A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers – episode 7


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Tej was in deep thinking…..janvi noticed that…
Janvi : tej what are you thinking? (asked shaking him)
Tej : janvi…..when will we get our om back…I couldn’t see him in this condition.
Janvi : i know….even you don’t show out…I know you love om more than anyone else in this world.
Tej : how janvi….how are you telling this I am the one who locked him inside the house after you all left for Kolkata in search of Shivaay.
Janvi : i am even now angry on you for that tej….but you did that to save him from the police…it is totally our mistake to file a case against you and him for kidnapping Shivaay….which you both didn’t do.

Tej : someone purposely recorded me and om talking and sent it to anika….
Janvi : if Shivaay hadn’t heard you both speaking…till now we would have thought you and om as culprit.
Tej : first and all I thought Shivaay as an obstacle for om…but after that incident I realised that he is the pillar of support for om…..now he has turned my son.
Janvi I still couldn’t forget what he told the police after he was saved from roop.
Shivaay and the whole oberoi family were present except om in a police station in Kolkata. Roop was behind the bars eyeing the whole family with anger.
Inspector : omkara singh oberoi and tej singh oberoi are cleared of all charges sir.
Shivaay (in angry tone): how can you file a case against them.
Inspector : it’s all because of the video sent to Mrs.Shivaay singh oberoi.
Shivaay plays the video from anika’s mobile….the video shows om and tej are sitting in the lawn and talking…
Tej : om…I am saying this for the oberoi industries…if anything happens to me or Shivaay…who will take care of our business….plzz sign this paper om.
Om : Shivaay is there to take care of everything…then how will I sign this papers….
Tej : so Shivaay is your problem…what should I do now you itself tell….shall i speak to shivaay…
Om: papa…

Tej : what…what did you call me…om….
Om :papa…ya i was thinking for a very long time…I think you are correct I must secure my future…but till Shivaay is there I can’t do anything….
Tej : okay tell me what should I do?
Om : papa….I have a plan…let us kidnap shivaay…
Tej (shocked): om…
Om : yes…first we have to kidnap him and keep him in our custody for somedays so that I can enter the oberoi industry without any obstacle…
Video ends….Shivaay looked at the whole family…how can you all believe this…..this is not the full video….I will tell you what happened after that…….
Tej : om…what are you speaking ? Kidnapping…Shivaay…are you okay…
Om (laughing): wow….Mr.oberoi I didn’t expect this reaction from you….so you don’t hate Shivaay…you are good at heart…I didn’t know that…
Tej : om…I never hated Shivaay…the thing is that I love you more than him.
Om : Mr. Oberoi but you are not that intelligent…may be you love me more than him….but for me Shivaay and rudra are my world….you should have known that…my past…present and future belongs to them….nobody in this world has more right on me than them…even you and mom….I don’t want to be the CEO of Oberoi industries…..I am not at all interested in it….I am an artist….that is my passion now it has became my profession…so don’t worry about my future…..the only thing I want from you is please don’t try to take me away from my brothers….I can’t live without them.

Shivaay : this is what happened that day….but roop bua has well planned and sent the video….how you all doubted on badi papa and om….they can never do this to me….I want to go to my om now…he would be heart broken.
Rudra : bhaiya I called him….but he is not picking the phone.
Anika pinky janvi Dadi and shakti are crying thinking about scolding om.
Shivaay : if anything happens to om I won’t spare you all.
Tej : don’t worry Shivaay…I know om will be heart broken….but if police go and ask him more questions he can’t bare it…so i only locked the house and sent all the security to home so that everyone will think that no one is inside the mansion….I also asked one of the staff to take his phone without his knowledge.
Shivaay : you did right badi papa…we will go home and apologize him.
Tej :at that time I thought all the problems are sorted…but i didn’t know om’s life was at risk….I shouldn’t have locked him.
Janvi : it all happened within one day…..and that too ranveer was behind all that…he married our prinku saying he loves her…even after knowing that om accidentally hit his sister….we must have thought at that time….but he used prinku as a weapon to come close to om.
They both talked for a while and slept…
Tej : Shivaay where is rudra….it is getting late we have to attend the meeting.
Shivaay : rudra….come fast.
Soumya : bhaiya….om bhaiya is not leaving him…he also wanted to go outside it seems.
Tej and Shivaay went and saw om holding rudra tightly and asking to take him out.
Tej : om….if you leave him now…evening i will take you outside.
Om : no I won’t believe you…I want freedom….I want to go outside….leave me.
Shivaay : badi papa it’s okay…let rudra be here. Rudra….you anika and soumya take om outside but be careful.
Rudra : okay bhaiya……Rudy will take care of all the three.
Tej : we are not worried about them….we are worried about you….don’t do unnecessary things.
Om was super happy and hugged tej….tej got teary eyed…this the first time his son is hugging him .
Tej : let’s go Shivaay….today we will only get the deal…I got my wishes from om….come let’s go…. (he said all this by controlling his tears ).

Anika and om were also present…it’s been an hour but rudra is still not ready.
Anika : soumya….how are you handling this duffer? I am irritated.
Soumya : what to do di…it’s my fate…but you know what I don’t like when he is sad and quiet…I love the naughty side of him very much….but if i tell him that he would be flying high in the sky….so don’t tell him di….he is wonderfully weird.
Anika : see my sister turned pink while taking about my devar….I am very happy for you both…
Om : nobody is happy for me…..
Anika : who said that….you have a doll in your life…she will definitely come to you.
Om: i want that doll.
Soumya: you will get her soon bhaiya……didi we must forcefully take rudra out otherwise he would be doing all the make up to attract girls.
Anika : you are right …rudra….if you are not coming now…we will go by ourselves.
Rudra : bhabi…I am coming.
All four went by walk to the near by park….anika and soumya were walking front and omru are walking behind…suddenly a car with full speed hit rudra from his back…within in seconds he was lying in a pool of blood and all the blood have splashed on om’s face….he was standing in shock.
Anika and soumya : rudra wake up…..nothing will happen to you…wake up.
They rushed him to the hospital….

Doctors were treating him. Outside anika’s phone rang….it was Shivaay on the phone.
Shivaay : anika…we got the deal…me and badi papa are coming home do some sweets.
Anika : billuji….
Shivaay sensed that something was wrong .
Shivaay : anika what happened…is everything okay…om…om is okay nah..
Anika : billuji…rudra….rudra…met with an accident.
Shivaay : when….where….I am coming.
After sometime the whole oberoi family were present all were crying except om…he didn’t utter a single word or was crying…he was sitting like a rock….the only thing that repeated in his mind continuously was the accident of rudra…his mind just couldn’t come out of that.
Doctor : Mr.oberoi….the operation is successful but we have to wait till he gets conscious…then only we can say thing.
Tej : do any treatment you want…but I want my son back…..
Doctor: we will try our level best Mr. Oberoi….let’s hope for the best…..
The whole family was praying for rudra including priveer….
To be continued….

Om comes back to his senses…..anika om convo…

I think I am boring you all because the comments are decreasing day by day….silent readers if any plzz do comment.

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