A journey to love Chapter 5

Scene starts with swara falls bcz of the beads and her leg got twisted..she shouts bcz of pain and laksh feels bad for his doing..he come near to her..and swara was shocked

Swara:- tum..tum yaha( you..you are here, now I understand Yu have done this.. I m not going to leave Yu Mr. Maheshwari)

She tries to stand up and then realise her pain and about to fall but laksh hold her..they shared their very first eye lock..(piya o re piya plays in atif aslam voice) …(wowww I m super exited )…..they realized their closeness and laksh make her sit..

Laksh:- slowly miss attitude…yur leg got twisted I think..yu should go to Dr
Swara:- don’t be so innocent Mr I know its yur fault..yu have done this to take revenge from me..right!!!

Laksh was shocked..and not able to understand what to say..then he make a strong face..

Laksh:- ohh god there is no value of goodness in this world..how an innocent laksh Maheshwari will survive in this cruel world..plz god save me from this ‘teekhi mirchi’
Swara:- how dare Yu to call me teekhi mirchi
Laksh:- yeah right Yu r not teekhi mirchi actually Yu r the sursuri bomb..hahahhahahhaha

Swara was so much I anger..bt she is unable to do anything..she tried to stand up bt fails then laksh hold her in his arms..(piya o re piya plays)

Swara:- how dare Yu to touch me

Laksh:- Yu have any problem to keep yur mouth shut..why Yu always shouts..jst keep quite..i m jst helping Yu..if Yu will say another word I will throw Yu..

Swara looks him angrily and thought iska badla to Mai leke rahungi tumse Mr laksh Maheshwari..
Laksh take her to campus Dr
Dr:- there is no major problem..she’ll be fine..jst need to rest for 2-3 days..
Laksh:- Dr don’t Yu have that Kind of medicine that could stop her stupid talks..
Swara:- how dare Yu Mr…yu have to pay for everything…i m not going to leave Yu..
Dr:- plz don’t fight here..mr laksh Yu can take her and these are some medicine..plz make sure she’ll take all these..

Laksh take the slip and thanks Dr.

Another side sanskar was standing before the music room door and thinking something

Sanskar:- should I go in or not..what will she think of me

Suddenly he hears a sweet voice and he was jst hypnotized by the voice and goes to the music room..
Ragini:- thoda Sa pyar Hua hai thoda hai baki..she was singing..her eyes are closed its looks like she was feeling the lyrics

Sanskar saw her behind the door and lost in her voice

Scene:- college cafeteria..laksh make swara sit on the chair

Laksh:- Yu sit here I’ll jst be back
Swara:- now where r Yu going..can’t Yu see I m not able to stand..how will I go home

Laksh:- uff this girl is hopeless..i m going to yur sister ‘sursuri bomb’ …nw sit here..i m coming

Laksh goes to music room and saw sanskar standing at the door and watching Ragini..he laughed loudly..sanskar shocked to see him

Sanskar:- lucky tu yaha..wo Mai..mera matlab..bs Mai wo( lucky Yu r here..i m jst..means jst like…i was ..i mean)
Laksh:- yeah yeah bhai I know Yu started to love singing..i can understand…hahahahhahah
Sanskar feels shy….laksh goes to the music room
Ragini suddenly stop singing and turns to laksh
Ragini:- hi laksh..yu r here..something important
Laksh:- yeah that sursuri bobmb I mean yur sister swara..she was calling Yu..her leg got twisted..come with me
Ragini got tensed..she jst picked her bag and runs..she saw sanskar standing at door..

Sanskar:- are Yu fine..what happened??
Laksh:- come I’ll explain Yu on the way

They reached to swara..ragini got teary eyed..sanskar feels bad

Ragini:- what happened swara..yu alright
Swara:- my leg got twisted..i m not able to walk..
Ragini:- its my mistake..why I left Yu alone..what will say to maa-baba
Swara:- don’t cry lado..i m fine nw

Sanskar gives her hanky and Ragini took that..say thanks..swalak smiles to them

Laksh:- we have car..we’ll drop Yu home

Scene freezed at four of them.episode ends

Precap:- four of them at swaragini house..and laksh was talking to shomi:- yur daughter is full teekhi mirchi..ohh sorry sursuri bomb..and Ragini,shomi and Shekhar laughs..

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