Journey of love (IKRS) – Episode 4

Hi everyone. Hope u all r loving Viplav’s masti. So ready to remember your school days?? Then come with me…

In the last episode we all saw that Viplav was disturbing Dhaani but Dhaani ignored him. Arshdeep saw this and made Viplav sit near the dustbin on the floor. Viplav was again and again seeing Dhaani angrily rather than writing. Dhaani was looking at him and giggling. Narendran, Louella and Avijit were just watching the drama.

The first day of school went a little boring for everyone as they only had to write the timetable and also they had a half day. Now it was the second day of school. As usual all the students came on time and sat on their respective places.

But our Viplav had not come still. Dhaani and Louella were just keeping their eyes on the door. Dhaani was very happy from inside as he had not come and she thought that he will be absent. So she thought the whole bench is hers and no one is there to trouble.

But Dhaani’s hopes were all shattered when she saw Viplav coming happily in the class. She made a very sad face. Viplav enters the class with a heroic entry. But our Dhaani is quiet. Viplav comes and sits in his place. He notices Dhaani sad and thinks why she is so quiet. Let me talk to her. He says hello Daayan….. Dhaani asks what did u say just now?

Viplav says I told hello daayan. Your name is Daayan na?? Dhaani says what? Viplav says I think u have ear problem. He goes near her ears and says loudly helloooo daayan. Dhaani is becoming now mad. She says oh now I hear. Hello Vampire. Viplav gets angry. He says Daayanji my name is not Vampire but Viplav. Such a good name and u r spoiling it. Dhaani says what’s wrong in this name? Such a nice name. It also suits your face.

Viplav with an angry look asks I look like a vampire?? Dhaani says oh sorry sorry. Viplav smiles. Dhaani says not vampire but a monkey. Viplav says u r chimpanzee. Dhaani says u r gorilla. Viplav says u r elephant, fat and stout. Dhaani makes an angry look and says then u r ant. I will crush u with me feet. Viplav and Dhaani both make an angry look. Louella and Avijit r just watching the drama and enjoying. Louella thinks there will be a third world war for sure.

Just then Arshdeep enters the class. Everyone stand up and wish her good morning. Arshdeep as usual takes their attendance. Then it’s time for the first period. It’s the maths period. Arshdeep asks everyone to remove their maths books. Everyone remove it. Dhaani and Viplav r still angry and r making faces.

They remove their books. Arshdeep solves a sum on the board and teaches everyone how to solve it. She then asks whether anyone has a doubt. Most of them put their hands up. Arshdeep asks their doubts one by one also solves it.

Viplav also puts his hand up. Arshdeep asks his doubt. Viplav says Miss how did the answer come 2? It should come 3 na. Arshdeep looks at the board and again explains him the sum but our Viplav smilingly asks but why did u subtracted? U should add na?? Arshdeep again explains him the sum but again Viplav asks a different question. Arshdeep and the whole class is irritated. Arshdeep asks everyone is this boy mad?? Everyone answer yes. Viplav smiles. Arshdeep puts her hand on her forehead. The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav asking everyone silly questions.

Hope u all liked this episode. To tell the truth all these antics have been done by a boy who was in my class in 6th. He would ask silly questions just like Viplav especially to our Maths sir. So u can think how was our class…. So if u liked this episode plz comment and let me know. Suggestions r also welcome.

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  1. Viplav is seriously such a badmash. ?? Loving it so much. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thanks Shruthy. Yes Viplav is a big badmash. Because of him u all r getting a laughter dose.

  2. philo [:-(................[:-

    hahahaha really louella it is very funny
    it was amazing loved it very much

    1. Thanks Varsha.

  3. Elle nice classroom fun??one edition ot should be to take out nooks n not remove.☺

    1. Thanks Renu. Sorry for the mistake. I will correct it next time.

  4. Louella really enjoyed viplav’s class room fun. Amazing and loved very much.keep it up????

    1. Thanks Latha.

  5. Louella…keep going chuttki

    1. Thanks sujie.

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