Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 13


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Recap : Pragya receives a threaten call from an unknown number she thinks to find the person.

Pragya was sitting in sofa and busy with her mobile probably chatting with her friends.Abhi slowly opened his eyes and realized he had slept here in sofa especially in the past noon..for the first time he slept in noon that too peacefully.Pragya looks at her mobile with a smiling face and says,Good evening ACP sir..had a good sleep?Abhi yawns n says,Yeah..y don’t u wake me up..seems to be overslept.Pragya looks at him n says,Its okay no problem..I thought u were tired of travelling from Mumbai to Delhi.Abhi says,Yeah..may be.Pragya smiles n says,Okay..there is washroom,points the finger towards the room n says,Go n freshup if u want..i ll get ur favorite coffee.Abhi smiles n says,Thank you.Pragya says,Thanks for what ACP.Abhi goes near her n kneels before her by holding her hands n says,Thanks for everything Pragya..Today for the first time I had a carefree.. tension free nap.. without any worries I slept well..I never thought i ll b loved by someone like this..but u made all my dreams true..thanks for coming into my life.. every night I ll feel who is thr for me half of my nights ll end in thinking about that but from today I have no worries..u r thr for me na.Pragya smiles n cups his face n says,No need of thanking me..first stop thanking me..If I u thanked me for this reasons then I too have reasons to thank u..U don’t know how u made my life happy I’m feeling lucky to be with you..and u know I wanna thank you for accepting me.Abhi says,Hey.. don’t say like’s not abt acceptance idiot..I too love u that’s the fact.Pragya says, doesn’t sounds good that when u say thank u it doesn’t sounds good for me so stop thanking hereafter I don’t want to hear thanks from u got it.Abhi smiles n says,Okay madam..ur wish my commands okay..Pragya says,Okay go and freshup..Abhi nods n left to washroom.

After few minutes,Abhi came out of washroom and sees Pragya in kitchen n goes thr n hugs her from back.Pragya jerks n scared n spills some milk.Abhi’s eyes widened n smiles n asks,Hey scary cat..This much of fear.Pragya says,Shut up..u scared me really I didn’t expect u here..and..and moreover no one hugged me like this before thats y.Abhi says,Oh..u don’t know I’m hugging many girls everyday like this,said with a pout.Pragya says,I didn’t mean that way.Abhi rests his chin on her crook n asks,Then which way.Pragya says, have ur coffee and leave.Abhi asks,U want me to leave so soon.Pragya says,This is not ur dirty home to stay long.Abhi asks,Dirty home..hey u..After u setted the kitchen u know how much I worked to maintain it..u r easily saying it as dirty..if u feel OUR home is dirty and come and clean it..I ll help u as like now I helped with this coffee na.Pragya asks,Is this help Huhh,she kept the hot coffee mug in his hand.Abhi shouts,Ouchh n breaks the hug.Pragya says,And moreover Mr.Over Romantic hear this clearly..i won’t come to ur home.Abhi corrects her by saying,OUR home.Pragya says,Okay OUR home till I’m getting married to it and I know what kinda help u ll I don’t want anyone to badmouth abt it again..Abhi pouts n says,Okay..I got it..btw I think we wanna get married soon.Pragya blushes n says,Hold ur horses Mr.ACP.Abhi says,Hey naughty mind..I said to set OUR home..u thought naughty things very bad.Pragya pinches him n says,Too bad..I never thought that u ll be this much Besharam..I thought u r sincere kadddos police officer.Abhi smiles n says,Coz..U love Besharam ACP na..Pragya asks,I didn’t told u don’t over this coffee.., blushes hard n turned to crimson red.

Abhi says,Oye..meri sharmili..stop blushing else u ll turn into the real fuggy..Pragya slaps his arms.Abhi says,Achaa..fine.. tomorrow we are leaving Delhi at 11AM.Pragya asks,What??So soon.. but u said u ll take me out.Abhi says,I had an emergency so we have to leave soon..I wanna be thr by tomorrow night so don’t mind okay..we ll catch up in Mumbai..we ll roam over Mumbai okay.Pragya says,This is not fair..not at all fair.. giving fake promises..Abhi says,I didn’t gave u fake promises now also I’m promising u we ll go on with the same plan in Mumbai only the venue changed.Pragya stares at him n says,Okay,with a sad tone.Abhi says,Cheer up..we ll have quality time during our travel..Trust me I ll be ur best travel partner.Pragya says,Im sorry my books are my best travel partner.Abhi says,throw up ur books,said in a bit of jealousy.Pragya says,Looking cute while feeling jealous n pulls his cheeks.Abhi says,Haa.. Fuggi its not fair u r making me jealous from the day one.Pragya asks,From the day one?What do u mean.Abhi says,haa..U ll always with ur silly friend Purab na I ll think to break this mouth with a punch.Pragya says,He is my frnd and he is gonna be my Mom’s damad soon like u..U know Purab loves Bulbul and she too.Abhi asks,Mujhe pata ur sister choosed Purab.Pragya smiles n says,As I choosed u.Abhi smacks n asks,Eyy!!I’m that much bad.Pragya asks,Then Purab is that much bad or Wht? Abhi says,Okay leave it but he is a nice boy..I really like him.. definitely not with u..U know how much he cared for u on that day u disappeared just like that.Pragya smiles n says,Yeah.. we are friends from the age of 5..He is the best.Abhi says,Okay..okay.. Enough.Pragya smiles n says,Fine jealousy ACP.

Abhi says,And I forgot to say onething.Pragya asks,What.Abhi says,U looked so so pretty in saree..nice to see u I mean different.Pragya smiles n says,Thank you.Abhi says,Okay coffee is over now..i think its time to leave..well see u tomorrow sharp 10 don’t delay..And ACP’s wife should be so punctual okay..Pragya asks,Wife??Not yet.Abhi says,Soon to be..then I’m leaving now.Pravya says,okay..take care..Abhi says,U too..and gave a side hug and pressed his lips on her forehead and says,Bye.Pragya smiles n says,Ya..go safe..wait.. wait Whr u r staying.Abhi says,Hotel Taj..y.Pragya says,Just asked I thought u ll stay in some friend’s home or something else.Abhi says,I don’t know anyone here actually i don’t have much friends like u.Pragya feels effect of loneliness in his answer n says,Arey.. don’t worry main hoon na..Abhi says,Haa..Haa..okay I’m leaving fuggi take care..Pragya says,U too and waves bye..Abhi smiles n left from thr.The rain has been stopped.It was more than half an hour Sheela comes to home.Pragya says,Abhi had came here.Sheela smiles n says,Im really happy for u Pragya finally his mind bulb worked.Pragya laughs.Sheela took a wallet from sofa side and asks,Pragya is this his wallet.Pragya sees it n says,Ya..he was sleeping thr may be his wallet..wait lemme ask him and calls Abhi.

Abhi attends the call,Abhi asks,Kya hua,he was lil bit breathing heavy.Pragya asks,What happened are u okay..u r breathing heavy.Abhi says, lift is out of order room in 13th floor I’m climbing stairs..I ll call u later.Pragya says,Hello..hello..ur wallet..hello..the call already ended..Pragya says,He ended the call.Sheela opens the wallet n says,Hey Pragz..see he his cash and his cards are in this oh no poor man.Pragya smiles n took the wallet from Sheela and says,How careless I called him to tell this but so sad he was already climbing stairs as their hotel lift is out of order bechaara.Sheela says,Hey then go and give him his wallet.Pragya says,Me no way..that much distance and lift is out of order I can’t climb 13 floors..Are u kidding or what.Sheela says,Hey idiot how he ll have his dinner see his cash is here.Pragya pouts and protests.Sheela says,Then ur wish let him to sleep in hunger.Pragya irks n says,This idiot na how can he be so careless.. okay I’m going..Sheela says,Okay come soon.Pragya says,Hey u r free na then come with me let’s have dinner out.Sheela says,yeah..that was a good idea come let’s go.Pragya smiles n says,Yeah..come..After half an hour Sheela and Pragya reached the hotel.Sheela says,Hey Pragya see thr antique exhibition Pragya says,Wow.. Exhibition in hotel..fine..let’s go.Sheela says,First go n give this wallet then we ll enjoy without any worries.Pragya says,Yeah..u r ryt..okay wait lemme give this to him n we can explore.Sheela says,Sure..Sure.. come soon.Pragya says,Yeah..okay..and left towards the reception.

Pragya calls Abhi.But he didn’t answer.Pragya asks,Why he is not picking my call.. Okay he may in middle of bath and goes to the receptionist and asks about Abhi’s room.The receptionist says,Maam.. lodging area is next block it’s gallery block..go straight u ll find lodging block reception they ll help u.Pragya nods n goes towards the direction n asks the receptionist,This is lodging block ryt..I wanna meet Mr.Abhishek Mehra Assistant commissioner of police from Mumbai.Receptionist asks,U ma’am.Pragya says,Well..I’m his fiancee.Receptionist says,Yeah..Room no.13-73 13th floor.Pragya wonders how I’m gonna Climb these stairs oh god.. Receptionist says,Maam go straight u ll find the lift there.Pragya asks,Is lift is working.Receptionist says,Yeah.. Ofcourse..Pragya says,Thank god my good time and walks towards the lift and gets in pressed the Button no 13..she reached 13th floor and the room number 13-73 she knocked the response..she again knocked the door still no response..A room service boy passing the room says,Maam sir is out..He is not in room..Pragya says,Oh..when he left.The boy says,Morning ma’am.Pragya says,Ya.. but he came back..The boy says,But I didn’t see him room is locked from morning n he left..coz of some power fluctuations the lights was blinking and the hotel officials ran to sort out that.Pragya thinks,He came back na..then y this boy is saying like this..This lights oh god irritating lil bit scaring..She pouts at the door.She heard an announcement,The power supply gonna stop for 5mins to sort out the fluctuations so ppl pls stay at the place Whr u r don’t panic.Pragya says,Uff…she looks here and thr no one is in the corridor..better I should go down..she just took a step the power gone.Pragya says, have to stand here for 5 mins Alone that too in dark..she was lil bit scared.

She feels someone presence thr..but she ignores and says,pragya u saw na no one is thr in thr corridor stay strong,she consoled herself.She heard footsteps this time.She was scared alot..n thinks,Who it ll be suddenly a hand touched on her shoulder she scared to the death and jerks and turns to see the person and at the time lights came.She turned to see with a scary face but after seeing she gives a sigh of relief n says,Aap??Oh..I’m scared..Abhi laughs at her expression n asks,U scared..btw Wht are u doing here.Pragya says,Dont laugh..and her eyes got noticed his wet shirt.Pragya asks,Kya hua..u r wet..And touches his hair but it’s dry..She asks,Why ur shirt is raining outside..u drenched in rain..whr u gone..ur hair is dry..Abhi smiles n says,How many questions u ll ask me fuggi..It’s not coz of’s sweat..Pragya asks,Sweat??U gone for jogging in this attire..I mean in shirt..Abhi smiles n says,U gonna investigate me by standing outside.. come let’s go in and opens the door.AbhiGya gets in.Pragya asks,Now tell me what happened..y u r so sweat..Are u okay,asked with a concern.Abhi makes her sit n says,Oh..fuggi I’m okay actually when I reached my room I came to know I Missed my wallet my room key was in that wallet..As I look for my wallet a person behind me tucked his something in his pant..I thought he had stolen my wallet and looks at him.He Suddenly started to run.. So I thought he is the person who stole my I chased him.. Atlast I came to know he just ran by seeing me coz he knows me I’m a police officer then I asked y u ran..He said he was drunk and he thought to go on self drive.. After seeing me he tucked his car keys again to his pocket..he thought I’m staring him coz he gonna do drunk and he started to run..I too chased him like an weird na funny..I laughed at him..and thats how I got sweated..then I gone to reception to ask duplicate key they told ur finacee had came to visit u.So I thought u ll b here and u r here..And ur expressions when I touched u it was hilarious n he laughed.

Pragya looks at him confused.Abhi says,But Fuggi I don’t know Whr I lost my wallet.Pragya forwards him the wallet n says,U forget in home.Abhi says,Oh..god.. can’t u say it in phone..i was searching this.Pragya says,U didn’t picked my call..Abhi says,Anyhow thank u..okay wait I ll freshup then we can go for dinner..n abt to leave.Pragya holds his wrist.Abhi turns n asks,Wht? Pragya asks,U r not lieing me ryt.Abhi asks,Kya..Why would I lie..What happened here to lie u.Pragya asks,Are u okay na..U r so sweated I thought u had some heart..heart problem.Abhi laughs at her expression again n asks,Do u thought I had cardiac arrest that’s I’m sweating this much.Pragya says,Pls.. don’t serious.Abhi says,Okay..okay..see Fuggi I’m fit and fine.. don’t worry..I’m working out I have no place to save the extra fat in my body..coz I ll burn It out..okay.. don’t worry.Pragya looks expression less.Abhi says, smile..I’m okay..see..pls don’t be sad.. okay if u didn’t believe me come we shall go for medical check up..too bad u r not trusting my words.. See My physic still u have doubt i ll have cardiac problems.. Come on don’t be dramatic.. Be practical more over I’m not that much aged to have such problems.Pragya smiles n says,Okay..okay.. don’t do drama.. go and freshup Sheela is waiting for me in Gallery.Abhi says,Oh..fine I ll b back in 5 mins..okay..Pragya nods.Abhi says,Im fine baby.. Don’t worry n placed a kiss on forehead.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi gone to freshup.
. . .

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