A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers-EPISODE 3


Hi guys I am back…now let us straight away go to the episode..and i hav provided the link for previous Episode.

Episode 2 : Here


Shivaay was busy cooking in the kitchen…just then anika entered.
Anika : billuji I hav a doubt.
Shivaay : anika plzz stop calling me that . I don’t like that…it’s been 2years since we are married and still you didn’t stop calling me that.
Anika : billuji is good….I will call you like that only okay…. now clear my doubt.
Shivaay in a bit angry tone after hearing that billuji again : okay shoot.
Anika : billuji why in oberoi mansion alone only male are cooking…I mean you cook rudra too will cook sometimes but I can’t eat that…one day he made chocolate milkshake and compelled me to drink it….not to disappoint him I drank and straight away ran to our room….as she was about to complete shivaay was staring at anika in anger.
Shivaay : complete it….what you did after that….say it .
Anika (keeping a puppy face) : I spitted on you…..it’s only because you only asked me what’s in my mouth…I couldn’t hold it anymore…
Shivaay : enough….. ask your doubt.
Anika : okay…badi papa and choti papa also cook. why no women is cooking in this house?? I mean I have cooked here but haven’t seen maa or dadi cooking.
Shivaay : because we men cook better than you ladies.
Anika : you are telling that I don’t cook well…
Shivaay : not like that my dear panika….. you cook really well.
Saying this he put flour on anika’s cheeks.
Anika : billuji I won’t leave you come now I will put the entire flour on you.
Anika ran towards shivaay and rubbed her cheeks against shivaay’s and saw him with eyes filled with completeness. Shivaay was mesmerized by her eyes and shared a romantic eye lock. Just then they heard someone breaking glasses . The sound was coming from tej’s room ….all rushed towards the room.

Om was breaking the wine bottles that were kept in janvi’s cupboard. His eyes were so red that one will understand that he is at height of his anger. Janvi was trying to stop him but in vain. Shivaay and rudra ran towards him and holded him so tightly that he couldn’t move.
Shivaay : om….om….om…nothing we are here with you….nothing just calm down .
Om was not in a state to listen anyone . In a rage to free himself he took a glass and cut his wrist . With in seconds blood was oozing from his hand.
Rudra : om…what have you done?
Om became unconscious on shivaay’s shoulder.
Shivaay : rudra get the car ready…we have to take him to the hospital.
Saumya who was shocked by the happenings tear a piece of cloth from her dress and immediately tied the cut area to stop the bleeding.
Saumya : I too will come with you to hospital . I know some first aid .
Shivaay : badi ma …you be here me and rudra will take care. Nothing will happen to om trust me .
Anika and Shivaay helped om to the car.
Anika : billuji…
Shivaay : take care of others. I will call you.
Telling this he rushed to the hospital.

Doc : Mr. Shivaay Oberoi…. your brother is fine now. But how many times I will tell you. His mental condition is not good…I told you to tie him with chain. If your not doing this om will either harm himself or your family members.
Shivaay : doctor as you said we have chained him. And I did that with my own hands….the hands which fed him food…the hands which patted him…the hands which comforted him….Saying this shivaay broke down….
Rudra : bhaiya…..you are my superman you should not cry be strong we will do something that om…om… rudra too broke down.
Saumya : bhaiya get up enough of crying. Is it a daily soap that all are crying….one cry baby is enough for this house.
Saying this soumya made shivaay get up and asked rudra too stop doing drama .
Soumya : you know what…I had doubt whether we will be able to get our om bhaiya back. But now my doubt is cleared . We can definetly make him well.
Rudra : sumo…how are you saying this so confidently?
Saumya : duffer….you can’t understand even a single thing. Today you noticed om bhaiya’s eyes….the same eyes which had full anger when he threw riddima out….the same eyes that used to be when he calls tej uncle as MR. OBEROI…The same eyes that were when he slapped both of us after knowing the truth of our marriage and he stood for anika di after her marriage….think bhaiya he is slowly coming to us.
Shivaay : ya saumya you are right. He broke that wine bottles not the other articles in the house…that means he doesn’t want badi ma to turn addicted to drinks again….our om is back saumya. He got up and hugged saumya tightly and seeing rudra standing silently…..
Shivaay : duffer come and join us….your long hair creature is recovering and will be back soon with is not so understanding poems.
Rudra ran and hugged them tightly….

After some time om was awake and was playing….with some newspapers.
Shivaay : om…keep that paper…it’s too dirty.
Shivaay who looked other side of paper that om was looking was shocked and dragged that paper from om.
Om : give me….
Saumya: bhaiya what happened?
Shivaay : where is rudra?
Saumya : he is outside…is everything okay.
Shivaay : be with om I will be back..
Saying this he went outside.
Shivaay : rudra see this paper..
Rudra : what…Any beautiful girl’s photo…don’t tell sumo na…and I will also not tell bhabi pinky promise.
Shivaay ( in a bit angry tone ) : rudra read it.
Rudra( reading the news loudly) : “Former ACP Ranveer Singh Randhwana cleared all the charges against him for torturing Omkara Singh Oberoi “ . How is it possible how he came out so easily.
Shivaay : I told the lawyer to make sure that he spends his whole life in jail. But….that rascal is back…I won’t leave him.

Rudra : but prinku…
Shivaay : prinku will be happy if we punish him…did you forget what he did to om one year ago….
Rudra : but…let’s ask prinku her opinion bhaiya plzzz….
Shivaay : okay rudra I am sure prinku will also tell to punish him only.
Just then they heard soumya shouting bhaiya…shivru went inside hearing her
Shivaay: soumya what…is everything okay (seeing om)?
Rudra : sumo…tell something.
Soumya ( shocking tone): bhaiya…bhaiya..
Shivaay : Soumya…I am here only(irritated ).
Soumya : om bhaiya….
They heard a voice “Shivaay “ all turned towards om…
Shivaay : om what you said…you called me Shivaay right…call again om..plzz call me Shivaay…
Om went near Shivaay..and called him billuji( om calls him billuji as anika calls him so) and laughed…
Shivaay holding om’s collar…
Why are you doing this to me….call me shivaay om…call me once…plzzz. it’s been a year since I heard Shivaay from you….not at all fair om….no….
Om who became scared moved himself from Shivaay…..
Shivaay : om I am sorry….come to me….come to me plzzz….
He hugged om tightly and cried his eyes out…

Anika shouting at om….

That’s it for today…I am really happy with your comments plzz do pour some more of it.

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    Another spectacularly amazing epi dear you nailed it, Om’s part was super awesome I could actually imagine him. Shivaay god I don’t know what to say about him. Bond of all the three brothers is amazing pls post next asap and try making it longer dear.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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