Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 2

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Purab and Pragya came to Pragya’s home.Sarla asks,Y u both r too late.Purab says,Maa..ur daughter sang a song whole crowd throwed stones on her so it took time to escape and laughs.Pragya starts to beat him.Sarla laughs n says,Okay..Okay..stop ur fighting and come in and have dinner.Purab runs inside.Bulbul says,Again u both started ur fight uh?Pragya says,Haa.. Bulbul he is always teasing my songs.Purab hides behind Bulbul n says,Bulbul please save me.Pragya asks,Which side u r mine or that idiot.Bulbul moves aside n says,Offo..guys I’m hungry first come and have dinner.Purab says,Haa..hey teacher I’m so hungry come let’s have dinner..I wanna go to my room early coz tomorrow I have loads of work.Pragya smiles n pats his head n says,U guys go I ll join after freshing up.Purab and Bulbul was having dinner.Pragya freshed up and came to the table.Bulbul asks,Di..have u messed with police today.Pragya stares at Purab n says,No Bulbul.. actually they said my voice was nice.Purab spills the food n laughs n says,No Bulbul she is lying.Pragya throws place Matt on him n says,Hey..u liar..that girl told na..I sang well.Purab says,Haa.. only that girl told..and that man just stared u..Pragya says,He Didn’t stared me..he stared u as u look like a criminal.Purab says,U only told I’m looking like baby now u r saying me as a criminal.Pragya says, the time u look like innocent now u r looking like a criminal.Sarla says,Just stop it guys.. Always fighting arguing.. Bulbul says,Okay..okay now I’m gonna tell a hot news.Pragya Purab and Sarla Maa looks on.Bulbul says,Tomorrow di gonna.. While saying she smiles at Pragya.Pragya nods no n pinches her hand.Purab asks,What.. Bulbul tell me..tell me.. Pragya nods no.Sarla asks,What Bulbul..y u r creating suspense.
Bulbul asks,Kya di..shall I tell,winks at Pragya.Pragya nods no n stares Bulbul.Purab says,Leave her..u say whts the matter.Bulbul says,tomorrow di gonna apply for the Reporter job in TOI.Purab says,Wow.. congratulations..n abt to give hand..he stopped while seeing Sarla as she was staring at Pragya.Pragya blinks.Sarla says,I won’t give money for application form.Pragya made a sad face n looks at PurBul.Purab winks at Pragya n says,Maa..let her to apply maa..I’m sure she ll fail..she won’t get that job..let her to apply for her satisfaction..after getting fail in exam she ll know she is not capable of let her.Pragya smiles at Purab hidingly.Bulbul says,Haa..maa..I’m sure di won’t clear the exam so just let her.Sarla says,No..wht if she cleared the exam.Bulbul goes to Maa n whispers,Dont wry maa..i ll never let di to prepare for the exam so she ll definitely fail..u can trust me.Sarla smiles n says,Good idea..are u sure.. Bulbul says,Damn sure.Pragya n Purab tries to eavesdrop their convo.Sarla smiles n says,Okay..Okay.. Pragya u can apply I ll give u money..but this is last okay.Pragya nods with a smile.Bulbul winks at Pragya.Sarla asks,How much the application fee.Pragya was abt to say.But Bulbul cuts her n says,Thousand.. thousand rupees hey na..di..looks at Pragya.Pragya looks confused n says,Haa..Haa.. Bulbul thousand thousand rupees maa.Sarla gives thousand rupees to Pragya.
After the dinner,In room,Pragya hugs Bulbul n says,Thank you..thank you so much Bulbul.Purab says,Hello I’m the one who convinced maa.Bulbul says,No maa convinced by my words.The duo asks Bulbul what she told she convinced easily.Bulbul smiles n says,So simple..I told her I ll never let u to prepare so u ll fail for sure.Pragya n Purab shocked.Bulbul says,Di..i just said to convince maa.Purab n Pragya came back to normal.Bulbul says,Di..this is ur last chance so prepare well and clear the exam..then only u can attain ur passion.Purab says,Haa..Prags..if u fail then u have no other chance.Pragya says,No I ll clear,Trust me.Purab says,okay..we trust u.. tomorrow first get the application form of TOI and submit it.Pragya says,Sure.. Bulbul takes a 500rs note from Pragya’s hand n says,This is for me.. Pragya asks,U cheater..for this only u said application fees as thousand rupees uh? Bulbul smiles.Purab says,Then Whr is my share..I too helped u na.Pragya says,Arey..see I have only 500 now.. application fee is 500.Bulbul says,U have ur salary ryt then what.Purab says,U both also earning money.Pragya says,Buddhu v ll give to Maa na.Purab says,Ya..I forgot’s getting late I’m leaving.Pragya n Bulbul nods.Purab left the home.

Pragya asks,Maa..did my scooty came from service.Sarla says,Haa..beta..He billed 800rs..v r his regular customers na still this much cost.Bulbul says,Ya..maa he collected only 800 coz v r regular customers..for normal customers it pays 1000rs.Sarla says,Okay..okay don’t teach u both go n sleep..then only u ll wake earlier else I have to sing suprabhatha for u both.Pragya says,If u sang..we ll love to sleep more time.Sarla smiles n says,Good might my Bacchus..n kisses them.PraBul kisses her n asks,Maa Dadi?Sarla says,She slept soon..her cough syrup started to work.PraBul laughs n gets to their room.Pragya closed the door.Bulbul says,Di.. Tomorrow go soon first apply for exam and then go to school okay.Pragya says,Haa.. Bulbul.. Bulbul says,Okay di..good night.Pragya says,Good night meri bacchu.They both lay down n falls asleep soon.

In Police control room,Alia asks,Whr u caught this man Abhi.Abhi says,Im on the way to my home at the time he tried to kill me..for my fortunate the bullet hitted my rear mirror..his unfortunate he caught.Nikkil comes thr n says,Abhi u r ryt he is Simha’s man.Abhi says,I knew it..From the day I took his case..I saw this man’s face frequently I think he is following me.A Constable comes thr n says,Sir a lawyer came to meet u.Abhi says,Ask him to wait I ll come.Nikkil says,I think he came to bail him.Alia says,No one knows he has arrested but within that a man came to bail someone in our department is helping him or what.Abhi says,No Alia he came with some other goons n they escaped they may informed their head that one man caught so the lawyer is here.Nikkil says,But u shooted him on’s beyond the rules.Abhi says,Whats the time’s now 10PM..his lawyer is here to bail him is that comes under any rules or section..So the man we caught is an important person to Simha so only he wanna bail him according to my view this man knows all the secret abt Simha..if we use him in a ryt way..We could arrest Simha easily.So we could hold him for this night we should never leave him to go by now..

Nikkil says,That was great bro.. Superb..Abhi says, lemme talk to his lawyer..n goes out of the room.The lawyer shouts,Mr.Mehra how could u shoot him without any could u arrest him without any complaint against him.Abhi says,Excuse me it’s not court.. don’t shout like this.Laweyer says,Here I’m with a bail order just leave him now.Abhi says,Sorry..U can’t bail him now..I had filed FIR I wanna produce him in court u may bail him thr.Lawyer says,Have u lost it Mr.Mehra..this time how u ll produce him in court.Abhi says,U lost it Mr..??Oh..Mr.Kulkrani..u r ryt I’m gonna produce him on court by tomorrow morning u can bail him thr..still that ur man ll be safe in our custody okay..u may go now.Kulkrani says,U know whose man he is.Abhi shouts,Yes..I know..Kulkrani says,U know whom u r messing with.A Abhi says,Hey u know to whom u r messing with..U know the power of police.. don’t stand here n waste my time if u speak a word more u ll see what a police can do.Kulkrani stares him n went out and made a phone call n came in.Abhi says,Still u r here.. Constable take him out.Alia runs towards Abhi n says,Abhi..Abhi.. commissioner sir ordered to leave him..Abhi asks,What?Alia says,Yes..he is online wanna speak with you.Kulkrani smiles at Abhi evily.Abhi stares him n goes in.

On phone, Commissioner says,Mr.Mehra wht the hell u r doing..How could u arrest him without any complaint.Abhi says,But sir..he tried to shoot me. commissioner says,Its not the time to argue..he is Simha’s man.Abhi says,But sir..he is important man in his gang..we can’t let him easily. commissioner says,Mr.Mehra Im ordering u..just leave him.Abhi gets anger n shouts,Okay sir..n ends the call.Abhi came out n says in a low voice,Constable.. leave him.Kulkrani says,Now..u could see the power of Simha.Abhi slaps him hard.Kulkrani shocked n says,U ll pay for it.Abhi gave another slap.Kulkrani shuts his mouth n leaves from thr.Abhi gave a dead stern.Kulkrani scared n went out without uttering a word.Nikkil says,We can’t do anything Abhi..Abhi irked n left to home he drove fast.Alia n Nikkil too left to their home.Abhi entered his home n kicks the sofa n fumes in anger.Suddenly he heard her was coming from his mobile his ringtone..He calm down by hearing her voice n attends the call.Alia asks,Abhi..have u reached home safely.Abhi says,Yaa..thanks n ends the call.Abhi thinks,This girl voice is more my anger cooled down by hearing her voice..uffff..Abhi stop thinking..n got fresh up n prepared dinner for him n started to have.Abhi says,Oh.. nothing in this world is worse than this.. preparing myself and having myself..shit n he finished his dinner n settled on his bed n closed his eyes.. Suddenly he could see her eyes before him.Abhi says,Oh..god..pls make me to forget that girl n he slowly dozed off.

Next morning,Pragya says,Maa..I’m leaving.Bulbul says,Maa..I’m too leaving..My cab arrived.Sarla says,Have u both took lunch?PraBul says,Haa..Maa..Sarla says,Okay be safe.. don’t skip lunch.They shouts,Okay..n left.Pragya moved in her scooty.Bulbul left in her cab.Abhi was in car on the road with uniform as his morning rounds.Abhi says,Constable check the license of the ppl.Constable nods n got out of the car.Abhi too got out n leans over the car by showing his back towards the road side.The Constable was checking license.Pragya was going on that road n sees a Constable checking for license n thinks, shall I do now..Oh god save me..that Constable shouldn’t notice me..thr is no diversion route..god save me…by saying this she tried to ignored the constable n abt to cross the place without stopping her scooty.But Constable noticed her n asks her to stop.Pragya stops the scooty n thinks,Oh god I caught now Wht to do..Pragya come on do something.Constable asks for license.Pragya says,License..what license.Constable irks n says,Driving license.Pragya says,Ya..I know..and pretend as searching for license in her bag..n says,Sir usually u ppl won’t check with girls na.Constable irked more n asks, license hey ya nahi..Pragya says,Hai..hai..but nahi..n pouts.Constable says,acchaa..Yeh baat hai.. Pragya says,Im just going to take license.Constable says,Okay..I could understand..Pragya says,Wht shall I do now..u r looking like my brother pls consider me as ur sister n leave me.

Constable says,Then give me 100rs n go.Pragya asks,But fine is 500rs ryt u r asking me to’s too much..btw who is he(by seeing Abhi leaning over the car by his back) ur higher officer ryt I ll complaint him that u r asking me to bribe.Constable says,Arey..wah..u have no license u r speaking rules with me okay..then pay the fine 500rs..Pragya shocked n thinks, I have only 600rs..500 for application wht shall I do now.Constable says,Come on pay the fine amount..Pragya says,Bhai..pls I’m going for important work I ll pay while returning pls..pls..bhai.Constable tooks her scooty key n ask her to corner the bike.Pragya says,Bhai..pls bhai.. Constable says,U r speaking rules speak the rules.Pragya got tensed n corners the bike n says,Bhai..pls bhai I ll give u 100rs..leave me..Im Sry.. Constable says, u r special person no bribe from u.Pragya thinks,Wht to do.Constable goes to Abhi n says,Sir that girl doesn’t have license i asked her to pay fine but she tried to bribe me.Abhi turns with his coolers eyes n looks at Pragya.Pragya was tensed n looks at Abhi.Abhi smiles n thinks,This..this girl..fine n goes to her.Abhi asks,Whts the problem Ms.Pragya Arora?,asked with a evil smile to scare her.Pragya thinks, Pragya u messed with him yesterday now he never gonna leave u.Pragya says,ACP sir..i don’t have license.Abhi says,Okay.. then pay the fine so simple.Pragya says,I don’t have money too..wht to do..u know how I struggled to get this 500rs from my Maa for application..this is my last chance I wont get money again for my application..i only have 600rs..500 for application..100rs for petrol..i ll manage without u pls take this 100rs n leave me,she said in a single breethe.

Abhi smiles at her n asks,Y u didn’t take license..Pragya says,Im poor in driving number they didn’t gave me license,said with a pout.Abhi couldn’t help he smiled at her n asks,How u r riding without license.Pragya says,Usually..u ppl wont stop girls na..but today is not my day..this man caught me today(points the constable).Abhi says,But bribing is offence dont u know that.Pragya says,I know but this man only asked me 100rs..but I threatened him that I ll complain u so he produced me to u.Abhi keeps on smiling at her n says,Constable gave her the pay slip.Constable says,But sir..she didnt paid yet.Abhi says,Im saying na..give her a pay slip.Constable nods n gave a pay slip to Pragya.Pragya smiles n keeps that in her bag.Abhi says,So chashmish..Oops sry Pragya.Pragya says,Its okay..u had helped me today u can call me chashmish,n smiles like a kid who got chocolates.Abhi smiles n says,This slip have validity of 2 days..U can use it for 2 days..try to get license soon.Pragya says,Ya..I ll try..thank you.Abhi asks constable to give the key.Constable gave the key to Pragya.Pragya took the key from him n pulls out tounge on him.Abhi smiles at her n thinks,Such a silly girl.Pragya starts her scooty n abt to leave but she stopped for a second n says,Sir..are u sure u dont want this 100Rs.Abhi laughs at her n nods no.Constable asks,Hey u know to whom u r speaking..just go.Pragya says,Oh..u r loyal police officer ryt..u wont get bribe..fine good job sir..I like it..I ll write an article abt u in TOI.
Abhi asks,Oh..u r a TOI reporter.Pragya says, only going to apply..if I got a job..for sure I ll write about u.Abhi nods his head in disbelief.Pragya smiles n left the place.Abhi thinks,Such a cute n lovely girl..she made my honest..n smiles.Constable looks at him n thinks,Kaamal hai..this man too knows how to smile..but y he is smiling like this n goes to him n calls him,Sir..Sir..Abhi was still lost in own thoughts n smiles.Constable calls aloud.Abhi came back to sense n asks,What?Constable says,Sir..u had given pay slip to her.Abhi takes out his purse n gave 500rs n says,The fine amount.Constable says,But sir.Abhi says,And u..u asked to bribe u.Constable says,Sorry sir.Abhi says,Get in..we have to leave now.Constable and Abhi drove towards the station.Pragya reached the office to get application form.Tanu calls her.Pragya attends the call n says,Hey Tanu how r u?Tanu says,Pragya..Purab told u gonna apply for TOI all the best.Pragya says,ya..ya..thank u.Tanu asks,Shall we meet today.Pragya says,Haa..Tanu I wanna share u abt a person.Tanu asks,What?about a person..Is this my Pragya or what?Pragya smiles n says,Ya..Tanu the person is such a sweetest person I had ever met.Tanu asks,Is the person is a girl or guy.Pragya say,Guy.Tanu wonders,Wow..guy..Pragya for the first time u r talking abt a guy..sure we wanna meet tonight.Pragya says,Sure I ll come to ur home after the school its getting late I wanna apply so catch u later.Tanu says,Okay Im excited come soon n ends the call.Pragya thinks,Yes..Tanu was ryt..I was talking abt a man for the first time..he is so sweet..offo Pragya now go n apply for the exam n rushes into the office.
. . .
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Meet you all in next chapter..
Till then Stay blessed..Be good..God bless..

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