Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 7


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Let’s get into the story..

Pragya asked,So u like the food.Abhi says,I love it.Pragya says,Thank you.They finished their breakfast.Abhi says,Okay what next.Pragya says,What next..U wanna go for ur work and I wanna go for my work..Abhi says,If u don’t mind I ll drop u.Pragya says,U have to drop me..see it’s already late just half an hour is thr..I’m here thinking how I ll reach on time.Abhi smiles n says,Okay.. which skl.Pragya says,St.Joseph.Abhi says,Okay trust me I ll drop u in 15mins thr.Pragya murmers,I ll always trust u.Abhi asks,What?? Pragya says,I know u r hearing all my murmuring then y u r asking what..what..Abhi says,Its getting late shall v move.Pragya says,Ofcourse..n smiles.Abhi locks the door.Pragya thinks,Well..I have to return the spare key to him or shall I keep with myself..okay what he gonna do with the spare key let me keep that.Abhi asks,Shall v move.Pragya says,Haa..and got into the car n Abhi started to her school.There was moment of silence,Pragya broke the silence n says,Ur home look pretty I love it..its quite calm..and compact..I really like it except that dirty kitchen..u know kitchen should always be neat then only a person ll have mood to cook..if someone enter a kitchen like urs no one ll have the mood to cook or eat..but don’t worry somehow I cleaned up try to maintain it..Abhi smiles at her n says,Okay teacher…Pragya asks,y u r wearing coolers inside the any rule is thr tht police men should wear coolers.Abhi smiles n asks,Why u don’t like it or what.Pragya says,I like it but not while driving coz I can’t catch ur gaze..lemme remove this n took the coolers off his eyes.Abhi was hardly trying to keep himself away from her but he couldn’t even think of resisting her when she is around makes him only to feel heavenly comfortness..he love to have these kinds of talks with her..he love to hear her non stop bak baks..he love to have food made by her..he love to have her in his life forever but as always he doesn’t wanna open up.

Pragya removed his coolers n says,Its I could catch ur gaze.Abhi smiles.Pragya says,Looking cute while smiling n smiles.Abhi says,Now someone is flirting with me.Pragya smiles shyly n says,As u said it’s a compliment ACP sir..Abhi says,Boys ll take that as flirt..well u know that ryt.Pragya says,May be..but I didn’t complimented any boy in this way.Abhi smiles n asks,Which way..flirty way?? teased her.Pragya tries to change the topic n says,5 minutes more.Abhi asks,What??Pragya says,U said u ll drop me in 15mins ur 10mins is up.Abhi says,5 mins is more than enough.Pragya says,Lets see.Abhi asks,Have u got ur license.Pragya says,Not yet.. failed again.Abhi laughs.Pragya says,Y u r laughing do u think ppl who r having license are the many ppl got license by bribing..but I’m loyal so I don’t wanna do that okay..stop laughing..,stared at him.Abhi says,Not all the officers are asking for bribe.

Pragya says,Exceptional.Abhi smiles.Pragya says,Like you.Abhi says,Thank u for the compliment I like ur way of compliment,smiles at her.Pragya says,Its really a compliment not that way u think.Abhi says,I too agreed it as a compliment na.Pragya says,Fine.As they reached her school Abhi stopped the car.Pragya says,Here ur coolers wear one is gonna catch ur gaze now as I’m leaving.Abhi asks,Who said no one is thr to catch my gaze.Pragya feels lil bit of burning jealous inside n asks,Who is thr,asked with a sharp note.Abhi laughs n says,No one is thr just joking.Pragya smiles irritating and says,Bad joke..okay fine I’m leaving have a good day.Abhi says,Im already having a good day.Pragya smiles n says,Okay take care we ll catch up later.Abhi smiles n says,Fine..have a good day..n wore his coolers and drove his car.Pragya stood thr with a smile till his car disappeared.Then she got in.

Abhi entered his office by whistling everyone smiles at him n thinks,Today he was in great mood.Alia n Nikkil saw him n stopped him n smiles at him.Abhi raised his eyebrows and asks,What.Alia asks,Perfectly ironed uniform happy mood precious smile..what’s spl.. did u decided to give us a bhabi,winks at him.Abhi says,Nothing like that n abt to leave.Alia says,But Pragya came here at 6:30AM.Abhi asks,So u gave her the address.Alia nods n says,Yeah..I.had Dona a favor for u hey na.Abhi didn’t say anything and gets into the cabin.They r not in the mood of leaving him so easily.Alia n Nikkil too followed him to his cabin.Nikkil asks,Abhi cumon tell me..whts going on between u and Pragya.Abhi says,Nothing man..u very well know abt me ryt.Alia Says,thats y he is asking n teases him.Abhi says,She is my friend that’s it.Alia asks,Only friend.Abhi says,Not exactly but I feel something beyond than that..a overwhelmed comfortableness with her.. when I was with her Im feeling that I got my lost family back..she took away my loneliness when she was with me..she is easing me..she is caring..I love to have her around me..I love to hear her stupid talks..I love to argue with her..She is lovely she is stupid she is lil bit egoistic she is funny..she is short tempered some times..she lives as what she is..

I love her coffee that reminds my mom..i love her tantrums..i love the food made by her..I love everything abt her,He said with a wide smile.Alia n Nikkil wondered as they never saw him this much happy.Alia says,So finally u love her.Abhi says,Think so.Nikkil says,yes..u love her Abhi.. this is love..just confess her n maker her urs..i think she too have the same feeling for u.Abhi says,But it’s happening too fast..I don’t wanna hurry.Alia says,What is this fast this race or what it’s love a may come at anytime for anyone..if u feel that u have to confess immediately.Abhi smiles by thinking he loves bak bak Chashmish..his smile faded away when he sees his name board in his table “Assistant commissioner of police” this words turned him off.

Abhi says,No’s not that much easy..Even I don’t know my life has future or not.. Anything may happen to me at anytime..if something happens to me she ll b all alone without me..I can’t give her such pain..and if something happens to her coz of my profession I can’t able to live after all things are may happened with me but I’m not supposed to live with that… Moreover my lovable persons ll never stayed with me so long..So Its better I bury my feelings myself..I never wanna show up with her..she is so precious I never want to hurt her..she ll deserve someone better who ll able to give her safe and happy life,while saying this hot droplets rolled out from his eyes.Alia n Nikkil feels bad n says,Abhi…and pats his shoulder to console him.Abhi says,This is my destiny it never wants me to b just gave me the loneliness.Nikkil asks,Abhi.. what if Pragya too hav feelings for u.Abhi says,No..I don’t think so.Nikkil says,Okay man relax.. everything ll b alryt soon… don’t worry..I hate to see ur occasional tears..coz v had never seen that before Pragya entered into ur life.Abhi says,Because she gave emotions inside me Anyways Okay..I won’t cry okay.Alia says,Thats like our ACP n smiles.Abhi too smiles.In school,Pragya was taking class,The students were looking bored of her class today.Pragya noticed that n stops the class n asks,So I’m boring my bacchus ryt.The kids said,Yes Ma’am.Pragya asks,So wht shall v do..let’s play some games.Kids said okay.

Pragya says,Okay then let’s play words power.Kids says,No ma’am it’s so boring let’s play bingo.Pragya says,If I let u to play bingo u ppl shout to the sky no I won’t allow nearby classes r thr na.Kids got sad.Pragya says,Okay.. fine I ll let u all free to play bingo but don’t make noise okay.Kids got excited and shouts,Okay ma’am..Pragya says,Shhh…silent..The kids nods and took their note books and started to play bingo with their friends.Pragya smiles at them n joins with a them.

As the day ended,Pragya was on the way to her home in bus.Her phone rings,Pragya sees it was Tanu.Pragya attends the call n says,Hi Tanu how r u.Tanu says,U idiot that u planned for Movie but u didn’t came.Pragya asks,So u called me to fight with u.Tanu says,No but..yes..Whr r u.Pragya says,On the way to home.Tanu says,So u r free na then come to my home.Pragya says,No..Let’s meet somewhere else ur area is too bad.Tanu laughs n says,Okay let’s meet in coffee shop is that okay for u.Pragya says,Okay..i ll come in 10 mins.Tanu says,yeah.. okay meet u thr.Pragya smiles n hang up the call.Soon they reached the café.Pragya hugs Tanu n Tanu too hugs her back.They both ordered coffee.Pragya says,Finally with ur help.. Bulbul confessed her feelings.Tanu says,Yeah..I’m always great.Pragya says,Haa..but don’t do too much idea is mine.Tanu says,But I’m the one executed it na.Pragya says,Fine leave it happy for them.Tanu smiles n says,Then how was ur love life.Pragya spills the coffee n says,My love life..What u r blabbering.

Tanu says,I know everything.Pragya still pretends n says,Stop blabbering.Tanu says,Come on Pragya.. Bulbul told me everything.Pragya shocked n asks,What..she told u.Tanu says,Even Purab too knows that.Pragya asks,Kya..this Bulbul na..Tanu asks,So u decided to hide from us ryt?Pragya says,No yaar not like that..I don’t wanna make it in so hurry.Tanu laughs n asks,In hurry??Pragya it’s not business it’s just a feeling if u feel for him then u have to confess it na..wht u r saying.Pragya says,But I don’t know this is love or just friendship I’m still in confusion.Tanu asks,What confusion.Pragya says,I love to be with his company..I love to make him comfortable around me.. I love to break his loneliness..I love to catch his gazes..I love to be in his care but.. All this is enough for love life or its just friendship.Tanu says,If u love all abt it ll b love na..It ll feel towards a person..a weird feeling.Pragya says,Exactly..the feeling is so weird that is different from what I shared with u or Purab.Tanu says,So its conform love don’t confuse urself.Pragya smiles n asks,R u sure?Tanu says,Ofcourse Pragz.Pragya asks,What if he doesn’t have any feelings like that..u know I always seen an comfortness and love towards me but he ll hide it..his words ll bitter..u didn’t know abt him Tanu he is kadddos..he won’t open up his feelings..he covered himself in a goofy blanket..eventhough he had some feelings he won’t accept,said in a sad tone.

Tanu says,Dont worry if u feel love then just confess him else someone ll snatch him from u.Pragya smiles n says,He doesn’t hav any girls in his life than me.Tanu laughs n says,Then u r safe.Pragya smiles.After a while,Pragya says,Tanu we r here more than hours better v shall leave before they threw us out.Tanu laughs n says,Yeah..okay and they left the cafe.Tanu offered to drop her but Pragya says,Its okay Tanu I l manage..Tanu asks,Are u sure.Pragya says,Yes..but I wish to meet him.Tanu says,Then go n meet him.Pragya says,How can I meet him Without any reason.Tanu says,Idea..Pragya asks,What.Tanu says,U just introduce him to me..then u ll get a reason to have some time with him.Pragya smiles n says,Thats u r my bestie powerhouse of ideas.Tanu smiles n says,Come lets go.Pragya n Tanu reached his office.Pragya got out of the car n says,Wait I ll back soon..nearby thr is a shop na I wanna buy a book from thr.. Stay here I ll b back soon..seems to b they r closing the shop by this time.Tanu says,Okay come soon.Pragya nods n runs.Tanu came out of the car n waits for Pragya.Abhi Alia and Nikkil was abt to move towards canteen.They saw Tanu.Abhi says,Alia her face seems to b familiar to me.Alia says,Even I too seen her on TV..she is a model.Abhi says,Arey no no..I had met her.Alia wonders,Why she is here.Abhi says,Dont know.Alia n Abhi looks at Nikkil his eyes were freezed on Tanu.Abhi n Alia shakes him n says,Nikkil don’t swallow her by ur eyes..come let’s go.

Nikkil says,She is pretty na.Alia says,U won’t end ur flirting attitude.Nikkil says,U ppl wait here I’m gonna impress her.Abhi says,Alia have u seen a police man getting slap from a girl.Alia smiles n says,No.Abhi says,Now u gonna see n teases Nikkil.Nikkil didn’t mind n goes to Tanu.Alia says,Bhai let’s wait and watch the show n smiles.Abhi laughs.Nikkil says,Excuse me.Tanu turns towards him n asks,What.Nikkil smiles n asks,Y u r here.Tanu says,Excuse me,with a stern look.Nikkil asks,Y u r standing here.Tanu says,Thats none of ur business.Abhi n Alia laughs.Nikkil still stands thr.Tanu shouts,Why u r standing here..I never saw a flirty police man like u just go.Abhi n Alia gives hifi n laughs.Pragya comes thr.Abhi n Alia wonders.Abhi says,Chashmish..Alia says,Haa..wht ur Chashmish is doing here.Pragya goes to Tanu n says,Sorry I delayed.Tanu holds her hand b drags aside n says,This man is irritating just flirting I hate his smile..ask him to close his mouth.Abhi remembers Pragya introducing Tanu as her friend..n says,

Alia she is Chashmish’s frnd.Alia says,Oh..n smiles.Pragya says,He is his friend.Tanu says,Irritating.Pragya says,Sorry..okay come let’s go.Nikkil smiles at Pragya.Pragya too smiles at him n says,Nikkil this is Tanu my frnd..Tanu this is Nikkil.Nikkil says,Hi..Tanu too says,Hi,with a forced smile.Pragya takes Tanu to Abhi and Alia.Abhi smiles at Pragya n asks,Wassup Chashmish.Pragya says,ACP sir..this is my frnd Tanu.Abhi says,Yeah..I know u introduced her on that day na.Pragya says,Yeah..Tanu murmers, he ll ask..y we r here do u have any reason.Pragya says,No..that’s it I seen him let’s go.

Tanu asks,Are u mad..they ll think us as mad.
Alia asks,U both came here n talking urself.Pragya says,Oh..ya..Tanu..this is Alia.Tanu says,Hi..with a smile.Abhi asks,Tell me Pragya any problem to her.Tanu says,For me??No..Pragya says,Yes..she strucked with a problem.Tanu stares at Pragya in shock.Pragya squeezed Tanu’s hand to calm her down.Abhi asks,What problem.Suddenly a police man came n says,Sir commissioner sir is calling all u three.Abhi says,Alia Nikkil u go I ll join later.Alia nods n calls Nikkil to come.Nikkil was staring at Tanu.Tanu irked.Alia n Nikkil left.Pragya says,Woh..Woh.. Boyfriend problem.Tanu looks at Pragya with anger eyes n murmers,I don’t have boyfriend.. Pragya stop this.Pragya says,Chup..pls.Tanu stares at her.Pragya wraps her arm around Tanu n says,ACP sir she has boyfriend problem.Abhi asks,What boyfriend problem is she is pregnant or what..or something else.Tanu’s anger boiled out n says,Excuse me..I don’t have such problems.Pragya says,Calm down Tanu..pls..Abhi asks,Then wht problem u have.Tanu shouts,I don’t have any problem.Pragya smiles n says,She is short tempered..lil bit mentally upset don’t mind.Tanu asks, Mr.Abhi I don’t have any problem..she wanna meet u that’s it..that’s all this drama.Pragya stares at Tanu.Tanu realized her anger blurt out n says,Sorry Prags with a puppy face.Pragya stares at her.Abhi drags Pragya aside n asks,Y u came here.Pragya stammers n says,I told u na..Tanu problem.Abhi shouts,Stop it Pragya.Pragya thinks, so now he gonna start his bitter lecture.
Abhi shouts,Dont u have brain,asked by throwing his hands over the air.Pragya bends down b thinks,Oh.. started..n heard unintrest.Abhi says,Dont ever come here.. Without reason anyone ll come to commissioner office..u know what I’m trying to keep far away from me and my profession but ..hey u r hearing me or not.Pragya nods.Abhi says,U should never come here if u don’t have any work here got it.Pragya sees him with a blank face.Abhi holds her arms n shakes her n asks,Got it,almost a shout.Pragya smiles n nods.Abhi says,U r mad..just go before i blurt out my extreme anger.Pragya says,Okay u tmrw ryt here n smiles n abt to leave.Abhi holds her hand tight n says,I told u not to come here but u r saying meeting me here again.Pragya says,Okay..I won’t come happy.Abhi leaves her n says,Now leave the place.Pragya says,Okay bye..Good night.Abhi stares her.Pragya says,Im leaving na then y u r still staring at me.Abhi says,Okay.. good night leave now,said in a soft irritated tone.Pragya smiles at him n leaves from thr.Abhi thinks,Is she is mad or what n looks at her.Pragya goes to Tanu n says,Shall v go.Tanu says,Im sorry..coz of me she scolded u.Pragya smiles n says,Arey..

it’s okay it’s his nature..come let’s go.Tanu too smiles n they both left the place.Tanu drops Pragya in her home.Pragya enters her home.Purab comes to the entrance from in n asks, that Tanu.Pragya says,Yeah..Purab asks,Y she left without coming in.Pragya says,She is upset.Purab asks,Upset on whom.Pragya says,She is upset on herself.Purab asks,Y.Pragya laughs n says,Its a big story first lemme in.Purab says,Wait..wait..I won’t talk with u..I’m anger on u.Pragya says,For Wht.Purab says,U didn’t say anything about ur love to ur bestie..,he complained.
Pragya says,Oye..dramebazz..low down ur voice else mom ll hear.Purab says,I ll shout..u didn’t told me na.Pragya says,Okay shout..If maa asked anything I ll tell her about u and Bulbul n walks in n enters her room.Bulbul asks,Di..did u saw him,asked with a wide smile.Pragya says,Hey u..All India Radio..u told everything to everyone.Bulbul smiles n says,I just said to Tanu and Purab then Neil and Purvi.Pragya’s eyes widened n asks,Thats it or u have lenghty list.Bulbul smiles n says,Haa..maa Dadi is thr in my list.Purab too joins with Bulbul.Pragya says,Hey..u both blackmailing me fine now I ll tell abt u both to Maa.Bulbul says,di..u r my sweet di na I won’t say to anyone hereafter.. don’t tell Maa now.Pragya looks at Purab n says,Bulbul someone is still silent.Bulbul says,Come on Purab don’t over react.Purab says,Im over reacting okay fine u sisters are team so I’m alone.Pragya says,Drama queen..I’m doing ll tell u everything n makes Purab to sit n explained about her feelings about Abhi’s behavior and incident happened hours before.Purab smiles n says,Im happy for u Pragz..This is really love..just confess it with him..I think he is also in love with u but he didn’t wanna show as he scared of losing u.Pragya asks,Really??Purab says,Yeah..Just confess him Pragz..Pragya says,What if he didn’t have such feelings.Bulbul says, positive just confess ur feelings.. everything ll b alryt u ll feel better..Pragya sits confused.Purab and Bulbul filled Pragya’s ears n mind n convinced to confess her love tomorrow.Later by wishing good night Pragya and Bulbul retired to bed.
Next day,Bulbul woke up Pragya.Pragya woked up n asks,Bulbul y u waked me so early.Bulbul asked, responsible did u think how to confess him..u r sleeping like this without any worry.Pragya runs her fingers over her hair n says,Kya Bulbul y should have to is not to worry.Bulbul says,All right..tell me now..have u just framed some words to confess him.Pragya says,No,she said innocently.Bulbul says,Fine then I’m wasting time with u..u r not gonna confess him.. before u someone ll confess him and who knows they ll bear a baby too..u sleep sleep..Pragya shocked n says,What Bulbul y u r saying like this.Bulbul says,Then what..its ur life issue u r so irresponsible.Pragya says,Okay now what I wanna do.Bulbul says,First get up and get freshen up n wear this saree.Pragya asks,Saree??I don’t know to wear that properly..y should I wear saree.Bulbul says,Di..u should look pretty so only don’t worry I ll help u first get ready soon chalo chalo.Pragya says,Bulbul what if..Bulbul says,No buts ifs..u r confessing him..Pragya was lil bit worried n says,Okay.. Bulbul hugs her n says,Dont worry everything ll b good.Pragya smiles n she got ready in a beautiful blue saree.Bulbul says,Di if he saw u in this sure u don’t even need to confess him he ll fall for u.Pragya blushes.Bulbul says,Aww..meri sharmili di..all the best..Pragya hugs her n says,Thank you..They both went to main room to have breakfast.Sarla sees Pragya n says,Aww Pragya u r looking pretty.. whts spl u r wearing saree today.Pragya says,Nothing maa just.Bulbul smiles.They both had breakfast n left the home.Purab calls Pragya while she in on the way to her school.Pragya attends the call.Purab asks,Whr r u Pragz..I’m so tensed here..u r going to meet him na call me immediately after speaking with him,said in a excited tone.Pragya says,No Purab..I’m going to school.Purab asks,School..but y.Pragya says,I told u na..he told me not to come thr unnecessarily,said with a pout.Purab says,Fine then ask him to come to some other place.Pragya says,If he didn’t came.Purab says,If he didn’t come..we r gonna his home whatever my pragz is confessing today.. okay..just call him to some other place.Pragya smiles n says,Okay I ll try.Purab says,Okay..all the best..Pragya says,Thank u Purab love u.Purab says,Say that to him.. anyways love u too I ll call u soon n ends the call.

Pragya calls Abhi.Abhi attends the call n says,Good morning Chashmish.Pragya says,Good morning ACP sir.Abhi says,Wassup.Pragya asks,Shall v meet today.Abhi thinks,Abhi..hold on urself don’t get close to her it ll affect u and her burry ur feelings urself for her sake n says,Sorry Chashmish.. I have important meeting today so I can’t come.Pragya feels bad unknowingly her eyes were moist n says,’s okay,said in a shaky voice with disappointment.Abhi feels her disappointment n says himself,Im sorry Chashmish it’s better not to give any hopes n says,Fine have a good day.Pragya says,Ya..u too n ends the call n thinks,Sure I wanna confess him..he seems to be unintrest abt me always I’m sure he won’t accept me this Bulbul and Purab is not understanding my situation..okay Pragya stop being worrying Pragya..U love him without any expectations ryt then confess him don’t bother about his reaction..What if he stopped talking with me..I ll lost his friendship too.. But after confessing my love how I ll able to be a friend with him it ll b uncomfortable it ll give me more pain by pretending as his friend I can’t pretend as friend by having love for him..But lovers can b frnds na..And ya lovers can b friends..But without his having love in my heart how can I be friend with him..

Anyways Pragya just confess him leave rest to God or fortune or to destiny.Pragya took a deep breath n got down from the bus n got into her school.She was sitting in her cabin n thinks,He won’t come here..I can’t go thr..then how I ll meet him..Her thoughts broke by Purab’s call.She attends the call.PurBul together asks,Have u told him what he said.Pragya says,Arey..I’m in skl..I called him but he said he has meeting..even I can’t go thr.Bulbul says,Di..thum bhi na..i don’t know if u didn’t confess I won’t talk with u.Purab says,Calm down Bulbul..Prags hear me..he said without reason u shouldn’t go thr..make a reason to meet him in his office n confess him at the time okay..think something u can..all the best again..Rock it sweet heart.Bulbul says,Haa..di..kill it u can do n ends the call.Pragya holds her head n thinks, ll i get reason to meet him..oh god how complicated this love is n thinks.
. . .
So I end my episode here..How Pragya ll confess..First how she gonna meet him..what ll Abhi’s answer to know stay tuned.. Happy reading Love u all..Be good..Stay blessed..God bless ?

Credit to: Tisha

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