Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 11


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Let’s get into the story..
In Delhi,Pragya was in her office.The editor says,Ms.Pragya this is last time u should never repeat this mistake again I’m leaving u coz u r under training..I already warned u..u have to give ur reports with an authentication from ur team leader..if ur report failed to get the authentication then ur project is invalid..if u have any problem with ur team leader sort it out coz TL’s approval is much needed to score high grades on ur training.Pragya says,But sir..u very well know that my TL is not approving my project coz he didn’t like me..y he is doing like this.Editor says,Ya.. Pragya some TL ll b like that u have to over come all this.. consider it as ur task n finish it btw I read ur case study u r under training so don’t much get into this type of serious cases.. change ur case study don’t do Simha’s case in beginning level of ur career..and may coz of this case ur TL is not approving ur project..see Pragya this is ur training make a simple project and get approval for that..hope u got it.Pragya says,Sir I have an backup project can I submit that.Editor smiles n says,Ofcourse get the approval from ur TL and submit it to me then ur work is over.Pragya smiles n leaves from thr.

Pragya submitted her project to her TL.TL verified that n asks,Pragya..Even he is a gangster na.Pragya says,Yes.. Important person in Simha’s group.TL go through that n asks,How u know every details of this man so long u r doing this.Pragya murmers,How I can’t know anything about this and who knows him more than me.TL asks,What u r murmuring?Pragya says,wohh..I’m doing this for a long time.TL says,Im not convinced with this but u submitted on the deadline date so I ll try to forward this.Pragya says,But sir pls approve it today is the last day pls sir..TL started to scold her for wasting his time.Pragya gets anger n controlled herself n requests him.TL says,Okay…i don’t wanna risk ur career so I’m approving this and I ll forward it to editor..u ll get results after a week.Pragya stares at him n leaves n fumes in anger and scolding him.She came out of her office n dashes with a person n her self copy of the project fell down but she didn’t see the person.She started to shout,Hey don’t u have eyes..y all r irritating me like this oh god..u know how this is important to me,by shouting she started to collect the papers into the file.

The man says,I don’t think so it’s more important than me.Pragya feels this voice is very familiar to her n lifts her head n sees him..she stood freezed for a moment for the next moment she started to walk away.The man follows her n asks her to stop.Pragya didn’t mind and she walked even faster.The man holds her hand n make her stop.Pragya asks,Now what’s ur problem Mr.Assistant Commissioner sir..y u r here,asked straight to his eyes.Abhi says,Im here coz I don’t know anyone rather than u.Pragya stares at him n says,See..i told u on that day I can’t be a good friend with u so I don’t wanna talk with u now and moreover I know u ll never come for me n starts to walk again.Abhi runs behind her n stood infront of her n widens his hand to stop her n says,Arey..stop..sachhi I came here for u.Pragya says,Okay I won’t believe u..Mr.ACP tell me whts the matter.Abhi says,Actually..Woh..yeh..Pragya looks at him n says,Hmm…Abhi looks down then looks away here and there n says,Woh..I don’t know y I said like that.Pragya says,Said like what.Abhi says,I told u on that day na.Pragya asks,Which day,by raising her eyebrows.Abhi says,Arey..u said na on that day.Pragya asks,What I said.He says,Woh..She asks,Kya..Woh..Woh..what u r blabbering.He says,Wait..wait..1 sec..He turns aside and took a deep breath and again turned towards her.Pragya asks,What u r doing..inhale exhale..u r here to see how I’m suffering na..see just go else I don’t know what I ll do I ll kill u… Ughhhh….,she shouted.Abhi laughed at her n says,U r looking like Fuggi.

Pragya asks,Fuggi?? Abhi says,Ballon.. bursting ballon and laughs.Pragya murmurs,What kinda man he is..he won’t express his feelings..he ll expect that I have to be his friend even after proposing him..he don’t show off any feelings but but he is perfect in calling by Nick names Chashmish..fuggi..Ughhhh..she Started to walk again.Abhi says,Arey.. meri maa..stop wht u think..u wanna reach home by walking or what.Pragya stares at him n asks,If u don’t mind can I ask u onething.. actually I won’t bother if u mind that..okay tell me how u r so casual with me..Huhh.. can’t u feel this heart or what,she asked by poking her finger on his chest.Abhi smiles at her.Pragya says,Stop smiling like this.Abhi pouts.Pragya says,Stop This pout too..y u came here..just go back and love ur hell loneliness.Abhi smiles at her n asks,Have u finished.Pragya says,No..I won’t finish..y u r like can u be like this.. ufff I’m wasting my time around tell me y u r here.Abhi says,Woh..Pragya says,Stop this Woh..woh.. first and tell me.
Abhi says,Actually I don’t know y I behaved so rude with you on that day..but I was happy when u told me that..even I wanna say the same but I’m scared off so I can’t say that..but I need to say..but now also I couldn’t say that..but this time the reason was not the same..last time when u r saying that..My insecure feeling stopped me from saying this..but this time some nervousness shaking me while I’m trying to say this..I realized i was wrong on that day when u r saying that but I realized what u said..coz I too feel the same..this 1 week I missed u alot..I was not able to do anything..So I’m here just to say,Pragya started to walk away again.Abhi runs to her again n stops her n says,Hey..stop.Pragya stopped n asks,What u r saying..what is that “this”..what is that “that” in ur words..this ..that.. what’s this..Abhi stammers n says,Dheko.. don’t ask any questions..he feels nervous n says,Im saying na I’m here to say that..that..Pragya asks,What that..that..huh,looks into his eyes.Abhi says,First stop seeing like this..I couldn’t able to collect the words.Pragya asks,Kya words this and that uhh.Abhi looks at her tensed n thinks, on Abhi be a man..u r an Assistant commissioner how can u afraid for this silly things..he again said himself,Not really silly.Pragya says,U know what.. Really if I killed u now then also my anger won’t be cool down.Abhi asks,Why,With a puppy face.

Pragya says,U r saying that u too love me ryt.Abhi gave a big relief sign n says,Haa..yes that’s it..u got the point na.Pragya’s face turned like a angry cat.Abhi says,I thought u ll be happy for this..but u r staring at me.Pragya asks,Cant u even able propose me..I didn’t asked for a romantic proposal but just can’t u say I love u..leave it.. even I didn’t expect that I love u.. can’t u even say Pragya..I realized my love for u didn’t even say the word love instead u r saying this..that..I think this is the first love proposal which is purely unromantic.. Anyhow but I’m happy that atleast now ur mind bulb started to work..but..,he didn’t let her to finish he just pulled into a tight hug.Pragya was totally shocked n says, ACP sir ppl r watching us…Abhi hugs n smiles at her n says,Pragya..will u please make my life colorful..No one could make my life colorful than u..give ur shades of happiness..give ur shades of sorrows..give ur shades of love..Im sure we ll make our life like a rainbow with all the reflections of ur shades in me..The rainbow of love and ll never fade away even in our dark times.. would u like to give me the reflections of ur shades..will u.. Pragya’s eyes become wet n she too hugs him back.Abhi smiles n broke the hug n cups her face n wipes her tears n asks,Now tell me will u take away my dark loneliness..hmmm..
Pragya looks down n says,But u love ur loneliness na..Abhi smiles at her n says,I wanna hate it..coz I wanna show I have an pretty angel to love more than that loneliness..Pragya smiles herself her eyes are still filled n asks,But u don’t have space for another person in ur life and in ur home na.Abhi says,Hmmm..ya now also thr is no space for another person in my life coz it was already taken by my cute Chashmish and my anger fuggi..and as the same my fuggi won’t like to give space for another person in OUR yes thr is no space for another person in OUR home.Pragya smiles at him with teary eyes n says,I hate u..y u took this much could u ask me to be normal with u just as a friend..u know how I hurt on that day..Abhi says,Yes..I’m wrong I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I’m sorry..Pragya says,Its okay I forgave u..btw now ur all insecurities r cleared or u r still having such stuffs in ur mind.Abhi smiles n says,No..I know no one can even think of harming u when I’m besides u.Pragya says,wait..Wait…is I’m dreaming or this ACP Abhishek Mehra..Abhi pinches her n says,U r not dreaming.Pragya shouts,Ouchh..yeah.. but still I can’t believe all this..but u know what.Abhi asks,What..Pragya hugs him n shouts,I really really love u…I’m so so so so happy..Abhi says,Hey stop..ppl r watching us..shhh…n broke the hug.Pragya says,Kadoos.. unromantic n twists her lips.Abhi smiles.

Abhi asks,Really I’m that much unromantic.Pragya says,Not that much..but romantic and smiles.Abhi says,And note it.. don’t ever disappear like this can u even try to move that much easy for u..u decided to settle in Delhi..too bad,he pouted.Pragya asks,What..when I decided to stay back in Delhi.. who told u I ll move on from u..i was waiting that one day u ll accept me then how could I move on.. what u think of me Mr. Assistant commissioner,asked with a lil anger.Abhi says,Ur sister told me all this after that I decided to come here to take u with me.Pragya asks,What..really..she pranked u..and laughs.Abhi asks,What kinda prank is this..u know how I felt when she said that I felt like I lose my whole life..btw Wht u r doing here if she pranked me.Pragya smiles at him n pulls his cheeks.Abhi irked n says,Stop it Pragya..tell me which is truth and which is prank..u and ur sister naa.. making me mad..Pragya smiles n says,Chill out..ACP sir..I’m here for training just 1 week training here in Delhi..I had submitted the project after the results rest of the training ll b in Mumbai for a month then job thats work is over now in Delhi..I mean a week of Training.Abhi asks,Then y ur sister told me like that.Pragya says,How do I know.Abhi says,Haa…u don’t know anything ryt.Pragya says,Promise..I don’t know.. do u think I’m that much dare to lie before an Assistant commissioner of police,Mumbai city.Abhi smiles n asks,Shall we go.Pragya asks,Where.Abhi asks,Whr u r staying now.Pragya says,Sharing my frnd’s home.Abhi says,Okay come lemme drop u thr.
Pragya says,So soon..just now u came na..Abhi says,U r ryt but I have a meeting here.. first I asked for off for my personal reasons my commissioner too granted that but he assisted with a meeting here..have to attend says,I knew it u won’t come for me.Abhi says,Arey..I came for u but I have this meeting pls understand..And u have to be habituated to this..u know very well I’m Not a normal guy to spend more time..I don’t have frequent offs..but I’m sure I ll make my fuggi happy when I’m around her.Pragya smiles n says,Its okay..I ll get habited to that.. don’t worry Im really happy about ur commitment towards ur work.Abhi says,Not work..passion..Pragya smiles n says,Okay passion.Abhi asks,Okay..when u r leaving Delhi.Pragya says,Tmrw..u..Abhi says,Ofcourse with u tmrw..okay now come I ll drop u.Pragya smiles n gets into the car.Abhi too got into the car.Pragya placed her file over the dashboard.Abhi asks,Whats this u were saying this is so important and took the file and read it.Abhi wondered lil bit shocked n asks,Vijay???how u know him this much..even in our police record we don’t have this much detailed information abt could you made this Pragya.Pragya thinks for a while n says,Leave it’s just a project..I bought this project from some agency it’s not my own.Abhi says,Really..I think that agency has some affairs with this man.. Lemme know abt the agency after reaching Mumbai.Pragya stammered n says,Woh..they told me before giving this project this is highly confidential they asked me not to share the agency name.Abhi doubts n asks,Why..what’s there in sharing the agency name.whatever don’t get serious into this he is so dangerous..I’m just waiting for the day he ll get arrested in my hands..sucha beast he is.Pragya says,I know I read this project before submitting I came to know how cruel he is.Abhi says,Okay relax fine forget it don’t do this project further okay,said by caressing her head.Pragya smiles and nods n thinks,Im sorry..I don’t want to lie u..but I even don’t want u to know all this..coz he is not worth even.Abhi started his car to drop Pragya.
. . .
So I end my chapter here hope u all enjoyed..And saranya my age is 22 ..Okay.. Meet u all in next chapter till then take care..Be good..Stay good..Stay blessed..God bless? Spread love.
-With Love Tisha.

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