Journey of love (IKRS) – Episode 5


Hello friends. Come on.. Get ready to remember your school days…….

In the earlier episodes we saw that Viplav and Dhaani have a cute nhok-jhok. They look angrily at each other. Viplav then asks silly questions to Arshdeep which makes the whole class mad..

The bell rang. (it means that first period is over) Arshdeep says so students this is the second period. I think it’s the history period right? The students say yes. Arshdeep warns them not to do any antics. She says Viplav don’t do any mischief. As I have heard u r the naughtiest boy in this school. But now u just control yourself.

Viplav nods yes and smiles. Arshdeep leaves. But Viplav smiles and thinks arey miss if I will not do any mischief then how will my day go nice? He gives his cute killer smile. Dhaani notices this and thinks why he is smiling so much? Pakka he is going to do something.

The whole class is just going on talking. Viplav looks at Dhaani and smiles. Dhaani gives an irritated look. Viplav thinks this daayan doesn’t know to smile also. Dhaani thinks this vampire knows to smile only. Louella sees this drama and thinks I m right. There will be a third world war here. Avijit sees her and asks what u r thinking?

Louella says why u want to know? Avijit says how rude!! Louella says ok I m rude. If I m that why r u talking to me? Avijit keeps quiet.

Just then the teacher enters. All of them stand up and wish her good morning. The teacher asks them to sit. They all sit. The teacher says I m Kavya. Your social studied teacher. Viplav raises his hand up. Seeing this the whole class puts their hand on their forehead.

Kavya notices this but ignores. She asks yes what happened? Viplav asks miss u r our social studies miss. So u have come in the wrong time. Now it’s history period. Kavya now understood why the class did this. She says u sit down. And plz don’t ask me these stupid questions. Viplav says but miss u have to answer me. Kavya says what’s your name?

Viplav says if I say my name will u give me the answer. Kavya says ok first say your name. Viplav says miss I m Viplav, the great. Dhaani whispers u r Viplav the great vampire. Viplav stamps Dhaani’s leg. Dhaani makes a painful face and pinches Viplav badly.

Viplav shouts Ahh!! Kavya says Viplav what happened? Viplav says Miss nothing. Kavya says then why u shouted? Viplav says miss a big mosquito bit me. Dhaani makes an angry face. Kavya says ok now sit. Dhaani pinches him one more time.

Viplav again shouts Ahh!! Kavya asks Viplav is that big mosquito only biting u? Viplav says yes miss. Kavya gets irritated but controls. The whole class laughs on Viplav’s antics. Louella and Avijit also giggle.

Viplav stamps Dhaani’s leg very badly. But our Dhaani just gives him a pinch. Viplav removes his leg and whispers this daayan will definitely kill me today. Dhaani whispers yes. This vampire should be taught a lesson.

Kavya asks them to take their books out. Viplav takes his history book and stands up. Dhaani asks now what happened? Viplav ignores and just goes out of the class. Kavya says Viplav, where r u going? Viplav says Miss u only told take ur book and go out. Kavya and the whole class puts their hands on their forehead. Viplav smiles. The episode ends.

So how’s this episode? Hope this episode made u laugh. Plz comment and let me know.

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  1. Wow nice louella keep it up 🙂

    1. Thanks Fatarajo.

  2. Lovely episode Louella keep it up???

    1. Thanks Latha

  3. episode was very funny .. keep going

    1. Thanks Maha.

  4. Viplav is damn hilarious man. Imagining the two naughty and laughing alone in front of my screen. Super episode. Cant wait for next part <3

    1. Thanks Shruthy

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