yahan lela or majnuu bany phir raha hey??? UK WO hey in tuuu???
Sanskar : WO kon tera bf ???
Kripa :(hit him playfully ): jii nahi unko to fursat nhi apny business se ???
Sanskar : tch tch I will scold him that how can he do this with my baby doll???
Kripa (pouted): zaroor !!! now cone inside mom will be waiting for u.
Sanskar : o yaa ..how is Aunty’s health now ????
Kripa : hmmm fine..
Sanskar passed through drawing room and surprised to see Ragini there.
Kripa : meet her she is ….
Sanskar : Ragini ..right !!!!
Kripa (smiles): u both met before ..
Ragini : yaa he is Shona’s friend Sanskar …
Kripa : u didn’t tell me u met Swara dii.
Sanskar : long story ….will tell soon .now I’m going to meet aunty .
Ragini (confused): why would he told u about meeting shona???
Kripa : ummm Raguu, will tell u later about it.
Ragini nodded.
later Ragini was coming home back when she saw someone following her.she becomes a lil confused but ignored it later.
on the other side that person received a call .
person: yes !!!! boss she is returning home .
other side …….
person: I’m following her .
other side ….
person: OK boss!!!!
Swara was at orphanage .when she got a call from an unknown number .she received.
Swara : hello !!!!!
other side blank ….
Swara :hello who is there ?????
Swara : can’t u speak……
Swara cut the call with an annoyed face.
Raj came there and ask about her irritation.
Swara : nothing ….
Raj : shona!!!! will u cone for a dinner with me???
Swara : O actually Raj u know I’m engaged with many works here and more to that I can’t leave Raguu alone ….so sorry for disappointing u….
Raj : it’s OK .some other day !!!!
Swara (smiled forcefully): hmmm…
Precap : Ragini missing ????

phew!!!! done with the epi ???
Sorry for the delay cz I was out of town for picnic !!!!
friends I think u all are not liking the pace of the story ???
so, I should end it in a few more epis ????
acha one more thing I want to ask that if I give u a long epi two times in a week or short episode whenever I get time ???plz let me know your opinion.

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  1. Mars

    Sumuuuuu swasan part was Amazing. Kitchen scene of swasan loved it.
    Sanskar is head over heels in love with Swara. Now swara should also start falling he is trying a lot.
    Waiting for more swasan scenes cute and romantic.
    Continue soon
    Love u
    Take care.

    1. Sumayyah

      Thank u marsuuu !!!
      Swara will soon fall in love with him too and realize it too.
      Love u dear
      U too tc

  2. Awesome dear

    1. Sumayyah

      thank u so much Febi!!!

  3. Lovely7

    Raglak scenes are amazing

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      thanks lovely!!!

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  4. Fenil

    Awww such a cute Halwa moment and eyelock of swasan.
    RagLak bike driving moment was also good.
    Yes sissy ,correct Kripa hehe no need hold ears.loved it.
    Can’t wait for next

    1. Sumayyah

      thank u so much bhaiyya…
      will post soon

  5. Swasan kitchen scenes r too cute..
    Waiting for more swasan scenes..give short updates whenever u hv time..tc..

    1. Sumayyah

      thank u so so much kumu for your long comment dear
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    Awesome Raglak

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  9. Neptune

    aww sumu swasan scenes were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute… like sanku doing masti and swara being strict…. lovely yaar…
    am loving this story sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…
    and i would prefer longer parts as i feel connection in long parts i loved it totally…..
    lovely dear

    1. Sumayyah

      thank u so much sweeety
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  10. Awesome update nd loved Raglak scenes

    1. Plz give equal importance to Raglak also

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    2. Sumayyah

      Aaawww thank u so much Anjuuuu!!!! dear

  11. Superb….raglak scenes were so cute

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    Cute raglak and want more raglak

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  14. Simi

    Awesome dear.. What happened to ragini?? Update when u r free

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      thank u so much Simi!!!!
      and about Ragini u will get to know in next epi my dear!!!!

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  16. Sorry for late comment dear and Outstanding episode. Raglak scenes are really interesting. Waiting for more Raglak scenes. Please post next part ASAP

    1. Sumayyah

      don’t be sorry from the next time dear
      thank u so much!!!!
      I will post soon dear don’t you worry

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Kitchen scene….awesome dear!! Cute Swasan’s halwa moment. Awww….lovely. Suma dear, update when u r free.

    1. Sumayyah

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    summu di !!! sorry for the late comment
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  20. Hemalattha

    Kitchen scene superb. Continue

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