Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 19


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Pragya calls Purab and Bulbul to come to the hospital.Doctor says,U can take her to home she is doing well.Abhi asks,Whats the problem Doctor.Doctor says,Nothing it’s Just high blood pressure I think she doesn’t took her tablets.. Nothing to worry n he left the place.Abhi and Pragya goes in.Pragya asks,Maa y u didn’t took tablets.Sarla looks at Abhi.Abhi says,Pragya I ll wait outside.Dadi says,No beta be here.Abhi says,Its okay Dadi.Sarla says,No problem beta stay here.Pragya and dadi wondered.Abhi smiles and seated thr.Pragya asks,Maa..y u didn’t took tablets.Sarla says,I Just forgot in some tension.Pragya says,Maa..i know what’s ur tension don’t think about that.Sarla nods.Abhi smiles at them.Pragya says,Maa what u r nodding ur head just like that..U had skipped ur blood pressure tablets u know na how important is this how u forgot..maa y u r behaving like a kid..Maa y r u doing like this.Sarla n Dadi smiles.Pragya says,U both r smiling..Wait let Bulbul come then she is perfect for u both.Abhi chuckled.Sarla says,Beeji..I think we should send Pragya to her sasural soon.

Pragya says,No..I’m not going anywhere..Wait..wait what u told now.Sarla says,Pragya I wanna u to get married soon.Pragya asks,But y maa..Dadi says,Why we should wait..when bride and groom is ready.Abhi and Pragya’s eyes widened.Pragya asks,Dadi what u r saying.Sarla says,Haa.. Pragya me and Beeji was discussing abt ur wedding at the time unfortunately I fell unconscious.Dadi smiles n asks,Come on Pragya now ask me who is the groom.Pragya looks at Abhi.Dadi says,Abhi beta u know who is groom.Abhi says,No Dadi I don’t know.Dadi says,So groom itself doesn’t know who is groom.Pragya’s eyes widened again.Dadi says,How many times u ll wide ur eyes with ur mote mote chashma.Abhi laughs.Pragya says,Dadi,in a stern voice.Dadi says,Arey..We are talking abt ur wedding u both r sitting like idle..U don’t have any happiness.Pragya asks,What..Dadi r u serious I thought u were kidding us.Dadi says,Kidding?I’m serious hey na Sarla.Sarla nods.Dadi says,We are planning to make ur wedding soon.Pragya looks at Abhi.

Abhi says,But Dadi.Dadi says,Pragya come let’s get medicines for Sarla n finish formalities.Abhi says,Dadi I ll do that u both stay here.Dadi says,No beta u be here we ll manage.Pragya and Abhi understood that Maa wanna talk to him alone.Pragya looks at Abhi.Abhi sighs her assurance then Pragya leaves from thr with Dadi.Abhi hesitates and asks,Maa..U..u wanna talk with me ryt.Sarla nods n says,Ya..I wanna talk with u.. Actually we are planning to make Pragya’s wedding with u..coz she told me everything..Her happiness resides in u..I don’t know y but I feel Pragya ll be happy with u but I still don’t know she ll b safe in ur arms..but something insisting me that she has to be urs as soon as possible..I don’t y..but ryt now this wedding is important..I have trust in u but still something is stopping me to believe that she ll be safe with u..I don’t know how to say.Abhi says,No problem maa..I ll wait..I mean we ll wait..till u trust me by full heart.Sarla says,No..I want u ppl to get married soon..I don’t know y but I feel to do it a mom I feel something so only I took this decision.

Abhi sat silent for a while.Pragya and dadi finished the formalities and headed towards the room.. Pragya was about to enter.Dadi stopped her n says,Wait let Abhi come out.Pragya nods n thinks,What they are conversing for a while.Purab and Bulbul comes thr.Bulbul asks,Di..Whr is she okay.Pragya nods n explains everything to Purab and Bulbul.Purab asks,What after hearing Vijay maa should protest for this wedding but she wanna do it soon.Bulbul asks, weird.Dadi says,Nothing weird..we elders know what to do and when to do.Purab Pragya and Bulbul looks on.
Abhi thinks,Whats this she is saying she trusts me.. but she is saying that she doesn’t know that I ll keep Pragya safe or not..i didn’t understand anything.Sarla says,Abhi.Abhi came back to sense n says,Maa..I don’t know u ll trust me or not..But Fuggi..I mean Pragya is my life..I had no one in my life..My happiness and everything is with Pragya..I can say that she ll b happy and safe in my arms than being anywhere..I can understand that u r worrying for one of ur daughter’s life..but for me she is the only one..I’m not saying that I can replace u but I’m saying that I ll be perfect in my way..that’s it..

And u ppl had already decided for the wedding..I don’t have any problem in get married to my Pragya actually I’m so happy abt this..but I don’t know abt her decision coz just now she started her career.. she need sometime to do things..I don’t want her professional life to affect bcoz this marriage.. If she is okay with this..Then her decision is mine..not only in this..I ll respect her and her decision now and always coz if there is someone is thr to think good for me that is my Pragya she won’t actually she ll never ever think bad things for me which ll hurt me..So if she is okay with this then I respect and accept her decision..and don’t think too much maa..Take care by saying this he left the room with lil anger lil confusion and lil happiness.Abhi came out Pragya was abt to ask but he walked away.Pragya looks puzzled n says,Bulbul u take maa to home I ll b back after talking with him.Bulbul says,Okay di.Pragya followed Abhi.Abhi got into his car n abt to leave.Pragya ran towards him n asks,What happened..I could see confusion and frustration in ur face rather than happiness.

Abhi says,Pragya leave me alone for sometime pls.Pragya was lil bit hurt n says,okay..and abt to leave.Abhi got down from the car n says,Im sorry.. Actually I don’t know why I behaved rude with u..I’m sorry.Pragya says,Its okay..leave it..tell me what happened..what u and maa spoke..I’m really eager to know that..wait did maa hurted u..that’s y u r anger,asked with a pout.Abhi couldn’t help he smiled at her n says,No ur maa was so sweet and she is over protective towards u that’s it.. Pragya says,Arey..ACP tell me clearly what happened.Abhi explains everything.
Pragya says,Im sorry I could understand..She still didn’t trust u ryt..Pls don’t feel bad for that.Abhi says,Actually I felt bad but not now.Pragya asks,Why.Abhi says,Bcoz moms are always ryt and moreover no mom ll give her precious daughter to unsafe arms.Pragya says,U know what no one can take care of me than u.Abhi gave deep breath n widens his arms lazily n says,Hmmm..u know that what about ur mom.Pragya pouts n asks,Finally what she told.Abhi says,Finally she told we wanna get married soon.

Pragya asks,What u said.Abhi says,I said it’s upto u.Pragya asks,What that means.Abhi smiles n asks,How many questions u ll ask.Pragya says,Then u r not saying anything by urself then I should get that via questions na.Abhi chuckled n says,I said if u r Okay with this wedding then ur decision is mine.Pragya asks,What if I’m not okay.Abhi says,Arey..say that to ur mom..u both are eating my brain..waise maa jaise beti..Pragya stares at him.Abhi asks,Then only u started ur career if get married now u have to take much leave it ll affect ur career thats y I leave the decision with u.Pragya says,So whenever it’s okay for u ryt.Abhi folds his hand before her n says,Meri maa..U know what I lost all my energy to answer all ur questions.. Just tell me when and where the wedding gonna happen I ll come and do all the rituals..pls don’t ask any questions further.Pragya smiles at him n says,But..Abhi says,What but..See I’m okay with our wedding if it is tomorrow..I’m okay if it is after a year..I’m Ok with whatever decision u make..u consult with ur family..that’s it no more questions.Pragya says,But Im still confused,said with a confused face.Abhi says,Oh God I can’t.. really I can’t..i think I wanna take saline stripes to talk with u.. please fuggi have some mercy on me see I’m really tired.Pragya says,Okay..can u drop me in home.Abhi says,oh god..u r asking this also as a question.Pragya says,Sorry.Abhi says,Come let’s go.Abhi and Pragya starts towards the home.

On the way to home,Pragya asks,Now what I wanna talk with Maa..Abhi thinks,Oh god..this girl na and says,Pragya.. Pragya.. Just relax..See tell me did u wanna marry me immediately.Pragya says,Actually I Wanna marry u but not so soon.. Just now I started my new article so I need a month..I’m okay after a month.Abhi says,Pakka..say this to ur maa.. Problem solved.Pragya says,Thats okay..but if she doesn’t trust u much y should she wanna me to get married to u so soon..I just wanna ask her y she said she doesn’t have trust on u..

Actually I’m sorry from her behalf my maa is not rude person she is so sweet but I don’t know y she behaved like this.Abhi says,I could understand..he squeezed her hand in assurance n says,She trusts me Pragya that’s y she wanna u to get married to me but something stops her..That may be my profession or may be I’m new to her.. that might be the reason but she trusts me that’s y she agreed for this..but somewhat she didn’t realized but soon she ll realize that I ll make my angel happy and I ll protect her like a precious Kohinoor.Pragya chucked n asks,Im ur Kohinoor that’s it not much precious than that,asked with a teasing smile.Abhi says,No..U r precious Pragya not even comparable to Kohinoor..U r precious than anything.Pragya says,Oh.. enough of ur buttering..See I’m melting.Abhi smiles.
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