A journey to love Chapter 11

Location:- college campus

Sanlak comes to college and laksh was eagerly waiting for swara to come..sanskar looking for Ragini..then they saw swaragini coming..

Swara:- hi sanskar..hi laksh
Laksh:- hi..why Yu both came so late…
Swara:- what late..we are on time actually Yu came so early
Laksh:- no Yu r late..
Swara:- I told Yu na we are on time..

Ragsan looks at each other..and ignores them

Ragini:- see they started again..i think we should go…
Sanskar:- hmmm..yu r right..let’s go

Ragsan goes to cafeteria…
Swara and laksh gives hi-five..

Laksh:- see..i told Yu na..my plan always works…

Flashback shown:- swaragini room..ragini is in washroom,swara called laksh

Laksh:- hi teekhi mirchi
Swara:- hi monkey
Laksh:- don’t call me monkey..
Swara:- Yu also don’t call me teekhi mirchi
Laksh:- ok fine.have Yu find something
Swara:- Ragini said they she didn’t think about sanskar in that way.
Laksh:- hmmm, bhai also said the same..ok I have a plan..we will meet in college tomorrow and we’ll fight as we always do..then bhai and Ragini will get frustrated then they will leave and we’ll have some time to talk and plan something..
Swara:- ok done..so see Yu in college

Flashback ends:-

Swara:- I must say it was a good plan..now I also have a idea..
Laksh:- what idea
Swara:- now I’ll try to flirt with sanskar and you’ll try to flirt with ragini..and then we’ll see what was their reaction
Laksh..hmm..i think this will work…ok so partners??
Swara:- partner???
Laksh:- yes this is a ragsan mission and we are partner to complete it..
Swara:- ragsan??
Laksh:- uff swara…duffer rag from Ragini and san from sanskar ..understand??
Swara:- yup so let’s do it partner..
And they shake hands

Location:- college cafeteria

Sanskar:- so what will Yu have ragini??
Ragini:- no this time you’ll tell me what will you have..
Sanskar:- that’s not fair..you’ll tell me..
Ragini:- I said ma you will so you have too..
Sanskar:- ok ok..so cold coffee with lots of icecream
Ragini:- not bad…ok done

Ragsan smiles to each other…swalak came there..

Swalak together:- we’ll also have cold coffee..

Ragsan looked them surprisingly

Sanskar:- so swara and lucky..if you wants to fight more you both can continue…
Swara:- no we’ll never fightt again..right laksh
Laksh:-100% right

Ragini:- so You’ll have to give a treat to us..
Laksh:- of course switee anything for Yu..and laksh sits near Ragini..

Sanskar looks angrily to laksh..and Ragini give a naughty smile..

Swara:- why not….sanky baby..tell me what will Yu have?? And she sits near to sanskar..

Now Ragini get jealous and sanskar gives her the same look..

Laksh:- tell me na baby what will Yu have..
Sanskar:- lucky she will have cold coffee with ice cream..
Laksh:- come on bhai..don’t interrupt I m asking to my sweetie pie
Sanskar:- what sweetie pie her name is Ragini..
Swara:- chill baby..what happened if he called her sweetie pie..
Ragini:- nobody is baby here..swara his name is sanskar
Swara:- whatever I’ll call him sanky right sanky baby

Ragini got angry and she stood up..

Laksh:- what happened sweetie..sit na baby
Ragini:- actually I have an urgent class..so I have to go..
Swara:- what class Ragini..we have same subjects and there is no class this time…
Sanskar:- actually I also have a class..so see you later guys..

Ragsan goes to different side and laksh comes to Swara..
Laksh:- good job partner..
Swara:- I know but Yu r also ok.ok..don’t worry I’ll teach Yu..
Laksh:- ohh really..i am a born actor madam..
Swara:- ok ok..don’t start fighting..now first plan is successful and we have to focus on the second part..
Swalak shake hands..

Screen freezed on swalak at middle and once side Ragini and another side sanskar’s face…episode ends

Precap:- Ragini and sanskar was fighting in music room..sanskar pulls Ragini to wall and said:- ” don’t Yu understand.. I love Yu damittt ” …swalak smiling from the door…

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