A journey of love………..(SIDMIN),(MANAN),(VIRIKA) (PART 1)


HEY GUYS ……..Bhumika back…….thank u guys for commenting….Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry maaf kerdo plzz I know i m Late but plzz maaf kerdo …..i was having my exams….plzz
Note : there are minor changes in introduction so plzzz read intro or characters again….
1.SIDDHANT GUPTA :Abhishek(brother of Istuti)
2. JASMINE BHASIN :Bhavika(sister of Siddharth)
3. PARTH SAMTHARN : Siddharth (brother of Bhumika)
4. NITI TAYLOR : Istuti (sister of Abhishek)(Nickname : Cookie)
5. KARAN TACKER : Karan (Bhumika’s bff )
6. KYSTAL D’SOUZA : Isha (karan n Isha r couple)
7.SARA KHAN : Kusum
8. Charlie Choudhary : Pia(Kusum’s sister)
9. HELLY SHAH : Pramiti (Pramiti n Naksh r brother n sister)
10. NAMISH TANEJA : Naksh (a Silent type of person AND has a secret crush on Cookie)
Bhavika n Istuti r bffs
Siddhart n Abhishek r bffs
Abhi,Bhumika,Istuti, Siddharth, karan, Isha are a group of craziness….
————————————–SO LETS START————————————————-
A car is seen ……..coming to a big villa…..(Ghanshyam villa)……..A girl is standing on terrace watering plants ……she saw a car…….n jumped in excitement………she was none other than r Bhumika(she waz wearing denim shots and pink crop top) .A girl is shown coming out of car she is Our Istuti (GUYS I WILL USE COOKIE)(she is wearing a pink one piece ) , a boy is also shown , he is r Abhi.Cookie saw Bhavika on terrace she shouted and waved her hand …and Abhi saw her and mesmerize to see Bhumika. She was also staring him. Then r Cookie ran to the main door she was going to open d door…when a cute handsome boy opened the door …n Cookie fell in his arms ..he was none other than Siddharth(guys I can’t write his full name let’s call him Sid) they have a small eye lock….n cookie say,
Cookie : I m sorry..really sorry mjh pata nhi tha ki tum gate kholne wale ho…
Sid : no…no its ohkiee
…….And then Cookie ran upstairs n Sid ran outside to meet his best friend Abhi…..Cookie is shown standing behind Bhavika, and Bhavika is lost watching Abhi, Cookie shouted “bow” in Bhumika’s ears, n Bhavika came in her senses…then Cookie started singing”kuch toh huaa hai kuch hogaya hai Bhavika ko mere Bhai se pyaar ho gaya hai”. Bhavika started beating Cookie …(NOTE :Cookie is in Bhumika’s house b’coz her parents n Bhumika’s parents r out of India for four weeks for a function so she came to stay with her ). When Cookie started shouting Abhi n Sid saw up and saw them fighting. They started laughing, when Abhi asked what happen cookie……n Bhumika closed her mouth and said nothing.Then all start talking…..n the door bell rang and they saw r luvy duvy couple standing…they were r karan n Isha…And beside them they were Pramiti and Naksh .
Karan: see all what me n Isha bought for u…Our silent sister n brother none other than Pramiti n Naksh.
They all hugged eachother……All girls went in kitchen for making coffee n snacks.Then boys started talking…
karan : guys chalo na kuch khelte hai….(lets play something guys)
Sid :ya karan we should play
Abhi : guys let girls come ..
Then girls came with snacks and coffee….THEY STARTED PLAYING…(truth and dare)
Again the door bell rang …….
And Cookie said : ab kon h yr ( now who is there???)
Bhavika : let me see
Bhavika opened the door and saw two hot girls standing at the door …….
they were kusum and Pia (devils lol…)
Cookie : who called them??
Abhi and Sid : we called them…any problem
Cookie and Bhavika with some fake mood said : no…no…not at all…hum ko kaha kisi se problem hogi…..
Sid : ohkiee….
Pia : excuse me guys….mein abhi atti hu washroom ja k…
Sid : ohkiee….so lets start d game….
first turn was of Sid (answer) and karan (question)
karan: hug any girl leaving Bhavika???
So Sid goes to ISHA …..karan saw this and pulled Isha ….and said “oye bhabhi hai teri salle”
Sid said : ok fine yrr ….and he was going to Pramiti…Naksh saw this and said “behen hai teri ”
NOW Sid was angry and at last goes towards Cookie….he hugs her like he was hugging a stranger …..(if Pia would have there….of course he would have hug her…but as I told u…she is gone to washroom..so he can’t hug her…n at last cookie Is d option left for him..)
Bhavika: Aww how cute ….they all came from back hugged each other…n by this ….Cookie and Sid came closer.
now the bottle came on Bhavika(question) and Cookie (answer) .
Bhavika: go and propose someone except Abhi .
Cookie : boht bekar h ye dare…but okieee…I’ll try my best
she was going to Naksh…and sat on knees and proposed him ………here our Sid was burning in jealousy…(he is luking them like he is going to kill them)
she proposed him and everyone clapped…..
Karan : yr aisa knee down ho kar tu kisi ko b propose kregi na…chahe wo insaan tjh se pyaar b nhi krta hoga…tabhi wo tjh haa he bolega kyuki kon aisa innocent sa proposal hath se jana dega…koi pagal he hoga…..h na Sid
Sis : Haa (in a very weird tone)
After this Kusum (question) n Pia(answer)
Kusum : kiss Sid
Pia : ohh wow!!! awesome dare
Bhavika and Cookie : What??
Bhavika: r u stupid ……
Kusum : mind your tongue
Cookie : u mind your tongue
Then Pia stand to go to Sid to kiss him…
Pia : muuuuaahhhhhh….!!!!!
Karan : kash ye kiss mjh milta…mera to bhagya he khul jata (just wanted to jealous Isha)
Isha : idhar to anna Karan batati hu tera bhgya kaisa h…
N then Isha kiss karan on her chicks(just to fulfill his wish)
Karan : hayyyeeee….aisa bhagya to sabko hona chahiya
Bhavika: HAHA….lets move on…
NEXT TURN Abhi (answer) n Isha (question)
Isha : tell your first crush name…
Abhi : Tania my first crush….I dated her for 2 years…
AFTER THIS Bhavika ran inside her room ……
Abhi : isse kya hau????
Cookie :kuch nhi… mein dekhk atti hu….tum log game continue rkho…..
SID: I m also coming
karan : I m also coming …
Cookie :wait let us handle if she doesn’t then I will call u Karan…
karan :ohkiee
Cookie and Sid went inside her room
Sid and Cookie came and said
Sid: Angel r u stupid U r crying for that stupid Abhi…
SID gulped…
Cookie : stop crying Bhavika u know Bhai na ….he was just kidding
Bhavika hugged Cookie and said
Bhavika :I know Cookie but I know he doesn’t love me …
Cookie : R u nuts Bhavika…He loves you but he doesn’t know his feelings
Sid : stop taking his side always Cookie.
Cookie : I m not taking his side ok ..I know my Bhai very well…
Bhavika shouted: stop it YR….!!!!
They both calm down….
They went from her room…. N called karan..
Karan went inside her room.
karan: Bhavika r u mad u r crying……pagal we r just playing and u know that he was joking….
Bhavika : I know karan but I love him …..and he doesn’t ..
karan: Bhavika tu pagal ho chuki hai ….
Bhavika hugged karan and cried….a lot
At that time Abhi went to kitchen to take water….He saw Bhavika and karan hugging….He felt jealous and glass slip from his hand..n fell down . With this sudden sound karan n bhavika moved back.
Bhavika went in washroom to freshen up….
Cookie came and said to Abhi ….
Cookie : kya Bhai yeh kya kiya apne …..hatttto me isse clean up krti hu…
when she was picking up the glass , she had a cut in a hand and she shouted AAAAAAAAAAAAA….n cried it out….
Naksh came running and hold her hand and said ….
Naksh : Cookie r u mad who said u to pick up the glass….give your hand to me
He took her hand and started to do bandaged she shouted….Sid came running and took her hand and shouted on Naksh
Sid : kya ker rahe ho Naksh dhyan se karna chahiye na……koi infection ho gya to (in a very possessive tone)
Naksh : I m sorry …Sid u should do her dressing
Sid started doing her dressing he dressed her wound……
Cookie : yrr….dhyan se karo na jalll rha h mjh….
Sid : oh I m sorry…lekin mein dhyan se he kr rha ho..liquid to lagana padega
Cookie : zaroori nhi h kuch r b laga skta jisse jalta na ho…nut tum ko kya jalta to mjh h tumhe thodi na…..huh…!!!!
Sid : oh madam kuch r nhi lga skta…usse jalega to nhi but ussejldi thik b nhi hoga…r mjh pata tumhe kitna dard ho rha h…I understand…but kya kare kuch r nhi laga skta…r huh karna ki zaroorat nhi h…
Cookie : tumhe kya pta…kya understand
Bhavika was coming from her room she didn’t knew that the glass pieces were on floor, she placed her leg on glass she shouted like hell Abhi and all came running saw her leg it was bleeding ….She was crying ….just then Abhi picked her up and placed her up on sofa…..he started scolding her (as excepted ….lol)
Abhi: Bhavika tum andhi ho kya dikhta nhi hai kya glass ki pieces pade ha…..
Cookie : Bhavika tu andhi he rehna..
Sid : ha angel Abhi is right….just a min ago your bff has done this type of stunt
Bhavika: yaar yaha meko dard ho raha hai aur tum chila rahe ho….
Abhi : ohh sry …..Sid plz bring first aid..
Sid : Yeah…sure
Sid brought the first aid n Abhi started dressing her wound…..
all were sitting here and there a plan strike in karan ‘s mind
karan : guys we should do outing
All leaving Sid shouted : yes
Sid : kya karan yaha dono mohtermae patient bani bathi ha ..
All laughed leaving Cookie n Bhumika
Bhavika: Bhai that is not fair….
Cookie :leave it Bhavika…tu bhi kis khadoos ko bol rahi ha.
Sid :shut up
Cookie : you shut up
All : shut up u both ..
Bhavika: we r going and that is final.
Abhi : no Sid is right .
Bhavika :we r going jisko nhi jana wo nhi jae me aur Cookie ja rahe hai
All accepted after lots of argument
@ After one week
Bhavika n Cookie were perfectly Fine
All were discussing were to go suddenly Bhavika n Cookie shouted together GOA
All: yes
karan and Cookie together : we will go in volvo
Cookie : Finally…journey begins…Goa in on..yyiipppeeee
Bhavika sat at last ……on window seat , Abhi at other window seat In between there were karan and Isha ….chit chatting
Pramiti came and said,
Pramiti: Abhi can I plz sit on window plzz
Abhi : ok come
Karan and Isha goes in front …
Pramiti ,Naksh ,Abhi ,Bhumika
After sometime Bhavika went in front And Abhi came near her as Naksh wanted to sit on window..
they fell asleep on eachother ‘s shoulder
Cookie came and said,
Cookie : Aww so cute She took there pic..(at mid night)
Sid : what r u doing ???
Cookie :dikhta nhi ha kya taking pics of them..
Sid looks at Bhavika and Abhi
Cookie : they look so cute yrr….
Sid : ya , lets do something interesting(He says something to her in her ears )
After sometime there was a sound of splash
yes , Cookie n Sid splashed water on Abhi and Bhumika
They get up with a sudden jerk ….All were laughing
They both fell awkward…..They both changed there dresses…(guys don’t ask me where ..yaar this is ff world anything can happen here ….there was a changing room in volvo)
After that everyone was sleeping except Sid and Cookie
Cookie was working on her phone …..Sid came and said
Sid : cookie neend nhi aa rahi ha tumhe…
Cookie :nhi Aur tumhe
Sid : nhi
Just then Cookie ‘s phone rang IT WAS HER MOM’S CALL
Cookie : excuse me (to Sid)
Sid : ya sure
Sid (in mind) : itna time ho gya abhi tak cookie r uski mom ki baata finish nhi hui….chalo mein dekh k atta hu ki itna der se ye log kya baata kar rha h…
After sometime cookie slept…n d phone is on.. watching this Sid took the phone…
Sid : aunty Cookie so gayi hai
Mom (M): Ok beta Take care of her n yours too…
Sid : ya aunty sure
M: ok beta bye C ya
Sid : Bbye
After sometime they reached Goa…….
Room 1: Abhi , Siddharth , Naksh
Room2:Bhumika, Istuti ,Pramiti
Room3:Karan and Isha
All went to there rooms…….
@After getting freshen up
They went to beach ……….
Bhavika And Cookie wore knee length dress
They all were chit chatting and playing with sand…
Naksh shouted : guys lets play something
Pramiti : VOLLY BALL

All : yes
They started playing…..
When two hot girls came (they were wearing hot swimming costume) and said: guys we can also play…
Kusum : Actually we don’t have a grp …
All boys together : ya sure (yaar yeh bande bade flirty hai)
Pia : Thank u
Here all girls were burning in jealous……….
TEAM 1: Bhumika, Cookie , Karan , Naksh, Pramiti
TEAM2 : Isha , Abhi , Sid , Pia ,Kusum
When they were playing game
kusum and Pia continuously getting closer to Sid n Abhi…
now d score waz of Cookie’s teams is 2 n Sid’s teams is 0….
Bhavika: dekh apne jeet rahe h….yyiipppeee
Cookie : apne jeetenga he…kyuki apne sirf game par dhyan rkhta h…bakiyon ki tarah nhi kisi r k taraf dekh kr game khelte h….
Bhavika: yes…
Bhavika and Cookie were burning in jealously
after the game they went in there hotel rooms
After some time they went to Disco

Hey guys ………..yaar i know u all r angry …..but plz maaf ker do ….
Okay …..now plz tell me how was First part …..Comment ok ..plzzz comment

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    Amazing episode Bhumika…. Awesome….
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