A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers-EPISODE 2


Hey guys….thanks for all those who commented….it really meant a lot to me. Let us explore some more of the obros lives.



shivaay entered the room with food…
The room was totally dark that nothing can be seen. Shivaay slowly switched on the light. The room was full of paintings and sculptures.

wake up…have some food said shivaay to a man who was tied with iron chain .
Shivaay : om….

Om: Get out….I don’t want anything . Leave me he shouted.

Shivaay : om….plzz eat something . If you eat this fully I will take you outside..

Hearing what shivaay said om moved himself wildly towards shivaay and like a small kid opened his mouth and said aaaaaaah….
Shivaay fed him with his hand and was trying hard to control his tears….. the only thing that runs in his mind was BE STRONG SHIVAAY..

After eating fully om asked shivaay to take him outside and also to give him ice cream for being a good boy.
Shivaay then unchained him and slowly made him to get up. Like a one year old om’s concentration was full on walking….as he came to the hall all saw him with tears in their eyes….

Dadi : om come and sit with dadi…controlling her tears she said we will play hide and seek come.

Om who was lost wondering the house didn’t even see his dadi’s face. His eye ball was rolling here and there as if he is searching for someone . As he couldn’t find that person he started crying like a kid….shivaay who was holding him hugged him tightly and asked him what happened why my sweet cute brother is crying….
Rudra and anika who heard om’s cry rushed to the hall. All don’t know what is he crying for so they brought whatever they got. First was anika, she brought 4 chocolates and an icecream . Bagad billa brought his office contract papers seeing which all hit their head.
Anika : billuji…do you have anything in your head…he is like a kid and your are bringing contract papers…that too om hates it to the core.
Shivaay : panika…I have brain but you have only pani in your head..and don’t call me that…
Dadi : you both stop fighting…do something.
Rudy brought his sumo and some of his girl friends.

Rudra : om see who and all I have for u. He pointed each and every girl and praised their beauty and when he came to soumya…
Rudra : om see…..this is sumo my wife you can’t even push her so don’t ask her for playing.
Soumya : you protein shake shut up . My om bhaiya will play with me only…
Saying this soumya straightly went to om.But seeing too many people he got afraid and burried himself behind anika . Rudy’s gym girls then went out making faces.( rudra is running a gym on his own and sometimes takes care of business in shivaay’s absence )
Anika made om lie on her lap and started singing lullaby and made him sleep.

Shivaay was staring anika like anything and was about to tell something when anika interrupted …

Anika : billuji…I know what you wanted to ask….you know billuji I have one condition….if we get our own kids in future also I will tell them that I have two kids before. Om is my first child in that I won’t leave him forever . I know that if he had got proper love and affection from badi ma and badi papa he wouldn’t have turned like this. You are trying really hard to fill in the father’s place and I want to fullfill all that a mother can do in his life.

Hearing anika’s words shivaay almost started crying
Shivaay : anika….everything I did with you was wrong…but you are always doing good things to me….I used sahil as a weapon to make you marry me..but you….you are…taking care of my brothers like a mother…I am nothing before you anika….
Anika : I am the one who is wrong….I did a big sin and I am trying to clear it….
Tears were flowing from anika’s and shivaay’s eyes seeing which rudra said bhaiya don’t be sad I will get u that girl in short dress .
Anika : rudra what are you saying???

Rudra : bhabi…shivaay bhaiya was staring at one of gym girl. She went na so that only bhaiya is crying. Saying this he grinned looking shivaay.
Anika and Shivaay : shut up rudra.
Rudra : haha you both are not good at saying shut up …. only om is best.
Hearing om’s name all become sad including rudra who now realised what he said. He then closed his eyes and went into flashback….

Om : rudra… ( shouting) where the hell are you??
Rudra and Shivaay came running to his room.
Shivaay : what happened om. Are u okay?
Rudra : om tell na….
Om ran into rudra and holds his ears….
Om : you idiot u are really mad . What the hell have you done asked om pointing towards pile of clothes.
Shivaay went near the clothes and took one in his hand and started laughing uncontrollably.
Shivaay : rudra what have you done to om’s clothes? (Controlling his laughter ) .
Rudra : bhaiya om only asked me to iron his shirts as a punishment for breaking his statue .

Om : I only asked you to iron….but what have you done??
Rudra : It was boring om….to make my work interesting I altered all your clothes so that you will look handsome….you must thank me for that om.
Om : you idiot…
Shivaay : to make him look handsome you cut all his full sleeved shirts into sleeveless and his pants to three fourth size….
Shivaay started laughing uncontrollably.
Rudra : go like this to art gallery…now all the girls will come for a selfie with you.
If I get a chance I will cut your hair too..then you will turn smarter.
Om : shut up rudra….now get out…if I see you here again I don’t know what I will do.
Shivaay : om I have a doubt…you and rudra are brothers…how come he is like this and you….
Started laughing….
Om : shut up….
Rudra comes out of flashback.

Anika : rudra…one day you will hear his shut ups…if you tell him to stop also he won’t.
Rudra : I know bhabi…that day is coming soon.

Shivika moments…Shivaay shouting om is back…

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    Wow yar great ff wht hpn to om y he his behaving like this and why sin did Anika done oh god I have so many questions in my mind pls reveal it soon pls post soon plssssss

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    Beginning was emotional but then the FB scene was so funny
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    Awesome episode….. Waiting for next episode….

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    WOW ?, awesome, superb, mind blowing, amazing,spectacular……. And what not dear I am at lack of words to praise you. You explained Om’s character sooooooo beautifully, the bond of three brothers left me spell bound. Shivaay and Anika’s convo was damn emotional.
    You are a marvellous writer dear I just fell in love ❤ with your story dear.
    You nailed the epi completely dear ? ❤ ❤ ? ? ?????.
    Hat’s off to you.
    And pls post next part asap. ????

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