A journey to love Chapter 8


Ragini,sanskar and laksh reached college..

Ragini:- I have to go to submit the fees..
Sanskar:- yeah we also have to submit our fees..right lucky
Laksh:- yeah yeah bhai..let’s go

They all goes to fees counter and submitted their fees..

Laksh:- now our fees are submitted and our classes are starting from tomorrow, so let’s go to the cafeteria then we’ll drop Ragini home

Sanskar feels sad, he wants to spend time with Ragini,, Ragini also thinking the same

Sanskar:- come Ragini
Ragini nods yes and they all goes to cafeteria
Sanskar pulls the chair for Ragini…laksh looks surprisingly
Laskh:- bhai Yu never do this for anything..for me also Yu never done this..what happened to Yu..yu ok na??
Sanskar:- shut up lucky else I’ll kick Yu in front of her…
Laksh:- really bhai..lets try then
Ragini:- hey what happened, why Yu both are not sitting??
Laksh:- actually Ragini bhai was saying that…..
Sanskar:- nothing nothing Ragini..i was saying Ki what will Yu have,,lucky will bring for us..right lucky??

Laksh looks him shockingly and thoughts (hmmm,,everybody says right when girls come in life everybody changes…jst like my bhai..come home bhai..then I’ll show Yu)
Ragini:- I’ll take cold coffee with lots of ice-cream
Sanskar:- mee too..lucky go And bring 2 cold coffee
Laksh:- and what about me…nobody asking me ..I’ll not talk to both of Yu
Sanskar:- plz understand na lucky else I’ll tell Ragini that Yu have done that accident to swara…..then swara and her mogamboo dadi will kill Yu
Laksh:- don’t blackmail me..i m going na

Laksh goes, ragsan are sitting quite..sanskar was jst looking to Ragini..another side lucky was thinking ( everybody behaves stupid when they were in love…jst like my brother..thank god I don’t have that bimari…one second if bhai knows that he loves Ragini..i have to find out..hmmm) he takes the coffee..

Laksh:- see I bring coffee
Sanskar in his heart ( why he come so fast…he always behaves so lazy all the time..but today he came so fast..huhh)
Ragini and sanskar together:- wow cold coffee thanks lucky..they looked to each other and laughs…lucky makes face…uff
All drinks the coffee..sanskar and Ragini staring each other

Laksh:- now let’s go..we have to drop her first
Sanskar sadly:- ok..come Ragini

They all goes to badi..

Sanskar:- Ragini we arrived yur badi..
Ragini:- ohg..yeah..hmm I have to go now…bye sanskar bye laksh
Sanskar:- bye Ragini..gud nite..tc
Laksh:- bye Ragini..gn
Ragsan looking at each other sadly and waves their hands..

Sanskar:- bye Ragini
Ragini:- bye sanskar
Laksh:- o hello bhai she was gone..now can i drive..
Sanskar:- yeah..
And they goes to home..laksh was driving
.sanskar thought something and suddenly

Sanskar:- lucky stop the car
Laksh suddenly press the break and got tensed..what happened bhai are Yu alright??
Sanskar:- I remember that Yu have to say sorry to swara right..lets go badi nw

Laksh(ohj god, I thought bhai forgot,now what will I do):- ohh..yeah…but how will I say sorry..we have to plan something na..
Sanskar:- so think something..waise bhi Yu always have so many plans in yur mind..

Laksh thinks something and said”idea”

Laksh:- we’ll go badi at night..and I’ll say sorry to her cz now her family will be there and we’ll not be able to talk..
Sanskar get happy but he doesn’t show his feelings..sanskar:- ol fine..nice idea

Location:- Maheshwari house / sanlak room
Laksh:- Yu have to go maa and take permission
Sanskar:- but what will i say to maa..i can’t lied to maa
Laksh:- ok so we have to drop the idea..gd nyt ..i sleeping
Sanskar :- ok ok..i m going

Sanskar goes to AP room and laksh stood behind the door and push sanskar
AP:- are sanskar…come beta..what happened Yu r here this time..yu want something beta
Sanskar:- actually maa I want that..actually

Laksh points himm to say otherwise he’ll go and sleep..
Sanskar(in one breath):- actually lucky and me wants to go on our friends birthday party..we wants yur permission..can we go maa plz

He said all this in his one breath and laksh put his hand on his forehead..(bhai can’t do this..he don’t knw how to lie..i think I have to go and talk to maa) he was about to go then AP speaks
AP:- sure beta..yu both can go bt come before 11pm ok
Sanskar got happy and hugs her:- Yu r best maa in this world..thankyu maa..he came out and laksh give him hi-five

They went to badi..
Laksh:- we have to go through pipe..cz we can’t go from front else anyone will see..
Sanskar:- ok

Sanlak went to the backside and laksh trying to climb pipe..suddenly sanskar hit a pot and Ragini listens..

Ragini:- I heard something
Swara:- really but I don’t
Ragini:- I’ll cheak..
She went outside and saw down…sanlak was there and she shouts

Ragini:- what Yu guys are doing here..
Laksh:- we’ll explain Yu..first help us
Ragini gives her hand to laksh..jst then swara comes there and shocked to see Ragini talking to someone
Screen freezes on their faces..episode ends

Precap:- swalak and ragsan talking..they heard dadi voice and all of them escapes from dadi…swalak and ragsan moments..

Credit to: Dimpi Pargai

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