Journey of love (IKRS) – Episode 8

Hello all. Hope u all r happy with the current track. Now there will be no dragging and there will be a leap very soon. So guys get ready for the next episode. If u didn’t read the last episode then here’s the link-

Here’s the next episode-

Viplav is in his room thinking about Dhaani.
Viplav- (thinks) These daayans r in the building which I stay. I will not go out of the house.
Suddenly Renu comes.
Renu- beta what r u doing?
Viplav- thinking about daayans. Oh sorry I m free.
Renu- Oh it’s great. Plz go and bring some eggs from the shop.
Viplav- yes mom.
Renu smiles and goes.
Viplav stands up but then sits with a tensed face.
Viplav- (thinks) OMG!! I told yes but how will I go down. If those daayans will come then?
Suddenly he sees Dhaani standing in front of him.
Viplav- U?
Dhaani- (with a smiling face) yes I. Why got scared?
Viplav- No. Why will I get scared?
Suddenly Dhaani disappears.
Viplav- arey where she went?
He then realises it was a dream.
Viplav- how will I go out? If that daayan comes in front of me then?
He starts walking left to right. Then right to left.
Viplav then remembers what he just said.
Viplav- I just told I m not scared. Viplav beta chal let’s go.
He takes a deep breath and goes. Viplav opens the door. He slowly peeps out if Dhaani is there. He finds no one and goes out.

At Dhaani’s house,
Dhaani is sitting in her room peeping out of the window.
Nimisha comes there.
Nimisha- Beta will u do a work for me?
Dhaani- yes of course mamma. Tell what work to do.
Nimisha- there r no eggs at home. Will u get it for me?
Dhaani- Okay mamma.
Nimisha caresses her head and goes with a smile.
Dhaani goes out. But then Viplav has already gone.
(note that the shop is just out of the building. It’s very near to our vidhaani’s flat)

Viplav is in the shop buying eggs. Dhaani too comes there. She is just behind Viplav. There r a lot of people there. Viplav turns behind and collides with Dhaani. He misses to see Dhaani and so does Dhaani. His eggs fall down. Dhaani sees this and gets shocked. Viplav bends down.
Dhaani- I m so sorry.
Viplav- it’s okay.
Dhaani goes to the shop. At the same time Viplav gets up. He sees back but finds no girl.
Dhaani- (thinks) that boy’s voice was so similar. I have heard this voice, but where?
Viplav- (thinks) who was that girl? It seems as if I have heard this voice, but where?
Viplav leaves. Dhaani takes the eggs and leaves. Viplav is waiting for the lift. The lift comes. Dhaani comes there but Viplav leaves and again they miss seeing each other. The episode ends.

Precap- 6 years leap.

Hope u all liked today’s episode. Keep reading and don’t forget to comment below.

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  1. Arshdeep

    Short but nice episode? Waiting for the leap now
    Wondering viplav went with the broken eggs only???

  2. A very nice episode .. Loved it waiting for the leap 🙂

  3. Superb elle good to know that i n nimmy r neighbours wow so good to have a sweety like her next door.?6 yrs leap sounds interesting.

  4. Sujie

    Arrey….. Viplav will go with broken eggs 😀 😀
    lame joke this is…..
    Okay…….keep going chhutku…. Leap is awaiting…. So excited

  5. Shruthy

    Oh oh! Even childhood wale ViDha live that “close but not able to each other” wala experience. ???? I just loved the episode Lou darling. It was superb. Haan a bit short but it’s ok. You already do so much ? Now cant wait fir that 6 years leap. That means they would be 12/13 right? So still school pupils. ???

  6. I agreed arsh very short Episode but very nice….. Keep it up louella

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