A journey to love Chapter 9


Swara:- Ragini, whom yu r talking??

Ragini gets shocked, she turns towards swara

Ragini:- wo actually swara,
Swara:- what happened, why Yu r so tensed
Laksh:- what happened Ragini..pull me up na..
Swara:- who is there??

Swara looks down and saw sanskar & laksh

Swara:- you, what you are doing,, and why Yu r coming from pipe,, get lost now
Laksh:- hello teekhi mirchi, don’t shout.. If yur mogamboo dadi will listen than she’ll kill us..
Swara:- yeah nice idea, ‘monkey’
Laksh:- how dare Yu call me monkey..I’ll kill Yu teekhi mirchi..

Ragini:- swara-laksh stop fighting, swara plz pull him up na, Plz Shona
Laksh:- pull me up na Shona..and smiles

Swara makes angry face and gives her hand to him..

Laksh:- pull Shona, make some effort
Swara:- shut up else I’ll throw Yu..why Yu always being so irritating

Laksh gives irritating looks, swara tried hard to pull him up, suddenly he comes up and fell on swara,, lovely swalak eye lock ( piya o re piya) plays

Ragini looks down for sanskar

Ragini:- sanskar come up I’ll help yu( she gives her hand to him)

Sanskar nods yes he climbs the pipe and grab her hand..suddenly her hair got opened and fell on sanskar (moh moh ke dhage plays) they shared an eye lock

Swalak realized the situation and gets up..

Swara:- I already knows Yu don’t have eyes..why Yu always fell on me, stupid monkey

Laksh:- o’ hello miss attitude, Yu always make situations to come close to me,, cz i m too hot and handsome..
Swara:- handsome my foot,, monkey also looks better then Yu
Laksh:- Yu r crossing yur limits
Swara:- yes, I m crossing my limits, so what will Yu do now
Laksh:- I’ll kill yu
Swara:- let’s see

They started fighting,, ragsan heard their noise , Ragini pulls sanskar up, and they goes to swalak,, sanskar hold laksh and Ragini holds swara

Sanskar:- what r u doing lucky..stop fighting
Laksh:- she started the fight bhai..she called me monkey..I’ll kill her

Swara:- yes I called Yu monkey cz Yu r a monkey,, monkey monkey monkey
Laksh:- Yu ghost,, I m not going to leave her,, I’ll kill Yu swara Bose

Ragsan looks to each other..ragini shouts

Ragini:- ‘stop’….both of Yu stop fighting,, otherwise I’ll throw Yu both down
Suddenly they heard dadi’s voice

Dadi:- who is there??

Everybody gets shocked,, swara took laksh and Ragini took sanskar and they escaped in store room

Sanlak:- what r Yu doing.where dadi comes from
Swaragini took their hand on sanlak mouth..
Swaragini:- sshhhhh,, dadu will listen us,, keep quite,,
Swaragini slowly looks outside..they saw dadi and they get close to sanlak..sanlak feels their closeness,, dadi went downstairs,,swaragini shies..
Then they turned back and realized their position,, ragsan-swalak shared eye lock
Sanskar bg tune plays

Screen freezed on ragsan and swalak..episode ends

Precap:- laksh asking sanskar does he feels something for Ragini.,, swara asking Ragini for same

Credit to: Dimpi Pargai

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