A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers episode 21


Hi guys…thank you all for the immense support….here goes the next episode…

Anika : om….what are you doing?
Om : decorating the house.
Anika : I know that….but why are you doing this?
Om : anika….when Shivaay comes you will say him that your are pregnant right…
Anika : ya…
Om : I wanted it to be in a filmy way…
When he comes in he must be surprised to see the decorations and you must give him the most precious surprise….
Anika : and where you all will be?
Om : don’t worry we are not interested in your romance….so we will be inside the room….do anything with him but when you are telling that you are pregnant I want to see shivaay’s reaction at that time alone I will come.
Anika : om….you have become naughty like rudra….
Om : let rudra come then you will know the exact meaning of naughtiness.
Ishana : bhaiya and rumya has come….
Om : stop rumya outside and let Shivaay alone in.
Anika was a little bit tensed…
Om : why are you tensed? Are you gonna write exam? No na then be casual I am sure if you see shivaay’s reaction you will broke into laughter….okay okay be ready and we are going in….
Ishana went outside and blocked three of them near the gate….
Ishana : rudra can you teach me some exercise….I think I have put on weight…
Rudra : didi I am not in mood let’s see tomorrow .
Ishana : rudra…..this is not fair…plzz teach me .
Rudra : didi…plzz
Ishana : okay I will ask saumya….
Shivaay : ishana have you gone mad why are blocking our way?
Ishana : I didn’t block your way I am just speaking with rumya…you go in bhaiya…
Shivaay went in….the house was pitch dark and nothing was visible…
Shivaay : I think it’s a power cut but where are others….om….anika…where are you….

The lights came suddenly and shivaay was shocked to see the whole decorations….there were childhood photos of shivaay and anika….hanging in each and every corner of the hall and anika was sitting in the middle of the hall smiling pleasantly at shivaay rather a smile that hides her inner tension….
Shivaay was in no mood to enjoy even though he liked the decorations….
Anika walked near him and held his hand….
Shivaay : anika….leave me…
Anika : billuji….I have a good news…
Shivaay (shouting) :anika…..I am not in a mood to hear anything….why are you always torturing me….just leave me alone….leave me alone….
All the family members gathered there hearing them….
Om : shivaay why are you shouting at her?
Shivaay : I said I am not in a mood to talk….what’s all this decoration…
Pinky : shivaay hear once what she is saying….
Shivaay shouting at his peak of his voice : I said leave me….
Om: shivaay anika is…
Anika : om…no…billuji we won’t come near you…..you can enjoy your loneliness.
Saying this anika went from there…
Om : you will definitely regret for this behaviour….
All dispersed to their rooms except shivaay and rumya…
Rudra : bhaiya….why you shouted on bhabi….she doesn’t know in what situation you are….so you can’t blame her.
Shivaay : I know…I know but I couldn’t control myself….I will speak to her after wards….come I will cook something and give…..you haven’t ate anything.
Rudra : bhaiya…I don’t want.
Saumya to make rudra eat said that she is very hungry even though she is not.

Anika was sitting down resting on the wall….om came in saw her with concerned eyes….
Om : anika….are you okay?
Anika : I am perfectly fine .
Om : why are you sitting on floor?
Anika : om….I am fine….I always like to sit on the floor….that’s all.
Om : anika….are you angry on Shivaay?
Anika : why should I be angry on him? It’s totally our mistake….we should have known in what mood he will be…
Om : how can you speak like this even after he shouted on you…
Anika with a naughty smile….I am actually happy for that.
Om : anika….what…seriously…I can’t understand and that smile on your face….makes me more confused.
Anika : you know na baby hears everything…..
Om : ya…so what?
Anika : my baby has seen the first look of it’s father….”Shivaay the bagad billa”.
Om was shocked to hear this but he soon broke into laughter….
Anika : I also first got to know the bagad billa…and i am happy that baby also got to know that avatar of him first….you know what within few minutes he will be here to apologise me….but that one small word sorry will get crushed chewed and then only spitted from his mouth and that moment my baby will come to know his soft nature and atlast when I tell him….we can see a loving sso….
Om was totally lost in anika’s talks and didn’t even realised that she finished talking and is seeing him with a crazy look…
Anika : om….the movie is finished…hello…om.
There was no movement from him….
Anika : ishana….come in…
Om came to the real word hearing ishana and turned towards the doorway….but no one was there….he then slowly turned towards anika who was giving a mad look….
Om : anika….actually….
Anika : I am talking and you….
Saying this she held om’s hears…
Om : aaaaah….it’s paining anika….I was lost in your talks not on ishana….leave my ears.
Anika : now run from here…..
Om ran out of the room like a rabbit…
Anika was smiling to herself and holding her stomach….you have two naughty chachus who will be a good company to you…and don’t worry about your father….he will soon come and ask sorry to us…..he is such a sweetheart.

Om meets kiara…..anika tells Shivaay that she is pregnant.

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