Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 18

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Ronnie says,Di..di..still one day to go then we can do outdoor activities wow I’m so excited di.Pragya was deep in her thoughts thinking about Abhi’s words n thinks,He really inspired me I wanna do something to this society if not for the society I wanna give justice to my father and Ankush uncle who died coz of someone..Yes..he was ryt I should use my possession in a good way and wanna expose that Simha and men..I ll get justice for my father and Ankush uncle’s death..Not only for them there are many persons and families are affected by that Simha I wanna expose them to the world and I have to get him punished for all his deeds.Ronnie taps the table which makes a loud sound.Pragya came back to reality n asks,What.Ronnie says,For the past 10mins I’m talking to u but u didn’t heared anything,he pouted.

Pragya says,Ronnie do u have any motivation to do this job.Ronnie asks,What??di what happened to u..y u r talking so serious see from tomorrow we can work outdoor I’m so we planned we can bunk..we can roam..we can eat more..and most importantly there is no one to order to do this and that..If we give some news every day we ll get the stress.. actually it ll never like we are working that’s nice na di.Pragya stares at him n says,No Ronnie we should have some motivation to do this work..we had worked hard to reach here we should do something good to this society.Ronnie asks,Di..what happened to u..are u okay..Is this is my Pragya di.Pragya says,Be serious Ronnie u know what ACP sir told me today and narrates the Whole convo with Abhi.Ronnie hears it n thinks,Uff..that ACP sir na brainwashed my di..but I’m smarter than him see how I’m gonna manipulate di..n says,Di..we can’t do anything..he is a police so he can say anything but we couldn’t do anything with this job.
Pragya says,No Ronnie we can do.. Atleast we couldn’t do anything for society I should do it for my dad and uncle.Ronnie asks,Matlab.Pragya narrates the whole incident about her father and uncle n his family died coz of Simha and his men.Ronnie gets emotional n says,Im sorry di..I thought u also like me u joined this job to enjoy but u have motivation di.. Don’t worry di I ll be thr with u all over this mission..We ll expose him and we ll get him punished I swear di we are doing this,said firmly.Pragya smiles n says,Thank u Ronnie but how we could involve only on Simha’s case do u think our editor ll accept for this.Ronnie says,Leave that to me I ll make him to agree.Pragya asks,How.Ronnie says,Wait and I’m coming with acceptance letter and leaves to editor’s room.Pragya thinks,Arey..what he gonna do..god pls do something sure he gonna mess up everything n looks tensed.After an hour Ronnie comes out of editor’s room.Pragya rushed to him and asks,What happened I know very well u had messed up everything ryt.Ronnie says,No di actually,he hesitates.Pragya asks,What..He fired us uh??Tell me something..y u r silent.Ronnie laughs n says,Dont underestimate the power of the common man.Pragya irked n says,Enough of ur dialogues now tell me what happened.Ronnie laughs at Pragya’s expressions.Pragya says,Now y the hell u r laughing like this.Ronnie says,Relax di I told u na I got acceptance letter and shows it to Pragya.Pragya reads it n says,Wow.. Acceptance letter for cover story of Simha Ronnie tell me how u did this.Ronnie says,So simple I told him Many lies and some truth.Pragya asks,What lies.Ronnie says,I said him if Simha got punished he ll get awards and rewards from government.Pragya’s eyes widened by hearing his big lie.Pragya says,This is not fair..u trapped him.Ronnie says,Arey..Di.. leave it.. however we got permission ryt.Pragya smiles n says,Yes..we shall start this from tomorrow.Ronnie says,Yeah..but we can’t publish..Pragya asks,Why.Ronnie says,Di editor told me first we have to do case study for a month then we could publish..if we do the case study it ll help us to give accurate informations.Pragya says,Ya..U r ryt..Okay let’s observe Simha and his men from tomorrow and we ll do weekly article from next month.Ronnie says,Sure di n smiles.

Pragya says,But it’s too risky Ronnie we have to be extra careful we should follow them we should observe them without their knowledge if we caught then there is no guarantee for our lives..and moreover don’t even let this topic infront of Maa Bulbul or even with ACP sir..If we came to know they ll never lets us to do this they ll get scared and u don’t even tell about this to ur family they ll b scared.Ronnie says,Okay di..i swear I won’t blurt out.Pragya says,Yeah..that’s good..I’m so happy and finally the mission gonna start.Ronnie shows thumbs up n says,yeah.. Mission Motivation.. Pragya smiles n shows thumbs up.In Abhi’s office.Abhi handover a file to Alia n says,Oh..Alia finally the case is over and Head ache is over.Alia asks,Which case.Abhi says,That Kiran and his men gangster war shoot in the file all reports are there postmortem reports.. bullets and court order all pile it with files.. Finally the court declared the case is over.Alia smiles n goes through the file n asks,But bhai in report only death time and bullet mark identity is mentioned.Abhi says,Ya Alia they said this is enough for this case the full report ll be in hospital we can get it from there anytime if we need further..but u know what that judge didn’t even see this report fully.

Alia piled up the case file in stack n says,Bhai its Afterall gangster war so only the court is not giving any it ll be if all gangster died like this then we don’t have any problem.Abhi smiles n says,Then we won’t have any work too.Alia laughs n says,Yeah.. Exactly..Nikkil comes thr n says, much u can we gonna die soon.Abhi asks,What.Alia asks,What u r blabbering.Nikkil says,Abhi u told me to cease all the drugs na I did it..Simha himself came thr n threaten that he ll finish all of us if we interfered in his doings.Abhi says,We ll interfere still he stops doing illegal things.Nikkil says,Abhi think once yaar let’s drop this..he is already anger and desperate after Kiran and men gangster war..He lost his brother he is in full rage now if we did something sure he ll kill us,panicked Nikkil.Abhi says,Come on Nikkil..Kiran was dead coz of his men..we didn’t encounter him..What wrong we did.Nikkil says,Oh Abhi that’s not a matter if we keep on interfere in all his doings he ll kill us.Alia says,Stop blabbering Nikkil behave like a cop.Nikkil says,I don’t know y both are not getting the fact..oh god..he leaves the cabin.Alia says,Scary cat..Abhi smiles.Alia says,But he is ryt.. lil bit feeling scared.Abhi says,Dont worry Alia nothing ll happen..He couldn’t do anything relax.Alia nods n leaves the room.Abhi thinks,Hereafter I shouldn’t involve Alia and Nikkil in this case..I ll handle this case by my own..If Simha caught in a case then I ll show him the power of police n gave a breethe.

Sarla was in market buying stuffs for home.Vijay goes to Sarla’s home n shouts,Whr is she.Dadi comes thr n asks,U..y u came many times I had told not to come here what u thinking of urself can’t u let’s us to live in peace.Vijay shouts,Where is ur bahu n starts to search all over the home.Dadi shouts,Get out.Vijay says,Oh she is not in home then I know whr ll be she and left the home.Dadi says,Y the hell he is coming here God pls make him to stay away from us.Vijay reached market n searchs for Salra.Finally he finds Sarla n goes infront of her.Sarla sees him and about to leave.Vijay says,Ek minute.Sarla says,I don’t wanna to see ur face..get lost.Vijay asks,How dare u agreed for Pragya’s marriage that to with that police could u do this without my knowledge when I’m here.Sarla asks,Why should I have to ask u..who u r..she is my daughter..I know what to do.Vijay says,I won’t let u to do this still I’m here.Sarla says,Who are u to decide all this..I didn’t want to see ur face..Y u r not letting us to live in peace..If I heard ur words then my daughter’s life ll be like hell..Pls don’t disturb us pls and she cries n starts to leave.Vijay shouts,Oh..if u heard my words ur daughter’s life ll be hell uh??Fine..then hear it..If u get her married to him she ll be a widow..u could see ur damaad’s death that too in my hands n left the place.

Sarla was hell shocked n his words are echoing in her ears and mind.She was lost in thoughts and walking on the road.On other side,Vijay says,All bcoz of Pragya first I should talk to her and decides to meet her.Abhi calls Pragya.Pragya attends the call n says,Good evening My ACP.Abhi smiles n says,Good work time is over ryt..Shall we meet.Pragya wonders n asks,Is this Mr.Abhishek Mehra..Oh god I can’t believe this..U really wanna spend sometime with me.Abhi smiles n says,Ya Ofcourse my to be biwi.Pragya smiles n thinks to tease him n says,Actually..Even I wanna spend some time with u but unfortunately I have some important work to do.Abhi asks,Oh really.. Work outside the office that to near the gate.Pragya asks,So u r here ryt.Abhi says,Ofcourse turn to ur left.Pragya turns n sees Abhi in his car n waves his hand.Pragya smiles n goes to him.Vijay comes thr to meet Pragya but he saw Pragya going towards Abhi’s car.

Pragya got into the car n says,U r too bad and cheater..when did u came here.Abhi says,Just now came to pick u for coffee but never mind u have important work na u can do that I ll take some one else.Pragya asks,Who is dieing to have coffee with kadoos like u.Abhi says,Hey u don’t know my impact on girls..I have huge fans during my college days.Pragya asks,Y are u a musician or actor in ur college,asked irked Pragya.Abhi says,No I’m a sporty so girls love me.Pragya asks,Really then go and have ur coffee with some other girls now I’m leaving n got out of the car.Abhi says,Arey fuggi..Stop this I was just joking,pleaded Abhi by following her.Vijay was near them as he could hear all this.Pragya says,Dont follow me else I ll file a complaint against u.Abhi smiles n asks,To whom.Pragya says,To assistant commissioner of police.Abhi chuckled.Pragya says,Dont laugh.Abhi says,Okay madam don’t show off come.Pragya asks,What..u r saying that me..excuse me could u..Abhi says,I told u na don’t show off keep quiet n come let’s go.Pragya says,Again u r saying the same no way I’m not coming with u.Abhi smiles n says,Over act math karo na fuggi chalo.Pragya irked n says,Dont say that again and again..I ll kill u.Abhi was about to say something suddenly Pragya’s phone ranged.Pragya says,One minute and attends the call.What… god..whr ..Whr..are u now..okay I ll come thr,words spoken by Pragya with a hesitation and tears in her eyes.

Abhi panicked n asks,Pragya..what happened..all okay ryt.Pragya says,No..Maa fell unconscious dadi took her to hospital she asked me to come thr..i wanna go and abt to leave.Abhi holds her n says,Relax Pragya nothing ll happen to maa..come let’s go and meet her,assured her by holding hands.Pragya nods n they both drove towards hospital.Vijay who heard this was well shocked n decides to see Sarla.Abhi and Pragya reached hospital.Pragya asked Dadi,What happened.Dadi says,after coming from market she Suddenly fainted.Doctor comes thr n asks them to get the injection.Abhi says,Pragya u stay here with Maa and dadi I ll get this.Pragya nods.Dadi calls Pragya n says everything that Vijay had told to maa.Pragya goes on temper n asks,How dare he is..I won’t leave him.

Suddenly Vijay comes there n calls maa..maa..n asks,Dadi Wht happened to maa..Pragya holds his hand n drags him out n asks,Who is ur maa..Y u came here it’s all coz of u my maa is here..u threatened dare u..who are u to interfere in our lives..U cheap criminal stay away from us.. especially from my Maa.Vijay asks,If she is ur maa then who is she for me.. she is also my Maa ryt.Pragya says,Dont ever say that..My maa has only 2 daughters me and Bulbul and his son ie., my bhai was dead 15 years ago..and u r nothing to us stop disturbing us.. and don’t act that u r concerned for us.Vijay says,Im really concerned thats y I said maa not to accept him..U know he is so loyal police officer..He have many enemies..Even he is a big trouble to Simha bhai..Our men ll kill him at anytime it’s not safe for ur life.

Pragya loses her cool n says,I know he is loyal and that’s y I love him.. Nothing ll happen to him he ll be strong enough u ppl can’t do anything..u ppl even can’t touch him u don’t know abt him..he ll kill u all..if he knows abt u then u ll be dead by tomorrow so stop worrying for us and think abt u..And I’m giving u the chance if u accept all ur mistakes by urself it’s better for u else u ll die in his hands that too infront of my eyes..U don’t ever heard bad ppl’s death ll be horrible and ur death gonna be like that only.. actually u r already dead for us,bursted with Anger.Vijay says,Lets see how u gonna marry him..i ll never let this to happen.Pragya says,I ll marry him..and we ll live happily for 100 of what u can..U cant even touch his shadow.Vijay says,Lets see..n leaves from thr.While leaving he mistakenly dashed with Abhi.Abhi says,Sorry.. and looks at him.Vijay stares at him and Abhi too gave a death glare after realizing it was 3rd grade rowdy Vijay.Vijay stares at him and leaves the hospital.Abhi thinks,Why he was here..n says,whatever n moved towards maa’s room.
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