“Journey to love” A swasan and raglak love story by Sumayya part 4

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“Journey to love” a swasan and raglak love story by Sumayyah part 3

Swara came home in evening fully exhaust. Passing from the hall she saw Ragini trying to write something and her face showing disappointment but as soon as her sight falls on the hall which was literally covered by papers ,she giggles .
Ragini (on sensing her giggling): shona you came .when???
Swara (smiles) : just when you were busy in wasting papers .
Ragini( poutingly) : shona !!!! see na I can’t make a proper chart .ufff this so difficult….
Swara (smiles and caress her hairs): first come and eat something then do all this ….
Ragini nodded .

at dinner :
Ragini : how was your day ???
Swara : amazing and yours?
Ragini : no not amazing but dull!!
Swara : why????
Ragini : actually that monkey drank my chocolate .
Swara : ooh I understand now .Laksh came to teach u .
Ragini : (pout) no Laksh but monkey donkey uffff he irritated me and more to that he made me to run behind him whole house .
Laksh came from behind .
Laksh (glares): laddooo mere itni taareef wah ji wah I didn’t know that you also appreciates me that much.
Swara goggles.
Ragini : (pouting more) I’m not ladddo (a sweet) but laaadoo OK .
Laksh : OK!! laddooo .
Swara took the dishes and went to the kitchen smiling .she knew ,when these two starts to fight than they are like kids .
Ragini threw the cushion towards him which fortunately or unfortunately hit his back .he turned and ran towards her with that cushion and she pouted .
Ragini : acha mere pyaary Laksh jii (extra buttering) plz leave me sorry .
Laksh (grins): no miss raguu first you have to be punished .how could you raise your hands on me Mr Laksh Gupta .

Ragini (gulping her saliva): I ..didn’t raise my hand ..I raised cushion …..
Laksh (coming close ): oh! I see ….
Ragini (going backward bit striked against the table ): L..Lakshhh
Laksh (leaning towards her and caging her between his arms): (raising his brows) yes miss raguu what were you saying about me ??? repeat it please ….I want to listen it again..
Ragini : (sensing the proximity): ummmm sorry leave me …
Laksh :no first say that I’m handsome, smart ,dashing and charming .
Ragini : what ???
Ragini POV :
I know you are Laksh .its so easy to say but you are too close. I feel like I stay here for the rest of my life.
Laksh coming more close to her .his breathe fanning her ears .she forgot to breathe .
Laksh : raguuu kia hua nhi bol paaogi???(can’t say)
Ragini (feeling his scent ): Laksh….
Laksh : say fast .
Ragini : you are handsome, smart,dashing and charming…..
laksh leaves her.
Ragini : but a monkey (stick her tongue out)
Ragini ran towards her room leaving Laksh pouting.
Laksh after talking to Swara left to his home.

next day
at orphanage,
Swara came running and striked with someone and falls in his arms .but arranges herself because mother was standing a lil far from them than she saw that someone who was the man with whom she stroke yesterday. that guy was still looking her with surprised .
mother came forward and Swara greeted her .accompanied with him.
Mother :Shona meet Sanskar .
Swara : (making a lil face) hii.
Sanskar (still in dreams): hmm
Mother :Shona make him understand his work here .
Swara nodded .
Sanskar’s POV
OMG it’s real or a dream?? she was in my arms like I used to dream .I should pinch my self to see (pinching himself) aaw yes I’m not seeing a dream it’s real all are real .I’m so happy .now the right time might came .I should tell her about my feelings .no no it’s not the right time (remember yesterday incident ;Swara’s scolding ) I must spent some time with her and make her fall for me .yes I should do it only .
Sanskar’s POV ends.
Swara went to staff room followed by him .she introduces him to everyone than she told him about work coldly .Swara after that went out but Sanskar followed her .
Sanskar : Swara excuse me .
Swara : call me miss Swara.Swara is only for my dear ones not for strangers.
Sanskar (feels bad but composes himself): actually Miss Swara ,I am really sorry for tomorrow .I really don’t know what happened to me (liar) that I just stood blank and……
Swara : it’s fine Mr Sanskar ,you apologied and I forgave you .now you can go and do your work .
Sanskar : that’s really sweet of you Miss.
Swara smiled and went to her class .
Sanskar saw her retreating figure .

Ragini was searching for an auto on stop but was making faces due to sunlight and heat .but her face glows as soon as she saw Laksh coming towards in his car.
Laksh : raguu come I will drop you.
Ragini seated in his car .but unable to tie belt .Laksh on seeing her laughs .
Laksh :raguu can’t do a simple thing also.
Ragini pouted.
Laksh bend forward making Ragini skips her beats .and tries to tie the belt but incidently touched her hands giving both of them electric shocks. Ragini pulls her hands .Laksh sees her face covered with sweats .he take out tissue and gave it to her .
Laksh don’t want the awkward silence between them .
Laksh : how was your day ??
Ragini : fine ..
Laksh : completed your assignment ??
Ragini :(making faces) not at all…it’s so difficult….
Laksh : I know ..I know you will need my help in it. …
Ragini : thank you so much for your help Mr Laksh Gupta but I can do it on my own .
Laksh giggles: acha than let’s see.
Sanskar was passing from the hall when he hears a melodious voice coming from nearby class .he opens the window a lil and got surprised to see that the voice was none other than his princess .she was surrounded by groups of children dances around her and twirling with her happily.he just can’t do more but mesmerize by the scene and admiring his lady love.
Swara when ended her song shocked to see him peeping inside the window but ignored him.

how was it friends???
tell me
how are you all ??? perfect or more then perfect .
I have a request to all of you to answer the question below
are you liking it or not????
I know swasan story is a bit slow but trust me there will be more scenes of swasan next time .
tell me readers .
or one more request any scene you want in this story tell me I will try to add.
Good Bye !!!!
Stay blessed!!!!
Love you all!!!


  1. Mars


    |Registered Member

    Summmuuu it was amazing and I m tho always more than perfect only.
    Swasan scenes were tooooo gooood. Bcoz I read that only sorry.
    And Swara’s attitude and sanskar’s craziness just loved it. And sanku is very desperate to tell his feelings to swara sabar nahi ho raha.
    Waiting for more swasan scenes.
    Continue soon
    Love youuuu
    Take care.

  2. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    summu di the starting swaragini scene was so cute and funny
    swaraglak scene was funny too
    and gosh that raglak scene was mind blowing
    swasan scene was soo cute
    shona in sanky’s arm woww!!
    the next raglak scene was too cute!!
    and sanky stalking shona hmm!!
    and di is that a question to ask
    offcource i like no no love this ff
    waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    love you!!

  3. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Superb suma 😜 and im liking the story… Dont rush and spoil the fun. Let it happen by ur plan… So i love it😜

    And hw ru suma😊😊 im doing goodπŸ˜‰

    Scene : i need swara laughing her heart out forgetting her pain.. Bt reason shouod be sanskar.. may b he did a mistake r fun, which made her and children happy…

  4. Ammu

    It’s interesting episode dear and Raglak scenes are really beautiful. Eagerly waiting for more Raglak scenes and please post next part ASAP

  5. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Sweet chappy like as always.
    I fell in love with your writing Dii.
    U know what try to make it longer and balance both pair.
    Add some one or two extra character to Sanskar and Ragini Side. Swara has RagLak , Sanskar side there is no one , Ragini has SwaLak but add someone frd of her .(i will suggest name Kripa u can add her as common frd of RagSan and make Ragini meeting with Sanskar via Kripa.)bhai pagal hai haina mujhe pata hai;);):P:P:P:)):)):))

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