“Journey to love” A swasan and raglak love story by Sumayya part 5

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Part 4
in the orphanage ,
Swara was coming hurriedly and again bumped into Sanskar .
Swara made faces on seeing him.
Sanskar : Good morning Miss Swara .I think you always come this hurriedly to collide only .
Swara:(raising her brows) listen Mister I think you always stand here to collide with me only .
Sanskar (smirks): yes I agreed.
Swara (a lil shock) : what ???
Sanskar (changing the topic): will you be my…..
Swara gave a what look.
Sanskar ( smiles): be my friend??
Swara (smirks): I don’t make someone friend easily .
Sanskar passed a what look .
Swara : you have to do something to impress me.
Sanskar : ohh!! I see.
Swara went to mother to greet her .Sanskar saw her retreating figure.
Sanskar POV
wah Ji wah friend ship is the start of the relation ship Miss Swara.Then i will not be a stranger to u.I will make myself your friend by hook or by crook.I will be in your good books too dear .just wait and watch .
* * * * * * * * *
(scene requested by Fennuu bhaiyaa —> tell me how was it reached your expectations or not)
in college: –
Ragini was going when someone came and closes her eyes .Ragini touches her hand and said smiling .
Ragini (smiling): kipruuu!!!! tu KB aai ????
Kipra (pout): you always find me .it’s not fair.
Ragini : Aaale cry baby don’t cry here .people will get to know that you’re still a cry baby .
Kipra (lightly hits her shoulder): laddooo chup ker.
both of them giggles.
Kipra : Laksh jiju kese hain?? ( how is Laksh jiju???)
Ragini (shyly) : tu bhi naa.
Kipra (naughtily): now don’t shy here or else people will get to ask why she turned to red tomato ??? then what will we answer.tell me .
Ragini smiles .
(scene requested by Thala diii —->> you also tell me that it reached your expectations or not)
Swara came in the class and shocked to see that …..
one girl came to her dressed like a fairy pulled her to the hall where all are gathered dressed like different characters of fairy tales. Swara smiles seeing it .then her sight fell on the curtains .someone was hiding behind it. she got shocked + surprised + what not .there was Sanskar painted and dressed as a clown .
Sanskar came forward but stumbles deliberately on which all laughs .he twirls around and came forward with three balls .he throw one in air than the second than the third but to his dismay he couldn’t catch any of them and it landed on his head and he pouts cutely .he moved but fell on the floor rubbing his back.than he stood up and bowed down ending up the show by roar of laughter .but his gaze was only fix on someone .who will be that someone ?? ofcource she is Swara who was laughing whole heartily like anything .all were looking her surprised as she never laughed like this .she only smiled when someone tried her to laugh.
he then came forward and forwards a sunflower.
Sanskar:Always smile like this.you know when u laugh you look like this (sunflower) so bright and fresh like the wind in the morning .
Swara looked surprised.she took the flower and stare it lovingly.
Sanskar knelt down and..
Sanskar (smiles); so friends????
Swara nodded smilingly.
all claps.
in kitchen:
Ragini was trying to make something but her facial expression tell us that her tries are in vain .her face is covered with wheat and her hairs with egg .the kitchen was itself telling the story of her tries every thing was a mess there.
Laksh on seeing the condition chukles which make her pout .
Ragini : you came duffer. so late ..see condition of all this .
Laksh (trying to stop his laughter): oh!! I saw .but what are no no were you trying to make ??
Ragini : Laksh …I was thinking to give a surprise to shona when she come I will give her so I thought to make a cake but see all in vain.
Laksh : by seeing all this no one can say you are a sister of the famous chef Swara .
Ragini (teary eyed): Laksh …plz help me naa.
Laksh (calming her by side hugging her): OK OK …don’t cry .
Ragini mistakingly hugs him tight giving herself goosebumps all over her body and shocks to Laksh. this feeling is new to him .no girl was so close to him till now.he parted unwantedly.
Laksh : raguu you don’t stress .see now I came and all know I’m the best chef so I will make everything correct.
Ragini lightly hits his shoulder.
Laksh (dramatically): aaaouch …
Ragini (guilty): sorry
Laksh (laughs): Ragini I was acting.
Ragini pouts .
Laksh :first we have to make a new cake. give me a bowl .
she nodded like a cute lil child than give him the bowl.
Laksh : then flour,eggs,oil& baking powder. mix it .
Ragini smiles and mixes it.but her open hairs was a distraction to her .Laksh giggles and Ragini furrows . Laksh talk her hair and make a bun of it .Ragini smiles at him.
Laksh:then add some milk and put it in oven .
Ragini : OK
after putting it in oven ,Ragini sighed .
Ragini (open mouth): OMG!!! this kitchen became so dirty.ufff ..
Laksh jumps a lil and sit on kitchen counter .
Laksh : laddoo start cleaning because I’m not going to help in it.
Ragini (pout): uffff not ladddooo it’s laadooo understand !! & and I can do it by my own.I don’t need anyone’s help.
she cleans the shelf first and wash the utensils .in between the soap was a lil came to her face by her hands .
Ragini : uffff I hate washing utensils .
Laksh chukled.
then Ragini was cleaning floor when she lost her balance and fell on floor .Laksh came and took her in his arms making her lost in his eyes.
Laksh (imitates her): I can do it on my own .now see what you have done???
Ragini was numb by his reaction.
he took her to room and says
Laksh : so have u complete your project ???
Ragini nodded in no.
Laksh : someone had said to me that she can do it but see …..
Ragini : I will show you ….
Laksh : first go and get fresh.
Ragini : yes
in washroom :
Ragini POV
uff this man is making me go crazy over him.but I have to find out first that Laksh love no no plz God no Laksh don’t love someone plz God .but I have to confirm it but how ????think laddooo think ufff me too laddo see Laksh what you have done to me ???
Sanskar was coming out of the class when mother saw him and ask him to come to her room.Sanskar nodded.
Mother : thank you so much bachha .
Sanskar (confusedly smiles): for what mother??
mother: For making her laugh wholeheartedly for the first time .
Sanskar : ohh it was just only like that (bus wese hi)
mother smiles and blesses him .
Swara was fixing the bulb when she losted her balance and about to fall but then she feels that she was in someone’s arm .who it could be ?????
precap : picnic(swasan or raglak) let’s see

how was the epi friends ???
tell me your views silent readers plz do leave your comments that really means a lot .
thank you so much all for your love .
stay blessed
take care
Good bye .

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  1. Mars

    Sumuuuuu darling it was amazing. I loved swasan scenes.tooo good finally they become friends yipeee
    Sanskar is tooo much and Swara three much hihi.
    Asha now post soon I will be excited for picnic if it will be swasan. U know me I can’t think beyond swasan.
    Stopping my bak bak
    Continue soon
    Lovee uuuu
    Take care

    1. Sumayyah

      Aaaawww thank you so much marsuuu
      love your bak bak and you toooo

  2. Soujanya


    1. Sumayyah

      thanks Soujanyaa

  3. Simi

    Awesome dear..
    Sanskar is making great effort to impress Swara ???

    1. Sumayyah

      thank you so much Simi!!!
      just wait and watch
      what Sanskar will do more to impress her???

  4. nice dear.i have a doubt are you the author of the forgotten sisters ?if not i’m really sorry dear pls don’t mistake me

    1. Sumayyah

      no Reethuu am not it’s my first ff
      I had written Ts and many Os and sequels
      but anyways thank you so much dear
      no need to be sorry yaar


    1. Sumayyah

      Thanks Arjuna!!!!

  6. Fenil

    It’s Cute.
    Lived Kitchen moments of RagLak.
    Lovely attempt of Sanskar for frienship…so friendship is done.
    Yaa i like , now connect Sanskar Ragini via Kipra (actually its Kripa:P:P:P:D:D:D).

    Hey send me links oky from now on.

    1. Sumayyah

      Ohh!!! actually I don’t know much about indian names so sorry for that .
      and thank you so much bhaiyyaaa
      and about links I will try to send u from now on..

  7. Awesome update and loved raglak

    1. Sumayyah

      Thanks Anjuuuu!!!!

  8. Lovely7

    Raglak scenes are amazing

    1. Sumayyah

      Aaawww Lovely dear thank you so much

  9. Awesome..tc..

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      Thanks Kumuu!!!!
      you too take care

  10. Jiyani

    Awesome dear

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      thanks Jiyuuuu!!!!

  11. Scooby

    Awesomeeeeee loved it…. Yayy u fulfilled my wish ?? it was cute lovely? picnic m may b all ?

    1. Sumayyah

      Aaawwww thank you diii
      wait for the next

  12. Superb di…Cute raglak

    1. Sumayyah

      Thank you dear sis!!!!

    1. Sumayyah

      Thanks Anuuuu

  13. Loved it

    1. Sumayyah

      Thank u so muchhhh Viniii

  14. Laashya

    Awesome episode and raglak moments are lovely

    1. Sumayyah

      Thank you so much Lashuuuu

  15. Raglak part was superb

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      thanks dear

  16. Sumayyah

    love it!!!!

    1. Sumayyah

      thanks sisuuu

  17. It’s interesting episode dear and Raglak kitchen scenes are really beautiful. Eagerly waiting for more Raglak scenes. Please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care

    1. Sumayyah

      Thanks Ammmu
      am really glad you love it
      love u tooo

  18. IQRA222

    summu di !! this episode was rocking one
    totally loved it
    i am a fan of this ff and you know
    you are a brilliant writier didu
    this episode was a perfect one full of cute scenes and romance
    swasan scnens were wonderful
    raglak scenes were umahhh!!!!
    loved this episode to the core
    waiting for the next part eagerly
    so do update soon
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    love you!!

    1. IQRA222

      it is not know its now

      1. Sumayyah

        Aaaawwww thank you so much sis
        I was literally waiting for your view .
        but I am not a big writer dear just a small writer so no fan but friends !!!!

  19. Raina

    it is very very very beautiful sumayyah dear…
    i am just waiting for the happiness of our princess.. how much she has suffered??
    i hope sanskar heals her pain soon…
    love you..

    1. Sumayyah

      Yup !!!! Rainuuuu Sanskar will soon heal her pain .
      thank you so much dear !!!!
      where were u I was missing your views
      next part is submitted
      hugging you as u are back
      love u too dear.

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