Journey of love (IKRS) – Episode 3


Hello all of u!!! I know everyone is waiting for nearly a week for my ff but so sorry for not posting it. I had gone for a trip with my family as u all know and I have returned just now. So thought of posting it for u all. I know no one is interested in my lecture so let’s come to the episode. Here we return to the magical world of school with our beloved students and also the irritated teachers. Come on let’s go-

In the last episodes we read Viplav’s masti but as I know u all very well u want more of his masti so I have brought more on the way for u all. Also there will be new entries here as some of u wanted so let’s see whose on the way.

Arshdeep takes the attendance and finds a boy absent. She takes his name but doesn’t find him present. She was just going to write he is absent but just then she hears a voice saying May I come in miss?? She looks near the door and finds Narendran there.

She says come in. Are u narendran? Narendran nods yes. Arshdeep asks why r u so late? Narendran says sorry miss. Arshdeep says okay sit. Narendran goes and sits with Viplav and Avijit. Louella whispers dekho ek aur namuna aa gaya.

Dhaani says ab humari band bajne wali hai. Arshdeep then says so students now I will give u your places. U have to sit in one boy one girl order. She makes Louella and Avijit sit together in one bench and Viplav and Dhaani sit together on the bench in front of them. She also makes Narendran sit behind Avijit and Louella with another girl.

Now Dhaani is in shock. She thinks this rakshas is always my partner from the beginning. I think he gets me only to trouble. Viplav thinks this dayan again my partner? Louella and Avijit look at each other angrily.

Louella whispers Dhaani now we r in trouble. Dhaani says yes. Avijit whispers Viplav these chudail have again become our partners. Viplav also says yes. Arshdeep then says students now I will give u your timetable for the whole week. U all have to bring only these books. She starts writing.

Dhaani removes her book and pen and starts writing the timetable. Viplav thinks to irritate her. He calls Dhaani and then starts writing. Dhaani says what happened? Viplav says what? Dhaani says tell me what happened. U called me na? Viplav acts as if he didn’t do anything.

Dhaani again starts writing. Viplav again calls Dhaani. Dhaani again asks arey what happened? Why r u calling me? Viplav says I think u should go to an ear doctor and do the check up. I’m writing here and u r disturbing.

Dhaani is now confused. She again starts writing. Viplav gives a naughty smile. Dhaani sees this and thinks to catch him. Viplav calls Dhaani but our Dhaani just ignores. She goes on writing. Viplav again calls Dhaani. But again she ignores. Like this only Viplav goes on calling Dhaani. But our Dhaani acts as if she didn’t hear anything.

Arshdeep who was writing on the board hears the noise and looks back and finds Viplav disturbing Dhaani. She goes near Viplav and pulls his ears and brings him out. Dhaani smiles. Louella sees this and smiles. Avijit and Narendran r not aware what is happening. They think what happened to the teacher??

Viplav looks angrily at Dhaani. Dhaani gives a naughty smile. Arshdeep makes Viplav sit on the floor and says Viplav go and sit near that dustbin and write. The whole class hears this and laugh. Viplav says Miss I go?? Arshdeep says can u see somebody behind u? Viplav says no. Arshdeep says then go and sit. Viplav gives a sad look and starts walking slowly.

Arshdeep notices this and says Viplav don’t act as an old man. Go there and sit and write fast. Dhaani is enjoying the scene. Viplav thinks ab toh iss dayano ka kuch karna padega. The episode ends.

Precap- Vidhani cute nhok-jhok.

So how was the episode. Don’t worry more is on the way. This is just the beginning. Also there will be new teachers coming but I will not reveal their names now. So if u want to know who they r u have to wait for the next episode of Journey of love only on tellyupdates. Till then bye bye.

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  1. Welcome back Louella!
    I loved the episode I remembered my old school days was just fun… Keep going..

    1. Thanks Maria. Even I remembered my school days and all this masti is not imaginary but it is in real in our class.

  2. Louella…. tumne maarr dala…. you revived the memories of those school days…loving it

    1. Thank u Sujie. Be ready because more is on the way.

  3. OMG louella.. I am having stomach pain now laughing…??
    Ohh yesss i pulled little mishal’s ears.. Hahaha??
    He is really naughty..
    Both are angry birds??
    Thank you so so much..
    #Missing school days..??

    1. Thanks Arshi di. Yes both r angry birds. Even I m missing school days. Only two weeks left for school.

  4. Episode was very funny remind me the old school days .. those days were soo beautiful? keep going dear

    1. Thanks a lot Maha.

  5. Elle must say it is brilliant n of all ffs this is the cutest one ☺ viplav disturbing dhani ?? teacher pulling his ears?????dhani laughing ????? it is a real laughter dose?

    1. Thank u so much Renu.

  6. louella super dear….liked their cute fights

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