“Journey to love” a swasan and raglak love story by Sumayya part 6

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Thank u so much all for your love and support but not the silent readers because they dishearten the writers .writers only want their few soothing words but phir be they keep silent and make writers feel that they are not worth of their compliments.
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Swara was in someone’s arm .she lightly opened her eyes to see and got shocked to see the scene in front .he was looking her deeply smiling .
person :surprise !!!!!
Swara (struggle to out) : you!!! here.
person (let her free): why you don’t feel happy to see me ??
Swara (smiles) : Nothing like that I’m happy just I was surprised a lil.When you came from Australia??
person : just now.come to meet Mother.
Swara : let’s go together to meet her .she will beyond happy to see u.
they left .but Sanskar who was watching all this becomes sad.
Sanskar’s POV:
who was he ???is he someone Swara loves ??? see Swara how much smiling she was talking to him??? no no plz God not plz my love story before starting should not be ended plz. Sanskar don’t over think let’s see.
POV ends .
Sanskar also goes behind them only to see Mother hugging him with wet eyes.
Mother : my son !!! for how many days you are here???
person : for 1 week .
Swara ( pout):Raj !!! what is this yaar only for 1 week ????

Raj : whole seven days bachha .chalo make this week special one.
Sanskar sighs in relief .
Sanskar (thinks): oh!! that means they are not lovers .
Mother (saw him): Sanskar!!! com here .why are you standing there bachha????
Sanskar came scratching his head .
Swara and Raj passed a look to him.
Mother : Raj !!! meet him .he is Sanskar the new male head of orphanage .from when he came my all tensions went away .we are blessed to have him.
Sanskar smiles sheepishly: its all your love Mother .
Raj (hug him): so its mean we are brothers .
Sanskar questionly look towards him.
Raj (smiles): because before you I was the male head but I have to go Auatrailia for some important work.so we are brothers naa in duties.
Sanskar smiles .
Raj : thank you so much .
Sanskar : why???
Raj : for taking great care of the orphanage . it is the house of hundreds of support less children .so be careful in doing your work “.
Swara hugs him with wet eyes.
Raj : that’s why me and Swara thought to make it more homely by doing lil activities and make them feel at home.
Mother smiles and wished them to be blessed.

Ragini coming out of room covering her hairs with the towel .water dripping from her hairs .the water droplets in her face making her to feel fresh and glow .
laksh was mesmerized to see her.
Laksh (avoiding to look on her face): raguu let’s see the cake and decorate it .
Ragini nodded .
at kitchen:
Laksh was decorating the cake and Ragini was rubbing her hairs alil to dry them but Laksh was being distracted by her act .
Laksh POV :
Ragini what are you doing to me yaar I’m going crazy .why am I staring you like mad and want to stare you for my rest of life ??? uff lucky you are just impossible .
POV ends
Ragini (thinking ) : why not I ask him that he loves someone or not ??
Ragini : ummm Laksh do you love someone ???
Laksh : why suddenly you asked ???
Ragini : WO first tell me then I will tell the reason.
Laksh : ufff OK I love someone.
Ragini’s breathe got hitched and her eyes filled with hidden tears.
Laksh : I love my parents,Swara and ….
Ragini (confused): and ….
Laksh : and …you
Ragini thinks at least I’m in the list of his loveones.
Ragini : but I’m not asking about ye wala love am asking about gf bf wala love !!!!
Laksh : raguu you are small naa don’t talk about it .
Ragini (pout): Laksh plz.
Laksh : acha I’m not in love with someone like that bcz I don’t like someone .
Ragini (happily jumps in excitment) yayy!!!!
Laksh passed a what look.
Laksh : now tell me why were you asking???
Ragini (mumbles): WO ..WO actually my friend Riya ask me to ask u …
Laksh : why ???
Ragini : WO I don’t know about that .

at orphanage,
Raj has planned to go for a picnic with orphanage at seaside.
Swara was playing with water like a child and some children were surrounding her in a circle .they were splashing water on each other Laughing like kids of 5 years .Sanskar was staring her all smiling .Swara then stood up .children tie duppata on her eyes and she runs to catch them .in this process she came across Sanskar .and feeling the presence she put fingers on his face and tries to catch him.when she opens her blindfold she was a lil shocked to see him.they share a cute eyelock which was broken by children who were laughing .then Swara runs to catch them .
Swara makes a beautiful castle of sand and she decorates it with sea shells looking really gorgeous and complementing eo.they take pictures also.
Ragini was writing her diary .
in the diary :
so, Mr Laksh or may I say my love , you don’t know how much I’m happy to know that you don’t love till now because this place is mine and will be mine forever because God has chose me for you and you for me .now I will soon confess by heavenly feelings with u soon.u don’t know how much I wait for the day when you will also feel the same for me.no matter what’s written in our fates .I will always be yours no matter what the condition will I will always there for you because I am in Love with you now.this magical feelings is making me go crazier more….I LOVE U LAKSH MY MONKEY
on returning from the journey :
Swara and Sanskar sit beside each other which makes Sanskar happy till infinity (just sitting beside her making him crazy what will happen when she will all his hihihi)
Swara sit on window side arguing with Sanskar to see clear view of outside.
Sanskar : u love sea naa??
Swara (annoy a lil): I love no no I hate it .
Sanskar : what !!!! but your eyes and face are showing something different .
Swara : when you can see it then what are you asking ???
Sanskar : you forgot that we are friends now .
Swara : ohh!!!! I forgot than why are you so much blabbering like girls ??? stay like a boy naa I want to sleep.
Sanskar (shock & mumble): so this is all nautanki for sleep.
Swara nodded vigorously.
Swara (like a child): I want to sleep so don’t talk now just put your fingers on lips shhshhhhh.
.Swara was tired and soon drifted to sleep and Sanskar stares her deeply, giving himself indescribable pleasure.
cool breeze was blowing and her head flung and he gave her his shoulder and she sleeps peacefully cuddling in him more with a small curve on her angelic face .
a strand of hair blocks the view of Sanskar which annoys him a lil.he put it behind her ears gently caressing her cheeks giving himself goosebumps.

they reach orphanage :
Swara was still sleeping so Sanskar unwillingly have to wake her up.
Sanskar (lightly): Swara utho we are at orphanage .Swara ….
Swara nuzzles more in him.he shakes her slowly.
Swara : laado plz let me sleep a lil more .aawww teddy when would you become a lil hard ???
Sanskar chuckles and admires her cuteness more .
Sanskar : ehm Swara I’m not your teddy I’m your Sanskar .
Swara (jerks) : what????
Sanskar : let’s go outside .it’s getting late.
Swara nodded.
precap : Ragini confessed her feelings to Laksh.
Sanskar and Ragini’s condition is like chahoo me yaa naa like right friends????

so how was the epi ????
tell me for sure ….am waiting.
take care !!!
with love !!!!
stay blessed!!!!

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  1. Lovely7

    Raglak scenes are amazing
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    Awesome ?? sanskar jealousy and swasan sitting 2gthr??

    Yeah readers being silent makes author feel they r not worth writing ? thy evn dnt knw a single wrd frm them makes the author happy.. Bt we cnt force r beg right summa….

    I love ur wrk ??

    1. Sumayyah

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    swasan scene was really very very nice sumayyah..
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  9. Superb part, loved raglak scenes

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  10. It’s outstanding episode dear and loved it a lot. Raglak scenes are really beautiful dear. Eagerly waiting for more more Raglak scenes. Please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care

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  12. IQRA222

    summu di this episode was simply awesomely superb
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    all the raglak and swasan scenes were extent of wonderfulness
    who is this raj???
    loved sanky’s jealosy and ragu’s way to ask lucky!! he he
    waiting for the next part

    1. Sumayyah

      thank you so much Iqra sisooo
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      thank u so much again.
      Actually Raj is also an orphan which lived with Swaragini in the orphanage before but now he is educated & went to Australia for his career and job.so , he is also Swara’s friend.

    2. Sumayyah

      thank you so much Iqra sisooo
      this is the best comment I ever get .
      thank u so much again.
      Actually Raj is also an orphan which lived with Swaragini in the orphanage before but now he is educated & went to Australia for his career and job.so , he is also Swara’s friend.

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