Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 14

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Abhi Pragya and Sheela are in antique exhibition.Abhi looks unintrest and lil bit dull.Pragya asks,U r getting bored na.Abhi says,No nothing like that.Pragya asks,Then y u r dull.Abhi says,Im just hungry.Pragya and Sheela blinks at each other n says,Sorry..Come let’s have dinner.Abhi says,Atlast u ppl had mercy on me.Pragya says,Okay don’t over react come on.Abhi says,Im over reacting fine I ll see u after the dinner.Sheela says,U both fight after the dinner.AbhiGya smiles n orders for dinner.The trio enjoying the dinner.Suddenly Abhi’s phone rang.Abhi attends the,now..,Who did this..,Me.,sir how can I..,We are Crime branch..,But..,Sir..,Okay sir..,I ll..,I ll take of charge..,Okay sir…,Ya..okay..,these were the words spoken by Abhi on phone.Pragya looks at Abhi.Abhi ends the call n says,Chashmish..hear me carefully..Here I had an emergency work..The Mumbai don Simha’s brother Kiran was shot dead here in Delhi along with his two men..It seems to be some gangster I need to be thr as a representative of Mumbai police coz the men belongs to Mumbai area..I want to be there..Here I have to collect the dead bodies and I have to leave Delhi tonight..So u come Mumbai safely,he stood up in the middle of dinner n continued,Look fuggi..I ll pay for this..I’m running out of time..I have to check out now..Delhi officials ll meet me here..So..A server boy comes thr n interrupts him by saying,Sir..Some police men from Delhi Police patrol wanna see u..they r waiting.Abhi says,Yeah..I’m coming.Pragya asks,Whts going on.Abhi says,Im sorry Chashmish.. Suddenly a man came in uniform n asks,Mr.Abhishek Mehra?Abhi says,Yeah..u Mr.Karan wahi ryt..My Commissioner sir said u ll help me in this case.Karan says,Ofcourse we don’t have time have to shift bodies to Delhi else here riots ll happen.Abhi says,Yeah.. give me a minute.Karan nods.Abhi says,Chashmish..I’m sorry come safe okay..Pragya stood up with a disappointment n sad face.Abhi gave a quick peck on her forehead n leaves in a hurry.Pragya sayss,Why all this things happening when he is with me..Why they dead today..U ppl just go to hell.Sheela laughs n says,Pragz..shall v leave.Pragya says,Dont laugh.Sheela smiles n says,Okay come.Pragya nods n left.
In home,Sheela was watching TV.Pragya was explaining everything happened today to Purab and Bulbul.Sheela shouts,Pragya..Pragya.. Pragya… Pragya says,Purab I ll call u back Sheela is calling me n ends the call and rushed towards her n asks,What happened.Sheela says,See..Ur ACP is on TV..Press meet abt today’s incident.Pragya pats her head n says,U scared me idiot I thought something serious.Sheela says,This too serious Pragz..See they r laying in blood shed..Pragya says,They deserved..they are brutals..just think how they had killed innocent ppl.Sheela says,yeah..u r ryt.Pragya says,Anyhow it’s getting late I Have to leave tomorrow so let’s sleep now.Sheela nods and they both gone to their bed.It was around 2AM their calling bell was pressd.Pragya jerked of the echo in the silent night.Sheela to woke up and thinks who is on this time.Pragya and Sheela blinks at each other and opens the door.They could see a man standing there in a police uniform with rain coat.Pragya asked,Who..who are u.The man asks,Who is Pragya.Pragya and Sheela blinks at each other again n Pragya says,Ya..It’s me.The man handover an envelope to her n says,ACP sir asked me to handover this to u.Pragya smiles n says,Thank u and sorry for troubling u at this time especially in rain.The man smiles n says,Its okay Maam n left the place.
Pragya thinks what’s this and opens the envelope and sees it and smiles.Sheela asks,Whats this.Pragya says,Train tickets for tomorrow’s train but but its on early morning 5AM..Oh no 3 hours more..My sleep was gone n she pouted.Sheela smiles n says,Achaa baba now go and sleep atleast for an hour.Pragya nods n goes to her room.She layed down n thinks,How sweet he is even in his busy schedule he reminds abt my train tickets and smiles herself.Suddenly her mobile rang and she quickly attends the call n says,Thank you,with a wide smile.Abhi asks,Hey u didn’t slept yet.. thinking abt me ryt? Pragya says,Yeah.. Just now got the tickets.Abhi says,Well..I know u didn’t booked tickets coz we planned to travel together na.Pragya says,Yeah..but missed travel with u.Abhi smiles n says,Better on some other day.Pragya smiles n asks,Achaa..whr r u..R u free now.Abhi says,Im in Mumbai came in flight.Pragya asked,Had a good flight isn’t it.Abhi says,Hey..I planned to have a romantic travel with u but something different had written in my fate that I Have to travel with dead bodies that too four.Pragya chuckled and says,That sounds good.Abhi says,Yeah..Okay have a safe travel lil bit busy here postmortem going on in Mumbai central hospital.Pragya says,Okay..see u in Mumbai take care of ur health don’t get too busy.Abhi says,Okay madam..Call u back..and ends the call.Pragya smiles n dozed off to sleep.
After a long travel finally Pragya reached her home town.Purab was thr to pick her.They reached home.Bulbul runs to her n says,Di..di..u…di..Pragya asks,Why u r so excited.Sarla says,Coz she is seeing u after a week na that’s y.Purab laughs n says,No’s coz Pragya’s training results have been declared today.. that’s y.Pragya shocked n asks,Kyaa..Are u serious.Bulbul says,Haa..di check in the results soon..I’m so excited to see ur results.Pragya tensed and looks at Sarla.Sarla says,Bulbul..Pragya won’t clear I know.Bulbul says,No maa she would be cleared.Sarla says,Bulbul u promised me na u won’t let Pragya to clear her exams.Bulbul says,Maa.. that’s all trick u don’t know Bulbul’s tricks..okay stop it now check the results and she logged in the laptop.Pragya tensed n thinks,What if maa doesn’t agree to continue with my job..God ji please make maa to convince please.Purab sees her being tensed n Says,Dont worry maa ll agree.Sarla says,I won’t first check the results.Pragya checked the results as all expected she cleared and appointment order was mailed to her asked her to Come to office tomorrow.Pragya gets happy n jumps,Yeah.. finally i cleared yeah..Sarla instantly smiles at her daughter.Pragya goes to Sarla n says,Maa please maa lemme do this job its my passion it’s my dream please maa.Sarla couldn’t hear her daughter pleading n says,See Pragya if this job gives u happiness then u can do it but if this job turned as a threat to ur life then u should quit the job immediately and u should never involve with serious cases..okay.Pragya says, means u agreed to do my job..hey na.Sarla smiles n says,haa..Pragya kisses her n says,Thank U.. thank u so much maa.Sarla says,Oh meri bacchu and kisses her forehead n says,But remind one thing if u get into any serious case I ll ask u to quit and u should quit.To cover up the current situation she says,Okay maa.Dadi says,Arey Sarla better Pragya can work on entertainment cinema column hey na,teased Sarla.Sarla says,Haa..Pragya better u took responsibility of cinema or sports column thr ll b no risk.
Pragya Laughs at her maa and Dadi.Sarla says,Okay.. now u r looking so tired go and take rest.Pragya nods n goes to her room.Purab and Bulbul follows her with a teasing smile.Pragya asks,Why u both are smiling.Bulbul says,Di.. finally u fell in love that too with ur ACP.Purab says,I told on that day na.Pragya smiles n says,Okay stop teasing me..I’m so tired.Bulbul says,But di.. did u think abt maa..will she agree for this..Pragya says,She ll surely like him I’m sure..but first give me a hug coz of u he came to Delhi.Bulbul hugs her n says,Bulbul is always great.Purab smiles n says,Pragya its a big thing that maa agreed for ur job for ur sake..I don’t think she ll easily accept a police officer as ur husband..she won’t like policemen and especially she ll think marrying a police man will b a threat to ur life.Pragya says,Haa..Purab u r ryt..I didn’t think about this,she gets sad.Bulbul says,Shut up Purab u spoiled my di’s good mood.Pragya says,Arey Bulbul don’t scold him he is saying the fact.Purab says,But don’t worry pragz we could convince maa she ll accept ur Police officer.. don’t worry.. Bulbul says,Haa..di if u like him then maa ll also like him so don’t worry.Pragya smiles and lil bit relieved as she has persons to support.Purab asks,Did u came with him.Pragya says,No..Purab he left early coz gangsters riot and shoot I mean official work..He is still busy..he didn’t attend my calls he just texted ke that too in the morning and I just texted him after reaching Mumbai.Purab says,Yeah..he ll be busy okay u take rest I’m leaving.. Bulbul come and send me off n winks.Bulbul blushes n says,Purab thum bhi na.Pragya smiles n says, birds enjoy n she left to freshup.Bulbul says,Purab u made me embracing infront of di.Purab says,she won’t mind.Bulbul smiles n says,I know.
Next day,Pragya was getting ready to join in her new dream job.But she is worried that she didn’t get a chance to convey this happiness with her lovable ACP as he is too busy to attend her calls or view her texts.She was lil bit disappointed that he doesn’t know what’s going in her life for past 2 days.Pragya got ready and came to dining table.Sarla was packing their food packs.Dadi was having breakfast and Bulbul was waiting for Pragya and reading newspaper.Pragya says,Good morning Dadi..Dadi says,Good morning bachu.Pragya sits on chair and asks,Bulbul have u finished ur breakfast.Bulbul says,No di I’m just waiting for u.Pragya says,Wow..what’s special.Sarla shouts from kitchen,Panner masala with roti.Pragya says,Wow..Woww.. Bulbul says,Oh maa..just give me some juice I’m on diet.Pragya and Dadi starts to tease her.Bulbul ignored them and go through the news paper. Suddenly Bulbul shouts in excitement,Jiju..Pragya spilled the food and her eyes widened in shock she was completely bewildered.Dadi asks,Jiju??,in a confusing tone.Sarla asks,Kyaa,from kitchen.Bulbul says,Jiju..I mean Dadi..if..if di ate this much then my Jiju..ll suffer alot.Dadi asks,From Whr ur Jiju came suddenly.Pragya stares Bulbul.Bulbul tensed n says,Jiju..ll come after di’s marriage hey na di.Dadi asks,What u r blabbering Bulbul.Bulbul says,Uffo.. Nothing Dadi..leave it.. Pragya leans over Bulbul and whispers,I gonna kill u now.Bulbul made a puppy face n says,Sorry..Pragya asks,Y u shouted now.Bulbul says,Look over this article on Jiju..The police story this week article is about Jiju.Pragya smiles n asks, me.Dadi asks,What u both r murmuring urself what’s in that news paper.
Pragya says,Nothing Dadi just an article.Bulbul asks,Dadi y u r asking this much of questions..di it’s getting late come lets go.Pragya took the news paper and says,Haa.. Bulbul let’s go and abt to leave.Sarla comes thr n gives lunch pack for Bulbul and Pragya.Pragya n Bulbul hugs her n says,Thank u maa..we r leaving now.Sarla says,Be safe okay.Bulbul and Pragya nods n left the place.Pragya was driving her bike.Bulbul was behind.Pragya asks,Bulbul don’t even say the word Jiju before maa or Dadi.Bulbul says,Sorry di couldn’t control my excitement..okay fine it seems to be Jiju is very busy.Pragya says,Haa.. Bulbul he didn’t even know that I’m gonna join my new job today..I called many times he didn’t attend..and not even seen my texts.Bulbul says,Leave it di..u read in paper na he is too busy.Pragya says,haa..and stops the bike on Bulbul’s bus stop.Bulbul got down and says,Di all the best for ur new job and be safe.Pragya smiles n says,Sure..U too take care..n left the place..moved towards her new job.
. . .
Actually I’m sorry for late update I was on tried mind so I couldn’t type the episode.Hope u like the part.Meet u all in next part till then take care Be good stay good and stay blessed?spread love ❤

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