A journey to love Chapter 7


Hey guys…i m overwhelmed with ur love and support..i lv Yu guys for supporting me..if any swasan fan don’t like my fiction they can leave to swasan fictions…for supporting thankyu swalak fans…

Location:- Maheshwari House/sanlak room

Sanskar already wake up and trying hard to wake lucky..but our lucky is as usual also type munda so he was sleeping and sleeping. …

Sanskar:- come on yr lucky.its 8am now..get up bro
Laksh (from the blanket):- its only 8am bhai..stop being so irritating..let me sleep if Yu don’t want to sleep than go to the kitchen and help maa as Ragini do…hahahhahahahaha

Sanskar goes to his bed and kicks him..lucky stood up in shock on bed and shout:- bhai r Yu gone mad…aaahhhh its hurt me…ladies and gentlemen my big cute brother is in live with miss….
And laksh runs towards down to kitchen shouting(bhai is in love…bhai is in love) sanskar runs behind him..

Scene:- Maheshwari house kitchen
Parineeta(lucky big bro and Annapurna’s first son Adarsh wife), uttara(sanskar’s sis and the youngest child of the family), AP and suju are making breakfast..uttu is sitting on the slab eating apple jst then laksh arrived with laughing

Laksh:- maa plz help bhai was hitting me
Maa:- ohh god these boys starts fighting in morning…what happened laksh
Sanskar:- maa see I told him to wake up and he was teasing me

Parineeta:- sanskar Bhaiya..yu know na how he was..why Yu trying to wake up this lazy boy
Laksh hugs Pari and Pari puts his Hand to laksh forehead..
Laksh:- yes bhabi see na he was teasing me and then blaming..so bad ha bhai

Everybody smiles and uttu goes to sanskar

Uttara:- plz lucky Bhaiya don’t say anything about my sanskar Bhaiya..he is so innocent
Laksh:- jst like ragini
Sanskar make angry face to laksh..everyone stares to lucky with surprise

Laksh:- I mean swaragini…i mean this serial starts from yesterday..i saw this an add on TV about this.
Uttara:- really lucky Bhaiya..which channel??
Laksh:- leave channel and enjoy my company..i m the most entertaining channel in this whole world
Uttara:- yeah Yu are my mickey mouse Bhaiya and she hugs both sanlak
Everyone smiles and sanlak goes to their room for getting ready to college..

Location:- badi of swaragini…ragini and shomi doing the pooja…Shekhar reading the newspaper..dida and dadi making the breakfast and swara listening songs on headphones..
Shomi and Ragini comes and Ragini gives aarti Nd Prasad to swara then everyone

Dadi maa:- lado..this is yur tifin..take it.yu have to go alone today as swara was not well..
Ragini:- I don’t like to go alone..but I have to submit fees by today..bt I’ll come soon..
Swara:- I’ll also miss Yu..come soon meri pyari behen..

Shomi blessed both and make Ragini ready..jst then laksh arrived with a bunch of red roses ..

Laks:- good morning everyone.hi Ragini..hi teekhi mirchi
Shomi:- good morning beta..come

Laksh come in and goes to swara and gives her the roses..
Laksh:- for Yu..get well soon teekhi mirchi

Swara makes faces to them…shomi ask her to say thankyu to laksh..so sadly she said thanks..

Laksh:- leave her aunty she can only shout on me….thanks word is not in her dictionary..hahgahhaahha
Btw Ragini are Yu going to college..come with me I m also going to college..

Dadi:- yes lado…yu must go with him..plz beta also drops her home as she is alone today..
Laksh:- don’t worry dadi maa…nothing will happen to her..bye everyone come Ragini..
Ragini:- maa…hum chalte hai.tc swara..I’ll come soon..
But Ragini is upset…she was looking for sanskar so long bt he didn’t come..

Laksh:- don’t be sad bhai is in car..and smiles
Ragini feels shy and smiles
Sanskar waiting in car..he was sitting in driving seat..laksh goes to front seat..
Sanskar:- lucky are Yu sitting in front seat..
Laksh understands and smiles:- no bhai..how can I…then smiles..i was jst opening the door to Ragini.as I have to tc of her na..she is all alone today..
Sanskar:- why where is swara??
Laksh:- don’t Yu remember bhai she is not well..
Sanskar:- ohh yeah I forgot…

Laksh smiles naughtily….ragini sits on the front seat..
Sanskar:- hi Ragini
Ragini:- hi sanskar

They both smile to each other and moh moh ke dhage plays..screen freezed on. Their faces..episode ends

Precap:- laksh was trying to climb the pipe..sanskar is pushing him up..ragini helping the…swara comes and get shocked..

Credit to: Dimpi Pargai

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