A journey to love Chapter 6

Scene starts with laksh holding swara and make her sit in the back seat of car and Ragini sits with her..

Sanskar:- I’ll drive..says maa gives yur responsibility to me..
Laksh nods yes and sits in the front with sans..sanskar start the car and fix the front mirror on Ragini face..laksh notice this and smiles..

Laksh:- bhai be careful today..i m feeling like Yu r not well…hahhahahahaha
Swara:- why Yu always talk nonsene..its a limit of yur stupidity nw..
Laksh:- when I saw yur face I already stated talk nonsense..so plz stay away from me..atleast 100mtr distance..and turns towards window..

Sanskar watching Ragini through the mirror Ragini notice this and feels shy..
They reached badi…sanskar stops the car..
Laksh help swara to walk and they all goes to badi..dadi and dida are sitting outside..they saw them

Dida:- ohh Shona, what happened??
Dadi:- who r they lado??

Shomi and Shekhar also come outside and Ragini told them about that incident that swara slips while dancing and laksh took her to hospital and drops us home..

Dadi maa:- thankyu so much beta for helping my granddaughters
Sanskar:- its ok..its our duty to help others
Dadi maa:- Yu r a obedient and sanskari boy..
Laksh:- that’s why my brother’s name is sanskar dadi maa..

Everyone smiles and Ragini looks at sanskar and sanskar smiles to her..

Dida:- aye parvati you’ll talk to them standing here all night..come beta come inside
Sanskar:- no thanks..we have to go now..its too late..lets go lucky
Laksh:- when they are insisting so much lets go inside na bhai…how can we disobey our elders..hai na
shomi and Ragini make swara sit on sofa..ragini goes to kitchen and brings water for them

Shomi:- Yu sit lado I’ll serve them
Ragini:- no maa..its ok Yu tc of swara
Laksh:- this is the medicine list for swara..
Shomi:- thankyu so much beta..yu did so much for swara
Laksh:- now called me beta so no thanks again ha..and btw yur daughter is full teekhi mirchi I mean sursuri bomb..

Everyone laughs on this and swara make faces to laksh..ragini serve water to sanskar and he holds the glass and looking to Ragini..laksh comes close to sanskar..

Laksh:- bhai plz took the glass else if they will notice Yu..they all are going to beat us.nd I m not in a mood in action nw..
Sanskar realized and took the glass..drink water fast and stand up..

Sanskar:- ok aunty we have to go now..he touched the feet of shomi nd Shekhar..laksh says bye to everyone..dadi and dida comes from kitchen and smiles..
Ragsan looking at each other..and silently says bye..laksh make face to swara..she turned her face another side…

Location:- Maheshwari house/sanlak room

Laksh:- I m so tired tired today..uff I want to sleep nw..
Sanskar:- yeah obviously Yu did so many things today..where the beads come to swara in dancing room..

Laksh looks another side

Laksh:- I don’t knw..i was jst passing from there and I saw her crying that’s why I helped her..

Sanskar come close to him and ask to stand up..and checks his pockets and find beads..

Sanskar:- what is this lucky
Laksh:- ok I m sorry bhai..I’ll not do it again.
Sanskar:- that’s not enough..yu have to say sorry to swara as well whom Yu hurt
Laksh:- I m not going to say sorry to that miss attitude ..
Sanskar:- then fine I m not going to talk to Yu now…gud NYT..
Laksh:- Yu r emotionally blackmailing me nw..ok I’ll say sorry..now happy…
Sanskar:- yes..that’s like my lucky..
They hugs each other…laksh goes to sleep..sanskar thinks about Ragini..another side ragini thinks about sanskar…swara sleeps already..

Screen freezed on ragsan with the tune of Moh moh ke dhage…episode ends

Precap:- laksh gives swara a bunch of roses..Ragini feels sad..

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  1. Super super super…..again a wonderful update….awesome…fabulous

  2. Haaa why sad dr…. plzzzz dont change the couples plzzzzz we want ragsan swalak only

    1. Yes we want ragsan and swalak together plzz

  3. Great ep. But why ragini feel sad in pre cap?

  4. Yeahh plzz don’t change the couples be swalak and ragsan

  5. Super… continue continue..

  6. Super ma …continue waiting for another ….its so lovely to see ragsan ad swalak……

  7. Ummahhh….again awsm epi yaar…in ur ff my fav person is lucky…swalak nok jock superb… wt is luckys nxt plan????great job yaar keep it up…

  8. very boring dis serial. all r known that ragini truth bt again they fall in her trap how d director become so stupid. if a story der it must be intresting.i think director have 2 becme genious

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