Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 10


Hi guys hope all are doing well.. Apologies for late updates Friday I’m totally Kabalified ? So I can’t came out from that man’s avatar OMG whatta man he is ❤ Im just admiring him From the age of 4 and still the admiration for him didn’t came down its keep on increasing day by day..Proud to be his fan no no devotee complete respect to the living legend and a simple great soul??..Still I’m affected by Kabali Mania even after watching that okay of I Start about him I can’t stop so I’m stopping my bak baks..And some server problem in telly updates so I can’t upload episodes for last two days..
Let’s get into the story…
Recap : Abhi was seeing Pragya on her route to her work.For past 3 days she didn’t came.Abhi wondering why she didn’t came for last 3 days.
Abhi was being restless for past 3 days as he couldn’t see Pragya..He thought to call her but as usual he didn’t coz of his hell insecure feelings.And two more days passed like that but he couldn’t able to be normal..he was feeling alone without her..He can’t concentrate on any work..Abhi was thinking about Pragya n sitting like a statue in his office.Nikkil comes thr n says,Abhi..we have a case study so v have to go for enquiry.Abhi was still in his thoughts.Nikkil taps the table before him n says,Abhi.. Whr u lost man.Abhi came back to sense n says,Nothing.Nikkil says,U r missing her but u won’t talk with her.. come on long u ll b like this u r not concentrating on work..u r not eating well..ur muscles become weak..i noticed while working out ur punches became softer u r not concentrating on anything.. don’t be mad like this..just talk with her man..u r Irritating..i hate to see u like this.Abhi says,Ya..i ll talk with her once I saw her..I can’t able to be without thinking abt her but how she suddenly disappeared from my eyes..y she didn’t contact me.Nikkil asks,How ll she..u hurted her feelings and behaved like a stranger..she ll broken inside that’s y she didn’t contact u.. nothing is late just reset everything.Abhi nods n says, tell me whts the case.Nikkil says,Case is on a renowned multi national company.Abhi asks,Wht issue?Nikkil says,Its just a complaint on serving time bond employee wanna leave the company but they signed papers of contract so if they wanna leave they should pay for them.Abhi laughs n says,Hey..Nikkil world knows this bond papers r not valid..y u took this complaint yaar.Nikkil says,No other go..the guy started to shout if v didn’t took his complaint he ll go to court.
Abhi smiles n says,Haa.. people became more conscious and clever now a days.Nikkil says,Yeah..but the criminal record is also increasing day by day.Abhi says,Anyways come let’s go.Abhi and Nikkil goes to the company.The manager says,Sir..this bond is not valid it’s just to threaten the employees.Abhi smiles n says,Then let him go..if we received one more complaint like this on ur company then we ll take some serious action.. actually u ppl know this type of bond is against law.The Manager apologies and gave an relive order to the complainant.Nikkil says,Okay..then our work is over we r leaving.Abhi and Nikkil came out of the office.Nikkil says,Abhi let’s have some coffee.Abhi says,Okay.They both got into the company’s café and ordered coffee for both of them.Nikkil says,Abhi..let’s join in MNC yaar..see such pretty girls.Abhi smiles n says,Dont include me I’m not interested.Nikkil says,U r settled man u have a girl to shower u the love even u didn’t care her.Abhi says,Excuse me.. I care for her and I love her.Nikkil says,Whats the use.. U can’t express urself na…If I were in ur place I ll b a married man now.. think who ll lose such a wonderful woman in his life.. if someone is thr then it’s u.Abhi looks at him blank n their coffee placed in their table.Abhi sips the coffee reminds Pragya’s coffee n smiles.Nikkil asks,Y r u smiling man.Abhi says,Woh..I’m missing her alot yaar.. wait lemme make her a call and calls Pragya..but her number is switched off.Abhi again became restless.Nikkil asks,Wht happened.Abhi says,Her number is switched off.Nikkil says,Leave it she ll b in work.Abhi says,But she didn’t gone for work na.Nikkil says,Arey..may b some other work..okay let’s leave.Abhi nods and they both abt to leave the cafe.
Suddenly Bulbul dashed with Nikkil and says,Im sorry..sorry.Abhi sees Bulbul n says,Bulbul thum.. Bulbul sees Abhi n tries to avoid him.Abhi asks,Bulbul wht u r doing here.Bulbul says,Here I’m working.Nikkil asks,Abhi who is she.Abhi says,Pragya’s younger one.Nikkil says,Thumari saali hey na. Bulbul asks,what,in anger.Abhi says,Btw..Prag.. Pragya..Whr is she,he stammered.Bulbul asks,Y u wanna know abt her.Abhi says,No I really wanna talk to her.Bulbul says,She shifted to Delhi..she won’t come back here..she don’t wanna see u.Abhi just felt like a stab in him by himself.Abhi again asks,Delhi?? Bulbul says,Yeah..She cleared in TOI she went thr training and then job..wait wait y I’m saying all this to u.. saying to u is like a talking to a stone..I don’t know y di choosed u..but soon her environment ll change her..I’m praying God that she should forget u soon and wanna move on..hope she’ll and stares Abhi and left the place.Abhi was standing clueless.Nikkil says,Dont worry come let’s go.Abhi asks,Y she even didn’t told anything to me.Nikkil says,Its all ur mistake now she is gone y u r now worrying..U missed her man don’t waste time by standing here come let’s go and drags Abhi outside.In office,Alia asks,Now y u r sitting like this.. really u r feeling bad..wait wait y u r feeling bad u want this na..she wanna go far from she did that y u r feeling bad now.Nikkil says,Ya..she is ryt..Abhi stop being like this..and move on to ur work.Abhi shouts,Will u guys please stop it.Alia asks,Whats ur problem now tell me clearly..Is she gone far from u that’s ur problem or she could move on in her life well that’s ur problem or u can’t move on from her that’s ur problem or u couldn’t able to get ur love coz of ur foolishness is that’s ur problem.Abhi says,Haa..I lost her coz of my foolishness..that’s my problem okay got leave me alone.
Nikkil says,We have to attend the meeting now..come let’s go.Alia says,Y u r calling him he won’t come let’s go.Nikkil says,But meeting is with cabinet ministers have to attend.Abhi squeezed his eyes in frustration and says,Im coming..lemme handle my problem I won’t let my professional to get into my personal.Alia says,Y can’t u think this before.. if u thought like this before she would be with u na..y can’t u trust urself when u r with her nothing ll happen to her.Abhi just walked out hearing Alia’s words.After meeting,Abhi visit his commissioner n asks for 2 days leave.Commissioner asks,Leave?But Mehra as I know u didn’t took any offs.Abhi says,Some personal reasons have to fulfill that.Commissioner exclaims,Personal!!!well for the first time I’m hearing this from u.. anyways if something good is gonna happen in ur personal life I ll b really happy.. anyways I grant you the leave..u can take 2 days off.Abhi says,Thank u n left the cabin.Nikkil asks,What personal reasons..y u took off..what is thr to fullfil..whr u r going.Abhi says,Im going to bring colors to my life.. colors in the shades of the shades of the shades of saying this he left his office.
. . .
So I end this chapter here next chapter ll b on Monday…Till then take care..Love u all..Be good stay good god bless ?

Credit to: Tisha

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