A Journey of Love (Episode 4)

The episode starts with one girl praying in the temple and asks god plz help me to get this job. bcoz by this only i reached my dream. oh devimiyya plz plz plz…… if u give that job then i give lucknow rasgulla and jillebi to u devimiyya. when she turn back and hit someone and look at his face with one cute look. He is none other than….. Mantu. Mantu ask her walk properly and job is not assigned by your devimiyya it is your work to prove your talent and get the job.
Kushi answer him but sir fate was written by god only na…… run away with cute smile.
Kushi drives his two wheeler very speed. Her chunni waved and it covers the face who sit back side of kushi. hey kushi dont drive this much of speed yaar……. These roads are new to us.
Haa honey these roads are new but driving is not new for us right?

yah kushi but there is lot of time for our interview….
honey did u remember that in our college days we are always first to attend classes.Our faculty always gives first priority to us only. similarly,if we are first member to attend the interview place that manager give first priority to us….
Honey laughs very cute after listening kushis answer. (still now we saw only eyes and lips of honey).

Suddenly honey asks kushi to stop the vechicle. kushi suddenly stop the vehicle and hits the car placed there and fell down. Honey try to help her. Two persons get down from the car and walk towards kushi and honey.
One wear black color suit and another wear white color suit. The black color suit person asked : How dare to hit my car?
kushi looks innocent and answers him dare………
Dare is not necessary to hit the car.If Any vechicle is in your hand and fate is not good it can happened.

At the time of this discussion the white color suit observe their conversation with little bit smile.
Honey consoles kushi and mention sorry to them. The black color suit person stare angry look at her and
sit in the car. The other one asks kushi Is your devimiyya write your fate like this…….And sit in the car.

Honey asks kushi ,” kushi come lets go, Already we are late”.(Here we saw honey with full face i.e none other than Amaya.)

Credit to: subhadha


  1. manha

    khushi she is so gud. amazing girl. okk so khushi n amaya r friends. mantu n amaya first meet over but they didn’t talk. its ok. so the black suit was mr. arnav . right??!!! then khushi n arnav encounter is too gud. i mean dare is not needed to hit car. oh god she can only give such ans. it was very nice.

  2. SMC

    Guys I will start a New FF that wl include Manya so Manya Fans I need some comments from u’ll if I get positive replys I will include and if negative I wl not include.
    So the characters are Manya,Swasan,Twinj,Abhigya,Member,Raglak,Ardhika,Nesam,Ishveer,Jeevi,and Karvi.

    • Natasha

      sorry i think i will be busy at 5:00 pm.

      so lets meet at desi tv box manmarziyan fan page tommorow at 12:30 pm.

  3. aastha

    Were s ardhika??????I badly miss tem…
    . tis epi ws cute…….te man who shout at Khushi s our Arnav na?????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.