“Journey to love” a swasan and raglak love story by Sumayya part 7

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part-6Thank u so much all for your love and support.
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Swara was trying to start her car but all in vain cz her car was not starting .she pouted cutely .she came out of the car with an annoyed face just then Sanskar car came in her view .Sanskar was watching her keenly than
Sanskar : may I get the pleasure to drop you??
Swara (after thinking): yup!!!
she hopped in his car .Sanskar was watching her with aaawww expression.
Swara gave him what look.
Sanskar starts the car and they went .
the weather was more than pleasant and Swara was enjoying it.Sanskar on the radio to avoid silence between them.
“Pehla nasha pehla khumaa” was playing on the channel Sanskar started to whistle the song this annoyed Swara and she changed the channel.
“Barish ” from the movie half girl friend was playing just when the rain started there .Swara couldn’t control herself more.So, she took out her hands from the window feeling the cold rain drops on her palms.Sanskar’s lips curved to see her childishness. the cool wind coming from the window giving them lil shocks to their spines.Swara ‘s hairs were flowing with the tune of the air making Sanskar mad but however he had to control himself .
Swara came home all exhausted but as soon as she saw the decorated room there .she forgot her tiredness.
Swara : Raguuu!!! where are you dear???
then her sight falls on the cake.someone hastily came and put hands in front of her eyes .
Swara (feeling the touch): raguuu it’s you !!!!
Ragini pouted : happy birthday shona .
Swara smiles : thank you so much ladoo.
Ragini : let’s come .cut the cake.
Swara nodded .
just when Sanskar came with Laksh.
Sanskar (to Swara ) : your phone .
Swara (taking her phone): oops I forgot in his car.
Ragini (concernly): shona !!! in his car ??? what happened???
Swara (caressing her hairs): ladoo nothing happened to me actually my car didn’t started so he offered me lift .
Ragini (to Sanskar ): thank u so much.that’s so sweet of u.(to swara.) introduce me shona.
Swara (smiles): this is Sanskar new male head of orphanage .&this is Ragini urf ladoo or raguuu my sister .
Ragini : yup!!!! Sanskar now u came at our house so should celebrate shona’s birthday also.
Sanskar (to Swara): Happy birthday”.
Swara (shyly): thank u.
Laksh (came forward and hug Swara making Sanskar jealous a lil) : happy birthday shona.
Swara : thank u lucky .
Laksh : no thank you want cake u know what this laddo has made cake for u.
Swara happily hugs Ragini mumbling a thank you.
Sanskar was admiring their bond but was jealous somewhere seeing Laksh (uffff iski jealously) .
Swara cut the cake with so much clapping and wishes and then she fed Ragini then Laksh than she came to Sanskar and fed him with her eyes down .
than suddenly light goes off and the spot light falls on two heads obviously RagLak with a hat on their face .they started to dance on “Sooraj dooba hey yaaron”
making SwaSan shocked and surprised. Swara was enjoying a lot.and Sanskar what will he be doing when Swara was in front (obviously) staring her lovingly like a lost puppy.
later SwaSan too joined the dance enjoying themselves.
Ragini insisted Laksh and Sanskar to stay at home cz it was too late to go and more to that it had been raining for almost two hours .there was no chance of ending it soon .SanLak was given a single room to share.
Laksh came in kitchen at middle night to drink when he saw Ragini weeping sitting inside the slab .Laksh was astonished to see her.
Laksh’s flash back
Swara told him about Ragini that when she used to be afraid she hide behind or beneath something. because when their uncle punish them she used to do this only.
fb ends.
Laksh bend down and caress her tears stained cheeks.
Laksh : what happened Raguuu???
Ragini was mumbling something .her nose was red due to continuous crying & her eyes were puffy .
Laksh (shaking her a lil) : ladoo plz see I’m here tell be what happened plz tell me naa.
Ragini : he will take me .plz save Laksh plz he will sell me.plz …..
her sobs turned to a lil shriek .
Laksh hugged her to calm her down .Ragini found the solace in him which she was yearning to feel the warmth that his hug gave her calmed her .
Ragini :… I…..I …love ….u.
Laksh : what!!!!! whom do u love ???? raguuuu tell me raguuu……
Laksh sighed rubbed her back & Ragini was nuzzling in him more .
Laksh found her asleep .so,he took her in bridal style and put down in sofa.he fetched his blanked and draped over her and sleep in sitting position beside her .their hands still entangled like their destinies showing that they are together. No matter what the condition will they will be together forever.


Swara on not finding Ragini beside her came out of her room only to find Sanskar standing with the jug .she took the jug from him smiling a lil .
Sanskar : Swara don’t u feel bad that I stay here at your house .???
Swara : O plz not Sanskar I don’t feel bad .U did a favour on me by dropping me here so in return my sister did a lil favour on u by making u stay here .
Sanskar (feels bad) ; I didn’t do a favour on u Swara. it was my duty.make yourself understand it.

Swara : I’m sorry Sanskar if u feel bad actually I’m like this only .I dont know what had happened to me now a days .
Sanskar (a lil relief): it’s OK but only for now .if I saw u saying or doing such stupid things I will not forgive u so easily. understand.
Swara : yes!! sir.
they happily came in hall but was surprised to see RagLak sleeping positions.
Swara : what happened to them???
Sanskar (smiles seeing their entangled hands): don’t know.we should ask them in morning don’t disturb them right now.
Swara nodded.
they came in kitchen .Swara filled the jug and gave it to him.
Swara : would u like to drink coffee ????
Sanskar : yup!!! after all who didn’t like to taste the famous chef’s handmade coffee.
Swara smiled.
Swara made coffee for both and Sanskar was talking randomly to her .than
Sanskar : Swara u know what I really love u ….I mean your show …and I strictly told my chef to follow your recipes .you cooked brilliantly.
Swara (surprised): what ??? I don’t know that a common man would watch my show .I mean that if women watch I consider but a man .I’m telling because my dad …..(teary eyed) only watch with me .
Sanskar : that’s good. your father must be loving and sincere like u .
Swara : yup!!!! he was more than honest and a very much respectable citizen. he was a lawyer by profession .he was more than excellent as a father .when he was with us (few tears escaped her eyes) no one dares to put fingers on us (remincing uncle hitting Ragini with a stick for shouting on him) .I hate myself not able to protect my sis .now mother and ladoo is MY only family I lived , I’m living and will live for them.
Sanskar wiped her tears caressing her cheeks .
Sanskar : Swara don’t feel alone I’m with u always .plz considers me also as yours now.
Swara nodded .and side hugged him.
they walked on lawn bare footed side by side sipping coffee feeling each other silence which speaks more than words.the moist chilling weather giving themselves an undescribable pleasure.
Swara was looking at the sky which was a lil cloudy and somehow she found which she was looking for .
she pointed out to Sanskar that the brightest star u see it is my mother and the closest one to that it’s my father .they used to come to greet me as u know it’s my birthday .(few tears escapes) it’s my 17th birthday without them .they used to wish me and surprised me like raguuu.I hope I will protect her now as our parents protects us.
Sanskar in mind : now I will protect u Swara .All your pains are mine now.At first I only loves u by your looks and innocence but your character itself had proved me wrong I love you cross my heart .I will make everything perfect. just wait and watch.
Precap: u will have to wait ((hihihihi)
hello !!!! guys how are u all ???? hope you’re fine .I’m also fit n fine .
tell me your views am waiting eagerly .
tell me do u like Ragini’s confession ????
Stay blessed
Good Bye !!!!

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