Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 8


Hi guys hope u all r fine.. Thank you for all ur love.. Thank u each and everyone I’m totally humbled of ur love and response thank you so so much.. BTW u ppl r saying that after reading this u ppl feel relaxed and happy..glad to hear that..I’m happy about myself that I can make some persons to free from their stress..And honestly ur lovely comments are my stress breakers.. Thank u all for those stress breaking comments..
Let’s get into the story..
Pragya was thinking,How to get a reason to met Abhi.It almost evening even school time is gonna over she is in her last hour.Kids are just packed their bagpacks and waiting for the bell to ring..but still Pragya didn’t get any idea to meet Abhi.Here,Abhi was feeling bad.Nikkil asks,Abhi..r u Ok.Abhi says,No bro..I’m not okay..well Pragya called me to meet but I refused..I didn’t meet her today..if I didn’t scold her yesterday sure she may come here by making silly reasons..I miss her.Nikkil smiles n says,Thats love much u try to hide or forget u can’t do that.Abhi smiles n says,When u became love guru Mr.Nikkil.Nikkil laughs n says,Im always a love guru..feel free to ask any help from me okay.Abhi smiles n says,Okay come let’s go we have a meeting with Commissioner na.Nikkil says,Haa..sure he won’t say anything big..this area u have to manage that are u..blah..blah..Abhi laughs n asks,Whr is Alia.Alia is on out duty..she is enjoying.Abhi says,Okay now come let’s go.Here Pragya got a call.Pragya says,Oops.. again Purab if I told him I didn’t meet him he ll scold..with a hesitation he attends the call n says,Hello..Purab and Bulbul shouts,What happened u met him ryt??what he said?Pragya says,No..not yet..I didn’t get any idea..Purab says,Pragz..u upset me I won’t talk with u.Bulbul says,Di..u r waste..u r worth for bak bak only n gets upset n ends the call.Pragya says,What I ll do.. these two na not at all understanding my situation..oh no..wht to do sits sad.Suddenly she heard two kids r fighting thr.
Pragya goes to them n asks,Why u both fighting like head is bursting on ur shout.Kid one says,Maam he stole my kitty pencil u know maam my dad bought it from Goa.Pragya asks,Goa??Pencil??Kid two says,Maam..she stole my’s batman eraser ma’am..I bought it from Delhi.Pragya’s eyes widened n says,Both of u give back the stolen stuffs and keep quiet.Kid one says,Maam I didn’t took his batman eraser.Kid two says,Maam even I didn’t took her kitty pencil.Pragya says,Then who stole ur stuffs..n asks to all the kids did anyone took their pencil and eraser.One kid says,Maam..they both didn’t let us even to touch that.Pragya holds her head.Kid one starts to cry n says,I want my kitty pencil.Kid two too cries,I too want my Batman eraser.Suddenly the bell rang.Pragya says,Okay now both return back ur stuffs.Kid one says,Maam I didn’t took his eraser.Kid two said the same.Pragya says,Okay let’s talk it about tomorrow else bus ll leave without picking us come let’s go.They both cries.Pragya says,Arey..come I ll get u new one for u both okay.The kids smiles wide and goes with her.In bus Pragya got an idea.Pragya goes to driver and says,Bhai..stop the bus near the police control panel.Driver says,Okay.Pragya smiles n says,Pragya u r really great and appreciate herself.
Here Abhi got out from meeting n says,This commissioner is duffer.Nikkil smiles n says,I told u na.Abhi says,Really I felt sleepy when he is talking how boring..even we know wht to do in situation Afterall we are trained na.Nikkil says,Chill..but Alia escaped.Abhi says,No he ll take her class through Walky talky and smiles.Nikkil laughs.A school bus stopped thr before their office.Nikkil says,Hey Abhi look thr school bus.Abhi says,St.Joseph school bus.. Chashmish’s na.Nikkil smiles n says,Okay then Im leaving enjoy and left.Abhi says,This Chashmish na..See I gonna scold her badly y she is doing this..I accept I miss her but I don’t wanna danger her life.. why she is not understanding this n he became lil bit anger on himself and on Pragya too.Pragya comes thr with those two kids.Kid one asks,Maam whr we r going.Pragya says,To find ur pencil and eraser.Abhi goes near Pragya n asks,Chashmish I told u not to come here na..y can’t u understand hmm..why u r complicating things..and he goes on.Pragya stops him n says,Hello..Mr.ACP I’m here for official purpose.Abhi wonders n asks,Official stuff?What do u mean? Pragya says,Yes..wait..Bachoo..Tell everything to this uncle he ll help u.Abhi asks,What n looks at the kids.Pragya says,Come on,by looking at the kids.Kids looks lil bit afraid.Pragya says,Okay lemme tell him.ACP sir he is Rahul and she is Anjali.Abhi blinks.Pragya says,ACP sir..hear me clearly okay..Rahul is complaining that Anjali had stolen his Batman eraser..Anjali is complaining that Rahul had stolen her Kitty pencil.Abhi asks,What tty..what pencil eraser.. Chashmish what’s all this,said in anger frustration.
Rahul : No uncle,I didn’t stole her Kitty pencil.
Anjali : Uncle he is a liar..he stole my kitty pencil.
Abhi : What pencil..Titty ??
Pragya Rahul and Anjali laughs
Pragya : Titty nahi Kitty..Kitty..
Anjali : Uncle u don’t know kitty? *In a teasing tone*?
Abhi : No,who is he.. Superman type or what? *Askes innocently*?
Pragya : Offooo!!! It’s a cute lil cat..cartoon character.?
Abhi : What *anger* ?
Rahul : Arey leave that.. Uncle..she stole my Batman eraser..she is a liar.
Anjali : Hey..duffer..liar..u told me na my kitty pencil looking pretty so u only stole that.
Rahul : Hey.. don’t call me duffer..
Anjali : Duffer…duffer..duffer..
Rahul : *pull Anjali’s hair*
Anjali : *messes Rahul’s hair*
Pragya Laughs at them.Abhi asks,Whts this.Pragya says,We need those disappeared Kitty pencil and Batman eraser.Abhi asks,Pragya..this is too much,yelled Abhi.Pragya says,Sir..u have to find na as a police.Abhi shouts,U r insulting my job ryt.Anjali says,Rahul…I thought Ma’am only trapped in our trap but this uncle too trapped n giggles.Rahul gives hifi n shows them Kitty pencil and Batman eraser from their bag n giggles.Pragya’s eyes widened n she laughs n says,Naughties..Rahul and Anjali ran to the bus.The bus moved from waving hand to Pragya.Pragya too waves her hand n turns to Abhi n says,Naughties hey na.
Abhi stares at her n walks away from her.Pragya follows him n says,Y u r getting upset for this..They even pranked me take it easy they r kids they ll always like this.Abhi says,I know.Pragya asks,So u r anger on me ryt..I didn’t get any other way to meet u so only I tried this.Abhi asks,Are u mad?Y can’t u understand Pragya this is not safe for u..u r roaming here just think any girl ll come here frequently..u know this is the place lots of bad eyes are around us they might harm u..y can’t u understand that damn it.Pragya says,Yes..bad eyes are here..but I don’t mind..I’m just here to see this eyes that express this much of care for me..I’m just here to make myself comfortable..Im just here coz of u and only for u..I’m just here to tell that I’m in love with mind..I’m in love and Im clear abt my feelings..I don’t know how it happened but I wanna feel u all over my life’s end..I’m just here to tell this not more.Abhi just look in shock..but he wanna shout jump and scream in joy as she too felt the same as he feel..but something stops him his heart wanna him to confess his feeling with her and make her happy but his brain is warning him that his happiness that he gonna give her now is gonna snatch her happiness all over her life..his eyes were wet..he was in mixed emotions he doesn’t have words or guts to express this..he really feeling coward and helpless for the first time that too before his love..his life..he didn’t get courage to tell anything to her..He just wanna give her the bone crushing hug and wanna shout in happiness but he himself resisting him..He was abt to say something but he don’t know what he going to say…
Pragya sees his face n thinks,Wht he is having in his mind now..y he is expression less..this is his dilemma or disapproval.. Really really I couldn’t hear no or anything negative from him..oh no he was trying to say something..i really don’t have courage to hear anything.. anything n says,ACP sir..I don’t need any answers for this..i just confessed what I feel..i won’t ask u for any answers okay don’t worry and she turned to leave.Abhi calls her,Pragya…,his voice was shaky.Pragya turns towards him n thinks,No..I can’t hear anything now..her eyes were started to fill..Abhi says,Pragya..I’m sorry..I’m not ready to get into any relationship.. Coz i can give many reasons.. actually I habituated in being single..i love to be alone..i love this loneliness I don’t want anyone to take away it..I wanna be myself so let it be..I don’t want a person neither in my home nor in my life..I respect ur feelings but u deserve someone better than me..who makes u happy always..who ll never hurt u for let’s be what we were before just as friends.Pragya says,I told u na I don’t need any answers anyway u told abt ur part..I mean ur feelings.. I too respect ur feelings and it’s loyal ur loneliness..and ACP sir..I know who and what I deserve..And I really feel love for u I don’t know I can able to be a friend with u after having feelings for u..coz I ll see u as my love..u ll consider me just as ur frnd it won’t work.. Friendship is what both sharing same feeling without any hidden feelings..So I think I can’t be a good friend to u..but I ll try..i know I ll fail in my try.. Anyways nice to meet you today especially I like that moment how ur face made hilarious confused expressions with those kids I feel I was standing between 3 kids,she made a smile while saying this..anyways bye..take care..,by saying this she walked away by making Abhi confused with her words.
. . .
So I end my episode here thanks again for all my readers and silent readers love u all..Thanks for ur support..Meet u in next chapter till then take care..Be good.. stay blessed..god bless ? Spread love..

Credit to: Tisha

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