Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 5

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Recap : Abhi being rude with Pragya to avoid her.Pragya feels..Even Abhi too feels bad.

Lets get into the story..

In evening Pragyas school Staff room,Pragya still thinking of Abhis rude behavior her eyes were moist.Suddenly some one comes there and blindfolded her.Pragya says,Purab,in a casual tone.Purab says,U find out..Not even an excitement just saying Purab,he pouts.Pragya just looks expression less.Purab asks,Wait..wait are u crying.Pragya nods no.Purab asks,What happened to my Pragz,asked with a smile.Pragya says,Nothing Im okay.Purab says,Tell me I wont share it with anyone..did any student scolded u,teased her.Pragya stares.Purab says, what any student beated u,asked with the same tone.Pragya looks at him n stared to the deep.Purab laughs.Pragya says,Bad joke.Purab says,Fine..bad joke..ur classes are over na.Pragya says,yeah..but Im not coming anywhere.Purab asks,y?U have that stage show today,asked in a teasing tone.Pragya says,No Im not in mood.Purab asks,Achaa..then y u assured Tanu we ll go for a movie on Saturday.Pragya thinks for a while n says,Yes..I told but..Purab says,No buts..I informed Tanu that we are going..even Bulbul Neil Purvi(Bulbuls friend)gonna join with u have no other go now stop this drama and come.Pragya nods.Purab and Pragya started moving towards Multiplex.
While riding his bike,Purab says,Pragz..Pragya was somewhat normal n says,Hmm,with a smile.Purab asks,Can I ask u something?Pragya says,No..dont ask anything sure u gonna tease me.Purab laughs n says,U r ryt.Pragya says,Always n smiles.Purab says,But I ll ask.Pragya says,But I wont hear n shuts her ears with her hands.Purab says,But I ll ask n laughs.Pragya shouts,Im not hearing anything.Purab says,Accha..Fine u r not hearing anything na..fine I ll ask..whr is ur that smoky bike n laughs.Pragya hears it n beats him.Purab says,Hey..idiot stop it we ll fell down..Cant u see Im riding.Pragya says,No I cant see n smiles n keeps on disturbing him.Purab thinks,I dont know y u r sad,..but it doesnt suits happy always Pragz n smiles.Abhi was in rounds he was thinking and cursing himself for behaving so rude with Pragya.His eyes suddenly fall on Pragya on road in Purabs bike..Pragya was tickling Purab.Purab asks her to stop this as he couldnt ride properly.Pragya laughs at him.For Abhi the same unknown anger curled him while he saw her with Purab.,then the next second he thinks,Leave it Abhi..let her enjoy..y u r feeling insecured u only refused her friendship na..let her be herself..but how she could smile..I thought she ll feel bad for scolding her but she is normal let her smile I don’t want her to be sad..Abhi..Abhi just stop it let her out of ur mind..But whr she is going with him..Abhi..let her out of ur mind she could go wherever she want who are u to mind that..yes..Who I am to mind that let her go I wont mind, n leaves a deep breethe.But his eyes were moving towards the window to see her..his anger got into the peak..he suddenly says,Driver follow them,said with a stern voice.Driver nods n follows them.

As Purab n Pragya reached,Abhi asks the driver to stop the car in some distance.Abhi thinks,So they had came to watch movie..fine n watches them.Tanu Bulbul Purvi and Neil was already there.Bulbul asks,Purab y u r late.Purab says,Ur di was on off mood so it took some time to cool her hey na Pragz.Pragya slapped in his arms n says,He is such a liar..See Im fine.Tanu comes n hugs Pragya n says,Okay come lets go.Purab says,U ppl go in me n Pragya ll join u after getting some snacks.All nods n got in.Abhi sees them coming towards a baker shop he got out of car n hides near the baker shop to hear their convo.Pragya n Purab bought some snacks.Purab says,Pragz atleast this time u ll help me na.Abhi hears it.Pragya says,Purab how many times I had told u she wont get jealous by seeing u with me.Purab says,No..when I said me n Pragya ll join u later..I saw jealous in her eyes.Abhi thinks,He is using My Pragya to make someone jealous..Wait wait..My Pragya??Paagal what u r blabbering Abhi.Pragya says,Purab she is my sister..dont u feel ashame to ask help from me,asked with a smile.Purab says,If sister couldnt help then who could.Pragya stares at him.Purab says,Today I ll sit with u..dont mind if I put my hand on u.Pragya smiles n says,Purab sure she wont get jealous by seeing u with me..she know we r friends.Purab says,Okay one last time..lets try.Abhi thinks,What the hell he is talking and this chashmish too agrees for that..Oh Abhi whats bothering u..but.,he was conversing himself..while they r moved and abt to go inside the multiplex.Abhi couldnt see anymore he goes infront of them.

Pragya shocked to see him but she didnt said anything just turned her face away in anger.Abhi says,Hi..Pragya.Purab asks,ACP sir u..Pragya u know him?Abhi says,yes..we r frnds actually.Pragyas eyes widened n looks at Abhi.Abhi says,Pragya I wanna talk to u.Pragya asks,Abt wht?Abhi says,Hmm..abt citys peace.Pragya couldnt help but she controlled her smile n pretend to be anger.Abhi noticed that n a small smile formed in his face.Purab asks,Abt citys peace?Pragya asks,Purab u go I ll talk to ACP sir.Abhi smiles as he achieved big.Purab whispers,Then what abt our plan..its my love Pragz.Abhi tried to eavesdrop but he couldnt hear.Pragya says,try withTanu it may work out n smiles.Purab says,This is not fair n leaves from thr by staring Pragya.Abhi asks,Who is that idiot looking funny.Pragya says,Excuse me..he is my frnd.Abhi says,Achha..Achhi frnd n smiles.Pragya says,Dont smile.Abhi says,Achha..Im sorry..for what happened in morning..Pragya smiles n says,Okay forgave u.Abhi smiles like a kid.Pragya says, a penalty u have to take me for coffee now.Abhi asks,Now??n looks at his watch.Pragya says,Yes.Abhi says,But I have an important work now.Pragya says,Fine ACP sir u continue we ll have some other time..i ll join with my friends in movie.Abhi thinks,What..she gonna watch movie..then the idiot ll put his hand around y u r feeling like this..Pragya says,ACP sir..Whr u lost.Abhi says,I was just thinking Whr we r gonna have coffee now.Pragya excited n shouts,Now??really.Abhi nods.Pragya says,Okay shall v go I ll suggest you.Abhi nods n asks,Shall v move.Pragya nods.

Abhi thinks,This girl is driving me crazy..Abhi but y u r doing this..U apologized ya it’s okay coz u hurted her but u r going out with her that too for coffee..his thoughts broke by Pragya.Pragya asks,ACP sir..We r going in ur police car.Abhi says,Yeah..Y.Pragya asks,What if someone thinks I’m arrested.Abhi laughs n says,No one ll think like that get in.Pragya smiles n says,U know to laugh fine that’s good.Abhi smiles at her.Pragya suggest a coffee shop n Abhi asks driver to go for that shop.Pragya was Keep on talking with Abhi.He was just smiling.Abhi says,I didn’t thought u ll forgive me so soon.Pragya says,what u said is ryt..No one should ask for number in a single meeting..So even I too did the wrong na.. but ya I hurted by ur words and I know policemen words are always bitter.Abhi turns n sees her as she was sitting in back n says,93812*****.Pragya says,I don’t want ur number..keep it urself.Abhi smiles n says,Im sorry baba.. forgive me again.Pragya says,Okay repeat it I ll save ur number as Kadoos ACP.Abhi says,Fine then I ll save ur name as Ms.annoying Chashmish.Pragya asks,Im annoying for u.Abhi asks,Then I’m that much kadoos.Pragya says,Fine I ll save as Just ACP sir okay.Abhi says,Then I ll save ur number as Chashmish okay.Pragya smiles n says,Ur wish.Abhi thinks,Sucha pretty cute girl n smiles.
Pragya says,We reached stop stop stop..Driver stopped the car.Pragya got down.Abhi took his gun n tugged it in his waist n says,Driver u go the control room give me the car key.Driver nods n left the place by leaving the car for Abhi.Abhi too got down.Pragya asks,Lets go in.Abhi says,ofcourse..come.Pragya goes in.Abhi sees around the place he saw few men n gets suspicious..but he ignored n got in with Pragya.Pragya n Abhi sits opposite each other.Pragya orders coffee for both.Abhi says,U didn’t ask me what I want.Pragya says,I thought to ask but u were busy in doubting on ppl who r here.Abhi asks,Im doubting??Pragya says,Yeah..then y u r seeing everyone like this.Abhi says,No nothing.Pragya says,Fine..this is our second coffee but our first coffee is horrible in ur canteen oh god..Abhi smiles.Pragya says,U look cute while smiling.Abhi asks,U r flirting with me.Pragya says,This is compliment idiot.Abhi thinks,From ACP sir to Idiot well promoted n smiles.Coffee served,Pragya says,Wait I ll sip it First..if it’s not good v ll return ur coffee.Abhi says,Its okay I trust ur taste.Pragya says,Now u r flirting me ryt.Abhi asks,Excuse me is this flirting.Pragya says,Just joking ACP sir.Abhi smiles.Pragya thinks,He is so cute n too good..I’m feeling something different definitely it’s not friendship n I don’t wanna cover this feeling under the sheet of friendship but wht feeling is this love or just attracted towards him..She was gazing at him..n thinks,No..I’m not attracted if I’m just attracted I won’t be here with him after be hurted me that much..and I’m not such take it easy girl..i had fought with Purab for scolding me as irresponsible and I asked him to say sorry for 1000 times..But when this man had told me irresponsible,waste fellow more over he told me I’m taking advantage over him after all this I forgave him just like that..I’m sure it’s not friendship.. friendship is what I shared with Purab Tanu n all..but this is not friendship I’m damn sure but it’s love or what..Abhi snapped his fingers before her n asks,Whr u lost.

Pragya says,Nothing..I was thinking something.Abhi asks,Btw Whr is ur bike.Pragya says,oh..ur paid license has been expired so I can’t drive without license na so only.Abhi smiles n says,Following rules uh??Pragya says,yeah..then on some other day u ll tell me I’m irresponsible.Abhi says,I just said in an anger..and I’m.. Pragya cuts n says,Sorry ryt?Abhi nods.Pragya says,Enough ACP sir u had asked many sorry hope u ll never say sorry to anyone for a week.Abhi says,May be..btw great coffee.Pragya says,Thank you.Abhi says,Honestly u look pretty in pink today.Pragya blushes n says,Thank u.Abhi asks,Btw whr u r working.Pragya says,XYZ school.Abhi asks,Whts ur qualification.Pragya asks,ACP sir stop this interview.Abhi says,Arey I just asked yaar.Pragya says,Fine and tells abt her qualification and family.Abhi says,Ur dad?Pragya says,My dad.. When I was 13..12 years before.. I lost my dad in a two gangsters group riot he just went to market but he came back as lifeless body.We gave complaint on that but police closed the file by saying my dad also one of the gangster so he dead in their fight.Press didn’t showed this issue as an important part coz of some political pressure.. though a man came to help us Mr.Ankush famous journalist he came forward to help us he wrote an article abt that incident we got some hope because of him that the guilty ll b punished..but Mr.Ankush died in a car accident with his family we lost our last hope..But u know it’s not accident it’s planned murder..but thr is no proof..we are helpless because of us an entire family lost their life.. he is sucha brave man he was my only I thought to become as a journalist n wanna show off these kinda incidents..but my Maa is not allowing me to be a journalist coz she is scared by thinking wht happened with Ankush uncle..He came to help us but coz of us his family is no more..if he didn’t helped us they ll b alive..tears rolled down.Abhi too had tears in his eyes n feels bad n says,Im sorry abt ur father n ur uncle.

Pragya wipes her tears n smiles n asks,ACP sir..u would had saw many horrible incidents than this but u r crying for my story.Abhi says,Yeah..I had seen many blood stains..tears..but.. Pragya says,What but u can’t see me crying..Abhi looks on.Pragya realize what she said n says,I mean..when I cry it ll b horrible my make up ll smudge so u got scared of it ryt.Abhi Smiles at her.Pragya says,Okay let’s leave recalling the past made me tired so wanna go home.Abhi says,Okay I ll drop u.Pragya says,No..No..after my father’s death Maa has no respect towards policemen so hope u understand.Abhi jerked n says,yeah I could understand but I can drop u in Street’s start na.Pragya smiles n nods.They both got into the car.Pragya was seeing outside quite silent she didn’t utter any word.Abhi couldn’t see her like this as she is talkative.. He thinks,Sure..she is thinking abt her father..He tries to distract her so he asks,So ur mom won’t like policemen but wht abt u.Pragya says,Not all the policemen are same there are some good ppl like u exists here.Abhi couldn’t control his happiness after hearing this he controlled himself n asks,Do u think I’m that good as u think..coz I had scolded u n shouted u badly and hurted u.Pragya smiles n says,sweetest persons actions and words are bitter sometimes it doesnt mean they r bad.Abhi just freaked out after hearing this he gazes at her.She too looks deep into his eyes.Abhi snapped himself n feels awkward.. Pragya too feels awkward for gazing him like this.Abhi couldn’t see her direction they both were silent.Abhi switch on the FM to ease the awkward moment.As he turned on the FM..Abhi saw her.

Na toh rumaani kahin(There is nowhere romance)
Na toh khusboo suhani kahin(There is nowhere beautiful fragrance)
Na woh rangli adayein dekhin(I have neither Seen that colorful gestures)
Na woh pyari si nadani kahin(There is nor that affectionate simplicity)
Jaisi tu hai waisi rehna(You stay as you are)
Jag ghumeya thaare jaisa na koi(I wandered all over world but I have not met like you yet)
Jag ghumeya thaare jaisa na koi.
As she heard the song.Pragya looks at him.Abhi too looks at the song plays they lost in their eyes.. Within a fraction of second their car glass broke with a huge sound..He didn’t know what happened as he tried to open his eyes..but he doesn’t have that courage to open his eyes n see what happened to her.
. . .

So I end my episode here hope you all enjoyed thanks for supporting me… keep on supporting happy reading…Meet u in next part love u all..
And Durga Ofcourse u can call me as ur sister no problem.
And I ll try to give precap from next part.
Thanks again..
Stay blessed Be good God bless??

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