Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 17


Hey guys all are doing well ryt..I’m really sorry honestly I’m trying to give updates daily but I’m tired off so I couldn’t pen the chapters.So no bak baks let’s get into the story.. Happy reading ❤
Recap : Pragya tells everything about Abhi to Sarla.

The next day morning,Pragya woke up n thinks,What maa ll say..Why she didn’t say anything even after I told about him..Is this is positive or she doesn’t even wanna talk about it further.Bulbul comes out of bathroom n says,Di..u r getting late na go and freshup soon.Pragya nods.Bulbul understands Pragya’s pain and frustration n says,Di.. don’t worry Maa ll accept Jiju.Pragya smiles n goes to freshup.After getting freshup Bulbul and Pragya came to have breakfast.Dadi calls Pragya and Bulbul to Sarla’s room.Pragya and Bulbul goes in.Dadi says,Sarla now they both are here tell them what u wanna tell.Sarla looks at Pragya.Sarla thinks,Im not okay with this..But I’m agreeing for ur happiness..but I don’t know ll I’m able to accept him..Pragya asks,What maa.Sarla says,If ur happiness is him..then I’m accepting him for ur happiness.Pragya doesn’t respond she was standing numb.Bulbul and Dadi smiles wide.Bulbul hugs Pragya n says,Di I told u na Maa ll accept him..See now she accepted I’m so happy for u di.Sarla was standing expression less.Pragya’s eyes were filled and she hugs Sarla.Sarla too hugs her n kisses her.Pragya says,Thank u maa.. thank u so much..I don’t know how to react even..Maa..u know I’m so happy and he ll react oh my god..he ll b more happy..His expression gonna be worth watching..and she goes on.Sarla smiles n left to the kitchen.Dadi comes near Pragya n says,Beta she didn’t accept him by whole heart..still she doesn’t believe him if she agreed today it’s all for ur happiness..but don’t worry she ll accept him she accepted him for ur sake soon she ll understand him and she ll accept him whole hearted..untill don’t force Sarla..she ll be okay.Pragya says,But Dadi what if maa didn’t trust him till the end..I don’t want my start my life without maa’s hearty wishes and happiness.Dadi says,Arey..beta don’t worry she ll b okay soon..see she gonna love him more as like a son.Bulbul says,Haa di.. don’t even worry maa ll surely like him.. everything ll b fine stop worrying and cherish the moment with Jiju..go soon.Pragya smiles n left the home to meet Abhi.

Pragya was in bus.She called Abhi.Abhi attends the call n says,Good morning fuggi.. Pragya says,Good morning ACP sir.. Wassup Whr are u in home or office.Abhi asks,Why..Wanna see me now..,asked with a flirtatious smile.Pragya says,Yes..I wanna meet u ryt now.. tell me Whr r u.Abhi asks,Whats the matter..tell me in phone..I’m on circle signal on duty.Pragya says,Its a surprise okay then I ll meet u thr..n ends the call.Abhi says,Hello… fuggi what’s the..hello..oh she ended the call..But what ll be the surprise n stood thr by leaning over the car.A man behind a building sets the gun by pointing towards Abhi to shoot him.Abhi was looking at phone and smiling n asks,What ll be the surprise..this girl na and looking for Pragya..The man sets the gun point n says,So Mr.Abhishek Mehra..The Assistant commissioner of police ur super duper police story is gonna end now..Oh..ho..ACP how many times we had warned u not to get through in our way..So u r waiting here that u can cease all our drugs coming by this way..And smart ACP the information given to u is just to trap u but u r thinking that u can trap us here..Poor ACP n gave a evil smile n says,Ya okay it’s getting late it’s time for u to leave the earth and travel to heaven..Have a good death ACP and keeps his finger on trigger to shoot him.Abhi was standing thr on road casually.The man points him n abt to press the trigger.Suddenly a bus came in between.The man irked n says,Shit..Hell the bus n shouts.As the bus moved away he again kept his hand on trigger n about to fire on Abhi…But he stops suddenly and took the finger away from trigger n looks shocked by seeing Pragya hugging Abhi.

He packs his gun and run towards Abhi’s car n hides near them n thinks to eavesdrop them.On other side,Abhi says,Pragya first move away from me what u r doing ppl are watching us..n broke the hug.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi asks,Have u gone mad..I’m on duty.Pragya asks,So what u r not wearing uniform na.Abhi says,But I’m in duty time..first tell me what happened to u..Y u r so happy.The man (oh I forgot to say who is the man ryt the man is none other than Vijay)..Vijay was hearing them by hiding behind the car n thinks,What the hell she is doing with him..How dare is she to hug him in road.Pragya says,Come on ACP have some guesses tell me y I’m happy.Abhi says,I don’t know..I couldn’t even today is ur bday..Pragya pouts n says,Birthday??U don’t even know when was my bday..well I ll see u later for this..And any other guesses.Abhi smiles n says,Meri maa..I’m sure I ll guess wrong then u ll punish me for that it’s better u tell me what the surprise.

Pragya smiles.Abhi asks,Whats the meaning of ur smile..tell me the surprise.Pragya says,Okay..Now tell me when u wanna marry me.Abhi asks,What.Vijay heard that n fumes in anger n says,Marriage..My Pragya gonna marry him..what’s going on n thinks to hear the whole convo.Abhi asks,Y Suddenly u are asking abt wedding..Btw I already told u na if ur family accepts me then I’m okay for our wedding n winks at her.Pragya says,Okay’s the time to get married.Abhi says,Arey..I told u na without ur family’s wish how could..he realized what she told n says,Hey wait..wait..what u told now..come again..,he asked with eyes widened.Pragya smiles n says,U heard ryt.Abhi asks,Matlab..tell me clearly I couldn’t understand,asked with much curiosity.Pragya smiles n says,Buddhu ACP my Maa and dadi accepted u..they gave us green signal.Abhi couldn’t believe he gone numb for a moment n stood like a statue.Vijay was shocked by hearing this n says,How could the two ladies accepted him when I’m here..It’s enough now it’s the time to show them who is Vijay and leaves from thr.Pragya says,Oye..Hello ACP..Abhi immediately hugs Pragya his eyes were filled n his lips were smiling..he started to twirl her n shouts,Are u serious oh god I can’t believe this..u know last night Im worried abt this after seeing ur maa’s reactions on me I thought she won’t accept me ever..but but she accepted me..that too so it happened oh it’s real or dream..I couldn’t believe this..Pragya says, also u r in also ppl are watching us..

Abhi immediately broke the hug n says,Sorry I couldn’t hold on my excitement..He was smiling wide.Pragya was admiring his smile.Abhi asks,Now tell me how it happened..I couldn’t understand anything is this reality ryt not a dream na..Pinch me.. Pinch me..Pragya says,Mr.ACP don’t behave like a kid..hold on urself.Abhi says,Just pinch me.Pragya pinches him.Abhi says,Ouch..Its paining it’s it happened..Pragya smiles n narrates the last night incident that happened in her home.Abhi completely surprised n says,Really..U love me to that much..And holds her hands his eyes were almost moist.. Pragya smiles n says,Yes..I couldn’t love anyone than u..First stop getting emotional like this..Ur eyes are wet..See after seeing u like this my eyes are getting moist..Stop this emotional tears..U r an ACP if u cried in public what ppl ll think.Abhi says,Buddhu its happy tears..U know na how I’m feeling now..I’m out of the world dancing on moon no no dancing beyond the moon..U came in my life and took away the darkness and now u r giving me a family to live with togetherness.. seriously Pragya I never expected I ll b loved by someone to this extent..I never expected that I ll get this much happiness and love..And trust me I ll never let ur trust to broke down on any situation I ll be good and I love you.Pragya gets emotional n says,I know and I trust u..Love u too n says,I told u na stop this emotional words..if I cried in road ppl ll think u wrong..Abhi smiles n says,Accha..then come shall we go for our home..we can cry laugh and even we can do many things no one ll think us wrong n winks.Pragya says,Oh..smarty I told u na I won’t come to ur home till our wedding..And I wanna go for work so u can go home and cry laugh or do whatever u want I’m leaving now abt to leave.Abhi says,Okay relax..come I ll drop u..Pragya says,Ya okay and got into the car.Abhi calls Nikkil n says,Nikkil it seems to b wrong information..I think someone had tried to trap me but nothing had happened..I think they are transporting via Bandra post..U be there I ll be thr in half an hour.Pragya knocks the window glass n shows the watch.Abhi says, second n says,Nikkil be careful man.. check Every vehicle I ll be thr soon n ends the call n got into the car.Pragya asks,All okay.Abhi smiles n says,Yeah..n smiles.Pragya says,U know what Im feeling Sleepy.Abhi asks, responsible..By attaining ur passion doesn’t means u r succeeded u have more responsible than before and u have to value ur possession..U shouldn’t be careless..Pragya says,What I said I said I’m feeling sleepy for that u r giving this much lectures n pouts.

Abhi smiles n says,No Pragya it’s not like that u r in a precious position u have to use it ryt..U know as a media how much power u have..U have to utilize it in ryt way and have to shoot out the society to people..wanna expose the wrong doings and crime..U have huge responsibility..So don’t be lazy..If u got out of ur home for ur work concentrate on that think what u Gonna do something good today with ur possession.. Respect the work u do..Love the work u do..U ll never feel sleepy u ll feel much enthusiastic to do something new and Better than ur old..hmm.. Pragya smiles n nods.Abhi says,Okay..we reached ur office.Pragya smiles n says,Thank u..I only had passion towards this work but never had respect I thought I attained what I want by getting this job but now I came to know I have many more to achieve and attain and especially many more to do..And thanks to u for guiding me.Abhi says,U r saying me thanks..Its my husband duty.. Anyways it’s getting late we’ll catch up later have a good day.Pragya smiles n got out of the car n says,Thank u Mr.Inspiration.Abhi asks,Mr.Inspiration??Pragya says,Yeah..I never ever inspired by any one or any one’s words but u inspired me..Ur each words reflected ur love and respect towards ur passion ur job..I have to try alot to be like u..Even I tried I don’t know I could be like u or not.Abhi smiles n says,U ll acheive more than what I’m..Bcoz u r the best and u ll b the best.Pragya says,Thanks Again have a good day.Abhi says,U already made my day too good.Pragya smiles n says,Bye.. Abhi too says,Bye and left the place.Pragya thinks,How he loves his passion.. How he is thinking to do good things as much he can.. Atleast from now I have to try to be like him Atleast for 10 percent..I ll take him as my role model n smiles n says,And I ll make Ronnie too like me by saying his inspirational words..n goes into her office.

. . .
So I end my chapter here thank you all my readers and I know many of them are anger and fedup on me for not updating regularly.. Some of my regular readers are fed up and stopped their comments..I’m really sorry for disappointing u all I ll try to upload regularly pls forgive me..
And Haritha Roli and Aditi I love ur fan fiction alot.And pls try to give some long updates girls..?
Meet u all in next chapter till then Take care..Be good..Stay blessed..God bless?
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