Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
Hey guys hope all r fine..First of all I’m very sorry for not updating the episodes I was lil bit busy last week.My frnd’s wedding then work schedule then I can’t upload and I’m apologizing for that..Here after I ll try to update regularly..I’m sorry again.. Really missed u all..
Recap : Abhi and Pragya was in their car.. Suddenly their car glass broken into pieces Abhi stopped the car.
Abhi was not ready to open his eyes to see her condition but he wanna save her within these thoughts he heard another glass breaking sound from their car.Abhi opened his eyes n sees he was protective over Pragya..Pragya was beneath him.Abhi feels relived n asks,Pragya are u okay.Pragya says,Yes..I’m okay..but what’s happening here.Abhi says,Gun shot.. within a minute there was another shot over Pragya’s window side.They both again bends down n lean downwards to the seat.Abhi says,Stay here don’t come outside.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi irked of her smile n says,Pragya it’s not a joke..They r aiming us..stay here don’t come out.Pragya nods n asks,Wht u gonna do..u gonna shoot them Im eagerly waiting for that..I didn’t seen a live encounter.Abhi shouts,Are u mad..Paagal stay here.Pragya says,Okay..okay..all the best u go n smiles.Abhi gets down n sees a man was there in a car.Abhi smiles at him n asks,Hey many times u ll miss me..Huhh..come shoot me now..last time u shooted my rear mirror this time front and side glasses..why u don’t like my car or what.The man says,I don’t like u.Pragya excitedly watching all this like a kid who watching some animation movie.Abhi smiles at the man n says,Even I didn’t like u..The man says,What matters u like me or not u can’t do anything..I thought u remember what had happened last time when u arrested me.Abhi smiles n says,Yes.. Ofcourse so I won’t repeat that again.The man smiles n says,Yeah..u Can’t coz u gonna die now.Pragya’s eyes widened n she was lil bit tensed .Abhi smiles n says, let’s play a game.Pragya thinks,Game?Now??had he gone mad.
Pragya got out of car n asks,ACP sir wht u r doing shoot him..just shoot him.Abhi shouts,Y u came out.Pragya asks,Y u wanna play game with him now have u lost it.The man smiles n says,U both gonna die now..U both r married or still lovers.. anyhow u r lucky u both gonna die together.Pragya shouts,What..what he is blabbering..n u..u r hearing him.The man laughs n aims Pragya n shooted.Abhi immediately drags her to his side..she hides herself behind him..The man’s bullet hitted their car Pragya squeezes her eyes.. with in a second Abhi shooted him on his chest.Pragya holds his shirt tight as she heard the bullet sound n opened the eyes n peeped from Abhi’s back.The man was laying lifeless with a pool of blood.Pragya was lil bit shocked n wondered n asks,ACP sir..u shooted but I missed it can u shoot him one more time pls..pls..Abhi shouts,Have u gone mad..I told u na don’t come out of the car.Pragya says,But..Abhi shouts,Shut up..Pragya irked n stares at him.Abhi calls Nikkil n ask the police force to come there.Abhi sees Pragya n asks,Y but staring at me.Pragya says,No..I’m just seeing how cute u r when u r angry.Abhi smiles at her.Pragya says,U r looking cute while u r smiling.Abhi asks,Hey.. don’t u scared of all these.Pragya nods no n says,U know I love these kind of movies.Abhi wonders n says,Miss..this is not a movie..Pragya says,Anyhow it was interesting than a movie.
Abhi smiles n says,U r Insane.Pragya asks,Now how u ll drop me.Abhi says,Yes I can’t but I ll send a police man till ur home.Pragya says,No..I can manage.Abhi says,Hey.. going alone is not safe.Pragya says,Okay..then I ll call Purab to pick me.Abhi thinks,Purab Purab..I just hate him..But.. going with him is safe for her n says,Okay call him and ask him to come here ryt now.Pragya nods n calls Purab…Abhi gets her phone n says,I ll ask him to come here.Pragya says,Yeah..okay just put the call on speaker.Abhi nods n done as she said.Purab attends the call n says,Pragya.. Pragya.. Pragya u r genius..U r my bestie..U r the best..U r my love you alot…loads of love and kisses for u..if u were here I ll give u a bone crushing big tight hug ur idea worked.. I made Bulbul to confess her feelings for me by using Tanu..u know Pragz..ur idea really worked well.. love u.. love u..he said in a single breethe with much happiness without giving Pragya a chance to speak.Abhi shouts,Whats this’s not the time to play..See the situation here I have to sort it out I can’t waste time by hearing his blabbering,said an irritated jealously Abhi.Pragya gets angry as she couldn’t hear anything against her friend she snatched the phone from his hand n says,Wow Purab I’m so happy for u both finally u made it man.. congratulations..and Purab one help and explains the situation there if u don’t mind can u come to the place and tells him the address.Purab says,Oh terrible u had watched all this Pragz.. okay leave it ..Yeah sure I ll come but wht did u ask,will u please come..whats this is this my pragya…Pragya smiles n says,Arey.. yes I’m ur Pragya stop joking and come soon n ends the call n says,ACP sir..u please do ur work..Im not wasting ur time..and btw I know to manage myself..and he is my friend he is too caring for me than saying this she walked away.
Abhi stood silent n thinks,How could she tell like this..Is Purab is really caring than me..He just looks at Pragya.Pragya stops suddenly n turns back n walk towards Abhi n goes near him n says,Im sorry..I know u r caring..but.. within she could complete Abhi walked away to the fired spot to continue his work.Pragya curses herself for shouting at him like that.Pragya tries to talk to Abhi n abt to follow him.But Purab comes thr to pick Pragya.Pragya sees Purab and abt to leave Abhi sees Purab n comes to him n says,Hey..Purab take her home safely.Purab says,Yeah.. sure sir.Abhi smiles n says,I know u care for her than anyone else but it’s my duty to say that.. don’t mind okay.Pragya feels bad by hearing his words.Abhi says,Go safe Purab.. don’t Stop bike anywhere okay.Purab nods.Pragya was abt to say something but Abhi left the place.Pragya feels bad n eyes become wet.On the way,Purab asks,Wht happened Pragz.. looking sad.Pragya says,Its just coz for the first time I had seen those shooting and fights na that’s y.Purab asks,really?Pragya says,Haa..leave it..tell abt how Bulbul confessed..I missed it na..she ll look funny while she is anger..Is she beat u for made her jealous.Purab smiles n asks,How many questions u ll ask v r going home na..we both ll explain u.Pragya smiles but she is still feeling bad by thinking abt Abhi.
As they reached home,Pragya asks,Bulbul tell me how this idiot made u to confess ur love.Bulbul feels shy.Pragya smiles n says,Meri sharmili.. Purab blushes.Pragya says,U both r blushing too much now tell me what happened.Purab says,I pretend to b close with Tanu that’s it ur sister burst out.Bulbul smiles.Pragya hugs her n says,Im really happy for both of u..Purab I told u na she won’t feel Jealous if u tried this with me.Bulbul asks, that ur plan di..u already know he loves me.Pragya smiles n nods.Bulbul says,Its not fair Purab.Purab asks,What I had done.Bulbul says,U made plan with my own sister don’t u feel ashame.Purab says,If I didn’t do that then how my angel ll confess her love n winks at her.Bulbul smiles n says,Okay..sorry.Purab says,No..sorry after all u r my angel.Pragya coughs n smiles.Purab says,Oye.. Chashmish..Kya..u r disturbing young lovers.Bulbul says,Chashmish???Purab says,Haa..u don’t know ryt..her ACP ll call her like that only,said in a teasing tone.Pragya says,Hello..what do u mean by my ACP..he is ACP for all.Purab says,acha..but no one is going out with him except u na.Pragya says,He just apologized me.Bulbul asks,Y he apologized u.Pragya says,I had gone to his control room at the time some misunderstanding so he came to apologize.Bulbul asks,Kya..u had gone to control room..di what else u hiding from us.
Pragya says,Nothing that’s it.Purab says,Something fishy..whts happening btwn u both.Pragya says,Nothing.Bulbul says,Di.. don’t go to control room here after u know na Maa won’t like all this.Pragya says,Arey.. nothing like what u r thinking.Bulbul nods.Purab says,Okay I’m leaving..Pragya says,Okay.Purab says,Bulbul keep an eye on her..her intentions aren’t good.Pragya beats him.Purab smiles n left the home.Pragya thinks,Have to inform him that I reached home safely and texts him..
10 PM
Pragya : ACP sir.. reached home safely.
Abhi was busy in clearing the encountered area he didn’t noticed her text.. but his mind is thinking of Pragya.He thinks,How she could say I’m not caring her..I agree Purab is her friend who ll care for her but..his chain of thoughts broke by Nikkil and Alia.Alia asks,How this happened.Abhi explained the happening.Nikkil says,Terrific yaar..but wht abt Pragya she ll b scared of all this na.Unknowingly Abhi’s lips curved to a smile n says, fact she is excited to watch all this..she said she like all this encounter drama.Alia smiles n says,Quite different girl..okay now this man is how many Simha’s men are watching us.Abhi says,No Alia for some days they won’t follow or keep eye on us coz they know we ll b alert after this incident so we have to use the time to suppress Simha and his men.Alia says,U r ryt..okay fine u go to home v ll manage u look so tired.Abhi nods n left the place.As he reached his home and settles down in his bed it was around 1AM n took his mobile n sees many texts but his hands swiped Pragya’s first.Pragya : ACP sir.. Reached home safely.
Abhi sees the text and thinks,Not bad atleast she have this much brain..well shall I leave a reply or if I replied her then she ll think I cooled won’t.Here Pragya thinks,Why he didn’t replied for my text..may he ll b busy I have to apologize him for behaving rude fine Pragya sleep now.Next morning,Pragya got ready early.Bulbul asks,Whr r u control room.Pragya says,Ofcourse.Bulbul says,Di..wht if maa came to know this.Pragya says,Im just going to apologize him.Bulbul says,U both are using the word apologize to meet each other..i have to know whats going on btwn u both.Pragya says,Okay I ll tell but don’t share it with anyone okay.Bulbul says,Okay tell me.Pragya smiles n says,I really like him..when I was with him I feel something different I’m sure it’s not friendship but it’s something different and feels good and comfortable.. sometimes I wish to be with him forever.. something abt him always make me comfortable around him..his care or his nature I don’t wht it is but I love to be in his company..I don’t know what it is.. Bulbul wondered n says,Di..this is love.Pragya says,No Bulbul love..i don’t know.Bulbul says,No di I’m sure this is love..u love him.Pragya asks,Really with a smile.Bulbul says,Haa di..i feel all this with Puarb so it’s love.Pragya asks,What if it’s infatuation.Bulbul says,Di u r not a kid to have infatuation u r grown up u could analyze a person and ur feelings.. Think and act..ur heart knows what it is.Pragya says,U r ryt..but it’s too early Bulbul so I don’t wanna decide anything moreover I don’t know what he is thinking about I don’t want to hurry.Bulbul says,Fine di..but I’m really happy for u.Pragya says, only someone told me don’t go thr frequently maa ll scold.Bulbul says,It doesn’t matters if u like him.Pragya smiles n hugs her.Bulbul says,Okay go n apologize my to be Jiju.Pragya says,Bulbul..stop this.Bulbul says,Okay okay go safe.Pragya smiles n left the home.
Pragya reaches the control room she could see Alia thr.Pragya says excuse me.Alia sees her n says,Pragya ryt..Pragya nods.Alia says,Im Alia..Pragya smiles n says,I could remember n asks,Woh..ACP sir..Alia says,Oh..Abhi is in his home he didn’t come yet.Pragya asks,Whr is his home.Alia smiles n gives the address.Pragya smiles n says,Thank you n left to his home.Pragya reached his home n abt to press the bell but she stopped herself n sees Milk pack and news paper before the door she bends down n abt to pick.. Suddenly a key from nearby flower pot caught her attention she pick the key milk pack and news paper n thinks,This may b his house spare key and tries the key on lock.The door opened Pragya smiles n gets in to his home.She carefully took baby steps n goes in.Pragya thinks,Y the home is so dark all curtains are closed..but this home is so compact and beautiful..but Whr is he.Pragya sees Abhi sleeping in his bedroom.Pragya sees him n thinks,How cute he is..okay let’s wake him with a morning coffee n goes into the kitchen.Pragya sees his kitchen n says, this man is using this kitchen and boils milk n prepares coffee.She took the coffee n goes to his room still he is sleeping.Pragya smiles at him n abt to wake but she placed the coffee on side table n opens the curtains.The rays of sunshine hits Abhi’s face he covers his face with pillow n continued his sleep.Pragya thinks,Oh..god still he is sleeping..she thinks to pull the blanket out of him.She goes near him n pulls his blanket.He again pulled towards him.Pragya says,I knew it this man never made anything easy to me..but I won’t give up..come on Pragya u can..ACP sir 1 Pragya 0..She again pulled the blanket off him..But he again pulled towards him by murmuring something and drifts.Pragya says,Uff!!Not again..he is 2 and u r still on 0 Pragya..come on.This time Pragya put on her whole energy and pulled the blanket.Abhi almost woke up but his eyes remains closed n thinks,Who is this..I thought it was Nikkil but he won’t play with me like this..then who is this..if I opened my eyes the person ll b alerted..did he came to kill me..his thoughts broke when Pragya pulled his blanket from his grip..he tighten his grip not to leave the blanket.Pragya thinks,How strong..but I’m stronger than him n pulls the blanket with tons of energy.. suddenly Abhi leaves the blanket She fell down and blanket fell over her n covered her…Abhi did this intentionally to catch the person..He stood up and took the gun from beneath the pillow and shows that to the person who fell on floor covered with blanket.
Pragya says,What the hell..and takes the blanket and shocked to see him as he was holding the gun to her face.Abhi sees Pragya n shocked.Pragya really shocked n asks,What u r doing..down ur gun..n she got up.Abhi downed his gun n says,Im sorry.. actually I thought it was..but.. wait..wait..wht u r doing here..and how u came in..Pragya took the blanket from floor and folds it n says,Actually I came here to apologize u..and I found the keys in the pot..for whom u kept the keys thr.Abhi runs his fingers over his hair n settled down on bed n says,Well I kept key for Nikkil btw..for what u r apologizing me.Pragya says,What..u forgot that.. Don’t joke okay..I know u r mad at me for the words i spoke with u yesterday that’s u didn’t replied my text.Abhi thinks,Im so predictable for her..n pretends n asks,Text..abt which text u r talking.Pragya says,Oh.. Really u don’t know..okay wait lemme check and took his phone from side table and checks his phone.Abhi thinks,Oh..Abhi u r trapped.Pragya shows him her text on his phone n says,U read it ACP sir.. don’t act too much okay.Abhi says,Yeah..I read what..I’m mad at can u say I’m not caring for u.Pragya says,I didn’t mean that actually I tried to defend my friend it end up in such a mess and I’m really sorry..i know how caring u r..even on the road side incident ignoring ur wound u followed me home to ensure I reached safe or heart I know how u r caring about me..but..I don’t even know how those words came out..I’m really sorry..I agree it was my mistake and I won’t repeat it again it’s Pragya’s promise,she said this and smiles at him.Abhi couldn’t maintain his anger he smiled n says,Okay I forgave u.Pragya smiles n says,Thats so sweet of u..Okay how long u ll responsible ACP sir.Abhi smiles at her statement.Pragya says,Hello..u wanna go for duty or gonna sit here n smile at me like this.Abhi laughs n says,There is no lock for ur mouth..Pragya laughs n says,If u want to lock then u have prepare a lock by urself..still thr is no now drink this coffee and Start ur day ACP sir.
Abhi wonders,Coffee???Pragya nods with a smile.Abhi asks,Who prepared?Pragya raised her brows n asks,Is thr anyone except me and u.Abhi says,No..Pragya says,If its not u then obviously it ll b me na idiot..come on drink it.Abhi sips the coffee n he could feel some familiar taste in the coffee he could remember his mom’s preparation for his dad and he could remember without his mom’s knowledge how he use to sip his dad’s coffee when he was a kid.Pragya noticed that his face changed.Pragya asks,ACP sir does the coffee doesn’t taste good or what,asked in a sad tone.Abhi took a break from his thoughts and says,No..I feel it is less sugary..Pragya asks,Really..but I mixed 2 spoon full..lemme taste and sips it..Abhi smiles at her antics.Pragya says,ACP sir..i think u should brush ur teeths to taste the sweetness in the’s already enough sweet.Abhi asks,Really??And sips the coffee again..n says, it’s enough sweet as the sweetest person had sipped it na,smiles n winks at her.Pragya slightly blushes n manages to hide that n says,So kadddos know how to flirt.Abi says,Eyy!! Chashmish it’s a compliment don’t over think.Pragya says,But girls ll take it as flirt.Abhi says,Really..I don’t have girls before so I don’t know how girls ll think n take the stuffs,smiles at her.Pragya says,Who who r saying like this ll b more flirty with girls u know.Abhi chuckled n says,I never had time to flirt with girls in past.Pragya says,So I’m the first..hey na n murmers,I wish I should b the last one too.Abhi slightly heard that n says,Who knows u may b the last too,by saying this he left to washroom by leaving blushing Pragya thr.Pragya smiles at herself n thinks,Did he heard my words or its just a coincidence.. Whatever n she left the room by arranging the bed.Abhi opens his shower n stood straight to the flow of water n thinks,I wish to have every morning like this..with a laughter..with a lovely coffee..with a happy hearty talks..he completely came out of the police officer mask n thinks like a normal person when he came back to reality he cursed himself for thinking like that..he knows his beloved persons ll never be with him so long.. especially his profession always made an endangered alert to him n the persons who gonna engaged with a relationship with him..his chain of thoughts broke when he started to feel the hot water tangling over his shoulder.
He finished his bath and came out with a towel draped over his waist.He could see his uniform was well ironed and placed on the bed.. usually he ll iron his uniform in a hurry but today it’s all ready..He wored his uniform and came out of the room to seek Pragya.Pragya says,Im here..the voice came from the dining table.Abhi goes thr n sees her arranging the plates and food.Pragya asks,How long u ll take bath..okay come n have breakfast.Abhi asks,Why u r doing all this need of doing this for me.Pragya feels lil bit hurt n thinks,I know u love all this but y always keeping urself inside a cover n looks at him n says,Actually I didn’t did this for u.. actually I was so I skipped my breakfast to apologize u so..will u join with my breakfast.Abhi couldn’t help..he smiled n walks towards the table.Pragya serves him Aloo parata and panner butter masala..n says,U only have this stuffs in ur home that’s y I prepared this..Hope u won’t dislike it.Abhi smiles n says,I never had any preferences.Pragya says,Learn to have ACP sir..Abhi says,I don’t want any preferences.Pragya sits opposite to him n munched her food n thinks,This man is so covered it’s quite difficult to pull this goofy blanket off him than I did this morning.Abhi sees her eyes on him n thinks,Y u r making things difficult to me Pragya..I can’t resist myself from u..I’m already trying hard to cover myself but y u r trying to pull me out..I want u have to b happy but I can’t give u the happiness my profession and my fate ll never let me to keep u happy always..
Well I end this here..We have to go on to know whether Pragya ll able to pull him out of his self covered manner..
. . .
I end my part here..and hereafter I ll upload regularly sorry once again Happy reading Love u all..Stay good be good Stay blessed God bless?

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