A journey to love Chapter 10


They all come out from store room..

Swara:- you guys have to go now
Laksh:- you but actually I want to say sorry to Yu..

Swara looks him shockingly and thinks(he was playing prank on me, cz I know he never have that manners to say sorry to anyone, may be he can say sorry but to me its impossible)

Swara:- ohh my god look who is saying sorry to me, Mr laksh Maheshwari..really its Yu or I m dreaming..

Laksh make angry face and looks to sanskar..sanskar encourages him to apologize

Laksh:- yeah miss. Swara Bose I am saying sorry to Yu cz that accident happened with Yu at rehearsal room, that was because of me, and he tells everything to…

Swara gets angry:- how could you do this to me…yu r so mannerless, nobody can do this to anyone…
Sanskar:- plz swara forgive him, I know he did wrong but he realized his mistake and come to say sorry to you….and when a person regret for their mistake its our duty to forgive na…plz forgive my bro…

Ragini was looking at sanskar stupidly…(how cute sanskar)
Laksh was looking at swara for her forgiveness

Swara:- hmmm,, Yu r right sanskar,,…laksh realized his mistake and came here to say sorry,, its a big thing, truns to laksh.., its ok laksh…i forgive Yu…

Laksh:- thankyu so much swara..

Swara:- its ok monkey…
Laksh:- hey that’s not cool ha…

Swara laughs.., Ragini smiles to see them, then sanskar goes to Ragini..,, laksh and swara looked them,, laksh signs swara to come

Swara:- what happened now…, why you signing me..
Laksh:- I thought there is something between them, when bhai saw Ragini he forgets everything…and always stand Ragini…
Swara:- hmmm,, Yu r right ,, I feel the same…we should find out what is going out between them…

Laksh:- yes’s..so I’ll find out about bhai and yu about Ragini..ok done??
Swara:- done…done..done

Laksh and swara shake hands..ragsan watching them surprisingly

Ragini:- what happened swara…few minutes ago Yu both are like kill to each other and now Yu r shaking hands..
Swara:- actually I forgive him..that’s why
Swara:- that’s great

Swalak smiles and winked to each other..

Laksh:- I think we should go now..its already so late…let’s go bhai

Sanskar looking at Ragini…laksh and swara shakes smiles…laksh shake his hand before sanskar face

Laksh:- what r Yu thinking.,, we have to go now,,bye swara..bye Ragini..gn..sleep well
Ragini:- bye sanskar..take care

Ragsan and swalak smiles to each other

Sanlak came back to home

Now swalak started investigation…

Laksh:- bhai what Yu think about swara..??
Sanskar:- nothing..she is a nice girl
Laksh:- really..i don’t think so
Sanskar:- now its yur way of thinking..
Laksh:- ok and what Yu think about Ragini…

Sanskar got surprised but he started thinking about Ragini and smiling..

Laksh:- what happened bhai..tell me na bhai..
Sanskar:- what type of question is this,, I m very tired..let me sleep

Swaragini scene:-

Swara:- no i will not let Yu sleep,,Tell me na what Yu think about sanskar..
Ragini:- plz swara don’t tease me now..i really want to sleep..

Back to sanlak:-

Laksh:- no Yu r not sleeping..until Yu will not answer me
Sanskar:- what can i say about her..she is sweet..simple…smiling girls..who started crying in little little things..cared so much about her sister and family….

Swaragini scene:- he respects everyone..and always speaks truth..like he tools laksh side and convinced Yu to forgive laksh…
Swara:- ohj..did Yu feel something for him..

Ragini looks hesitantly

Sanlak scene:-

Sanskar:- have Yu gone mad..i don’t even know her properly..its just two days i met her…
Laksh:- but bhai love can happen in one minute na…don’t Yu heard about love at first side…

Swaragini scene:-

Ragini:- there is nothing like love at first side..its nothing between us..now plz don’t irritate me…i m sleeping gud nite

Swara smiles and another side laksh also smiles…thay all go to sleep..but everybody was waked…

Sanskar thinks (really is it true that I like Ragini…no.no absolutely not..lucky have gone mad..)

Ragini(why I m thinking about swara’s word..do I really like sanskar..no.no absolutely not..swara have gone mad)

Laksh(hmmm..i think its not like what we are thinking about them..may be but I have to Talk to swara)

Swara(I m confused..i think I should talk to laksh..)

Scene freezed with ragsan and swalak face..episode ends..

Precap:- all of them are in college…swalak talking….swara:- I have a plan and she told something to laksh

Credit to: Dimpi Pargai

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