A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers – episode 20

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Anika and ishana entered in and saw om busy doing statue….
Ishana was admiring him….
Anika : hello….ishu we came here for my work not for your romance…
Ishana : ya…ya…I remember that. Come let’s go in….
Om was surprised to see both of them…
Om : ishana you….here…
Anika coughed….om can your eyes see me.
Om : ofcourse come and sit…is everything okay….why you both are here?
Ishana : actually we have a problem .
Ishana then narrated the whole story…
Om : okay anika no problem I know where his land is we can go there and see it.
The three visited the land and anika loved the surroundings in which it was located .
Om : anika do you like it….
Anika : who wouldn’t love this…this is it…the perfect place.
Om : anika…can I block the land…
Anika : sure but with the bank loan .
Ishana : but…I left the bag in om’s gallery.
Anika : ishana…..I told you not to look at om like that see you left the bag there what will I do now.
Ishana : what can I do he looks too good in that glasses.
Om : enough…enough anika I have money I will give that and you can return it afterwards. The bag will be safe in my room . Don’t worry.
Anika : thanks om…
Om (angrily): take it back….no sorry and thanks between us.
Anika : okay okay I will take it back.
Om : that’s my anika…you both be here I will come .
Anika: I didn’t think this dream of mine will come true….
Ishana : this family is so good . We should be proud to be part of this family.
Anika : I think someone’s fight is slowly resolving.
Ishana : there is a change in om….soon I think he will accept me fully…
Anika : that day is not so far.
Ishana : I know…..
Om came running in happiness….I have given the advance and guess what registration is in a week and after that this land belongs to anika….
Suddenly anika fell unconscious…ishkara didn’t know what happened to her and rushed her to hospital.

Shivaay : rudra….what are you telling…no…no it can’t happen she can’t be badi papa’s daughter no….
Saumya : rudra do you know what are you speaking?
Rudra (shouting ): ya….I know…I know but this is the truth…that lady…I don’t know who is she but…she knows the truth and is blackmailing me…
Rudra not knowing what to do….held shivaay’s collar….bhaiya…tell me what will I do think of mom and om…I don’t know what will happen to them if the truth comes….even if I have to die I will die but I won’t let the truth out….
Shivaay : rudra…don’t speak like that me and saumya are with you….but how you know that Kiara…
Rudra narrated the whole story how he saw Svetlana admitting Kiara in an orphanage a year ago and how when he spoke to kiara she told that her father is Mr. Oberoi and he adopted her .
Saumya : bhaiya….if om bhaiya comes to know about this…
Shivaay : no….no….he can’t get to know this….no…never….first we have to speak to badi papa….
Rudra : he will act…bhaiya…he is a cheater…he ruined all our lives….what did this small girl do….because she is related to him kiara is also suffering….he is of no use….
Saumya : rudra…let us talk with him…we must know his side of story too…
Shivaay holding rudra : I didn’t know when my baby brother became so mature…..you have gone through this pain for a year….and I didn’t even know that my brother is suffering….I am not a good brother…
Rudra : bhaiya….you are best brother in world….it’s all papa’s fault…..what will you do for that….
Saumya : I am sorry rudra….I shouldn’t have scolded you without knowing the truth.
Three had an emotional group hug…


Ishana: om don’t be tensed…she would have fainted due to the heat….
Just then doctor comes after checking anika….
Doctor : is her husband here…
Om : doctor…..what happened to her…is she okay…she is my bhabi only…tell me.
Doctor : it’s a good news…she is pregnant . She will be up in few minutes…you both wait here….
Om and ishana jumped in happiness and our over excited om lifted ishana in his hands….oh my god…I can’t believe it…I am going to be chachu and you are going to be chachi….
Ishana : om…I know..I know….but let me down….
Anika comes out and see the two happily hugging…
Anika : you both are not including me and my baby in hug…
Om : anika….I am so so sooooo happy…oh god I will burst in happiness and come and join us….
The three shared a happy hug….

Anika and ishkara entered in and their faces were glowing with happiness all thought that it was because anika finalised the land…but janvi noticed something…
Janvi : om your eyes are twinkling like anything and see you are not standing in one place…
Om who couldn’t hold it anymore….anika plzz I will tell all you tell Shivaay…
Anika laughed seeing om…..okay tell..
Om : I have a happy news a new member is gonna join our family…
Dadi : anika…is sahil coming…
Om : Dadi…he is already a member….this member will come in 9 to ten months….
All of them cupped their mouth in shock…
Pinky : oh my maata..om child before marriage….ishana what is this are you pregnant.
Ishana : what…choti ma…
Tej : om….what is this?
Anika (shouted): will everyone stop….
Om : choti ma…you are…you are impossible….you are going to get a baby with kanji eyes…
Pinky : om…..anika…you..you…
Anika smiled….all were very happy and hugged her…
Tej : I am really happy anika…I am going to become dadaji…
Om was surprised to hear these words from tej….he smiled at him and this was huge happiness to tej than anything…..
Tej : okay….I have to leave for a meeting.
Om : come fast….I have planned for a small party only with our family….I will be waiting for you.
Tej was flying in happiness that om talked to him for the first time like a son.
Tej (controlling) : ya….ya….I will be there sure….sure….
Om : don’t control your emotions…sometimes it’s good to let it out….bye…
He went inside….
Tej didn’t know what to do because he was at height of his happiness….he took his cell and played the lunghi dance song and started dancing for it but stopped when he saw the whole family standing before him….
Tej : uuhhh….uhhh….meeting…ya…I have meeting….bye…anika take care….
Janvi : tej….take your phone…
Tej : ah…ha…phone…ya…phone..bye..
Om started laughing uncontrollably after tej went…..all were happy that finally father and son are coming close.

Tej was driving happily….a car came and stopped infront….Shivaay and rumya came out of the car….tej also got down of his car…..
Tej : shivaay….do you know what happened today….why are you here…go home fast there is big surprise waiting for you…..
Shivaay : I got my surprise that too a big one….
Tej : what….they told that they will tell you when you come home….anyways congratulations Shivaay….
Rudra who couldn’t control anymore…..
Rudra : papa….enough….don’t act….i can’t hold it anymore….
Shivaay : rudra….wait….I will ask.
Tej : ask what….and why is rudra behaving like this.
Shivaay : badi papa….I want to ask you one thing….you and Svetlana had an affair….
Tej : where that name came from….she is my past Shivaay and I now live only for my family….
Shivaay : let me complete…. your…your…relation with her….her…is…how…much…deep…
Tej : shivaay I didn’t get you…
Rudra (shouted): your relation is so deep that you have a 7 year old girl with her…..
Tej raised hands to slap rudra…..but Shivaay stopped him.
Shivaay : why you did this to badi ma?
Tej : do you also believe him….I agree that I had an affair with her but child….no..Shivaay believe me there is something wrong….I can prove it by taking DNA tests….come let’s go to the doctor with that girl…
Rudra : there is no need for it…..when I took the custody of kiara I collected blood samples of you both and got it tested…..you know what the result is……it was clearly stated that she is your daughter….
Tej was taken aback…..no…no…that is fake.
Rudra : bhaiya I told you na….this cheap man will act like this.
Shivaay : why you did it….think of dadi…what she will go through when she comes to know that her son went so low….and badi maa…she left her family her dreams and everything to just marry you….now her love for you…I don’t know what to say….atlast….did you think of om….he is one strong man I know in this world but you….you made his life miserable with your so called affair with Svetlana….now when he comes to know the whole truth….oh god….I won’t let him know….never….
Tej : shivaay….this is framed…I..
Rudra got furious and raised his hands to slap tej….
Shivaay : rudra what is this behaviour? Now back off…
Tej was broken from inside and was standing like a rock….
Saumya : papa….I didn’t expect this from you and I am ashamed to call you papa…
Rudra : Mr. Oberoi don’t ever show your face to me in this life again.
All three left leaving a disheartened tej back….

Shivaay shouts on anika…..

That’s it for the day….do comment guys…

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    1. Well you said right . I also want to meet her really ur writing is just amazing . Keep on writing like this. Well after this I guess Tej is innocent and Roop will be knowing the truth and Om will prove Tej innocent. Maybe , I don’t know

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    i m liking ishkara so much..??
    aniom bond is really unique nd heart touching..??
    i m loving this mature nd responsible side of rudy.. i admire him in every aspect of his character. how can someone b so cute.. ??
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    poor tej at one place when his relation with his one son is getting better the other son has gone agaist him..
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