Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 9


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Pragya was walking away from him.Abhi just stood there without any expression..he reminds what he said to Pragya..he said he love his loneliness how could he told that..he doesn’t know what was going with him..he could see Pragya moving from that place..his heart wanna him to run to her n stop her..but he couldn’t do anything rather watching her moving from the place..As soon her image disappeared from his eyes he too left to his cabin with expression less face.Pragya was walking on road..she thinks,Really..he doesn’t have any feelings for me..but what I seen in his eyes was true.. true love for me..but y he is refusing..oh god..her eyes started to moist again.. suddenly her phone rang she looks at her mobile n says,Ufff!!! Purab and Bulbul again..Pragya attends the call n says,Haa..Purab..Purab asks,What happened Pragz,he was speaking while riding.Bulbul from behind too shouts,What happened di did u met him.Pragya says,Purab Bulbul I can’t hear clearly its too noisy..stop the bike and talk to me..and yeah I met him in his office.Purab asks,What he told?,call was noisy coz of signal.Pragya says,Idiot purab I couldn’t hear u its too noisy.Purab again shouts,What he told?Pragya says,As expected..he told..hello..hello..she looks at the screen call has been ended.Pragya call backs.Purab says,Hey come home we ll talk thr.. poor signal.Pragya says,Okay n ends the call.

Purab and Bulbul reached the home after spending some time together.Bulbul enters home by shouting,Di..di..we came..Whr r u.Sarla says,Bulbul y are u shouting like this..Ur di didn’t came yet.Bulbul asks,Maa..she ll come by this time na.Sarla says,Haa..but she didn’t came yet.Purab followed Bulbul n calls Pragya.Bulbul says,Purab..di didn’t came yet.Purab asks,What??oh..she may in Tanu’s home lemme call Pragya..But her phone is switched off.Purab says,Her number is switched off.. Bulbul n Sarla panics.Purab says,She may in Tanu’s home don’t wry I ll bring her home n abt to leave.Bulbul says,Purab wait I ll come with u.Purab nods.Dadi says,Sarla don’t worry Pragya ll b fine.Sarla nods.Purab and Bulbul calls Tanu and asks about Pragya she told she didn’t came here.Purab then calls her colleagues.Purab says,Bulbul.. Pragya left on school time but don’t know Whr she had gone.Bulbul says,Arey Purab how we forgot di had gone to meet ACP sir na.Purab smiles n says,Haa.. Bulbul I totally forgot about that..she may be thr come let’s go.Bulbul smiles n says,Bulbul is always smart.Here Abhi was sitting in his cabin by holding his head on palms thinking about Pragya..
Purab and Bulbul came to his cabin.By seeing Abhi they blinks at each other.Purab slowly calls him.Abhi lifted his head n sees Purab n he wondered to see Purab n asks,Wht happened Purab..y u r here.Bulbul asks,Sir..Whr is my di?Abhi confused,Dii?? Purab says,Sir it’s Bulbul Pragya’s sister..btw Whr is Pragya.Abhi starts to get panic,Pragya..she left before 2hours..why wht happened to her,his voice started to shake.Purab says,But she didn’t reach home yet..we know she came here to meet confess her feelings..we thought u both having some private time that’s y we came here.Abhi says,No..I refused her..leave it..wait I ll try to her number.Bulbul starts to cry n says,Her number is switched off..Abhi got tensed and thinks,What did someone kidnapped her or coz of my refusal she she is not such type of girl..but Whr is she.. Bulbul says,Purab..what if di had took some wrong decision.Abhi heard that n says, she won’t do like that..she is brave..did u thought she is coward,said with a pride.. don’t worry we ll find her soon.He calls Nikkil and Alia and informs abt Pragya.All started to search her.

Abhi Purab and Bulbul searching for Pragya they r in Abhi’s car.Bulbul says,Purab I’m really scared.Purab says,Dont worry Bulbul..first stop crying.. Bulbul says,U can’t understand my pain she is my sister.Purab shouts,If she is ur sister then she is my best friend u know how she means to me.Abhi shouts,Can u guys pls stop it..please look for her instead of fighting.Abhi thinks,Pragya..I’m sorry this what I scared of.. pls come back..Whr r u..tear drops rolled down.Purab sees him n asks,Sir..u r feeling this much for Pragya then y u refused her.Abhi didn’t say anything he just concentrate on driving.Bulbul shouts,Di..Abhi immediately press the brake pedal and asks,Whr..with a hesitation.Bulbul says,Thr..she shows the park..Purab says, how we forgot it Bulbul,said while getting out of the car.Abhi asks,What?Purab says,This park Whr Uncle..I mean Pragya’s dad died.. whenever Pragya feels bad she ll come here v totally forgot that.Abhi just stood thr n says himself,Coz of me u are now in this condition..pls forgive me Pragya.Purab and Bulbul ran towards Pragya and hugs her tight.Pragya was shocked n asks,Arey Kya hua..PurBul remains silent n hugs her tight.Pragya says,Arey..both of u move I can’t breethe.Abhi’s lips made a smile by seeing this.PurBul breaks the hug n says,I know u r feeling bad now but y don’t u told us u were coming here..y u switched off the mobile.Pragya took her mobile from her bag n says,’s out of battery I’m sorry I thought to come home but after seeing this park decided to sit here for sometime.Bulbul says,I thought u had took wrong decision for his refusal.Pragya confused,Refusal?? Wrong decision??,just her eyes catches Abhi standing thr.

Pragya asks,Wht u ppl thought I ll attempt suicide coz of his refusal.Purab says,Ur sister only thought like that..oh wait wait maa ll b worried lemme inform her.Purab calls Sarla n informs Pragya was in park and Sarla n Dadi relaxed.PurBul says,Okay.. we ll come home in our bike..U go with Sir.Pragya says,Purab I know u r doing this purposely..if he didn’t like we should not force him it ll b embracing for him to meet me na.Purab says,Who told u he didn’t like u..U know how he got worried even he cried silently..okay our Bike is in his office..let’s go thr okay.Pragya nods n she goes towards him.He turned towards opposite direction n wipes his tears and calls Alia n Nikkil n informs abt Pragya.Pragya asks,Shall v go.Abhi nods he didn’t utter a word n starts the car.They reached his office and PurBul thanked Abhi..Pragya too says,Thank u..Abhi says,Dont ever disappear like this again.Pragya asks,How it matters to u n left the place with Bulbul.Abhi didn’t know what to say.

A month passed like this.Pragya was not even going to his office to see him..they didn’t talked over phone or texts..He feels bad for tht but he thought everything ll b alryt soon.He volunteerly choosed Pragya’s school area atleast to see her when she is travelling.One day Abhi was on duty..Pragya was going to her school in her bike.. Police man was checking license.Abhi sees Pragya and signs the police man not to check her.Pragya sees that n says,I don’t need anyone’s help.Abhi couldn’t help he smiled at her.Pragya thinks,Oh..u r smiling how can u be this much stubborn..okay be stubborn who cares..n says,Sir..I have my license here it is and shows it to the police man.Abhi thinks,Oh.. u got finally so this much of pride.The police checks that and says,Okay u may go now.Pragya smirked at Abhi.Abhi smiles at her antics.Pragya started his bike and sees him in her rear mirror n smiles n says,Let me see how long u gonna hide ur feelings till that I won’t talk with u.. within in a second she shouts,Ouuchhhhh….She dashed her bike with another man’s bike and fell down as she was not on road mentally..the other man started to scold her.Pragya screams in pain,Hey u only dashed with my bike..get lost..u idiot n rubs her scratches on forearm.The man scolds her n left the place.Abhi and another police man rushes towards her.The police man lifts her bike and Abhi supports Pragya to stand on her legs.Pragya forcefully relived herself from his arms n says,No need of ur help,said with a pout.Abhi smiles n says,If u have license it doesn’t mean u r a good rider.Pragya shouts,I’s paining..Abhi says,Come lemme apply some oinment u r hurt.Pragya says,This is external hurt it doesn’t pains as much u gave me internally by saying this she left the place.As another month passed,He sees her only on roads.For last three days she didn’t came he became Restless for the 3 days..he decided to call her but Something stops him n thinks,Y she didn’t came for 3 days..he feels bad..
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I end my episode here..stay tuned for next part..I can’t give precap but I could say next part is important one..keep on reading.. meet u in next chapter till then take good..stay blessed…god bless? Spread love

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