Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 4


First of all I’m really Sorry for the delayed update can’t get time to type.1000s of sorry.
Short Recap : In night,Abhi catches drug dealers with the help of Pragya.He got injured while catching them.Pragya felt bad and wondered he is not bothering his injury.Abhi follows Pragya to check whether she reached home safely.Pragya sees him after reaching home and smiles at Abhi as she reached safe and asks him to wound his injury.
Let’s get into the story,
Pragya gets in to the home,Sarla asks,Pragya..why u r so late?Bulbul asks,Di..see the time now y u r late?Pragya was still in Abhi’s thoughts.Sarla says,Bulbul see ur sister is lost somewhere.Bulbul says,Haa..Maa..n shakes Pragya’s shoulder n says,Di..Whr u lost.Pragya back to sense n says,Huhh.. Nothing maa..I had met Tanu after a long time that’s y I’m late.Sarla says,Okay..come n have dinner.Pragya says,No maa..I had my dinner in Tanu’s home.Sarla says,Okay..Fine Bulbul u come let’s have dinner.Bulbul nods n calls Dadi for dinner.Pragya got into her room n thinks,I should meet him tomorrow..How nice he is..he is so concern that I reached home safely or not.

In station,Alia treats Abhi’s injury.Alia asks,Cant u b careful Abhi..wht u ll do if the cut is deep.Abhi smiles n says,Why u girls are always over reacting.Alia asks,Girls??Who over reacted apart from me.Abhi says,Woh..Woh.. Chashmish.Alia confused n asks,Chashmish..That girl..Pragya??Abhi nods.Alia asks,From Whr she came in this.Abhi narrates everything.Alia asks,Did she cried?Abhi nods n says,I don’t know y she cried she was not all in senses for a while.Alia says,May be its the first time she is seeing all this thats y.Abhi says,Yeah..even I too thought the same.Nikkil comes thr.Abhi asks,Did they told anything.Nikkil says,Not yet.Abhi smiles n says,Okay let’s do our treatment sure they ll blurt out.Nikkil n Abhi gave hifi n gets in to the lock up.
It was 7 in the Morning,Pragya got ready.She was wearing a light pink salwar kameez with light Make up in a open hair with slight curls.Bulbul says,Di..u r looking pretty today.Pragya smiles.Bulbul asks,Btw..u got ready so early.Pragya says,Haa..yeah..I wanna meet a friend.Sarla asks,Wht abt ur breakfast.Pragya says,I ll manage maa..I’m leaving now in bus.Bulbul asks,Bus..wht abt ur bike.Pragya says,No I ll go by bus.Bulbul says,Okay go safe.Pragya smiles n nods n left the house.While she is on the way to bus stop she saw a flower shop n smiles n thinks,Pragya..u should get some flowers for him..he ll feel better if he saw all these flowers..and got into the shop n bought a bouquet of pink roses..n smiles.

Pragya was abt to got into the bus,she thinks,Offo Pragya now Whr he ll be..I even don’t know his home.. Wht to do..okay fine let’s go to his station n shall ask abt him n got into the bus.Pragya was sitting in bus n thinks,How he ll react..he ll get anger or he ll be happy by seeing me..oh no I had scolded and shouted him badly yesterday..and even he too shouted at me.. anyhow Pragya u r just going to see him is he is okay..that’s it give those flowers n ask sorry for shouting at him..that’s it.As she reached her destination.She got out of the bus n abt to get in.She saw a police n asks,Excuse me..Is ACP sir is here.The man asks,Which ACP sir.Pragya confused n says,ACP sir.The man says,Many assistant commissioners r thr.Pragya says,Sorry I don’t know his name.Nikkil sees her talking with the police man n goes to her n asks,Wht r u doing here.Pragya says,Sir..good time u r here..I came here to meet ACP sir.The police man says,Sir..she doesn’t know his name so I’m confused so I Don’t know she came to meet you.Pragya says, didn’t came to meet him.Nikkil smiles n says,Yeah..I know he is here only in his cabin go straight n take left.Pragya nods n gets in.Nikkil along with the police man leaves to canteen.

She goes in by seeing here n thr.Some police men are sleeping on resting their head over table.Some criminals from lock up were staring at her as like she is an Alien.She scared n starts to walk in direction as Nikkil told.She finally gets into his cabin.He was sleeping by leaning his head over chair n placing his legs on the table before him.Pragya sees him sleeping n she quickly noticed his arm.. which is completely treated n tied up with bandage.She feels relief n smiles.She thought to leave the bouquet on table with a note.She saw a notepad on table n took her pen from her bag n tries to take the notepad without disturbing Abhi.But she fails when she tried to take the notepad the paperweight fell down with a noise.Abhi jerked n wakes up.Pragya says,Oops..n keeps her palms on her mouth.Abhi opens his eyes n shocked to see her.Pragya just stood like a statue.Abhi got up from chair n asks,Wht are u doing here.Pragya says,Sorry..I tried to take the notepad but I spoiled ur sleep she said with a pout.Abhi smiles n asks,U came here to take this notepad.Pragya says, came here to check whether u r okay if not.Abhi wonders n asks,Wht happened to me..I’m all okay..Pragya says,No.. yesterday u got injured na.Abhi says,’s just a small injury..for this small injury u bought this flowers..n smiles.Pragya says,Im really scared..even u didn’t bother ur pain..I’m wondered.. anyhow I’m Sorry.Abhi asks,Sorry for what.Pragya says,I shouted at u yesterday ryt..I even didn’t gave respect to your profession.Abhi smiles n says,Well..that’s okay..but we are also human beings ryt so need to feel sorry for my profession..Just feel sorry for shouting at a normal human.Pragya smiles n says,Okay sorry again for a Normal person okay.Abhi says,Good.Pragya thinks,Why I’m feeling to be comfortable being with him.. Really I like him or more than that..come on Pragya how can he ll b more than that so soon..her thoughts broke by Abhi when he asked her wht she want to have.Pragya says,No.. nothing I’m leaving..Abhi asks,Wht abt coffee..Pragya asks,Huhh??Abhi says,First time u had came here to my can I send my guest like this.. would u like to have coffee.Pragya smiles n nods.Abhi says,Okay fine.

Pragya says,Im Pragya Arora..n forwards her hand.Abhi looks confused.Pragya says,Introducing myself in a proper way..n says,Im Pragya..Abhi smiles n says,Fine..I’m Abhi.. Abhishek Mehra.Pragya says,Yeah..I know..just now saw in ur name board.. Abhishek Mehra assistant commissioner of police.Abhi asks,Fine.Pragya asks,Coffee ll come here?Abhi says,No we have to go.Pragya asks,Whr?Abhi says,To our canteen…come.. Before leaving Pragya looks at the flowers n thinks,He didn’t said anything about these flowers n pouts at the flowers.Abhi sees her n asks,U need those flowers with u.Pragya looks at him n says,No..I just bought it for u..but..Abhi asks,But??Pragya says,But I don’t know ACP sir won’t like flowers.Abhi asks,Who won’t like flowers.Pragya says,I know only one ACP and it’s you n pouts.Abhi says,Who said I don’t like flowers actually I love it.. thanks for this..and u too look.pretty in pink like these pink flowers n left the cabin leaving Pragya smiling and blushing.Abhi turns to her n asks,U don’t wanna leave my cabin or Wht.Pragya looks at him n nods no n follows him.Abhi sees all are awake n looking at them..he feels awkward n thinks,This is not for good..have to end all this today.They both entered the canteen.

Nikkil sees them n smiles.Abhi sees his smile n ignored him.They landed in a table by facing each other.Abhi asks,So..wht do u want.Pragya asks,What.Abhi says,I mean coffee or tea.Pragya says,Coffee..Abhi calls the server b says,Two coffee.Pragya says,One with extra strong n extra sugar.Abhi smiles at her.Pragya sees him n says,I love to drink strong extra sugar coffee.Abhi nods n smiles.Pragya asks,Tell me about urself.Abhi says,I told u na..I’m Abhishek Mehra.Pragya says,Thats ur name..I’m asking abt ur family..I know u r of that..I wanna know abt u.Abhi wonders n asks,How u know I’m unmarried.Pragya between the coffee came.Pragya took the coffee n sips it n says,Not bad.. but not so good.Abhi smiles n asks,Okay tell me how u know I’m unmarried.Pragya sips her coffee n says,Simple..If u r married y u r sleeping here.Abhi’s eyes widened n says,So smart.. Pragya smiles n says,Always,with an attitude.Abhi smiles at her antics.Pragya says,U r looking cute while smiling..and looking horrible when u r in anger..Abhi just smiles n hears n thinks,How cute she is..she is talking non stop without a topic..Pragya says,U know when I see u for the first time..I really hate u..u were so rude on my friend..But when I saw in signal yesterday u were keep on smiling so I thought u r a sweet person moreover u helped me in paying my fine..Im really impressed..I mean..I thought u were so sweet.Abhi says,Acchaa..then..Pragya says,Then what..after u got injured I don’t know I feel weird i couldn’t sleep.U won’t take me wrong na if I Ask u onething.Abhi asks,What.Pragya asks,I saw ur arm was bleeding but ur face were expression less.. don’t u feel the pain.Abhi says,Yes..I feel the pain but not that’s quite normal..Pragya says,Oh..god…how could you ppl r staying this much strong..I really loved ur attitude.

Abhi thinks,I feel very comfortable n she is the one and only person who is worrying for me at the moment..I’m getting attracted towards her..But Abhi no..u even can’t make her as ur frnd for ur happiness it may lead to endanger her life.Pragya snaps her finger before him n asks,ACP sir Whr u lost.Abhi says,Nothing..nothing..sorry u were saying something na continue.Pragya says,Wht to continue..I’m getting late to school I’m leaving.Abhi asks,Student?,with a naughty smile.Pragya replies,Teacher,with a same smile n says,Btw I thought to give back ur 500rs but now we were frnds ryt so no need of formalities with forget the 500rs.Abhi laughs n asks,Wht are u girl..Insane..Pragya says,Thank you..Btw ur number please.Abhi thinks,Abhi.. wht u r doing.. don’t get her close to u..u know the person who r getting closer to me ll never be with me always.Pragya snaps before him n asks,whr u lost again..I asked ur number.Abhi becomes stern n asks in a stern voice,For what..Pragya feels his stiffness n scared a bit n says,For what??Are u mad..For Wht I ll ask ur number don’t u know.Abhi says,No I don’t know,said with a stern rough voice.Pragya says, know abt city’s peace level,said in a teasing tone.Abhi says,Fine u can call 100 to know abt that.Pragya says,Arey..Abhi cuts her n says,Dont take extra advantage.Pragya hurts n her eyes become moist n says,Im sorry.. Actually I’m..I should know my limits..sorry..her hands began to shake she started to feel like she was the most uncomfortable person thr..She took 500rs n kept over the table n says,Thank u ACP sir..and I’m sorry for everything..n she left the place.Abhi feels bad n cursed himself.Nikkil smiles at Abhi by seeing from behind..n goes infront of him.Nikkil asks,Abhi..r u crying?Abhi..he shakes him.Abhi could feel hot tears touch his lips.Abhi wiped it immediately n says,Nothing bro n left the place..Abhi thinks,I hate u..y u came here..I wanna curse my destiny it never gives me happiness..I hate u for letting my tears out..I hate u..I hate u for making me to feel for u..I hate u for making me comfortable around u..I hate u..n sits alone.Pragya was on her school’s staff room n thinks,U r sweet by heart but y ur words are always bitter..I felt comfortable around u..I thought u as my frnd..but yes..I took advantage over him..but I don’t know y I’m even thinking of u like a stupid..As I’m obsessed with him..stop it Pragya.. stop being idiot n wipes her tears.
. . .
So they ll able to define the undefined feel between them.

Credit to: Tisha

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