A journey to love Chapter 4


Scene starts with sanskar running after laksh and Ragini running after swara..while running swalak bash with each other..swara shouts on laksh
Swara:- r u blind or what ..yu hit me badly (rubbing her hand)
Laksh:- yeah I m blind.. But Yu have eyes na can’t Yu see mee…its not fault..say sorry to me..
Swara:- sorry my foot..huhhh

Just then Ragini comes their running and slips suddenly sanskar comes there and holds her (moh moh ke dhage plays) swara looks at laksh angrily and turns towards ragsan
Swara:- are Yu ok..??
Laksh:- yeah Ragini plz tell yur lovely sister she is a Dr na…hahaha(plz Ragini agr kahi chot lagi h to apni behen ko bTa do ye to Dr hai na sb thek Kr degi) swara stare him with anger..ragini smiles

Sanskar:- are Yu ok??
Ragini:- ji hum thk hai( yeah I m alright)…are Yu alright?’
Sanskar:- Mai to bht acha hu(yes I m perfectly alright)
Ragini:- what
Sanskar:- nothing..
Laksh turn towards swara

laksh:- hi swara I am lucky..naam to suna hi hoga..
Swara:- I don’t have any interest in yur name..lets go Ragini..we have to go..

Laksh thought how much attitude she have..i will see her and make her life hell in this college..jst then sanskar interrupts..

Sanskar:- come lucky we also have to go and they all goes..swara stares laksh angrily and laksh shows her eyes..ragsan smiles at each other..

Sanlak goes to cafeteria..and laksh was thinking how to take revenge from swara..jst then he saw Ragini going..

Laksh:- I jst come in one minute
Sanskar:- where are Yu going nw
Laksh:- bhabi se Milne bhai(to meet my bhabi bro)
Sanskar kicks him hard and said..shut up lucky there is no bhabi of yurs
Laksh:- ok bhai not mine yur bhabi..now ok let me go now

Laksh goes to Ragini
Laksh:- hi Ragini where is yur that ladaku sister
Ragini:- plz don’t say anything about her..she went to the dance rehearsal room
Laksh:- Yu also going there??
Ragini:- no I m going to music too. For my singing practice

Laksh thought something and say bye to Ragini and went to sanskar

Laksh:- bhai mujhe Ragini Mili abhi..music room ja rahi thi..soch raha Hu Mai bhi singing class join Kr lu(bro I jst met Ragini..she was going to the music room..i m also thinking to join singing classes)
Sanskar feels jealous
Sanskar:- tujhe kbse singing Mai interest Ho gya…yu lovme dancing na so why Yu will join singing classes??
Laksh:- smiles right now bhai…for Ragini I can join any classes even cooking classes too..hahhahaahhaha
Sanskar gets angry and goes from their

Laksh:- now bhai will not disturb me and ne I can execute my plan…miss swara I am coming..

Location:- dance room..swara was dancing (song o re liya from aaja nach le movie)..she was wearing a white full length frock suit and chudidar with red dupatta..and ties long choti…laksh reaches their and saw her dancing..first he jst shocked to see her like this and staring her so lovingly and thought..”she is so pretty..how can I angry on her..then he realizes..what if she is beautiful..i am also laksh Maheshwari the most handsome guy of this college..i will take my revenge and will show her his place..
He slowly throws beads their..

Laksh:- now dance miss attitude..nw I will see how Yu got selected to this dance classes..

Swara was dancing and suddenly her feet’s goes on the beads and she falls..her leg got twisted and she starts shouting over pain laksh saw her in pain and feels bad for her he goes to her..swara was shocked to see him there and look angrily

Screen freezed on their faces..episode ends

Precap:- Ragini singing thoda Sa pyar Hua hai thoda hai baki..sanskar watching her from the door’s corner smiling..laksh tools swara in his hands swara looks shockingly

Credit to: Dimpi Pargai

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