Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 1

Hey guys its Tisha again.After my OS U r my knight in a shining armor many of them requested me to give the story oriented to that story line.So here it is..
Journey of love

Abhishek Mehra A singleman,Assistant commissioner of Police.
Pragya Arora – A simple bubbly girl,wanna became a journalist but due to Maa’s insistence she is working as teacher,Use to Sing in some small concerts.
Purab khanna An IT employee(TL), Pragya’s best friend from childhood.
Bulbul Arora Sister of Pragya,An IT employee junior to Purab.
Nikkil Arya A good friend of Abhi,Assistant commissioner of Police,works with Abhi.
Tanu Best friend of Purab and Pragya,A model.
Sarla Arora Mother of Pragya and Bulbul.

Daljeet Arora Dadi of Pragya and Bulbul.
Alia A good friend of Abhi,Assistant commissioner of police,works with Abhi.
Neil Bulbuls best friend from childhood,colleague of Purab,Bulbul teams TL.
So thats all the intro about the characters.
It was around 8PM,In the city of Mumbai,roads are crowded with cars on high speed.There was a small gallery there where a concert is going on from 6PM.A girl in the green room praying her Krishna to give her best wishes for the performance.
Event organizer : thank you Mr.Abhishek for the security..every time ur team is giving us the best..*said by looking at the 6 feet highly tightened muscled man with a perfect cop uniform where his coolers are hanging in his pocket*
Abhi : *made a smile*its my duty btw please end the event soon its already 8..In some time the road will be more crowded then ppl ll suffer.
Event organizer : Sure,Only two performances are on to go..Will end in 10 minutes.*saying this he left the place*

Abhi Nikkil Alia was standing in the corner of the event gallery in uniform near their POLICE car.
Alia says,Nikkil for this small concert we are here..fine leave us..the great Abhishek Mehra is here for security,she giggled.Nikkil says,Haa..Alia we are doing this from past 3 weeks..but venue is different,said by winking at her.Abhi asks,Whats ur problem guys..Do u ppl think Im here to hear those songs,asked by raising his brows.Alia says,We never said like that..we are just talking on random things y u r thinking like ur confessing urself that u r here to hear her song hey na,giggled again.Nikkil and Alia shares a hifi.Abhi says,Are you guys crazy..Im doing my duty..u guys are crazy..Why u always linking me with that girl every time..Even I dont know her name..Alia says,So u wanna know her name..ahmmm..ahmm..,winked at Abhi.Abhi nods his head in disbelief and annoyance.A voice came from the gallery stage.. Abhi just make Alia and Nikkil calm n listened to her voice with a smile and widened eyes..

Benaam rishta woh(that nameless relationship) Benaam rishta woh,bechain karta jo(which makes(you and me)restless) Ho na sake jo bayaan,darmiyan(which cannot be described in words in between) Darmiyaan Darmiyan(in between) Darmiyaan Darmiyan Kuchh to tha tere-mere darmiyaan(there was something in between you and me)

Kuchh to tha tere-mere darmiyaan.
Thank you,said Pragya with a wide smile by holding the mike as her performance finished.All clapped.Abhi just stood like a statute as some one had spell some magic on him.In the whole crowd he could see a girl getting down from the stage with light shimmering blue anarkaali with a wide smile and simple make up with a beautiful eyes that are visible over her rectangular shape reflecting metal frame glasses..He was looking at her as her magic spell on him..His magic moment end when Alia snaps before his eyes n says.Oh..hello..Some one said he is here just for security.Abhi smirks.Nikkil says,Leave it Alia..he is doing this from last 3 Saturdays,laughs at Abhi.Abhi says,Oh..hello..Im just seeing that how crowd is dispersing without any problem..u both dont over imagine,n wears his coolers n got into the car n sees her.Alia says,Arey yaar..Abhi too much if u covered ur eyes we dont know who u r seeing.

Nikkil says,Come on Alia..he may b true too he is just watching the crowd..u very well know he is not the person who fall in love and all.Abhi says,Exactly bro n gives hifi..n thinks,Her voice is sweet..thats okay..but y I cant take my eyes of her..her eyes are different hypnotising eyes..but feels nice n smiles.Alia says,Look Nikkil he is smiling alone.Abhi says,Chup Ms.Alia Im ur senior.Alia laughs,Okay bhai..U dream with ur dream girl..atleast u should know her name.Abhi asks,What Im gonna do by knowing that Chahmishs name.Nikkil wonders n asks,Chashmish??u had kept Nick name too fine, giggles at Abhi.Alia laughs n says,hey..she is here on parking lot seems to be looking for someone.Abhi sits in car n turns towards her n gazes her by hiding his eyes behind those coolers.

Pragya was looking at the phone n calls a person..But the call ended.Pragya murmers,y he is ending the call without speaking.Suddenly she heard a voice calling her n looks here n there,,said Purab by parking his bike n came towards her.Pragya asks,Idiot..u r late.Purab says,Wht to do work yaar.Pragya says,Dont lie..Bulbul returned home in evening.Purab says,Oye..Teacher..she is just a traninee Im team leader I have loads of work..more over Neil is her TL her best friend so she can leave early.Pragya says,Fine I forgave u.Purab says,I didnt ask u sorry.Pragya twists his ears.Purab shouts,Ouch.. leave me else I ll handover to those police n points them.The event organizer came thr ..Pragya and Purab engaged their talks with Event organizer.Alia says,Abhi..I think he is her boy friend..Abhi hits his fist in steering n stares at Purab,an unknown and unbounded jealous take over him.

Nikkil says,Let us know her name..Alia call her.Abhi says,Guys stop it..she may scare na if u called her.Alia says, concerned..actually we r helping u bhai.Pragya and Purab abt to leave.Alia shouts,Hey chashmish..hey girl..hey ladki..Pragya turns n sees her n asks,Me?Alia says,Yes u,said with a stern look.Abhi just gazes at her.Purab says,Pragya..I told u to stop singing na I think someone had died by hearing ur songs n laughs.Pragya slaps him on his arm n says,Come lets ask y she is calling us.Purab says,She is not calling US..calling YOU n smiles.Pragya says,Okay baba she is calling meeee..come now.Purab smiles.Abhi become more anger on Purab n tightened his grip on steering.Pragya and Purab came near them n asks,Y she called her.
Alia was abt to ask her name n says,What..Abhi cuts her n interrupts from the car n peeped out as her dupatta was brushing his arms as she standing near the door n asks,Who is he?,with a very stern voice.Pragya jerked as the loud voice came besides her n just sees him right to her n looks at him n asks,Excuse me!!Abhi repeats again,Who is he?

Purab asks,What?,with an anger face.Alia n Nikkil blinks at each other..Alia manages n asks,What..what is ur name Ms.?Pragya says,Im Pragya..Pragya Arora,by staring Abhi.Abhi repeats,Pragya..his lips made a small smile.Alia asks and u Mr.?,with a stern voice.Purab says,Im Purab..btw y u r asking our name.Abhi says,U should answer if police asks.Pragya says,And we to have the rights to ask..y u r asking our details,said with a stern voice.Alia says,ya..okay..u sang well I like it thats y I asked u may go.Pragya smiles at Alia n says,Thank you..Pragya and Purab abt to leave.Abhi asks,Eyy..Ms.chashmish..who is he.Pragya turns n says,excuse me..Im Pragya..Pragya..,got it.Abhi irked n asks,Okay..Ms.Pragya(stressed her name)who is he?

Pragya says,Thats none of ur business.Purab says,Relax Pragz..sir..Im her friend..can v leave now.Alia nods.Purab and Pragya moves from the place.Alia n Nikkil pulls Abhi’s leg by smiling at him.Pragya asks,Purab..y we should explain him everything.Purab says,Leave it Pragz..he may asked for some safety reasons now a days..horrible incidents r happening na.Pragya pats his head n asks,Dont compare urself to a gangster..u think u look like a don..just see ur face u look like a baby n laughs at him.Purab pouts n says,Okay..just leave it..see Im gonna work out for extra hours to look better.Pragya laughs n sat on his bike.They both left the place.
Abhi was still thinking of her.Nikkil says,ACP sir lets move..Abhi says,U both come in ur car Im leaving saying this he started n drove the car..Why Im remembering her eyes again and I saw her close to me..even her dupatta brushed my arms..Oh Abhi cumon stop it..but her voice her song is rumbling in my mind..

Oh god..she had made huge impact on me..Is this love..Love at first sight cant be..he looked at his face in rear mirror n smiles at him.Suddenly the mirror broken by the bullet shot.He just jerked for a moment he took his gun n stopped the car.Gangsters were there with guns.Abhi got down from the car n walks towards them..As they saw him coming they try to run back..Abhi shot a man in his leg he fell down others escaped in the car.He arrested the man n calls his policemen to come n take him to the station.As they were going towards the station..Abhi thinks,Stop it Abhi this is ur life..U have no guarantee for ur life stop thinking abt the girl concentrate on workHe diverts himself n thinks,Whose man is he tried to kill me..Today he gonna die in my hand..Though he tried to divert her mesmerizing eyes still disturbing him..he hitted his fist on the steering with anger frustration n shouts,Shithey chashmish get out of my mind.
How their Love Journey gonna be?Stay tuned..
. . .
Happy reading..Hope u all love it..Guys just share ur thoughts shall I continue this story??Please drop ur views.. Thanks for the each and every readers of my story..My regular readers and my dear silent readers thank you so so much for all ur support on my every work.The name list is so lenghty but i wanna thank each and every person who supporting me by reading and encouraging me by sharing ur views..A hearty thanks to all from the bottom of my heart..I had no words to say.. Purely Humbled??? Thank u so so so much… Love you all..Stay blessed..Be good..God bless?
And I had read many new stories in this forum now a days.. Every story is different and lovely I loved all the stories..Surbhi,Somiya,Maya,Aditi,Arshi fan,Maahi, Sharaya.. n many persons sorry I couldn’t remember the names but I like all the stories.. every one has unique view and I appreciate that..A kind regards To all writers…Write more..Keep on entertaining us.. Great Job guys ???Be Happy and make others happy?


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