A Journey of Love (Episode 3)


The scene starts with Arjun called Ramesh with loud voice. In Arjun’s house only two members.Arjuns elder sister Anjali(This charcter is Arnavs sister from Ipknd).One male maid that is Ramesh and another female maid leela.Leela take care of Anjali.
Scene 1:
Arjun called Ramesh and asks that dhi can take her tiffin or not.
Ramesh answered no bhayya.
Arjun entered into anjali room and take care of her and ask leela to take care of dhi and leaves to his room.He feels very inconvinent.
Scene 2:
Mantu put flowers infront if their parents photo and prayered with teary eyed. Suddenly he hear a loud sound of cracker and run in to balcony.
There he saw his younger brother chotu who played with their maid and his pet dog snoopy.
Mantu go and catch chotu and hug him with teary eyes.
Scene 3:
Ishitha drive his scooty in tension and suddenly she turns into wrong direction and hits Ramans car.
Are you blind,cant you see this much of big object.
Ishitha looks in tension and said sorry to Raman.
Raman asks sorry!who can manage my damage expenses for car.
Ishitha took amount from her purse and give it to raman and said the amount is 6000 rs.Ishita said that only these 6000rs with me,And pulled his phone from ramans hand and feed her number in his mobile.Before she leaves ask him call me if your expenses are more than 6000 just call me.
Raman stares angry look and murmered ……… Is she jhansi ki rani…..!

Credit to: subhadha

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  1. Very nice ishra….I read this ff only for ishra as I love them very much…

  2. I like it.plz upd soon

  3. Again short update yaar

    1. sorry yaar. i am new to write like this. so i am very slow to think and write. next time onwards i try to improve.

  4. Cute ishra scene

  5. Awesome, ishra encounter was really cute…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  6. Family intro were superb. Ishra first meet too gud.

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    ISHRA moments are Awesome yaar….plz update regularly & put a long one instead of this short……

  8. Its just mind blowing and update somewat large yar story line is quite intresting

  9. i will try to update long episodes in upcomming episodes. sorry for short episodes. this is first experience for me. my mother language is telugu. so it is big job for me to convert my feelings in english. but i will try for long episodes. thanks for ur sugesstions.

  10. Guys I am starting a new FF and Ardhika is included need the fans comment if they agree as there are many couple such as Manya,Nesam,Mehbeer,Twinj,Abhigya,Karvi,Swasan,Raglak,Jeevi,Karvi.

    1. As long as ardhika are there…I will be waiting for ur ff then…plz continue…

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