A Journey of Love (Episode 67)


The scene starts with..Arjun hug Radhika and tell..
Arjun:I Love You Radhika..Without you there is no ArjunMehara.
Radhika look at him..
Reamaining all hold their jodis and share a cute eye lock.
First step in plan:
Teji and Aman stand infront of a house..The house is individual house.. with neat gardening..two cement benches are there in garden..A car parked in the garden..Finally Teji opened the gate and both Aman and Teji went in and press calling bell.After two minutes a lady open the door..she saw Teji and smile..and suddenly tears flow from her eyes..
Teji:Maa why are you crying?

Teji and Aman were shocked..bcoz Dilip shouted on mala dont took her name in this house..Teji understood how Dilip uncle is angry on Radhika..By hearing this sound Ankush also come out from his room.Teji looked at Ankush.. Teji:Ankush bhai..
Ankush:Hai Teji..Hw r u?
Teji:Fine bhai..Hw abt u?

Ankush:We are also fine..
Teji:Bhai..He is Aman.my best frnd and collegue.
Aman give shakehand to Ankush..
Teji:Last week only i return back from trip..So,i am not able to come and meet you people.
Ankush:Its oj Teji..
Teji:We are here on a business work bhai..Actually you know naa..that i sm working in RAAM associates..They want to develop and start their association in small towns also.They start to implement their work From Reshikesh..That too this is a holy land naa.They have some sentiments..
Aman:Yah Ankush bhai..sorry..Ankush..
Ankush:No probs..if you ate comfort with that you call me like that only..
Aman:Thanks bhai..Actually they want to tie up with good persons..In our survey we got know about your Father DilipMishra.By hearing this name teji said..yes they are good people in Reshikesh..
Teji:Yes bhai..It is good oppurtunity for you..
Ankush:But..now we didnt invest anything right now..

Teji:What happened bhai?
Ankush:Anu is in hospital..She is in Coma from past 6months..We hardly arranged amount for treatmeant.
Teji:What happened to Anu bhabhi?
Ankush:It is bcoz of choti..She hit Anu by Iron rod on her head..and elope from marriage..
Teji:You belived it..that chashini really did it..You know abt her more than me..
Ankush:It is fact..Teji..All proofs and evidences are show that she did wrong..
Aman:Bhai..you look those things with your eyes..or these things are all watched by your own family…

Ankush and Teji are shocked for this question..Ankush shocked bcoz..he didnt know abt Raadhika..then how can he take her side..smilarly Teji didnt expect this type of reaction from Aman..Till now he didnt know Aman also love Radhika as a little sis.
Teji hold Aman hand..Aman look at Teji and ask him to continue our business praposal and come out..I wait for you in garden..Ankush look at Aman with confusion look..Teji:Dont take wrong Ankush bhai..by hearing abt Radhika frm me..he also trained that Radhika is his sister and frnd..Moreover wirhout seeing her he consider Radhika is his little sis..may be he upset..Ankush nod his head..

Mala bring tea and snacks for them and she look for Aman.Ankush:He is in garden maa..
Mala walk towards Aman and give tea to him and ask him to sit.Maka also sit beside him and ask..Mala:You didt know about our choti..Then why you take her side..Aman:Maa..can i call you like this..Mala noded her head.. Aman:Maa..Radhi is with us only..dont express your feelings..She is too good from heart..I love her my little sis.. Maa you also belive all this nonsense..
Dont belive these words..once talk to her..Dont worry about Anu also..We bring good doctors to her trearment..
I think you know about Neil and Sam..
Mala again nod her head.. Aman:Dr.Shivaraj sekhar good and great doctor..We are all hear for choti and to exposr that Saral..Plz belive your daughter..come to temple today evening..We bring Radhika also..But promise me dont scold her..And one more thing My Arjun is in love with Radhika..By hearing this Mala widened her eyes..Aman:Dont worry he is good and he loved her to the core..he want to see Radhika with her happy family..To satisfy her wish only he came to Reshikesh..

For Radhika only the four frnds buy the GK hospital..to save Anu from Saral..We all are outsiders to Radhika.. we have love and trust on her..Then why her own family didnt trust her..
Mala listen his words and her eyes were filled with tears..Ankush look at them from glass window and observe that Mala wipe her tears..Here Teji discuss abt business plans and suggest him to meet his Boss(es) tomarrow.. Really they are good people..Actuall they buy GK hospital in this twon yesterday only..By hearing name of GK hospital Ankush alert and said Anu is in that hospital only..

Teji:Really..Then i recomend doctors to take special care..in any case you meet our directors..plz bhai..
Ankush nod his head and ask abt Aman..Teji:Like me only..he is also orphan..both teji and ankush came to garden..Aman:sorry sir..I didnt take anything bad about Radhika..Bcoz ..by hearing from teji..my mind trained that she is my sister..so..sorry..
Ankush:Why you change me from bhai to sir..Aman:Sorry bhai..Both Aman and Ankush share frndly hug.. Teji also hug Ankush..Both Teji and Aman leave from there..Ankush:Maa..Ankush and Teji love choti..more than me.. I am her blood relation..and they are frnds..They look so much goodness from choti..then why i am not like that Maa..Till now i am angry on choti..But now i want to rethink..Mala:Dont worry Ankush..Things may set well..

Ankush nod his head wipe his tears.. All this discussion is observed by Dilip.. Dilip is garden behind mango tree.He also think about Radhika now.. Ankush and Dilip start thinking just bcoz of

Aman..Actually it is not in their plan.. but it happens…

Precap:Mala meets Radhika..Mala shocked by seeing Arjun..Neil and Sam take Anus case

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