Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 16


Hey guys all doing well ryt.. Hope all had enjoyed the Friendship day and belated friendship day wishes to all my dearest friends in Telly updates love u all wish u all success in ur life and have good and sustained friends who ll make ur life easier and happier.
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Pragya says,Lets talk with Maa in someother day not today please.Abhi says,Well..ur sister asked me ryt when u gonna talk with mom so that’s it.Pragya stares at Bulbul.Bulbul says,Jiju..I said for fun..I mean I mean it but not so soon..First we have to tell Maa then u talk with her it ll be perfect hey na di.Pragya says, ll be perfect.Abhi says,Thats it we reached ur home.Purab giggles by seeing restless Pragya.Pragya says,Purab do something stop laughing.Abhi got down n says,Hey guys come on let’s go in.Pragya says,We are going in u go to ur home.Abhi holds her by waist n says,Then who ll talk with ur mom.Pragya pushed him n asks,Have u gone mad..we are at the door of the home.Abhi leans close to her n asks,So what,n smiles.Hearing some voices Sarla opens the door and came out.Pragya immediately pulled away from Abhi and looks frightened.Sarla asks,Oh all u ppl came y so late..and who is the new guy..Oh Pragya abt this guy u told me today.Pragya surprised n nods no.Within that Abhi says,Oh Pragya u already told abt me how sweet n goes towards Sarla n touches her feet Sarla blessed him.Purab asks,Pragya when u told abt him.Pragya says,I never told abt him Purab..She goes near Sarla n says,Maa..

when I told abt him..what u r blabbering in sleep..and abt to divert Sarla before Abhi could say something.Sarla says,Evening u told na u got new brother in office..I forgot the name..what was his name.Bulbul laughed aloud.Abhi asks,Brother??Pragya says,Maa..Woh Ronnie this is Abhishek..My friend maa..Sarla says,Oh..I’m sorry beta I thought u as Ronnie.. come in..Arey Purab Bulbul come in why u are standing there itself.PurBul nods.Sarla takes Abhi inside Abhi winks at Pragya who is following them.

Sarla asks Abhi to sit and says,Pragya bring him something to drink..Beta what u prefer tea or coffee.Abhi says,Coffee aunty.. Fuggi’s special..Pragya bits her lips n stares at him.Sarla confused n asks,Fuggi??Abhi says,I mean Pragya.Sarla smiles n says,Pragya get him coffee to drink.Dadi comes thr n asks,Sarla who is he.Bulbul says,Dadi its di’s friend.Abhi touched Dadi’s feet and Dadi blessed him n smiles at him.Sarla asks,Beta u r working with Pragya or her college friend.. coz I didn’t seen u before with her.Pragya comes thr with coffee and looks damn tensed.Abhi gets the coffee from her hand n says,Actually maa I’m not her colleague or classmate..I’m working in Police department crime branch assistant commissioner of police,mumbai.

Pragya scared to the death and looks at Sarla.Sarla’s bright smile faded to a forced smile.All noticed that.And there was no more convos..Abhi finished his coffee and says,I came here to drop them..okay I’m leaving now.Pragya alone noticed that Abhi was hurted of her family’s behaviour.Sarla gave a fake forced smile and says,Okay.Dadi says,Okay beta.. meet you soon again..Abhi smiles n nods n started to move towards the entrance.Pragya says,Maa..i ll send off him n follows Abhi.Abhi got into his car.Pragya goes near the driver side window and says,Im sorry..I know u r hurted I’m sorry.

Abhi carres her cheek n says,Hey it’s just the beginning ur mom is lil bit shocked by knowing my profession it’s quite common everything ll b alryt..and I just came here to give my intro with ur family but u tensed alot and I’m sorry for that.Pragya says,Arey..y u r asking sorry.Abhi smiles at her n says,Okay take care I’m leaving now.Pragya gazes her love at him n leans towards him n placed a peck on his cheek.Abhi wondered n says,Wow…fuggi…ur first kiss..that was blissful.Pragya blushes n says,Im so happy to have u in my life.Abhi says,Even I’m too..and placed a peck on her forehead n says,Take care fuggi.. everything ll b alryt..we ll get married soon with ur family sorry sorry with our family’s wish.Pragya smiles n nods.Abhi too smiles n drove off.

Pragya was entering the home.Purab says,Pragya its late I’m leaving now.Pragys says,Ya okay..go safe.Purab nods and smiles n left the home.Pragya enters the home.Sarla asks,From how long he is ur friend.Pragya thinks,Maa..he doesn’t deserve ur hatred actually he doesn’t deserve anyone’s haterd he wanna be his happiness is me then for sure I ll be thr for him.Sarla asks the same again.Pragya says,Maa he is not my friend.Bulbul shocked n goes near Pragya and murmers,Di what u r doing let’s talk about this later.Pragya says,No Bulbul it’s the ryt time.Dadi asks,What is happening here.Pragya says,Dadi maa..He is not my friend..but I love him and he too loves to the moon and back..he doesn’t has his own family but he is considering us as his family there is no one for him than me..than us,she said in a single breethe.

Sarla and Dadi was shocked of her statement.Pragya says,Maa..I know u won’t like his profession but he is the best person I had ever met..I swear u ll like him too..He ll take care of me..if he was besides me no one can harm me maa..he ll take care of me as well as US..I’m not asking u to accept him immediately..I completely respect u and ur decision maa but one thing I could Never love some one as I do for him..if my life end up with some other person as my life partner it all ll b fake maa..I can’t be a best wife..I can’t give him the love..if u don’t wanna accept him it’s okay maa I purely respect ur decision and as a mother u ll always think for ur kids happiness..If not today sure u ll trust him one day that he ll take care of me for the best..We ll wait until the day maa..Pls don’t mistake me nothing in this world is so important to me than u..but u had taught me na Maa for one’s happiness we should never destroy others life..that is this maa..If I left him his life ll b destroyed maa..coz I’m his life maa..,she said by looking through her maa’s eyes.

Sarla sat on sofa without uttering a word.Dadi says,Pragya beta..Even we don’t know anything about him.Pragya says,Dadi.. actually he came here to say all this to u both but I stopped him..He ll b glad to meet u Dadi..I’m sure u ll like him.Dadi murmers to Pragya,I like him already..he is cute and handsome..When u both entered the home together na u both looked like RAB NE BANA DE JODI..I’m giving green signal.Pragya made a smile with teary eyes.Bulbul too smiled but Sarla was still in her thoughts.Dadi signs Pragya to go and speak with Sarla.Pragya goes to Sarla and falls on knees before her n says,Maa.. Don’t think too much I just said this now coz I don’t wanna lie u maa..I’m still ur daughter trust me maa I won’t do any mistake.. Nothing ll happen in my life without ur wish.. Pls don’t stress urself maa..Sarla carres her hair n placed a peck on her forehead n says,Go and sleep it’s getting late..chalo..Pragya smiles at her n says,Maa don’t think too much and stress urself maa.Sarla says,Okay beta.. Chalo.. Bulbul u too go and sleep tomorrow u both wanna go for work na.Bulbul and Pragya nods.Sarla goes to her room.Bulbul says,Yeh..Kya di..Maa didn’t told anything is this positive or she doesn’t even wanna talk abt this.Dadi says,Arey both of u go and sleep main hoon naa..

Pragya smiles and says,Yes..Dadi u r my only hope.Dadi asks,Bulbul tell me if u have anything like this..I ll talk about u too.Pragya says,Haa Dadi u r ryt..she too has love in her life.Dadi asks,Its Purab only na,asked with a wide eyes.Pragya and Bulbul shocked n asks,Dadi how u know abt this.Dadi says,We know that and smiles.Bulbul asks,We..U mean mom too knows that.Dadi says,Yeah..yeah..we are okay with that too.. Bulbul ur way is cleared.Bulbul smiles and hugs Dadi.Dadi says,Arey now u both go and sleep.Bulbul and Pragya smiles and goes to their room.
Bulbul says,Di these days maa knows about this OMG I’m so happy di.

Pragya hugs her n says,Im so happy for u Bulbul just call Purab and say this he ll b happy.Bulbul says,Haa di but I wanna see his reaction while I’m saying this to him so I ll tell him directly.Pragya smiles n says,Yeah.. that ll be perfect n thinks,How it ll be if maa accepts him..he ll b happy if I said my Maa accept our love…even I too wanna see his reaction how cute he ll be his eyes ll be widen as he saw a world’s wonder n smiles by thinking his reaction.Bulbul says,Di don’t worry sure maa ll accept Jiju too don’t worry.Pragya smiles at her n says,Its getting late now let’s sleep.Bulbul says,OMG di I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep today.Pragya smiles n goes to change.
. . .
I end my chapter here I promise u guys upcoming chapters ll have more suspenses and meet you all in next chapter till then take care be good Stay blessed and God bless? Spread love ❤

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