Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 15


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Pragya was very excited about her dream job and riding her bike but still she is upset that she gonna start new phase in her life but Abhi doesn’t even knows about that so she decided to visit him in his office before going to her office.Pragya took diversion towards his office within 15 minutes of time she reached his office.She bought a box full of dark chocolates and got into the office.Alia sees her n shouts,Pragya Babhi.Pragya jerks for a second n turns towards Alia and she noticed that everyone is seeing her.Alia runs towards Pragya and hugs her tight n says,Im really happy for u and Abhi bhai.. finally he is in relationship u know what even I can’t believe this now,said in an excited voice.Pragya smiles n says,Thank you Alia..Btw Whr is he.Alia winks at her n asks,Who?Pragya says,Come on Alia u know very well whom I’m asking for.Alia says,No I don’t know,smiles at Pragya.Pragya says,Achaa..Achaa..Whr is ur ACP sir.Alia asks,U mean Nikkil,teased again.Pragya smiles n says,Alia..thum bhi na..leave it..i ll find him myself n abt to move.Alia stops her n asks,Wait..wait..Y u r not saying his name..Did he asked not to call him by name.Pragya says,No.. nothing like that first tell me Whr is he.Alia says,He is too busy but now he is in his cabin.Pragya asks,Still busy?Alia says,Yeah..but he ll make time for u go,said with a naughty smile.Pragya smiles n goes to his room stood outside n asks,May I come in sir.Abhi says,Yeah..come in.Pragya gets in n says,Good morning Mr.ACP.

Abhi sees Pragya and stood up from the chair n says,Pragya thum,asked with a wide smile.Pragya says,’s me.Abhi smiles n says,Wow..what’s a special special person came to visit her special person.Pragya smiles n says,Yeah..I have to come..coz I no one is caring for me here,said in a fake anger.Abhi holds her hands n says,Im sorry fuggi.. Somewhat busy..I’m sorry,he said by holding his ears.Pragya smiles n says,ACP what ll u do if some of ur junior officers seen u like this,asked with a smile.Abhi smiles n says,I won’t mind..U forgave me ryt.Pragya says,Haa..baba..I know u r busy.Abhi asks,How.Pragya says,News an article about busy u I forgave u.Abhi says,Aww..u r sweetest fuggi ever.Pragya smiles n says, close ur eyes.Abhi asks,Kyun..u gonna kiss me ryt..but here in office it’s okay..I have no problem,winked at her.Pragya turns to crimson red n says,Cheee..I have a good news for u first close ur eyes.Abhi excited n asks,What good news.Pragya says,First close ur eyes,said in a stern voice.Abhi pouts n says,Okay n closed his eyes.Pragya says,Now open ur mouth.Abhi asks,What.Pragya says,Do what I say.Abhi opens his mouth.Pragya stuffs chocolates in his mouth.Abhi opens his eyes n smiles n asks,Whats this fuggi..Is today is ur bday or Wht.Pragya smiles n says,No..Guess what.Abhi says,I can’t guess just break the suspense.Pragya smiles at him n says,I had selected in TOI today I’m gonna join first day.Abhi’s eyes widened in happiness and hugged her n says,Wow..fuggi.. congratulations.. really happy for u.. finally u did it.Pragya smiles n says,Thank you.Abhi asks,Y u didn’t told me before.Pragya says,Oh hello check ur text messages..How many texts I had sent u,s he pouted.Abhi says,Okay.. sorry again..But I’m so happy for u and abt to hug her.Pragya pushed him n says,What u r doing its ur work place..Have some shame.Abhi smiles n says,Oh..meri sharmili.Pragya blushes n says,Okay..its getting late for me..If u were free shall we meet I’m leaving.

Abhi smiles at her n says,Hmm..I ll try to make some time.Pragya gets sad and disappointed n asks,U ll try? Atleast for my sake happiness can’t u say “okay” u r too bad..I’m Leaving need to meet me..u don’t wanna spend time with me..bye she left thr by keeping the chocolate box on his table.Nikkil sees Pragya leaving in anger n enters Abhi’s cabin.Alia sees Pragya n asks,So he made u time ryt.Pragya says,Who..Ur bhai..ughh!!! Don’t talk abt him Alia..Btw I’m selected in TOI today is my first day n gave her a chocolate.Alia hugs her n says,Wow.. congratulations..rock it..Pragya says,Thank you’s getting late catch u later n leaves.Alia too enters Abhi’s cabin.Abhi was smiling at his fuggi’s anger.Nikkil asks,Abhi..y she is leaving with that much anger.Alia too joined him n says,Its too she is understanding and how sweet she is but u scolded her too bad.Abhi asks,What..when I scolded her..she only shouted at me.Alia asks,Sure u may have done something wrong so she could shouted at u.Abhi asks,So u r on her side now.Alia says,Not only now forever.Abhi says,Fine..Nikkil asks,Arey y did she left in anger.Abhi says,She is not in anger she is lil bit upset that I couldn’t make time for her.Nikkil says,All girls are like this.Abhi says,No Nikkil..she never expected that I have to spend more time with her..she is upset that I didn’t even spoke some soothing words..She deserved more happiness Nikkil..I should have to spend some quality time with her.Alia says,Thats good.Abhi says, let’s do out work..we have loads to do.Nikkil and Alia nods n gets back to their places.

Pragya reached her new office with a cherished mood.She was given some indoor office works to do for a couple of weeks.Pragya was happy about her she was on crime department she was very excited.Her Editor called her to his cabin.Pragya goes to his cabin.She could see a man standing thr besides her.Editor says,Pragya for couple of weeks u r assigned for office works as u r a fresher u have to know how to interview ppl so u should go through many senior reporters video.Pragya says,Sure sir.Editor says,And Pragya this is Ronnie a fresher like u..she ll b ur camera man for all ur upcoming projects u both are a team.Pragya smiles at Ronnie n says,Hi.. Ronnie too says,Hi..Editor says,Okay all the best for both of u.. learn ur basics soon..I ll assign ur project after couple of weeks till then prepare urself better for ur designation okay.Pragya and Ronnie says,Sure sir.Editor smiles n says,Okay u may leave now..go back to ur cabin..U both have to share same cabin I mean as a team u should work together so u should share a room.. I mean cabin coz team work ll make opportunities to know more..coz u both ll share what u know so it ll b useful in upgrading urself.. And we ll provide name boards for both of tomorrow.Pragya and Ronnie says,Thank you and left Editor’s room.
Pragya and Ronnie enters their cabin.Ronnie says,Pragya ma’am editor is too Gud na.Pragya says,Arey just call me Pragya y u r saying maam I’m also new here.Ronnie says,But u seems to be elder to me how I could call u by name.. Well can I call u as di.Pragya smiles n says,Perfect..u can call me as di.Ronnie smiles n says,Okay tell me abt u and ur family.Pragya smiles n says,We are not succha big family me mom my lil sister and Dadi and my best friend Purab..then nothing tell me abt ur family.Ronnie says,My mom dad and me that’s it my family was in Delhi but I get my job here.Pragya smiles n says,Thats great..well I don’t know what to do.. Ronnie says,Even I don’t know what we gonna do.Pragya says,Editor said us to go through with previous issues na so better we ll do it.Ronnie says,Ya di come let’s discuss with our TL I think she could help us.Pragya says,Okay let’s go we have to perform well.Ronnie says,Haa di if we performed well then they ll give us outdoor works else we have to be in office only.Pragya says,Haa.. Ronnie u r ryt..I don’t wanna do work by sitting here..we wanna explore out.Ronnie says, this week we should impress everyone.Pragya says,Pakka.. come let’s go.Pragta and Ronnie goes to the TL.They had given huge files to study.Ronnie and Pragya was exhausted of seeing such huge huge files..finally the day ended in their office.Pragya and Ronnie came out of the office.Pragya says,Ronnie I can’t read such big..big those files are.Ronnie says,Haa..Di..that TL want to kill us by giving such mote mote files.Pragya says,Haa..but just for 1 week have to do it.Ronnie says,But di I’m ur camera person y should I have to read all these files.Pragya says,Then u should watch all murder robbery know abt how technically they are shooting rare videos.Ronnie says,For me it’s so simple..U know I had recorded many confidential and secret videos.Pragya wonders n asks,Really..what kinda videos are they.Ronnie says,Well..Videos of some new films..I ll shoot that from theater without the knowledge of owners the print ll b crystal clear.Pragya stares at him n says,Thats piracy Buddhu..don’t ever do that again..and this is not that kind of video.Ronnie says,Okay di..i won’t I swear.Pragya says,Okay we ll meet tomorrow..take care.Ronnie says,U too di..bye.Pragya too said bye n left the place.

Pragya was on the way to her home her phone rang.Pragya stopped the bike and takes the mobile.It was Abhi instantly Pragya made a smile and picks the call n says,Hi ACP finally I r free.Abhi says,If Reporter madam is free i wish to meet her.Pragya excited n smiles n says,Ofcourse..I too wish to meet my kadoos ACP.Abhi smiles n says,So shall we meet at Gold palace lawn at 7Pm.Pragya says,Sure..sure I ll go home and freshup and I ll be thr.Abhi says,Thats my girl and okay see u thr.Pragya says,Okay and ends the call.Pragya reached home.Sarla asks,How was ur First day.Pragya says,Awesome maa..but full of office work.Sarla smiles n says,Really..I’m so outdoor works na.Pragya stares at her.Sarla smiles.Pragya says,And maa I got a brother.Sarla was lost in her thoughts.pragya says,Maa.. hearing me ryt..I got a brother..His name is Ronnie he is so sweet maa..he is calling me as di.Sarla smiles n says,achaa..take him to our home one day.Pragya says,Ya..okay..but now i was going out wanna meet my friend.Sarla says,Arey Bulbul was on her shift u also going now what ll I do alone.Pragya says,Dadi is thr na.Sarla says,Haa…ur Dadi is busy with TV soaps.Pragya laughs n says,U both are the best saas-bahu and hugs her left to the room to freshup.

Pragya took a hurry bath and draped the same blue saree as Abhi said she looks pretty in that saree.She smiled herself n got ready n started towards the evening bidding bye to her mom.She reached the venue at 7:15PM.Abhi was waiting for thr in parking lot.Pragya sees him n parked her bike and goes to him.Abhi sees her n sees his watch.Pragya understood that she is late and says,Sorry with a puppy face.Abhi smiles n says,Never mind..u r melting me like ice with ur cute chashma face.Pragya smiles n says,And u looking like a white whipped cream in this white shirt.Abhi smiles n says,And u too looking pretty.Pragta says,I know u ll like it that’s y I draped this saree.Abhi says,Okay..shall we go in.Pragya says,Ya but tell me how u get this much time for me.Abhi says,Come on fuggi anything for u.Abhi says,Close ur eyes..Pragya asks,Y u gonna kiss me.Abhi says, needs a problem.Pragya says, shut up.Abhi says,Then close ur eyes.Pragya says,Ya okay..and closed her eyes.Abhi blindfolded her n lifts her in his arms.Pragya asks,What are u doing..u r kidnapping me ryt..Abhi laughs n says,No..keep quiet for a second.Pragya says,But it’s good to be in ur arms.. feeling like floating in air..Abhi smiles n says,Achaa..and makes her to stand.Pragya says,Arey y u dropped me.Abhi says,Chup..and opens her blindfold.Pragya says,Arey..first give my chashma..then only I could see.Abhi says,Oh..i forgot that..U won’t able to see After removing ur chashma na..Like an idiot I’m blindfolding u.Pragya stares at him n says,Give my chashma,in a stern voice.Abhi smiles n n says,Fuggi Chashmish..n wears her the chashma.Pragya could see a huge board with letters in that written as “CONGRATULATIONS REPORTER MS.PRAGYA ARORA” Pragya’s eyes widened n her face made a smile at Abhi.Suddenly the balsters were blasted and a crowd came thr by shouting”congratulations”. Pragya was extremely surprised.

The crowd was none other than her fellas and his fellas.Purab Bulbul Tanu Alia Nikkil and even Ronnie is thr.Pragya looks at Abhi with a full of happiness and surprisingly.Abhi Just made a smile.Tanu hugs her n says,Congrats!!Pragz..and others followed her.Pragya was extremely happy with this surprise and asks,How u all r here.Bulbul says,Di..Jiju wanna Keep this party for u so he contacted me to bring all our friends so I did it that’s it.Pragya says,Thank u all.Purab says,U should thank ur ACP.Tanu says,haa..coz he had arranged this party for u.Pragya looks at Ronnie n asks,Ronnie u are here.Ronnie says,’s all coz of sir.Pragya asks,What..I couldn’t understand.Abhi chuckled n says,Fuggi..u know what I came to ur office to see u after ur office time at the time I saw u both and heard ur I thought u quite attached with Ronnie as he called u as sister so I thought to call him for this party after u left ur office I gone to him to invite.Ronnie interrupts n says,Di u know how he called me..he called me with a stern face,”Hey u come” I was scared di moreover he said he heard our convo I thought he gonna put behind bars for piracy I’m really scared and blurt out,I won’t do anything hereafter please don’t put behind bars..he laughed then n says,He just called me to invite me.Pragya and all laughed at Ronnie n says,Thum bhi na..Ronnie smiles.Tanu says,Okay enough of talks let’s enjoy the party.Nikkil says,Oh yeah..come Tanu let’s enjoy.Tanu glares at her and goes with Purab and Bulbul.Alia and Abhi laughs at Nikkil.Pragya asks,Whats going on y u both teasing Nikkil.Alia says,Nothing..u enjoy the party n goes with Nikkil.Pragya sees all are having fun n smiles at them.Abhi too joined with them and they are playing some childish games.Pragya watched them with a smile.After a while,All are exhausted and started to munch the dinner as they are starving.Abhi comes to Pragya n asks,Why u r standing here alone u don’t wanna join us,asked with a smile.Pragya says,All are having dinner n u too have ur dinner first,said with a smile n abt to leave.Abhi holds her hand and looks at her.

Pragya asks,Whats the need to throw this party.Abhi says,Just to celebrate ur achievement.Pragya asks,What achievement I had done now.Abhi says,Arey come on fuggi u had achieved ur dream passion so it’s time to celebrate na.Pragya says,Its not such a big thing I’m just entered my passion still there is more steps to achieve.Abhi says,Yeah..but u stepped into ur passion na atleast we have to celebrate that.Pragya made fake anger even though she likes it.Abhi holds her hands n says,Listen fuggi..I wanna celebrate ur achievement whether it’s small or big..and U r the only reason exists for me to celebrate..If not for u then for whom I ll celebrate..and I’m selfish too coz I had never ever celebrated for anyone even I didn’t celebrate for me but not anymore coz I have u to celebrate and that’s the reason and even I wanna celebrate every moment with u this party is not even a big deal..u like it ryt.Pragya immediately hugs him n says,How a girl ll hate this when a person had unbounded love towards her..when a person is celebrating even her small achievements..I love it.,said while hugging.Abhi asked,U loved my surprise alone.Pragya says,Yes.. I love the surprise And the person of surprise too.Abhi kissed on top of her head n says,U know what I too love my reason of celebration..and it’s u.Pragya smiles n says,I know.Abhi says,Fine our fellas are watching us..even ur sister is coming towards us she gonna tease us to the death.Pragya says,Never mind..,she refused to broke the hug.Abhi smiles at her n hugs her even tighter.Bulbul comes thr n says,Aww di..its so perfect but how long u gonna stay like this..I think we have to leave now.. else maa ll screw us.Pragya doesn’t hear her.Abhi says,I said na fuggi ur sister is our main villain.Bulbul says,’s not fair I’m always doing favours but u r saying me as villain.Abhi says,Im just joking.Pragya broke the hug.Abhi says,See Bulbul now u broke our bliss full hug.Bulbul says,If u wanna hold my di forever then marry her soon and take her to ur home.Pragya says,Haa.. Bulbul exactly..when u gonna talk with my Maa.Abhi says,What abt today..I’m okay no problem.Purab spilled the water n asks,What today.Bulbul and Pragya too says,Today no no no.. first we have to inform maa then u can talk with her.Abhi says, won’t be good lets give surprise to ur mom..come come lets go,drags her hand towards the car.Pragya protest n asks,Are u kidding.Purab and Bulbul too follows them n says, u can’t do this don’t prank us.Abhi says,Im serious Bulbul come let’s meet ur mom and decide abt ur di’s and my wedding.Pragya shocked n surprised n asks,Aap..aap..mazak karey hai na.Abhi says,Arey I’m damn serious come on get in.Purab Bulbul come come don’t waste time good things are not worth of postponing so let’s do it today that too now.Abhi forced Pragya Bulbul and Purab to his car n drove towards Pragya’s home to meet Sarla.Pragya was damn tensed.Abhi was smiling at her.
. . .
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