A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers episode 43

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Anika : saahil….I am so happy that you are here….
Saahil : di how is the baby….is it fine…when will it come and play with me…is it a girl or a boy…
Anika : you are so very excited….but what to do we have to wait for the baby….and saahil what baby do you want…a girl or a boy….
Saahil : I want a girl baby like my annika didi….
Anika : why not boy?
Saahil : didi if boy baby comes it will like tadibaaz jiju or may be like rudra….oh if baby comes like rudra what we will do…

Anika : saahil call rudra as bhaiya….and why you not like him….
Saahil : saumya didi…..
Anika : where?
Saahil : he is calling the most beautiful name on earth saumya as sumo….which I hate the most….so only girl baby if boy then it must be like om bhaiya….

Anika : with long hair….
“don’t worry I won’t ask him to grow long hair” said a voice standing near the main door….
Anika : om where have you been….
Om : went in search of something….
Anika : did you get it?
Om: yes….

Anika : where is she?
Om : she will come with respect not with blame on her….and I have the responsibility to find who is spying us….
Rudra walked down…..even I do have the responsibility to find the real culprit…..and show you the truth….
Om Just passed a weak smile and went from there taking saahil in his arms….
Anika : rudra…I think you are doing wrong…
Rudra : for the first time I am doing right….I won’t leave that girl to break my om again….no never…

Anika : but om loves her….he has immense trust on her…
Rudra : she is not worth that trust….she don’t deserve a man like om….
Anika : if ishana is not at fault….then we will all regret…..what to say….I just hope the truth comes out….
Rudra : I will make it come out….
Saying this he went out hastily…
Rudra(in his mind): how will I prove that it is ishana….may be if I see the cctv footage I may get clue…

Soon rudra was seen in the surveillance room…he had sent all the securities out…
Rudra : I will see from the day she came here….
Rudra fast forwarded all the incidents but nothing seemed to be suspicious about ishana….somewhere inside him something told him if ishana didn’t do anything suspicious outside the room she can conspire inside the room as prinku was also not there…but she is very normal….So will it not be ishana….this question was banging his head and he remembered seeing om taking ishana happily under stairs so that they can have some time alone…
Suddenly rudra got hold of something he again saw a video footage…..
In that….saumya was walking down the stairs…she looked in so much tension…the audio is not heard but rudra was quiet stunned seeing what’s happening….

Saumya was seen talking to some one on phone that too hiding and sneaking then and now to see whether some is coming or not….
This activity of hers definitely attracted rudra’s attention he went on seeing footages to monitor not ishana but saumya this time…..
Seeing the clips rudra remembered instances when saumya was seen talking on phone for hours together….

“ is it sumo…who…no…no she can’t be….I should talk to her now that’s the best thing I can do than sitting and thinking what’s going on…” rudra spoke to himself before leaving to meet her…
In few minutes time he was seen roaming here and there inside the house searching for saumya….finally he found her in prinku’s room…she didn’t notice rudra standing as she was busy talking on phone….
Saumya (on call): I told you….I don’t know anything about papa and see here after please don’t call me…I can’t help you…

Saying this she cut the call but by seeing her face in itself one can say her mood is not good….saumya threw her phone on the floor but as she saw where it landed she was shocked beyond wits….

Yes it was rudra under whose leg the phone got it’s place….
For the first time in her life saumya was scared seeing rudra….that angry face he was adorning at that moment seemed to have made her shaken…rudra’s whose face was now blood red in colour walked towards saumya….his each and every step towards her was like hitting her with a axe such was the effect his eyes were having….saumya bowed her head not being to see his eyes….
Rudra :why…who and from when?

Saumya : rudra….I…actually..
Rudra held saumya’s hand firmly…now answer my questions saumya…
“saumya”….the name echoed through out the room….for the first time he called him saumya….
Rudra continued…just tell me why who and from when…

Saumya holding her nerve…r-ru-rudra…I…I…can’t understand what y-you are talking about…
Rudra: enough….enough…you are wonderful actor…I must say…
The more and more rudra is controlling the crack in his voice tells that he is hurt deeply.
Saumya now gathering her guts…rudra i can explain…

Rudra : what you will explain…explain me how you plotted against my family or explain me how you did that cheap kidnapping drama or explain me why in the world are you spying us or explain me how much pressure this adds to Shivaay bhaiya and anika bhabi…or you will explain why you were reluctant when I blamed ishana bhabi…

You made me a fool saumya…you made me a fool…
Saumya : rudra….listen to me…plzz.
As rudra was about to speak pinky walked into the room….seeing her rumya acted to be normal but they were burning inside….
Pinky : rudra tell me what colour dress you want for sangeet…
Rudra : choti ma…sangeet is…
Then he remembered that tomorrow is his sangeet….
He selected dark blue colour…

Pinky : saumya…are you okay with this colour…
Saumya nodded in agreement…
Pinky : accha rudy mujhe batao ishana kaha hai….om told she went to Hyderabad….mummyji is very angry she should have told us went….
Rudra was melting with guilt…

Choti ma…it was some urgent work….now I am going to pick her up from airport.
Pinky : better hurry up…
Rudra had flashes of him scolding ishana and giving her no respect and how om trusted her….all these made him sick…he felt emptiness in his stomach….
But suddenly it turned into anger seeing saumya…..
Rudra : see I am going to get bhabi home….after I come you have to tell me what all you have been plotting with whom…and keep one thing in mind until marriage no one here should know about you….because I don’t want om’s marriage to stop again…he has barred a lot of pain in his life…I don’t want him to suffer more….

Saying this he walked out of the room leaving a devastated saumya back….she throwed herself on the bed and started crying uncontrollably…

@Ishana’s house
Rudra was standing hesitantly thinking whether to knock the door or not….
“ door will not run from here…but I will go if you keep standing like this”….
Rudra literally jumped on hearing this voice…..
It was Shivaay to whom that voice belongs to….
Shivaay : rudy I am already exhausted due the meeting…plzz don’t make me wait….
Rudra was about knock the door but to his surprise it was opened already…he pushed the door and saw that the door has opened automatically…
Rudra : bhaiya….it’s magic “ALHOMORA” rudra said with this eyes beaming…
Shivaay : what is that??

Rudra : have you not seen Harry potter it’s a spell to open doors I think I am a wizard and you all are muggles…
Shivaay was now irritated to the core…rudra shut up and walk inside…
As they walked inside they heard noises from kitchen…..by following the sound they reached ishana who was sitting on the floor with a pile of vessels surrounding her….it was all dusty and she had very tough time in cleaning them……
Rudra walked inside and sat behind the pile of the vessels…
Ishana : rudra…I know it’s you…tell me what you want…are you not yet done blaming me so you directly came to my house….and bhaiya you too accompanied him to yell at me…then I must say this is gonna be the best day in my life….

By now both rudra and shivaay understood that ishana was hell angry on them….
Rudra : ishana bhabi….I am sorry…I am really sorry I know this sorry will never get back the words I told you…but I am your masti partner nah…so forgive me bhabi….
Ishana whose eyes went so read stood on her feet so as rudra….

Ishana : who am I forgive you rudra….and one more thing I think you will do better calling me ishana as it’s more comfortable for you nowadays than calling me bhabi…
Rudra : I will call you bhabi only…because you are my long hair creature’s wife….
Ishana : wow…so you do think about your brother…
Shivaay who had no interest with their talks took himself a seat and was scanning to check whether there is anything to eat as he was super dooper hungry…..ishana noticed that but wasn’t in a mood to cook and give him something….

Ishana : bhaiya…if you are that much bored you can go I won’t say anything…
Rudra starred at Shivaay….
Shivaay : what…I didn’t do anything…you both continue….
Ishana : what you both are thinking…to make fun of my feelings….and you rudra…yesterday you blamed me and today you are begging for pardon…are you thinking that I am some kind of doll to play…if you both have that idea then flush it off from your minds…because for me self respect is more important than anything in this world…
Rudra :then…om is he not as important as your respect….
Ishana : idiot he is my respect and that’s why I don’t want to pardon you…because you insulted me saying that I am cheating……he is my strength and weakness…

Rudra : but he is my life…he and shivaay bhaiya are my world…I can’t live without him…many may think that I am a child to say this…but I don’t care…I am like this I can’t even think about loosing them and that what made me so restless and eventually I started treating you that way….and I think that’s the same with shivaay bhaiya too….
Having now pulled into the conversation Shivaay was eager to be part of it and he automatically stood up…

Ishana : okay…you both answer me…if it was saumya or anika didi in this place would you both have doubted them…
There was silence from shivru…they know that they wouldn’t have…
Ishana : I reckon you won’t…you will think there is something wrong and will dig for the truth but in my case…nope straight away you blame me….I know my past is not that much pleasing to say I am a trust worthy person….but that’s my past…and I have soulfully accepted you all as my family but when you speak like that…it hurts…it hurts a lot….
Ishana couldn’t hold it anymore and she broke out crying seeing which tears found place in shivru’s eyes…Rudy hugged ishana tightly…
Rudra : bhabi…I am sorry…I am the worst devar ever…I am sorry bhabi…I think I should change my name because now a days I am very rude to others…here after don’t call me Rudy….
A slight smile appeared on ishana’s face…as rudra was hugging her…she is faced to Shivaay…whose tears where trickling down his cheeks…by seeing his eyes itself she understood that he was sorry…ishana shook her slowly which indicated that she had forgiven them…..
Rudra : bhabi you are not telling anything…..am I that much bad…I promise I won’t doubt on you in my lifetime…sorry….Will you forgive me..
Rudra cried still holding ishana in hug…
Ishana : no….I can’t…
There was silence for a minute….
Ishana continued….how can I forgive you if you are crushing my bones with hug….if this continues only my ghost will forgive you not me….
Shivaay broke into laughter while rudra released ishana from his bone crushing hug and kept a cry baby face…
Ishana : you know what…this is you weapon…I can’t even hold my anger even for a minute against it…
Said ishana pointing towards his cry baby face…
Rudra : bhaiya did you see that my bhabi is so good and forgave me…
He was ready moving in to hug ishana again….
But ishana walked back saying I think my bones will need some time to relax…
Rudy turned towards shivaay who now ran out of the hall saying…it will be awkward and you will hug me for hours…

Rudra shouted….now who will hug me…..

That’s it for the day…I think this part is quite long…there are only few episodes to go before I wrap this ff so do tell me how was this part in the comment section….thank you all for reading and for the support.
Btwn I am writing a ff which is a merger it’s a krpkab ff…if you get time go through that also….link for which I have provided down

Pyaar ya intefaq episode 1

Bye bye guys see you….

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  1. Awesome pls next post soon i miss ishana thanks for the update

  2. Dhar

    Oh bete ki … Yeh toh ek dum khidki todh episode hai , specially loved the bhabhi devar duo ……. Plzz don’t seperate rumya they are the cutest of all …..
    The most mastikhor

  3. Ruby_MarNy

    Amazing,dear..finally,rudra knew the real spy..loved the apologizing scene..u rocked it..

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    Chandu baby
    Where is de precap dear ??????
    Coming 2 ur ff
    I don’t like it actually loved it ……….
    Each nd every part is superb
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    1. For sure amayaa you can call me what ever you like and I want to say that your comment made my day and about shivika and their baby I have planned something for them at the start itself…luv you too dear

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    1. Will for sure focus on them but it’s a story about all three brothers not individual one I hope you understand the problem…I have to give scenes to all couple and focus on the brotherly bond to but thanks for suggesting me this next epi I guarantee you that there will be shivika scenes

  9. Yashu

    It’s the best day of my life….exams over n after that ur ff…..made my di chandu di….wow loved it….awesome….eagerly waiting for nxt episode…

    1. I am happy that i am part of your best day and yaaye if exams are over then it’s the happiest day dear….you are my sweet sissy lov you and enjoy your holidays

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    Rudy is soo cute..But his angry avatar is horrifying??
    Luvd Ishru convo??..Shivaay was funny too??
    But sumo?? feeling sad for her..

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    Ohhh Chandani u made my day….
    I just loved it
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    Loved the update. Rudy is so cute will love to see how he behaves when the baby will come as he will not longer be the baby. Aren’t sahil and kiara there too? They are younger than Rudy so regardless of the baby or not he still isn’t the baby. Who is younger sahil or kiara?

    1. Ruksy

      Is Soumya really the culprit or is the truth something else.

  16. It’s was an awesome episode. sorry for late comment .

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    Hi ? Princess ? I am finally back firstly a big wala sooooooooooooooooooooooory for being super late. Secondly lets jump to the ff
    The most cutest part till date was one junior billu and billi fight I mean Kiara and Sahil’s fight it was super duper sweet. Second was youngsters sneaking out of the house at night. But I was upset for Ishu but in this epi the way Rudy convinced her I swear I wanted to get in the frame and pull his cheeks I could imagine the load of cuteness he held but his broken side ?? man I don’t like him like that. Om’s support and love for Ishu that’s so pure and well justified dear. At times u managed to tickle my bones, rofl parts (I don’t remember which which one but yes few of them were Pinky asking for shampoo from Om, RuMaya’s dance and tie kiss??? etc.) {PS: While writing etc. It felt as if I am writing an answer in exam??} Shivaay and Anika’s part and romance were perfectly balanced.
    You know what u have become really Smarty. So here is ur new name my Miss. Smarty you want to know why? It’s because of the superb plan of protecting Tej. Yet the heart snatching part was of Om and Tej, the beautiful father and son bond made me blow off dude. You just rocked the show.
    Spectacular, amazing, outstanding, beautiful, perfect, mind-numbing, khidki tod and what not.
    Okay now it’s too much it’s long enough and u haven’t posted the next part this definitely not fair. Come on now post next one asap.
    Love ❤ you my Princess ?.
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    1. Chandini

      That is so sweet of you….miss. smarty???you are really my sweety so much of sweetness in your comment….and i am proud to have you as my frnd….you managed to read all parts…lov you dear????infinite kisses and tight hugs comming you way from your princess????

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