Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 3

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Lets get into the story
Abhi was in his control room.Alia n Nikkil came thr n smiles at Abhi.Abhi noticed them n asks,Hey..Y u both r smiling like this any good news.Alia says,Haaa..superb good news.Abhi asks,What?Alia says,Someone had fallen in Love.Abhi says,Congratulations!!Alia Im happy for u n hugs her.Alia pushes him n asks,When I said Im in love..I said someone had fallen in love.Nikkil laughs.Abhi asks,Why u r talking about someone here.Nikkil says,Dude..she is talking abt u.Abhi asks,Me??Crazy guys.Alia says,Ya..u r going crazy now.Abhi asks,What?Nikkil says,Abhi u r outing with her..y u didnt tell us.Abhi shocked n asks,What? whom..idiots,he asked in anger.Alia winks at him n says,Ur chashmish.Abhi says,Achhaa..achaa..that constable had told u ryt.Alia nods.Abhi says,Actually she doesnt have license..she was going for important work so I just helped her.Nikkil says,Accha..from when u started social services..U r helping everyone who doesnt have license.Abhi says,I have an important work I wanna leave now n escaped from them.Abhi thinks,These two na always eating my brain.Abhi got into the car n goes for rounds.

Evening,Pragya was from on the way to Tanus home from her school.The same constable stops her.Pragya stops the bike n says,Ab kya..I have license for 2days.Constable says,Oh..hello..Our ACP sir had paid for u.Pragya shocked n asks,What?Constable says,Haa..he only paid fine for u..Pragya just stood like a statue.Constable says,Okay move..move.Pragya starts her bike n moves from thr.Pragya thinks,Y he had done this for me..I said na I dont have money so he helped me..How sweet he is..Really he was gaining more respect from me.As she reached Tanus home she pressed the bell.Tanu opened the door n hugs her n shouts,PragyaPragya..Pragya..How r u?Pragya broke the hug n asks,Dont talk with me u r so busy after became a model.Tanu says,First come in..Pragya goes in n drop her bag on coffee table n leaned on sofa..n says,one strong coffee.Tanu says,Fine..2 minutes..Tanu left to kitchen.Sarla calls Pragya.Pragya attends the call.Sarla asks,whr r u Pragya.Pragya says,Maa..Im in Tanus home.Sarla says,Okay try to come soon.Pragya says,ya okay n ends the call.

Tanu came back to living room n they both started to sip the coffee.Tanu asks,Who is he.Pragya asks,Who?,asked by raising her brows.Tanu asks,That guy?Pragya throws pillow on her n asks,U idiot..u didnt asked abt me or abt my work..but u interested on the unknown person.Tanu says,Hey..u r talking abt a guy for the first time thats y Im asking abt that.Pragya smiles n thinks abt Abhi.Tanu snaps her finger before her eyes n says,Oh..hello dreaming?tell me abt the man.Pragya says,He is a police office..ACP,said with a smile.Tanu asks,What?Police..Pragya wont work just drop him.Pragya says,HelloIm just saying abt him..u r exaggerating as Im gonna love him.Tanu says,U didnt love him..then y u said he is special person.Pragya narrates the incident.Tanu stares at her n says,Budhu..anyone could do this help..for this only u had created this much hype.Pragya says,But..Tanu says,Chup..Paagal.Pragya pouts.They both started to talk on random things.But Pragyas mind is thinking abt Abhi.
It was around 8PM.Abhi in his home he says himself,The man who I caught yesterday he is Simha’s man..It seems to be he is following me for a while..From the day I took Simha’s case nothing is normal..I wanna check wht that Simha is doing..come on Abhi u very well know Simha is doing all illegal business..but..that’s all or he had some political influence ya..for sure he ll have some political influence that’s y commissioner ordered me to leave his man immediately..So some one from our department is helping him or some political party influence.. What the hell is this..he was just a gangster 2years before but now he turned to a don..He is doing all illegal things legally..we police have to watch him without taking any action..I had assigned myself to this case so sure I wanna do something..First I wanna know what activities Simha is doing..then only I ll know is he having spy in our department or he is having some affairs with political parties..yeah Abhi u r ryt..So this is the ryt time..I just wanna roam around his area then I could get any clue that who r all coming thr to visit him..He just changed his uniform to casuals and took an auto n reached Simha’s area he stopped few distance away from his home n started to watch who r all coming thr to his home.

Here in Tanu’s home,Pragya sees her watch n says,Oh..Tanu its 8:30 Its already late yaar…Maa gonna eat me today,said in a breethe n grabbed her things n got up from the sofa.Tanu says,Pragya stay here tonight..We ll have some more time.Pragya says,Oh..Even I love to..but wanna go home else maa ll b worried for me..sorry pls don’t mind..this weekend u come to my home we ll have more time two days..v ll plan for some outing too..Tanu says,Yeah..that’s too good idea.Pragya says,Hey na..okay for now I’m Leaving..Take safe,by saying this she stepped out.Tanu hugs her n says,Yeah..u go safe..u know abt this area ryt.. Simha’s home is here.Pragya says,Haa..pls shift ur home yaar..Tanu says,Wht to do this area is near to my studio.Pragya says,Ya..u r ryt..okay then meet u this weekend..bye n hugs her.Tanu too hugs her.Pragya left in her bike.Back to Abhi,Abhi sees two men coming out from Simha’s home.Abhi thinks,I had seen them before but Whr…oh no I can’t remember Whr..seems to b both r discussing something.Abhi tries to go near them to hear their convo.He hides behind a tree near them n eavesdrop their convo.The two men talking abt distributing the drugs for school students.Abhi hears it n says himself,Yes..these two were already in our custody for disturbing drugs to the kids.. still they r doing the could they get drug so easily so for sure Simha has some political background.
The two men talking with each other n started to walk.Abhi thinks,So these two gonna give to the suppliers who have contact with the another suppliers who r supplying to the third tier man is having direct deal with the students..If I followed these two then sure I ll get some clue abt the person who have direct contact with the students.By deciding this he started to follow them.The both men looks behind n guesses somebody is following them..while they turn Abhi hides behind the tree.The two men got suspicious n started to walk fast.Abhi thinks,Did they got suspicious or Wht..n he too started to walk fast.They turns again n saw that someone is following them..but they couldn’t identify Abhi’s face as the place is they started to run.Abhi too ran behind them he stopped a minute n calls Nikkil to come with some police men to the place.Pragya was coming in opposite direction.The two men didn’t noticed her bike n dashes with her bike n fell down.Pragya suddenly hold the break n shouts,Idiots.. don’t u have eyes..But they didn’t respond anything they got up n started to run.Pragya thinks,What the hell is this..they don’t even apologized..They didn’t know what is manners n starts her bike.Abhi came thr but he couldn’t see them as they disappeared.Abhi sees Pragya n asks,Hey..u saw two men here,he didn’t see her face.Pragya turns her face n sees Abhi n says,ACP sees Pragya n says,Oh..u..fine..tell me did u see two men here.Pragya didn’t mind his question as she excited as she saw him again.Pragya excited n says,Sir…That Constable told me u had paid for me..u r really great sir..I had told my frnd abt u..but she said anyone could do this..Abhi gets irked as he was looking for the men he didn’t get anything to his ears.Pragya says,Sir..I’m talking to u.Abhi shouts n asks,Did u see them or not.

Pragya scared n says,Yeah.. they ran this side.Abhi sees them hiding behind tree for this while as Abhi sees them..they started to run again.Abhi shouts,Hey..u both stop..But the two didn’t stop.Abhi says,Give me ur bike.Pragya asks,What..I agree u had paid me for my fine..but u r asking a bike for 500rs this is not fair..I thought u were..Abhi cuts her n shouts,500rs my foot…stop ur bak baks how irritating u r..just give me ur bike I wanna catch them..see they r running..Pragya asks,Then wht i ll do..if I gave ll i go home..maa ll scold me.. already it’s can I go home without my bike..Abhi shouts,Oh.. just stop it..U r not having any social responsibility u know they r criminals I’m just asking ur help to catch them but u r blabbering something I had never seen a person like you who doesn’t have any social responsibility then how u r dreaming to become as a reporter..hear it clearly don’t attend the exam coz u r not eligible for being a good reporter..wait y I’m telling all this to u..Its just waste of time n started to run behind them.Pragya stands like a statue n thinks,How could he say that I didn’t have any social responsibility..How could he say I’m not eligible for reporter job..No.. Pragya u have to prove him that he is wrong..ACP sir see how I’m gonna catch the two men now..She started her bike n took an U turn n goes behind Abhi.

Pragya shouts,ACP sir..come I ll help u in catching them..come sit behind me..see how I’m gonna catch them..I too have social responsibility..I do fullfil my social responsibility..Abhi says,Okay..go soon he sat behind her in her bike.Pragya rides.Abhi asks,Wht the hell u r doing..u r helping me or them.Pragya says,Wht question is this..I’m helping u..Abhi says,If u ride like this they don’t even wanna run to escape they ll..they ll escape by walking.Pragya says,But u ppl ll use to say na inside the city should never ride beyond the speed limit.Abhi shouts,God..wht girl is she..Stop the bike.Pragya scared of his shout n stopped the bike n asks,Wht u thinking of urself..I’m not ur driver..Abhi shouts,Shut up n sit behind..I ll ride.Pragya didn’t utter a word n sat behind him.Abhi ride rashly.Pragya shouts,Wht the hell u r doing.. Yesterday only I got my bike from service if u ride in this much speed it ll affect the engine..Abhi shouts,Shut up else I ll push u.Pragya thinks,Pragya..wht u had done..u shouldn’t help him..u deserve this..Abhi stops the bike cross to the men both men stopped thr by seeing Abhi..Pragya hits her chin in his shoulder coz of sudden break n shouts,Oucchh..Abhi shouts,Shut up..Pragya shouts,U shut up..U know how its paining.. first get away from my bike,shouted in Pain.Abhi catches the two men n beats them n asks,Why u both r running by seeing me.

One man told,No we r just going for our work u started to chase v ran.Abhi asks,U had done crime so only u scared of police n trying to escape.Another man told,Sir..U r exaggerating..Abhi says,Fine..I ll take you to the station now then v ll know who is exaggerating.Suddenly they heard police siren.The men tried to escape again but Abhi holds them.. Suddenly one man took a knife n cuts in Abhi’s arm n tried to escape.Pragya screams n cries as she scared alot.Abhi holds them firmly didn’t loosen the grip on them.Pragya was awestruck n she became pale as she scared.The police Jeep n car came thr.Nikkil n police men hold the two men n arrested them.Nikki says,sorry yaar.. traffic so took some time to reach here.Abhi smiles n says,Its okay buddy.. anyhow we catched them.Nikkil gives a hifi to Abhi.Pragya was still in shock n thinks,Whts happening here..He is injured n bleeding no one is bothering abt that..even he is not giving any attention..Abhi came to Pragya n says,Thank u Ms.Pragya..ur help is appreciated.Pragya was still in her own world.Abhi calls her again..still no response.Abhi shakes her n says,Ms.Chashmish..I’m talking with u.Pragya says,Huhh??Abhi says,I said thank you u..Ur help is appreciated..and sorry I had shouted at u badly..btw y u r crying.Pragya says,Sir..u r bleeding..u r bleeding ryt..but u didn’t mind that,said while unknown tears r rolled down.Abhi smiles n says,Oh this..This is quite normal..leave it..btw I’m sorry I had shouted u that u r not eligible for being reporter and all..I’m sorry.

Pragya says,Its..It’s okay sir..See u r bleeding..How could u be so something first aid..How could u be so careless like this..what ll u do if it’s a deep cut..Sir I’m talking to u,said with a wide eyes.Abhi says,Arey.. nothing ll happen it’s quite normal.Nikkil smiles at Abhi.Abhi sees him n says,Ms.Pragya..u may go now..thanks for ur help n sorry once again.Pragya just staring his arm whr he injured n thinks,Is he is man or what.. Really he didn’t feel the pain..Oh god..I could feel the pain by seeing his bleed but he didn’t feel anything.Abhi shakes her again n says,Ms.Pragya..u may go now.Pragya looks at him like a kid who doesn’t know whts happening.Abhi asks,R u okay..r u sure U ll go by urself.Pragya nods n says,Its okay I ll go by myself,said in a blank tone n started her bike n moves from thr..but her mind still thinks abt Abhi.Abhi sees her n thinks,Y my wound is bothering her this much..May b tis is the first time she is seeing all these stuffs..but her mind is not in ll she drive by thinking something in her mind n says,Nikkil u go in Jeep I ll come in ur car.Nikkil nods n left in Jeep along with other police men.Abgi took his car n follows Pragya as to verify she is going Safe or not.As Pragya reached the home.Abhi sees that n feels relived n says,Thank god she reached safely..Pragya was taking her bike inside her compound eventually she saw Abhi in starting of their street sitting in car n looking at her..she made a smile n signs”I reached safe..U treat ur wound”Abhi smiles at her actions n nods.As Pragya got inside the home.Abhi gave a relief breathe..He thinks,For the first time in years I could see a person who is crying for me..No’s just humanity don’t over think..Just let it go..And he drove towards the control room.
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