Journey of love (IKRS) – Episode 6

Hello friends… I m back with my ff. So here we go…….

Kavya asks everyone to take out their history books. Viplav takes his book and stands up. Dhaani thinks now what is he going to do? Viplav with his book in his hand goes towards the door. Kavya notices and asks Viplav where r u going? Viplav says miss u only told take out your books. So I m taking my book out.

Kavya puts her hand on her head. She says did u not get anyone else to irritate? Dhaani smiles. Viplav asks miss now what I did? Kavya says just go and sit. Viplav asks miss where? Kavya says go and sit in the toilet. Viplav shouts yay!!! And just runs towards the toilet. The whole class laughs.(don’t get confused. Viplav didn’t want to study so when Kavya told him to sit in the toilet he just ran in happiness) Kavya says he is a true joker. How can he just go and sit in the toilet?

All students say together miss we told na he is mad. Kavya says yes u r right. God knows how u all sit with him in this class. Again all say together bad luck!! Kavya says yes even I have a bad luck that I became a teacher in this class! It’s better that he sits in the toilet rather than irritating us. Again all say thank u so much miss!!!!

Kavya starts teaching them but she hears a voice which says may I come in miss?? She turns and finds Viplav. All the students see him and say together see he came!! Viplav hears this and smiles. He says wow!! See I m so famous. Kavya says come in but u were going to sit in the toilet na?? Viplav comes in and says miss I thought to sit there but there was no place to sit. So I came back.

Dhaani murmurs this vampire went like a monkey and came back like an elephant. How happy he was and also we all! But all went in vain. Kavya says now sit. I m teaching. Viplav goes and sits. The episode ends.

Precap- some fun and masti wala scenes.

So how was the episode. Hope this episode brought a smile on your face. And this episode was not real but imaginary. Don’t think this as real as I have told you earlier. Don’t forget to comment..

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  1. Journey of love episode 4
    Viplav is very naughty? i continuosly kept on laughing reading his non sense questions??

    Episode 5
    My face gets lighten up whenever i read my name actually??
    And the episode was very very funny??

    1. Yes he is very naughty. Always ready with his silly questions.

  2. Viplav is very very naughty????
    Keep going

    1. Thanks Arshi di.

  3. viplav is very naughty always ready to do silly things .. good one keep rocking !!

    1. Thanks Maha.

  4. Good but short☺☺☺?

    1. Thanks Renu. Sorry for the short updates but I m now handling 4 ffs and also I have tuitions now so little busy. Will try to give long episodes.

  5. Viplav is naughtiness ki dookan…..keep it up dear….

    1. Thanks Sujie. Yes he is naughtiness ki dukaan.

  6. Viplav is naughtiness ki dookan…..keep it up dear…. 🙂

  7. Viplav is so naughty??

    1. Yes he is the naughtiest one in the whole school.

  8. Hi louella…..ur ff is rocking dear…..missed some but will read whenever i get time…..bdw how can i miss u guys….? So after a long time i am commenting here….

    1. Thanks Lakshmi. Welcome back dear. Keep reading.

  9. Pata nahin kis miti se bana diya iss Viplav ko? ?? OMG we have to expect for a laughter riot and not concentration reading your story ?? Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Shruthy.

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