Journey of love (IKRS)- Episode 2


Hello friends. Let’s see the second episode. Don’t forget to imagine Viplav’s masti. Do tell me about your imagination. And most important, don’t forget to include me and Avijit bhai also in ur imagination. After all we r best friends of Vidhani.

Dhaani and Louella r sitting together and chatting. One by one all the students enter the class. Dhaani says thank God!! He is not there in our class. Louella asks who?? Dhaani says arey that Rakshas. Louella is confused. She asks in this school rakshas is also there? Dhaani says oh God!!! I m talking about Viplav. Louella says oh he. I know he is the naughtiest boy in our school.

Dhaani says yes. U know na he was there in our class for 5 years. And also that Avijit, his best friend. You know na how much they both have irritated us. Louella says how can I forget those days. They both smile thinking that Viplav and Avijit r not there in our class.

But just then they hear a voice saying Hi Dhaani. Hi Louella. They both turn and see Viplav standing in front of them. Viplav smiles seeing them. He thinks again these dayans in our class!!! Now again bear them. Dhaani thinks again this vampire in my class. Dhaani get ready to bear him.

Viplav says so you dayans I mean girls r in my class. Louella asks why any problem? Viplav thinks a big problem. Dhaani says where is your assistant?? Viplav asks who? Dhaani says that Avijit. Just then someone enters and says hello. You took my name and I m here. Louella puts her hand on her forehead and thinks lo yeh bhi aa gaya.

Dhaani whispers lo ek pe ek free. Viplav asks did u say something? Dhaani asks did u hear something? Viplav and Avijit ignore and sit just behind Dhaani and Louella’s bench. Dhaani thinks shaitaan ka naam liya shaitaan hazir.

All the students r settled now. The teacher enters. All students stand up and say good morning miss together. The teacher says good morning students. Sit down. All the students settle down. The teacher says I m your class teacher. My name is Arshdeep. I m your science and maths teacher. Viplav puts his hand up and asks miss u r our class teacher or Maths teacher or science teacher? All the students laugh.

Arshdeep says u sit down. I m your class teacher, maths teacher and science teacher. Viplav whispers wow three in one!! Avijit, Dhaani and Louella listen and giggle. Arshdeep removes the attendance register and says now I will take ur attendance. Pay attention.

Viplav puts his head down. He is feeling sleepy.(got up early na) Arshdeep takes all the girls attendance. Now boys turn. She takes half of the boys attendance. She says Avijit. Avijit says present miss. Viplav is sleeping in the class. Arshdeep says Viplav Tripathi. But Viplav doesn’t respond. He is sleeping. Arshdeep again says Viplav Tripathi. Avijit wakes Viplav. Arshdeep again says Viplav Tripathi. Viplav in his sleep says absent miss!!! The whole class laughs. Arshdeep says what? Who is Viplav Tripathi here? Viplav stands up and says SORRY miss. I m present miss. Arshdeep says ok sit down. Don’t do this again. The episode ends.

Precap- Dhaani and Viplav are partners. Vidhani nhok jhok.(wow! Guys get ready because vidhani will have to sit together in class for one year.)

Hope u all liked today’s episode. Don’t think that Viplav’s masti is over. More masti is on the way with Vidhani’s cute nhok-jhok. And all these funny scenes r not imaginary. These have been seen live by me in our class in 6th. Only I have changed the characters. So hope u all imagined us(especially me) in the class. Don’t forget to drop ur valuable comments. For now bye bye!!

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Superb akka i loved it.. Same rakshas and shaitaan superb.. Anyways pls Akka add my name narendran pls pls this ff is super.. This is one and only ff I am reading in IKRS.

    1. Thank u so much Ranaji. I will definitely add ur name in my ff as Viplav’s friend.

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        I am soo happy.. I did not expect as viplav friend…. Thnx thnx thnx thnx alot

  2. Hahaha i laughed out loud louella????
    When i looked my name,…i put my hand on my forehead??
    Me and teacher…?? please zada bezzati na karna meri??
    Enjoyed a lot
    Keep going
    Thank you for giving me a role?

    1. Thanks Arshi di. Chinta mat karo aapki jyada bezati nahi karvaaungi. Baaki teachers bhi hai na!!

  3. Kamini ka time off hone wala he..

  4. Wah elle arshdeep ko teacher bana diya. I think saras should be teacher n arshu should be doctor in school. Also narendran can be viplavs freind as u have given just avijit. Ha ha just joking its your ff n u r free to express yourself. Appreciate yr efforts dear ✌?

    1. Thanks Renu. Yes I will add Ranaji and Saras mam. This is not the end. More teachers r on the way like hindi, English, maths etc etc subjects. So many teachers on the way.

  5. louella…has has ke mari jaarahi hoon main.
    .keep it up dear…love you for this… 🙂

    1. Thank u so much Sujie.

  6. Wow Louella eagerly waiting for next pls post it soon.. And post ki and ka ff also as early as possible..

    1. Thanks. Yes I will try to post it today itself.

  7. Good louella dear, all the best keep writing

    1. Thanks Nancy.

  8. Louella its very funny…..rakshas..shaitan…..daayan….and the imp one arshi as class teacher….actually i was imagining u all…louella…dhaani…viplav…avi bhaiya…arshi…..haha gabbar ko khush kar diya tune aaj…reallyy enjoyed it….but mujhe aur chahiye…..

    1. Thank u so much Lakshmi. Arey don’t take tension. A lot is left to show.

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