A journey to love Chapter 3

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Ragini:- why Yu shout on them ..what happens if they submit their forms first..there is no need to fight with them..
Swara:- yes we have to fight for our rights..they learn a lesson today and they’ll never do this again..

Aothert side sanskar scolds laksh

Sanskar:- I told Yu don’t do this but Yu never listens to me..there is no need to fight with them..
Laksh:- that girl have so much attitude how dare can she shouts on me..i will see her

Sanskar saw rigini stands behind laksh and get shocked

Ragini:- wo hum ap dono se apni behen ke liye maafi mangne aaye hai..

Sanskar push laksh aside and goes to Ragini..laksh get surprised..

Sanskar:- no no Yu don’t have to say sorry..actually I am sorry for our rude behaviour..
Ragini:- no no I m sorry
Sanskar:- no I m sorry

Laksh saw them and shouts “stop”

Laksh:- bhai accepts yur sorry…may I knw yur name actually my bro wants to know
Sanskar shocks and came near to him
Sanskar:- shut up lucky..if Yu say another word I’ll kill Yu
Ragini:- my name is Ragini and she is my sister swara..ok I have to go now..she is waiting for me..

Ragini stops and turns to him..sanskar can’t say anything..he was jst looking to her..(moh moh ke dhage plays)
Ragini:- yes

Laksh saw sanskar staring ragini

Laksh:- his name is sanskar my name is laksh..he wants to say that..

Sanskar stops him and smiles to Ragini

Sanskar:- nice to meet Yu..we have to go now
Ragini:- mee too..bye sanskar
she goes from there and sanskar turns to laksh and kicks him

Sanskar:- why u speaks a lot infront of her..pta Ni kya soch ri hogi mere bare Mai..aj to tu bht pitega lucky..
Laksh:- Yu r not saying anything to her that’s why I asked..btw nice name ha Ragini…hahahhahaha
Sanskar:- stop there I m going to kill Yu now..and sanskar runs after laksh

Next scene:- swara was waiting for Ragini at college cafeteria..and Ragini comes

Swara:- where are Yu..i was waiting Yu for so long..
Ragini:- I went to that boys whom we met at admission counter to say sorry to them..
Swara:- why Yu went to them..it was their mistake..they have to say sorry to us..
Ragini:- give me a break…and yes they also said sorry to us..that are not that bad..specially sanskar..
Swara:- ohh to unka naam sanskar hai..are wah meri pyari behen ko to unka naam bhi pta chl gya..
Ragini:- shut up Shona..he asked me so I told them..
Swara:- why Yu only told them our name..apna phone no bhi de deti..stupid..we don’t have to talk to them..specially the other guy..
Ragini:- come on swara don’t say that..dadi maa always say we have to respect everyone..
Swara:- ohh meri pyari Ragini ke sanskar to dekho
Ragini:- hum tumhe bht marenge swara and she runs after swara…

Screen freezed on sanlak and swaragini..

Precap:- Ragini slips and sanskar holds her..swara looks at angrily..swara was dancing and laksh throws some beads to her feet and she falls down ..

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  1. Wow plz add some romantic scenes of ragsan and swalak plz

  2. Cute yaar waiting for d next episode

  3. Ha thanks yaar for makinf ragsan pair plz contnue like this

  4. Wowoowowieee…it’s really really superb yaar..and only one request, in some places ur writing in hindi know can u plz write it in English…awesome writing….Please keep writing..?

  5. Its nice dimpi…m realllyyyyy njoy it a looottt..keep it up buddyyy

  6. Very nice yarrr

  7. vw yaar asusual superb pls continue…today i like d ragsan scenes amazing…happy to see our old ragini nd swara…in real shw ragini bcms like a vamp nd swara ek dam saas bahu type hate dat…..anyway good job yaar pls continue…..nd our tom nd jerry fight starts…yaar dimpi dnt confess swalak lv soon..pls let dem fight…waiting for ur nxt part

  8. Its nice story of swalak and ragsan
    Continue your story waiting for your next episode

  9. I like ragsan scene most
    Thank u

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